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Old 05-01-2004, 02:48 PM
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Default Re: Learning to Heal the Hurt

Sorry for the delay but I'm glad you like it. I also have this fic on for the next chapter.

Learning to Heal the Hurt
Chapter 7: An Unstoppable Battle

“Drake,” I tried again, not looking at him directly. “I…”

“Shut up!” He said gruffly, breaking me off.

“Why do you still hold that against me?” I asked looking at him sadly. We both knew perfectly well what “that” was.

“I…” He stammered, his black eyes flicking to the carpeted floor of the car.” Because you almost killed me!” He came back with so much anger that it stung me.

“I didn’t!” I cried just as fiercely, “I was only 4!”

“That’s still no excuse!” He roared in his anger.

“Whoa, guys. Calm down.” Darren tried soothing us.

“That was 9 years ago!” I shouted completely ignoring Darren’s futile attempt to calm us.

“You still almost killed me!” he yelled clenching his fists.

“Your just… just…acting like a little kid!” I yelled angrily. I glared at him. He glared back, his eyes filled with malice and hatred.

“I am not!” He screamed, his black eyes flashing, “Your…your just saying that to make me mad!”

“Correct,” I smirked, folding my arms, a smug smile wiping across my face.

He glared at me and gnashed his teeth at me, like a mad animal.

“Why can’t you just let it go!” I cried all of a sudden feeling the anger welling up inside me. “Why?!” Then I felt an intense burning at my thigh, causing me to grit my teeth from the pain. With a jolt I remembered the Fire Red stone. I hadn’t even given one little thought about the small red stone in my pocket for a while.

“Because I can’t!” Drake screamed at me. Then, through his anger I could see a small feeling of longing. Longing to let his hurt go. His fierce pride was holding him back.

Tears were welling up in my eyes, “You have to!” I cried, “You can’t hold a grudge forever! Grudges only bring nothing but anger and hurt, especially to yourself!”

He got really quiet all of a sudden and just glared at me. His black eyes glaring hatred at mine. I glared back, defiantly staring into his eyes, daring him to do something about our quarrel. All of a sudden he lunged for me, his clawing arms extended. His eyes were filled with a mad rage. I raised my arms for self-defense. His swiftly moving arms clashed with mine. He grabbed hold of me and started twisting my arms around. I felt an intense burning pain in my seized arm. I cried out trying to get out of his murdering grip.

“Drake!” Julia yelled, aghast. Her pretty face was a picture of disbelief. “Drake! Talia! Stop this right now!” She yelled.

I hardly heard her as I twisted in Drakes powerful grip. Finally I shifted my knee and hit him sharply in the stomach, forcing the breath out of his lungs. He started gasping for breath as he loosened his grip. I took this moment of distraction to pull my arm free and grab him around the head, locking him in my firm grip. I pulled his head under my arm and held it there. Drake started flailing wildly, swinging his arms this way and that. I held him firm. All of a sudden his flailing arm caught me full in the face. My cheek burned and I unthinkingly put a hand to my face. Drake twisted away from me. Then he bunched his hand into a fist and let it fly. It hit me, straight in the face. My face was smarting and hurting really badly but I hardly felt it for an intense rage was building up inside me. My nose was spilling blood onto Drake and me. My clothes were also getting blood on them. The Fire Red stone was burning a hole in my pocket. My thigh was burning. I pulled back and quickly wiped the blood from my nose but it just kept coming.

“Drake! Talia! I’m going to have to pull over to the side of the road if you don’t stop now!” Darren barked at us.

Neither of us listened. Drake pulled his fist back for another blow. This time I saw it coming and twisted out of the way. His fist scraped my back. I flung my body back towards the seat with all my strength, slamming Drakes arm back into the seat. He hollered in pain and so did I. His arm was biting into my backbone. I flung myself forwards again and twisted around fast. I grabbed Drakes arms and started twisting them around. He yelled at me his dark eyes blazing. My blue eyes glared back at him, filled with the same, anger, hate, and determination. His mouth was twisted in an angry scowl. Then he brought his mouth down on my arm, biting me hard. I cried out and twisted away from him. I let his arms go. Then I reached my hand down, searching for the seatbelt buckle. My groping hand made contact with the cold metal. I leaned forward quickly pushing the buckle down, releasing the seat belt. At the same moment Drake shoved his knee up, smashing into my already bloody face. I reeled back, my jaw exploding into pain. As I did so the seatbelt snapped up, whacking Drake full in the jaw with a gruesome crack. I landed face down in the other seat and before I had anytime to recover, Drake launched himself at me despite his pain. I saw him coming at me, his eyes filled with an uncontrollable rage. He had undone his seatbelt too. My brain froze. All of a sudden rage like a wild fire built up in me, a rage so strong that I had to let it out on someone. I flipped myself over at lightning speed and raised my arms in the air. He came down. My arms felt as if they would loose hold of him any minute, collapsing and bringing Drake down on me any second. His weight was heavy but I couldn’t let him win. All of a sudden I heard something crack. My right arm buckled down under me, landing Drake on top of me. I screamed, one piercing scream. My arm was searing with a great pain. My brain was a jumble of thoughts. My arm was in a position that was unnatural for any human arm. My head was whirling and Drake was on top of me, pinning me to the seat. Then with a sudden burst of energy I brought both my knees up and heaved them into his stomach for the second time. His breath came out with a whoosh. He clutched his stomach, gasping for breath. I pushed him off of me and sat up.

“Talia! Drake!” Darren said in a commanding voice, “Stop!” He reached his hand back to grab us.

“Darren! The road!” Julia screeched, her white finger pointing at the road.

“What!” Darren cried, jerking back to the steering wheel. “Aw, shoot! The darn…!” He cried jerking the steering wheel sharply left. The small silver ford swerved sharply left.

I was flung to the middle seat, my broken arm jerking painfully with me. I looked up and out the windshield just in time to catch a glimpse of a small weed like pokemon standing terrified, just in front of our car. It was an oddish.

Then my head was jerked down as the small car hurtled off the road and into the ditch. I didn’t have my seat belt on. All of a sudden I felt my body being hurled forward towards the dashboard. I was powerless to stop myself. Then everything seemed to turn into slow motion. I saw myself fly forward at a sickening speed. I saw the dashboard come closer and closer. I heard more than felt my head cracking sickeningly against the dashboard. My mind whirled and buzzed; a roaring headache was threatening to split my head in two. Then my mind went into lock down mode. I was hurled into a deep pit of darkness.

Thanks to JamieRovis from Serebii for the great banner!

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Old 05-01-2004, 04:23 PM
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Default Re: Learning to Heal the Hurt

That was the best chapter yet! I was wondering when you were going to give us more of this great fic. The whole battling scene between Talia and Drake was awesome! You had such great detail and it didn't seemed rushed like a lot of people would of done during that kind of battling scene. Awesome job Saya! Can't wait for the next installment!

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Old 05-04-2004, 08:54 PM
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Default Re: Learning to Heal the Hurt

Thanks for the review! Now for the next chapter.

Learning to Heal the Hurt
Chapter 8: Rustboro City

Note: This is from Reenie’s perspective NOT Talia’s
~ Reenie ~
I stared up into the early morning sky, noticing how the gray clouds sailed and swirled over each other, creating intricate patterns in the sky. I closed my eyes, listening to the calming swishing of the tree branches around me, and the sounds of the pokemon of the forest. It had been four days since Talia had left us, us being Deri and I. After she had left and I had had some time to cool down I started to regret my rash actions. Talia wasn’t the most resourceful person I had ever met. You needed to be pretty resourceful being out on your own with no man-made stuff. I just hoped that she was all right out alone in the woods.

I gripped the old tree branch that I was sitting on, high up in the branches of a large oak tree, feeling the rough bark beneath my fingertips. Gripping the tree with one hand so as not to fall out I reached into my pocket and pulled out my care worn reed flute. I locked my legs around the tree branch so I wouldn’t fall out. Then I put the reed flute in between my lips, feeling its smooth woody texture, and blew one long, harmonious note. I then started to make the sound of a pidgey very softly on the flute. The quiet sound rang out into the plains. Finally I saw a small fluttering of wings as a small pidgey alighted on a branch not far from me.

“Pid. Pidgey?” it asked in its small light voice.

I answered back with my own series of calls. It answered me and hopped a few branches closer. I closed my eyes and once again and let the sounds flow from my flute, from deep inside me. This is what I loved doing. The pidgey hopped closer, calling back to me.

“Reenie!” A loud call shattered the silence. I sighed. “Reenie! Where are you?!”

In a swift fluttering of wings the pidgey was gone. I sighed again and looked down to the ground. The floor below me was a lot farther that I had first thought. There standing a few feet away was Deri.

“Deri!” I complained looking down to where he was standing. “I was doing my pokemon calls and you interrupted me!”

“Oh! There you are!” he said walking over to the tree hands in his pockets, “Sorry.”

“Humph!” I grumbled putting my flute carefully back into my pocket. I swung my legs over the side of the branch and hand under hand began climbing down the tree. When I reached the ground Deri and I headed down the path.
~ ~ ~
“How much longer?” I groaned to Deri sometime later.

“To where?” he asked. Boys can be so daft some times.

“To the closest town of course!” I answered.

“Uh, Rustboro is the nearest town. I have to check my pokenavi to see how much longer it is though.”

We headed on.
~ ~ ~
It was amazing. Rustboro was a huge city. There were large skyscrapers, 60 and 70 stories high. People were running around hurriedly, trying to catch a bus, boat, or train. Cars and taxis were honking their horns constantly to try and get the traffic moving. Traffic doesn’t move very fast in a large city like Rustboro. I just stood there and stared. This was definitely bigger than Sandar. I hadn’t been to any city bigger than my own considering that I had never even gone out of Sandar. This was the heart of Rustboro city.

“Reenie!” Deri called from up ahead, “Get moving! I see the pokemon center!”
~ ~ ~
The pokemon center was huge, just like everything else in Rustboro. I was sitting, no, more like sprawled, in the large waiting room of the red and white domed building waiting for… something… anything to happen. I had sprawled myself out on the soft flower patterned couch, taking up its whole length. I was entertaining myself with the fringe that was hanging off the couch, pulling each strand of thread from the next, and noticing how they were delicately woven together. The large cushions of the couch were soft and plump under my body. Deri was sitting on a matching red chair across from my couch. His brow was furrowed in thought.

He sighed and looked up, “We need to find Talia.”

I dropped the fringe. I hadn’t thought about Talia. She didn’t have any surviving tools the last time I had seen her. She wouldn’t have lasted long out on her own.

“Well,” I said slowly, “We could start by asking Nurse Joy if she’s seen her.”

“Reenie, Talia hates pokemon, remember? Why would she come to the pokemon center?” Deri asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Well,” I said confidently, “at least it’s a start.”

Deri nodded and stood up. “Come on,” he started moving towards the front desk.

I pulled myself grudgingly off of the couch, and had to remind myself that this was my friend I was looking for. With one last longing look back at the couch I ran to catch up with Deri.

As we neared the desk I noticed the large front doors burst open, slamming into the wall. I cringed, knowing that the doors would have made a large dent in the wall. A young boy ran in the doors and started moving rapidly to the front desk. He looked to be about 10 or 11, the typical pokemon trainer’s age.

“There was another car crash!” He panted, running up to Nurse Joy. “Yesterday!”

“Oh no! That’s the 3rd one this week!” Nurse Joy cried, “Who was in it?”

“Four people, two kids and two grown-ups. The girl was filthy! She was covered in mud and burrs! Looked like she’d been in the forest for a while.”

I glanced quickly at Deri.

“How are they?” Nurse Joy asked.

“The girl’s in the hospital and…” he continued on. I had stopped listening.

“I think we should take a trip to the hospital,” I said quietly to Deri.

He nodded.
~ ~ ~
My fingers were sweaty. I couldn’t help but notice that as a nurse at The Rustboro Hospital lead Deri and I through the many halls filled with bustling nurses and doctors. The halls looked very white and clean, like they were sterilized every day. They probably were considering that this was a hospital. There were many bright lights lining the ceiling and doors with black numbers on them, indicating what room it was.

The nurse walked down the hall a ways, her high-healed shoes clicking on the tiled floors. She stopped when she reached door number 253. I held my breath in anticipation. If the person in the room weren’t Talia our search would come to a dead end. The nurse opened the door; it swung into the room on noiseless hinges. I walked into the dark interior, Deri and the nurse followed.

“Be quiet, she’s sleeping and in pretty bad condition. She needs her rest,” The nurse informed me in a whisper.

I nodded, knowing that she couldn’t see me in this dark room. The room had a clean smell about it, like the smell of sheets just after they had come out of the dryer. I couldn’t see anything. I waited for my eyes to adjust to the dimness before I looked around the room. The drab gray blinds were pulled down over the one large square window on the right side of the room, blocking out the light. The four walls were a plain white, not very cheering, and there was another door on the far wall. Probably to the bathroom, I guessed. Then my searching eyes rested on the bed in the middle of the room. I breathed in sharply at what I saw.

Thanks to JamieRovis from Serebii for the great banner!

Paired with Batesy!
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