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New Member Introductions Welcome to the forum! Introduce yourselves here.

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Old 03-04-2004, 02:57 AM
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Default READ FIRST: Forum Guide and Rules

Forum Guide
This guide will teach all the basics here, how everything works and everything else you should know. You may or may not have any experience with forums, even if you do, you might not be familiar with vBulletin type forums. Either way, this guide should be helpful.

Table of Contents
Post #1: Rules, Signing Up, Logging In
Post #2: How to Start Posting
Post #3: Positions/Ranks
Post #4: Private Messages, User CP, Avatar, Profile Picture, Signature
Post #5: vB Codes

Post #1: Rules, Signing Up

Signing Up:
To sign up, click Register. Just enter the username you want and your e-mail (make sure you carefully type your e-mail, in case you lose your password, that's where the password will be sent).

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you, in which you confirm your sign-up account. Once you do that, you will have access as a member of the forum.

Logging In/Out:
In the top right corner, simply type in your account name and password, then hit the Log In button. You will remain logged in as long as you remain active. If idle for 20+ minutes, the forum will automatically log you out. To remain logged in, checkmark the Remember me? box when you sign in. To sign out, simply click the Log Out button.

You are responsible for your account, so keep it safe.

1. Use Sentences (Capitalizations & Periods).
2. No Inappropriate Behavior/Junk Posts (spam).
3. Respect other members and their opinions.
Note: Inappropriate behavior and junk posts may lead to ban. I have little patience for this kind of behavior.
4. No double posting (making multiple posts in a row). Just edit the first post with the new information. Exceptions are fan fics and art galleries.
5. No illegal material allowed (Roms, Emulators, copyrighted materials, etc.)
6. This is a Pokemon forum for all ages, make your posts reflect that.
7. No reviving old threads. Ask a Moderator first before posting in an old thread.

You can only reply to threads that have had a recent reply in the past 90 days (3 months) OR threads that are on the first 2 pages of a board.
So for example, if a thread was created on January 1, 2006, and the last reply on the thread was made on February 25, 2006... then if a person replies again on April 20, 2006, that is NOT considered reviving an old thread, because you still have 90 days to respond to the last post of a thread.

The first two pages of the board can also be replied to, regardless of their last post date. This is to avoid duplicate topics when the topic the person wants to talk about is already on the first two pages. In this situation, the 90 day rule does not apply if the thread can be found in the first two pages of the board. If the thread is beyond the first two pages, you apply the 90 day rule above.

Exceptions to reviving old threads are the Fan Fiction and Art boards (since authors and artists works are continual, and might take a long time off before adding additional content to their work, and the authors and artists can revive their own thread to add additional content). And the Game Projects board, since game creators might take a lot of time before adding/updating new stuff for their game. So these boards do not have a old thread revival rule, but can only be revived by the person that created it for the reasons stated. Any thread creator may also revive their own thread, within good reason.

The 4 word Rule:
Posts need to have at least 4 words. If they are less, the post may be deleted and a Warning/Infraction given. Adding 'filler' words is spam.

You may only advertise other websites and forums in your signature or in this thread: Website/Forum Advertising.

Breaking these rules may result in Warnings, Infractions, Temporary Bans, and Perminant Bans.

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Default Re: Forum Guide

Post #2: How to Start Posting

The Terms: Forum, Board, Thread, Post
Forum: This entire site, is the forum.
Board: In a forum, there are boards with broad topics.
Sub Forum: These are specific boards within a board.
Thread: Threads are found inside boards. Anyone can make a thread, which starts a discussion about a particular topic.
Posts: Posts are the messages you see inside the threads.

Click on a thread, and you'll see the messages in that thread. To reply, just click on the button at the top or bottom left of the page. You can also quote what a person said in his/her message. By going to the person's post, you'll see the button on the bottom right. By clicking that, a quote of that message will be automatically made. This is useful, because people will know what you're talking about (or which post you were talking about). To select multiple posts to quote, click this button.

Quick Replies can be used without loading a new page, for quick replies. It will only quote one post. Click , you will then be taken to the bottom of the page to type your reply. Hit reply to send.

Starting a Thread
Just go to a board, and click on . Make sure the topic you want to talk about isn't created already before making a new thread. You can search for topics through the Search feature.

To edit the title of your thread, you can either double click the title when viewing the board, or edit your post and change the title there.

Editing Your Own Post
If for whatever reason you forgot something or need to correct an error, you can edit your post by clicking on the bottom right corner of your post. Please avoid posting two times in row (double posting), you can just edit the post before if you forgot something.

Other Threads
Closed threads cannot be posted in by regular members.

Stickied threads remain at the top of the board. Rules and popular activities will always be stickied. It’s a good idea to read these first before posting.

This forum has it’s own built in Frequently Asked Questions, should you need additional help.

In every post, there is a button like this: . This allows you to report that post to the Moderators. Report members that break rules. Please note, however, that the report system is to be used with moderation. Do not report every little offense you see. If you notice things like pornography, advertisements, threads full of flames and SPAM posts, and other just major offenses, then please do not hesitate to use the report feature. If you're unsure if something should be reported or not, you can always send a link to a Moderator for them to check it out.

Failing to follow the forum rules may result in one of the following actions:

Warning: This can be verbal or by Infraction.
Infraction: A more serious Warning. Obtaining too many Infractions at once will give you a 3 day Temp Ban.
Temporary Ban: Not listening to a warning or breaking many rules.
Permanent Ban: Continuously disrupting the forum.

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Default Re: Forum Guide

Post #3: Positions/Ranks

The more you post, the higher the rank you are. The ranks don't do anything; it's only an indication of how active that member posts.

The ranks:

New Trainer: Less than 50 posts.
Amateur Trainer: More than 50 posts.
Experienced Trainer: More than 100 posts.
Master Trainer: More than 250 posts.
Elite Trainer: More than 500 posts.

After Achieving the Elite Trainer, You Will Get a Level Up for Each 1000 Posts

Elite Trainer (Level 1) - 1000 posts
Elite Trainer (Level 2) - 2000 posts
Elite Trainer (Level 3) - 3000 posts
Elite Trainer (Level 4) - 4000 posts
Elite Trainer (Level 5) - 5000 posts
Elite Trainer (Level 6) - 6000 posts
Elite Trainer (Level 7) - 7000 posts
Elite Trainer (Level 8) - 8000 posts
Elite Trainer (Level 9) - 9000 posts
Elite Trainer (Level 10) - 10,000 posts

Forum Staff Positions

You can see the Staff List here: View Forum Leaders

Administrator: There's just one, that would be me of course, the owner, Pokemon Elite 2000.
Powers: Everything.


Executive Global Moderators: These are members oversee the forum.
Powers: Admin Powers, All Moderator Powers, Temporary/Permanently Ban members, Edit Signature/Avatar.

Vice Administrator: Kenny

Head Global Moderator: Pokemon Trainer Sarah
Vice Global Moderator: HKim

Global Moderators: These are members that are able to manage all the boards.
Powers: All Moderator Powers, Temporary/Permanently Ban members, Edit Signature/Avatar.

Dog of Hellsing
Dr Scott
Jack of Clovers
Lord Celebi
Loyal Arcanine
Neo Pikachu

Moderators: These are members that are given power to manage certain boards.
Powers: Sticky/Unsticky threads, Lock/Unlock threads, Move threads, Delete and Edit Posts/Threads, Merge Posts/Threads, Infract members.

Dark Shadow Lord
Fossil Fusion
Kumori Gem
Phantom Kat
Scourge of Amaranth
The Jr Trainer
Ultima Boss

PE2K Experts: These members excel at their specific area.
Powers: None

*Please do not ask for a Forum Staff position. I will make them when I need them, and I will consider all for the job.

Site Staff Positions






Neo Pikachu
Pokemon Trainer Sarah

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Default Re: Forum Guide

Post #4: Private Messages, Visitor Messages, User CP, Avatar, Signature

Private Messages
This is an important features, espicially if you or someone else wants to contact you directly. If you look on the top right of the forum, it says "Welcome, (your name here)." Right beneath that, you will see “Private Messages” followed by a number showing how many new messages you have. Go there to read and respond to private messages. You can send private messages to other members by going to the person's profile (by clicking their name), and then click on the "Send a private message" URL under Contact Info in the profile.

Visitor Messages
With this feature, you can publicly send messages to other members in their profile. You can delete any Visitor Messages within your own profile. If you choose not to use this feature, you can disable it by changing your account settings.

Social Groups
These are user created groups to chat in. You can find them here: Social Groups. All forum rules still apply.

User CP
The User CP (Control Panel), contains all the settings you can set. This includes, your signature and avatar settings, and edit forum options, such as date and time options.

The avatar is the image that will appear next to your name in your posts. By going to the Edit Avatar in your User CP, you can enter a URL of the image, or if you have the image on your computer, you can upload the image you want to use. Maximum size for avatars: 100 by 100 pixels and 40KB.

The signature is the area below all your posts. You can enter text and images here.

Big Signatures=Bad!

Signature Text
Along with your image, you may place text in your signature, please try to keep your text minimum so that you don't increase the size of your signature even further. If you want more space for text, make your image in your signature smaller or don't use one at all.

There's also a 300 character limit, if you can't fit your entire signature within that limit, you must take some stuff out to make it fit. You can save URL space by using

Forum Skins
At any time, you may change the look of the forum to another Skin. This can be changed in your settings or by the scroll down box at the bottom left of the page. Blue Commune is the forum default.

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Default Re: Forum Guide

Post #5: vB Code

Inserting Image
You can click on this button: when you want to post an image. You can do it two ways, by entering the URL of the image first, then highlighting the URL and then click on the image button. Or, you can click on the image button first, then type in the URL, then click it again to end the code. You can also type the image code yourself, it should look like this:
Inserting URLs (Hyperlinking)
If you type in a URL, it will automatically turn into a clickable link. If you want certain text to be a URL, then you click on the URL button: . That will ask you for the text of your URL, and the URL itself (if you don't enter text, it will just show the URL). And then the code will automatically be entered into your post.

There are many vB codes, and you see all of them and how to use them here:

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Default READ FIRST: Avatar and Signature FAQ

Avatar and Signature FAQ

User Control Panel
User CP Menu
-Images Tag
-Linking Images Tag
Image Hosts

User Control Panel
First thing's first. To edit either your Signature or Avatar you must first go to the User CP (Control Panel). The User CP link is highlighted with a red box in the shown image.

By clicking the link you will be taken directly to your own User CP. There, you can edit many things about your account besides signatures and avatars (Such as your custom profile, or the like), however this is an Avatar and Signature FAQ, so...

User CP Menu
When you open up your User CP, there will be a menu on the left side. This menu has a link to edit your Signature, and a link to edit your Avatar.

Edit avatar link in red, edit signature link in green. Click the respective link to edit whichever you wish.



Red - Current Avatar (If any); if you already have an Avatar and wish to remove it then click the option "Do not use an avatar" (Beside current avatar image) and click Save Changes.

Green - New avatar URL. Once you've uploaded your avatar (See Image Host links at end of FAQ) you will obtain a URL for it (e.g. "" is the URL for a Treecko RS sprite). Enter the URL into the Green area and click Save Changes to use the designated picture as an Avatar (Images cannot be larger than 100x100 pixels).

Blue - By clicking the "Browse" button next to the Blue area, you can search for an image on your computer (Much like when searching for a .txt file when using a Word Processor). When you find the image you want, select it and click open. Finally, click Save Changes, and the image will be uploaded from your computer, so you won't need to worry about hosting (Images cannot be larger than 100x100 pixels).

Below is an example of my own Signature:

Red - Signature area. This is where the code for your signature goes.

Green - Toolbox. The toolbox has different features that allow quick editing.

Blue - Smiley box. Click a smiley to add it into the signature, or click the "More" link to see more smilies you can use.

When you click a button on the Toolbox, the tags for the specific button appear in the signature editing area. For example, when you click the Bold button ("B"), the bold tags will appear in the signature (Without the "*").

The above are tags while using the "Bold" tool, however it's almost similar with every tool. Enter text inbetween the two tags, and the text between them will appear within your signature as Bold (Or you can highlight text already in your signature, and press a tool, putting the highlighted text between the tags, Bolding them).


Tags are special pieces of code. Tags begin, and close, affecting anything in between them, for example (Remove the "*"s when using this code yourself):

[CENTER*]My Signature[/CENTER*]
Because the text "My Signature" is between two CENTER tags, putting that code in my signature would cause the text to be centered.

Images Tag:

A URL is unique to an image, and shows where on the internet can be found (e.g. PokemonElite2000's URL is ""). You can view an images URL by right-clicking and going to "Properties". Once you have the URL, replace the text "URL" in the code with the actual images URL.

Note: You can view your signature before saving it by clicking "Preview Signature".

Linking Images Tag:

Note: Remember to remove "*"s from the URL tag.

[*URL=Links URL][IMG]Image URL[/IMG][/URL]
Using this code will add the Image from the IMG tags into your post/signature, but will also change it into a link, so that clicking the image will take you to wherever the "Links URL" is set as (e.g. "").

Image Hosts:

Image Hosts allow you to upload images for use in Avatars or Signatures. Some hosts are:

(More hosts soon)

Thus concludes this FAQ. I hope some of you find this helpful.

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Default Re: READ FIRST: Forum Guide

How To Avoid Looking Like A Noob

A Forum Advice Guide by Neo Pikachu

The first guide I made for this was actually intended to be a joke, but after tons of people pushed me for links to it and started referencing it again and again, I decided to make a full fledged guide. Please note that this guide doesn’t target any member specifically.

Secondly, if you think I’m wrong about making this, countless members have been called noobs on this forum and have probably left because of it. Rather than filtering out good members from the ones that aren’t so great, I’ve written this to give members who are new and not used to the forum a chance at being the quality member that everyone else wants them to be.

As for everyone else, PE2K can be a really, really fun forum provided you know your way around and you know what other members expect from you. This guide will illustrate how to avoid looking like a noob (i.e. A immature member that does whatever they want, regardless of how bad it is or how many times others have told them to stop). If you follow these tactics religiously like I have for over two years worth of time, you’ll quickly evolve into a great member for PE2K, and not only will others appreciate you for it, but you’ll find it easier to make friends and gain respect, and you will PE2K to be much more enjoyable.

What Am I Doing Wrong?

The next time someone says you’re breaking the rules and acting like a noob, stop and make a check of yourself. It may be one thing, it may be many things. Regardless, the worst thing you can do is insist that the way you’re acting is perfectly fine if you really are breaking the rules. Look these over, and if you find that you’re stumbling in one of these areas, immediately correct it.

Read the Rules. Now. Today. Now.

The Forum Guide is the 10 Commandments to avoid looking like a noob. Most people that get slapped with being called a noob are those who easily skipped the rules and started posting whatever they wanted before they even checked to look for a rules thread. And needless to say, they’re written by both the forum administrator and by Global Moderators. Trust me, whatever they say takes precedent over what anyone else says, so keep that in mind.

Now you may be thinking, “Hey, you’re not a forum administrator or Global Moderator, Neo Pikachu, so who are you to say who should follow your own guide?” Well, I’ve been here for over two years and have gotten more than 5,500 posts, so trust me, I know how things work around here. You have the choice of following this guide by a veteran member who took the time out to write this so you would avoid harassment, or you can keep doing the wrong thing and have it get publicly addressed and become infamous on the forum. It’s your choice, but don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Appearances And Watching Yourself

While following the rules is critically important to avoid being chewed out by other members, there are many other elements that you need to follow in order to be a quality member that enjoys the forum and has something to contribute. This is all part of being a part of the culture that makes of PE2K, and I’m giving you an easy ticket to find out what that is rather than having to learn it the hard way.

Spelling and Grammar is Critical! – Try to spell as best as you can and use the best grammar possible. Make sure your words are spelled correctly, that you use proper punctuation and you capitalize the first name of proper nouns and the first letter of each sentence. Yes, this is how people at PE2K want things done, we don’t want a forum filled with posts that look like they were grabbed from an AIM or another instant messenger chat.

Heck, type your post in MSWord if you need to or it’s very long. If most of your sentences have at least more than one spelling or grammar error, it’s going to look bad against you. Correct this quickly, because this is the real determinant that most senior members are going to use to determine if you’re going to take this forum seriously, or if you’re just here to do whatever you want, no matter how bad it is…

I can not stress enough how having good spelling and grammar skills is important for this forum…

Choose your username wisely – Usually, having a username that’s all under-case letters and/or has a ton of numbers isn’t the most interesting or professional-looking username. And if you need an example, “Sky Fire” and “BattleMaster” are great usernames. “tehcaterpie783” and “numel83boy” are pretty bad, and do have a kind of noob-flair to them. Like with following the spelling and grammar rule, if you make it look like you can’t use proper punctuation/spelling for you own name, it easily looks bad against you and makes others think that you’re going to easily mess up on the grammar and spelling rule.

Remember, if your name has all undercase letters and/or numbers, you can get a name change from Ryan, but keep in mind you’re only allowed one per year. And again, this isn’t meant to bombard our admin with these kinds of requests, I’m only trying to stop problems before they start. Again, choose your name wisely. You’ll be stuck with it for at least a year, so make sure it’s good and not just a phase you’re going through.

Avoid Posting Pointless Threads – Make decent Role Plays, Fan Fictions, and Teams. Make sure they’re interesting and have a purpose, and I mean a real purpose, not “It’s here to have fun!” kind of thing. Role Plays and Fan Fictions need to have a good storyline, not “I’m/we’re Pokémon Trainer(s) that is/are going on our first journey!” Do something new, something the creators of Pokémon would never even think of featuring. Post-apocalyptic worlds, intense Matrix-like Science Fiction, and noir/dark horror are excellent places to start, but I’m sure you can think of your own with a little time and effort. And if you really need to, yes, I’ve taken the time out to write both a Fan Fiction Guide and a Role Playing Guide. Do not hesitate to read them, that’s why I wrote them and that’s why people like them. They’re there to help.

As for teams, make the team interesting, have a focus, and be something that other people can be proud of too. Make the team descriptive and unique so it’s impossible to be a duplicate of another team possibly in existence already. Also, You don’t make a team just so you can be the leader of it.

With this in mind, don’t join in threads made by other members who didn’t follow this advice. If you see a poorly made role play or team, do NOT join it. Do the right thing and tell them exactly what they’re doing wrong, not that it’s a bad thread or that it needs to be locked (otherwise known as mini-modding or being a backseat moderator). If you stop doing this yourself and you push others to avoid engaging in the same kind of behavior and give them reasons why, you will become a better member…

…and maybe even a mod if you really keep it up. Don’t hold your breath though, many have tried already, but that’s a whole other issue. Nonetheless, it always helps if you do the right thing.

Before You Post… – Ask yourself if this is really something you want other people to read. Also, ask yourself if it really contributes to the conversation, and if other people would be interested to read what you posted. If the answer is no, then don’t post. It’s far better to avoid posting something it you think it may have a bad outcome or you think someone could take it the wrong way.

It’s Okay If Your Artistic/Writing Ability Isn’t Great – It’s alright if you can’t make banners or write a decent fan fiction. But don’t insist that your work is the best thing since sliced bread and get angry when people tell you that your work isn’t that great. People don’t have to like your work, and if they find something wrong with it and are honestly trying to help you, learn from it and take their advice. Also, thank them for taking the time out to help you. Attacking someone who’s only trying to help you makes you look bad and more like a noob.

And if in the end you find out that people really don’t like your work, there is nothing out there saying you can’t keep working on it to improve your skills. Just keep practicing, they didn’t know how to make fan fiction, banners, or sprites the instant they were born.

Avoid Inappropriate Requests – There are many threads in the art section where our members have showcased their work for others to see and give feedback on.

Unless they specifically say “I will be taking requests” or something similar, use your best judgment and do NOT request something. A showcase thread is not the place to ask for those kinds of things, that’s like walking into an art museum and demanding someone to make a painting just for you. When in doubt about this, don’t request anything. And if you do request something under the thought that they were accepting requests and that doesn’t happen to be the case, just calmly back down. Don’t start asking why, people find that to be annoying.

And, if someone really does take the time out to make you a banner or something when you did request it, do the right thing and wear it for a while and give them credit.

Use Your BB Code Correctly – Seeing [ulr][/ig[ in anyone’s sig proves they are new and aren’t used to using BB Code (the coding that the forum uses). Make sure you preview your sig before saving it, otherwise you’ll flash this around everywhere you post and it will look really, really bad if you do that again and again. And if you don’t know it by heart, use the buttons above the message box to help you insert images (make sure they follow the forum rules!) and make your text bold and colored if you really want it. Those help if you’re not used to it…

Also, avoid putting smilies into your sig. No one uses or likes the dancing banana smilie anymore, and smilies are just meant to be spur-of-the-moment kinds of things. And lastly, don’t overuse question marks or exclamation points. No one likes to see “can someone ehlp me!!??? <Insert three of the same smilie here>

Ask For Help, But Only After You’ve Tried Looking! – It doesn’t hurt to ask for help, but before you do, check to see if there are any Read First threads in the board, which could already answer your question. If it’s still not there, then check Google and the Pokémon Elite 2000 website ( before posting a thread asking your question. If you’ve checked both and you still can’t find an answer, then make a thread. However, make sure your question is worded well and people know exactly what you’re looking for. As long as it’s a legitimate question that likely hasn’t been answered before, people won’t think less of you for asking, and most people will be ready to provide an answer if they know it.

A Peaceful Closing

First off, no one should expect to see someone be completely aware of PE2K’s culture the second they sign up. But, to someone who’s new here, you’re really not the one in charge of saying how things should be handled, and you really shouldn’t be too quick to question the knowledge of someone who’s been here far longer than you have.

Also, no one needs to be a noob forever. There is a way to pull yourself out of that hole if you’ve happened to fall into it. Keep in mind, this is all coming from a person that started with a crappy first fan fiction, constantly posted images at the bottom of each post because he didn’t know how to use a signature correctly, and couldn’t make a half decent banner without ripping images. Of course I corrected myself when I was asked to, and in order to become a good member, you need to consider doing the same.

Do all this, and I'm happy to say you're well on the road towards being like the rest of us.

- Neo Pikachu

Don't criticize new members when you yourself are considered new
What makes the chosen people cringe is when people constantly, overtly, and specifically criticize or complain about noobs. This is the most telltale sign of nubliness. The true non-nub is confident in his or her non-nubliness, and doesn't feel the need to scapegoat others in order to raise oneself higher.

Criticizing stuff like Fan Fics, Team Rating, etc.
When you criticize, do it subtly. Don't break the rules; just bend, distort, twist, and sidestep them.

Thanks to SK for this part.

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