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Old 03-04-2006, 12:09 AM
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Default Re: Debate: Should Animal Testing Be Illegal?

Originally Posted by Tyranitar_Trainer
man-made products that serve no true survival purpose.
Yeah. Take insulin, for example. That was discovered through animal testing: no survival value at all. Those diabetics are just a bunch of wusses.

Seriously, though, to quote one of the websites I visited,"without animal research...most of the nation's 130,000 insulin-dependent diabetics wouldn't be insulin-dependent. They would be dead."

In addition to insulin,
  1. the smallpox vaccine
  2. the polio vaccine
  3. many, if not all, antibiotics
  4. radiotherapy and chemotherapy for cancer sufferers
  5. the heart lung machine that made open heart surgery possible
  6. coronary bypass operations
  7. heart transplants
  8. immunosuppressive drugs for transplant patients
  9. beta-blocking drugs
  10. the kidney machine
  11. kidney transplants
  12. modern research on Alzheimer's disease
  13. much of modern knowledge about epilepsy
  14. many drugs used on animals
  15. treatment for distemper in dogs
  16. modern advancements in gene therapy for cystic fibrosis
  17. understanding of multiple sclerosis
  18. phototherapy, which saves 7,500 newborns from cerebral palsy annually
  19. the rubella vaccine
  20. hip replacement surgery
  21. cataract surgery
  22. stroke and head injury rehabilitation techniques
  23. medications that help keep HIV under control
  24. our modern understanding of schizophrenia
  25. modern techniques for helping hearing-impaired people
are all around solely because of the important research done on animals. I can understand your 'illegal to the highest degree' position if you are ignorant of this, but to know these things and demand the outlawing of animal research is, in my opinion, abhorrent.

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