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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

Ichiru and Kiseki watched as Bill completed his transformation, although he had to leave the house before he did so in order to escape the crushing feeling that would come with his being in a house uninvited after he had turned.

After he was invited in and had settled down on the couch with some alcohol from Damon, who explained how it helped with cravings, Ichiru’s attention was drawn to Kol, Kotomi and the toddlers, who were having yet another bowl of ice cream. Despite his annoyance toward the fact that Kol was getting his children hyper against the wishes of their parents, he couldn’t help but chuckle at Ashley’s muttered comment.

“How about the two of you and Aiden watch them until they’re burnt out tonight, then?”

“Why me too?” The red haired Vampire finally spoke up for the first time in a little while from his place on the couch that Kiseki and Caroline had previously been sitting on.

“Because.” Ichiru replied simply, turning his gaze to the older Vampire.

“I haven’t done anything!” Aiden’s response made Kiseki laugh, but Ichiru held back his own and turned away from him as he answered.

“You will eventually.”

“That’s not a reason!”

The playful argument was cut short when a knock suddenly came from the door, bringing all three boys’ attention to it. Caroline’s reaction when she answered the door was enough to tell all of them who was there.

“Go away!” She growled at the person on the other side of the door, but her wishes weren’t granted, for a few seconds later, Klaus made his way into the house. The instant he laid eyes on him, the emerald in Kiseki’s eyes flickered to red briefly as black veins tried to fight their way onto his face.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Kotomi demanded what all of them were probably thinking.

“I came to warn you. All of you.” Klaus responded, and had it not been for Caroline returning to Kiseki’s side and lacing her fingers with his own, he probably would have attacked the other male regardless of what he had to say.

“What warning?” Isobel asked.

“My Hybrids have heard word of a group coming to Fells Church… a group coming to kill Diana, Abigail and Scarlet.”

“Excuse me?” As Ashley responded with a growl, now it was Ichiru’s turn to fight back the change in his facial features.

“This group found out that Diana’s and the toddlers’ blood is the only thing that is able to make my Hybrids, so if that source is eliminated then there won’t be any more Hybrids.” Klaus explained.

“Are you just screwing around with our heads so I would forgive you?” Caroline challenged

“Of course not! I just found out this information five minutes ago and then quickly came here. Freeing Kol and Kevin was my way of an apology.” Klaus answered. “I just wanted to let all of you know, and that I’ll still do whatever I can to protect all of you. I’ve done my part.”

With that, he stormed out of the house, leaving a heavy silence in his wake. The sound of Abigail’s and Scarlet’s faint cries tore both Kiseki and Ichiru out of their battle with their own rage, the two of them looking back at the toddlers who were shaking behind their parents.

“Nothing is going to happen to the two of you or to Diana.” Ashley comforted them, leaning down and wrapping her arms around them protectively as Ichiru released a sigh in an attempt to get rid of the last of his rage.

Kiseki’s had dissipated completely with the strong foreboding he suddenly felt. He didn’t want to say anything, considering the fact that they were trying to calm the toddlers, but somehow he felt that something really bad was going to happen.

Because of that, he was unable to offer any cheerful words once again, and instead gave Caroline’s hand a light squeeze in his uneasiness.

OOC: Couldn’t think of any dialog D:
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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

Twelve Years Later…

It had been twelve long, stressful years ever since Klaus had first told the group that an upcoming war was going to breakout, though nothing had happened so far. There hasn’t been any threats at all during the years, so where were they? Did they give up so easily and just back down? The group didn’t know, most of their minds putting that worry aside.

A lot had happened during the twelve years as Scarlet and Abigail grew up to be beautiful teenaged girls. Mason had returned to Fells Church after breaking the Sire Bond he had from when Klaus turned him into a Hybrid. Damon and Mason didn’t get along at all, a lot of the times resulting to physical action. One night a fight broke out between the Vampire and Hybrid so violently that Diana stepped into the crossfire, only to get fatally injured. In a panic Damon fed Diana his blood to try and heal her but it was too late, Diana dying with Vampire blood in her system. She woke up a few hours later as a transitioning Vampire, but the baby she was carrying had been lost. Her unborn child’s death had caused Diana to hate Mason and Damon, the newly changed Vampire wanting nothing more to do with them. She ran away from Fells Church for a whole seven months because of both losing her baby and the fact that her memories returned from when her younger brother died which resulted to compulsion, though finally returning to Fells Church as her and Damon fixed their relationship. Mason and Damon were now friends after years of resentment.

For Kotomi and Caroline they had received help from Klaus regarding to Kotomi’s aura and Caroline’s hallucinations. Klaus called thirteen of his best Witches and Warlocks from his trusted circle and placed a spell on both Kotomi and Caroline which did something to their minds; the spell was excruciatingly painful, but now both girls are living their lives happily. Klaus showed no further interest in Caroline since he had moved on, to which Caroline considered Klaus a friend now. Most of the group did too, since he was surprisingly understanding about Diana turning into a Vampire. Klaus didn’t like the thought of taking Abigail’s and Scarlet’s blood to make his Hybrids when they were only toddlers, so when the twin girls turned thirteen years old he started taking small amounts of blood from them, in return promising the group his protection from anything that should ever try to harm them.

Caroline’s father Bill had adjusted to being a Vampire very well with his daughter’s help, and even Kevin had returned as well. He didn’t find love yet, but he learned to let Caroline go so she could live her life with Kiseki.

“Hey, mom.” Scarlet said happily as she walked into the kitchen, the seventeen year old getting a bottle of water. Surprisingly it wasn’t weird that Ashley would forever remain eighteen years old while her daughter was currently seventeen, Ashley giving her daughter a smile. Scarlet stood at 5’3 and was slender like Abigail, though Scarlet had blue streaks in her long brown hair while Abigail had red streaks, her hair being the same length as her sister’s. Scarlet’s fashion style was similar to her father’s, wearing mainly dark colors with chains, boots and fishnets. Abigail on the other hand dressed like her mother, mainly skirts and girly clothes. Their attitudes didn’t reflect on their fashion sense at all however; Scarlet mainly had a mixture of Kiseki’s and Ashley’s personality while Abigail had Ichiru’s. Abigail could sometimes be cold depending who she was talking to and could be distant, but when it came to Klaus, Abigail absolutely hated him with a burning passion while Scarlet showed him kindness.

“Hey.” Ashley smiled. “Klaus should be here soon for some blood.”

“R-really?” Scarlet asked, her cheeks burning red as she looked away. “I didn’t know he was coming today…”

“Who’s coming?” Abigail asked as she walked into the kitchen while her ruffled red tank top swayed freely with her movements, her black Converse high-tops matching her tattered jeans.

“Klaus.” Ashley responded. “He’ll be here soon.”

“The leech?” Abigail growled.

“Be nice.” Stefan said from the living room, though a small smirk was on his face.

“Do I have to, Uncle Stefan?” Abigail sighed.

“Yes.” Stefan laughed. Abigail rolled her eyes, slouching down in one of the kitchen chairs as Scarlet joined her. Scarlet wore a black onyx colored Black Veil Brides t-shirt underneath a sky blue long-sleeved fishnet shirt, along with black skinny jeans that had large cuts going down the legs, the bottom of her jeans being tucked inside black combat boots which came up halfway to her knees.

“He’s here.” Scarlet announced without having to look outside a window. The twin girls were special, having the ability to see Ghosts and could sense when Supernatural beings were nearby. Caroline walked to the door then, opening it just as Klaus was about to knock.

“Good morning, Caroline.” The nineteen year old Hybrid greeted.

“Hey, Klaus. Come on in.” Caroline moved to the side to let Klaus enter, a black duffel bag in his right hand which had the supplies he needed for Abigail and Scarlet. In his other hand held a clear plastic bag filled with apple juice and candy for when Abigail and Scarlet got lightheaded. He would even bring a few boxes of Jujyfruits since those were Abigail’s favorite to try and get on her good side, but it never worked.

“The house seems a bit empty.” Klaus commented as he walked into the kitchen, to which Scarlet quickly looked down when Klaus briefly locked eyes with her brown ones.

“Bill, Meredith and Isobel went out for more blood pouches while Damon, Diana, Mason and Kol went to the mall.” Ashley responded. “The others should be in the house somewhere.”

“We’re in the library.” Kotomi called out, bringing Stefan to chuckle as he stood up from the couch to join them.

“Can I talk to you for a minute?” Caroline asked Ashley as she nodded, the brunette turning her attention towards her children.

“You guys okay here?” Ashley asked, receiving nods. Ashley and Caroline then went upstairs to Ashley’s and Ichiru’s room, closing the door.

“I wanted to talk to you about something… do you think Kiseki would still want to adopt a baby?” Caroline asked. The reason why she hadn’t gone through with it before was because of Klaus’ warning about the upcoming war, but since nothing at all has been happening then the idea about adopting a baby has been dancing around Caroline’s mind for weeks, though she didn’t tell Kiseki.

“I’m sure he would.” Ashley chuckled. “I think he misses having a baby in the house. Abigail and Scarlet are too old to really play with.”

“True.” Caroline laughed, though a sudden look of sickness washed over Ashley’s face as she suddenly crossed the bedroom and entered the bathroom, throwing up inside the toilet for a few moments before sighing in irritation. “Are… are you okay?”

“I haven’t told anyone this,” Ashley began as she sat on the edge of the tub while Caroline walked into the bathroom. “I’m pregnant.”

“You are?” Caroline shrieked in excitement. “Does Ichiru know?”

“No one knows.” Ashley shook her head. “I took a test two weeks ago but haven’t told anyone yet.”

“You’re excited though, right?” Caroline asked as she sat next to Ashley, who smiled and nodded.

“I just haven’t found the right moment to tell him.” Ashley looked down towards her lean stomach, wondering if she would give birth to another set of twins.

Back downstairs in the kitchen Klaus set everything up and had the tubes connecting to the blood pouches inside Abigail’s and Scarlet’s arms, Scarlet always being a little squeamish while Abigail tapped her fingers impatiently on the table.

“Are you okay?” Klaus asked Scarlet, offering her a small smile. “We go through this every time.

“I’m fine.” Scarlet nodded. “I just hate needles.”

“It will be over soon.” Klaus reassured her, to which Abigail gave a small snort.

“It will never be over.” Abigail growled, locking her eyes with Klaus. “We’re going to be stuck here for the rest of our lives as your own little blood bags for your stupid Hybrids. I can’t even go to the college I want to go to because of this! I applied to a university in London just to see if I would get in. Well guess what? I got my acceptance package last week but I can’t even go.” Klaus looked away as his jaw clenched, Abigail’s attention shifting to her blood bag and saw that it was almost full. She pulled out the needle in her arms and stood up, beginning to walk out of the kitchen as a slight spell of dizziness washed over her.

“Do you want Jujyfruits and apple juice?” Klaus spoke so softly that it was almost possible to hear him.

“No.” Abigail responded flatly, disappearing upstairs to her room. Scarlet sighed, watching as Klaus carefully pulled out the long needle in her arm and placed a bandage over it to stop the small hole from bleeding.

“Here, have these.” Klaus grabbed the candy and bottle of apple juice and handed it to Scarlet, to which she thanked him with a sweet smile.

“Thanks. I need to get my sugar back up before I go to the high school.” Scarlet responded.

“The high school?” Klaus questioned. “It’s Saturday.”

“A few students are setting up the gym for the Halloween dance and I’m one of the students who volunteered.” Scarlet explained before taking a large gulp from the apple juice.

“Ah, I see.” Klaus nodded as he placed everything in the black duffel bag. “I’ll get out of your hair then.” The Hybrid stood up and walked over towards the door, to which Scarlet suddenly called out to him. Klaus stopped in his tracks and turned around, locking eyes with Scarlet.

“I’m sorry for my sister’s rudeness, but she’s right. It’s not fair that we’re stuck here in Fells Church like this when there’s an entire world to explore.” Scarlet said. “I got accepted to a college in Hawaii, which has been my dream college, but I can’t go.” Klaus looked down, a low sigh escaping his throat. “Can’t you just… stop making your Hybrids? You’ve made so many already. How many do you actually need?” Klaus turned around and left the house without a word, leaving Scarlet to sigh.

A fall’s breeze flowed through Scarlet’s wavy hair as her blue streaks danced around like blue fire, the teenager deciding to walk to the high school since she had time to spare before her friends would be at the gym. A much cooler breeze caused a chill to run down Scarlet’s spine as she hugged her red hoodie tighter around her body, her Hunger Games shoulder bag hanging from the top of her shoulder. After eating the candy and drinking the apple juice Scarlet’s spell of dizziness had faded, though the throbbing pain in her arm from where the needle had been couldn’t be ignored.

Scarlet reached the high school after about a fifteen minute peaceful walk and stepped inside the unlocked doors, walking through the hallways until she made it to the gym. It was empty, confusion washing over her face as Scarlet pulled out her phone to check the time.

“Are you kidding me?” Scarlet asked herself with a sigh clear in her tone. She had accidentally left her house an hour before she was supposed to, Klaus’ presence causing her not to think straight. Scarlet decided to stay however since there was no point in walking home, staying there for fifteen minutes and then having to walk back to the school.

Scarlet walked over towards the bleachers and placed her bag and hoodie down before walking in the direction towards the weight room where the Halloween decorations were being kept, though when she placed her hand on the door’s handle, a weird sensation washed over her body. She quickly spun around as her heart raced, sensing that Supernatural creatures were beginning to surround the high school.

“Mom?” Scarlet called out. “Dad?” Scarlet slowly walked to the middle of the gym before pausing, her gaze falling on every entrance of the gym. There were two doors on both sides of the gym which led to the hallways, and then two other doors on the other side of the large room which lead outside where the baseball fields were. All four doors suddenly opened at the same time as five people in their mid-twenties walked in; four guys and a girl.

“Finally she’s alone.” The girl commented, Scarlet sensing that they were all Vampires.

“Let’s just hurry up and kill her, then we’ll go after Abigail.” One of the male Vampires responded. “We need to rid of them so Klaus can’t make any more Hybrids.” The group suddenly charged at Scarlet with their speed which brought her to quickly take out her phone and press ‘5’ before the ‘Talk’ button, having Klaus on speed dial. Scarlet didn’t want to risk any of her family member’s lives since they could die, but Klaus couldn’t, which was why she called for Klaus.

Scarlet let out a scream as the Vampires were right in front of her now, one of the men grabbing her by the arm and flung Scarlet across the gym where she smashed the back of her head against the stone wall. Her phone had broken from the impact of falling on the ground, though not before Klaus answered his own phone and heard Scarlet’s scream before suddenly being cut off.

The necklace! Scarlet suddenly thought to herself as she placed her hands up, creating an invisible shield by summoning power from her bewitched necklace. The shield only expanded around five feet in front of Scarlet and about four feet at her sides since she tried to save as much of her energy as she possibly could, the Vampires running right into the invisible barrier.

“What the hell?” The female Vampire questioned is surprise, the Vampires pushing against the shield with their incredible strength. Normally Scarlet could keep the shield up without a problem but from both her head injury and when Klaus took her blood she felt lightheaded as the shield began to slowly crumble away, blood seeping out from a wound behind her head as a result of being thrown against the wall.

“Where is he?” Scarlet growled as the blood from her head ran down her back and made a puddle on the floor. Her nose began to bleed as her head pounded with excruciating pain. The shield shattered as one of the Vampires charged forward and grabbed Scarlet by the back, lifting her up and pinning her against the wall.

“How did you make that shield?” He growled as he bared his fangs at Scarlet.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Scarlet smirked despite her fear.

“Well I guess it doesn’t really matter now.” He leaned forward and sank his fangs deep into Scarlet’s neck, quickly beginning to drain her of blood as she struggled against his grip. After a few moments her body felt cold however as she went limp, the life being sucked out from her.

“Scarlet!” Klaus’ voice suddenly echoed through the gym as he sprang forward, rage clearly radiating off from the Hybrid as he was over at Scarlet’s side in a flash. With flawless swipes with his arm he cut off the heads of every single Vampire, their dead bodies falling to the ground as Scarlet slid down the wall.

“What took you so long?” Scarlet whispered weakly as Klaus quickly bit down on his wrist and allowed the warm, thick liquid to seep through. He knelt down and placed his wrist into the teenager’s mouth, his blood flowing with ease down her throat which she welcomed.

“Sorry.” Klaus sighed, seeing some of the color return to Scarlet as she felt her wounds heal. She then fell unconscious which brought Klaus to quickly listen to her heart, hearing that it was steady. Klaus sighed in relief, figuring out Scarlet only fell unconscious from using her necklace as he scooped her up into his arms and left the high school after grabbing the rest of Scarlet’s belongings.

OOC: Scarlet and Abigail:
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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

“Good morning, Caroline.” A familiar voice brought Kiseki to turn his head toward the front door, which the blonde had just answered. Unlike a little over a decade ago, he was able to greet the Hybrid who was welcomed into the house a few moments later with a smile. Over the course of time, they had all finally settled their differences and become allies, which he was extremely thankful for. Things had been peaceful again for quite some time now, and he hoped it would stay that way.

After a few moments, Caroline asked Ashley if she could talk to her about something, and the two of them disappeared upstairs, leaving Klaus, Abigail, Scarlet and himself remaining. He knew that Aiden was in the library with the others, but had yet to see Ichiru.

Not knowing that his brother had ventured into the library as well and was currently teasing Aiden over his sister and assuming instead that he was upstairs somewhere, Kiseki got up quietly and headed for the stairs. As he approached the room that Ichiru and Ashley shared, it didn’t occur to him that Ashley and Caroline would be talking inside; he thought that maybe Caroline had taken Ashley into their own room to talk. So when he had opened the door a crack and heard voices, he was surprised.

“You are?” Caroline’s shriek startled him as he pushed the door open further. “Does Ichiru know?”

“No one knows.” Ashley’s voice came in response. “I took a test two weeks ago but haven’t told anyone yet.”

“You’re excited though, right?”

“I just haven’t found the right moment to tell him.”

It didn’t take long at all for the dark haired teen to piece together what the girls were talking about, and once realization struck, he finally opened the door completely, spotting the two in the bathroom.

“You’re pregnant?” He managed to keep his voice low as he spoke, but couldn’t hide the excitement in it. Shortly after speaking, he seemed to realize that he had just intruded on what was probably supposed to be a private conversation, and gave the girls an apologetic look. “Sorry… I was looking for Ichiru and happened to overhear.”

OOC: Took this long to come up with a post and it's short. OTL
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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

“You’re pregnant?” Ashley and Caroline snapped their heads to the side and saw Kiseki enter the bedroom, Ashley’s jaw slightly dropping as Kiseki offered an apologetic look. “Sorry… I was looking for Ichiru and happened to overhear.”

“It’s okay.” Ashley chuckled before walking out of the bathroom, bringing Caroline to follow as she laced her fingers with Kiseki’s.

“When are you going to tell him?” Caroline asked.

“Right now.” Ashley sighed, taking a deep breath and walking out of the room.

“You’re nosey.” Caroline laughed before pulling Kiseki towards her and kissing him.

Ashley ventured throughout the large boardinghouse trying to look for Ichiru until she finally found him in the library, a smile coming onto her face as she walked over and wrapped an arm around his. She gave him a kiss on the cheek, her attention falling over towards the others.

“I need to steal Ichiru away from you guys for a few minutes.” Ashley said.

“Bring him back in one piece.” Stefan commented as Ashley playfully rolled her eyes and gently pulled Ichiru out of the library. She took a deep breath and walked into the living room, trying to find the right words to say. The brunette sighed a few moments later, deciding to just say it.

“Ichiru… I’m preg-“ Ashley stopped midsentence as a negative feeling washed over her, to which everyone in the library quickly filed out and entered the living room.

“Do you feel that?” Abigail asked as she hurried down the stairs to stand next to her parents, her necklace slightly glowing as blue energy began to circle around her hands, drawing power from her necklace.

“I did.” Kevin nodded. Damon, Diana, Mason and Kol returned from the mall then as Bill, Meredith and Isobel continued getting blood pouches.

“What’s going on?” Diana asked.

“I don’t know.” Ashley shook her head; it was then a scent reached her nose which she instantly knew, bringing her eyes to widen in both shock and fear.

“Scarlet’s blood.” Kol said before Ashley could. They were about to run out of the house until Klaus suddenly burst through the door and entered the large room, Scarlet being unconscious in his arms and covered in her own blood.

“Scarlet!” Abigail gasped.

“What happened?” Ashley demanded.

“Vampires attacked her.” Klaus quickly explained. “I healed her wounds so she’ll be okay.”

“Vampires attacked her?” Kotomi questioned. “I thought we were the only Vampires here?”

“Maybe they were just passing through?” Caroline suggested as she came hurrying down the stairs to join the others.

“I don’t think so.” Klaus shook his head. “This attack seemed too planned out, as if Scarlet was an intentional target.”

“Klaus is right.” Scarlet said weakly as she slowly opened her eyes, still being held in Klaus’ strong arms. “Those Vampires want both me and Abigail dead because our blood makes Klaus’ Hybrids. They told me at the high school.”

“See what you’ve done!” Abigail suddenly shouted at Klaus. “Thanks to you, Scarlet and I are in constant danger! Vampires are coming after us now!”

“I won’t let them hurt you.” Klaus responded coolly, trying to keep his temper under control.

“Oh, really?” Abigail challenged. “Well you’re doing such a great job.” Every word Abigail spoke was in a sarcastic tone as she looked over towards her twin sister.

“Leave him alone, Abby.” Scarlet said as she locked eyes with Abigail. “This isn’t his fault.”

“How can you say that?” Abigail growled. “You’re always defending him! I’m so sick of it!” Abigail stormed up to her room and slammed the bedroom door so loudly that it echoed through the house, tension washing over the group.

“Can I take a shower and rest?” Scarlet asked as she tried to break the silence.

“Yeah. Come with me.” Ashley replied while walking forward. Klaus let Scarlet stand to her own feet and steadied her, Ashley and Caroline leading Scarlet up the stairs where they disappeared into a large bathroom.

“We need to do something.” Damon said as he looked over towards Klaus. “You need to get your Hybrids to protect Abigail and Scarlet.

“My Hybrids are sired to me so they’ll listen.” Klaus nodded.

“What about the Hybrids that broke their Sire Bond?” Mason asked.

“There’s you to thank for that.” Klaus responded in slight irritation. Mason had been helping Klaus’ Hybrids break their Sire Bond for years, though Klaus couldn’t even kill Mason for it since he vowed to never harm the group; he would lose Abigail’s and Scarlet’s blood supply if he went against his word.

“Don’t even think about starting a fight.” Diana warned. “Right now our top priority is protecting Abigail and Scarlet. If those Vampires were really here to kill them then that just means that there’s more out there. More are going to come.”

“Then we better prepare for war.” Klaus said, walking out of the house to talk to his sired Hybrids.

OOC: Sorry that it took so long to post! D: I talked to DA and we're now going to continue the RP <3
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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

OOC: Glad to be back in RPing. :D

IC: “It’s okay.” Ashley chuckled in response before she and Caroline left the bathroom, the latter lacing her fingers with Kiseki’s.

“When are you going to tell him?” She asked the brunette.

“Right now.” Ashley answered with a sigh, taking a deep breath and walking out of the room. Kiseki watched her go for a few moments longer before Caroline’s voice drew his attention back to her.

“You’re nosey.” She laughed, bringing the dark haired teen to do the same in response before he was pulled into a kiss. He quickly gave into it, temporarily putting aside his excitement about a new addition to the family as he returned the kiss.

Back in the library, Ichiru was focused on a book Aiden was showing him until an arm wrapping around his own drew both his and the Original’s attention away and to the brunette now standing beside him. He smiled and greeted her just before she gave him a kiss on the cheek, then turning her attention to the others.

“I need to steal Ichiru away from you guys for a few minutes.”

“Bring him back in one piece.” Stefan commented, and Ichiru smirked while Ashley playfully rolled her eyes.

“I don’t think I would mind being brought back in pieces.” He remarked, mostly to Ashley, as he was gently pulled out of the library. When they were in the living room, he noticed Ashley take a deep breath, and traces of concern came into his expression.

“What’s wrong?” For a moment he feared that something had happened, but before his worry could grow anymore, the brunette sighed and finally spoke again.

“Ichiru… I’m preg-“ She stopped mid-sentence, and Ichiru looked at her in confusion.

“Preg..?” He was just about to reach the realization of what she meant, but a negative feeling suddenly came over him, and the concerned expression from a few moments ago returned to his face. At the same time, the rest of the group that had been in the library quickly filed out into the living room.

“Do you feel that?” Abigail’s voice entered the room as she quickly descended the stairs to stand next to her parents. Her hands were already encircled by the blue energy she was drawing from the glowing necklace she wore.

“I did.” Kevin was the first to respond, though Ichiru also nodded to his daughter’s question.

“What’s going on?” Upon returning from the mall with Damon, Mason and Kol seconds later, Diana was the first of the group to speak.

“I don’t know.” Ashley responded with a shake of her head, though mere seconds later, a familiar scent struck Ichiru, and his eyes widened almost simultaneously with Ashley’s

“Scarlet’s blood.” Kol identified the source before the rest of them could. Ichiru was one of the first to move toward the front door, but stopped when it suddenly burst open, revealing Klaus standing on the other side with a bloody and unconscious Scarlet in his arms.

The sound of the door followed by Abigail’s yell alerted Kiseki back upstairs, who quickly headed for the staircase with Caroline.

“What happened?” Ashley demanded.

“Vampires attacked her.” Klaus quickly explained. “I healed her wounds so she’ll be okay.”

“Vampires attacked her?” Kotomi questioned. “I thought we were the only Vampires here?”

“Maybe they were just passing through?” Caroline suggested as she came hurrying down the stairs, Kiseki right behind her.

“I don’t think so.” Klaus shook his head. “This attack seemed too planned out, as if Scarlet was an intentional target.”

“Klaus is right.” Scarlet spoke weakly as she slowly opened her eyes. “Those Vampires want both me and Abigail dead because our blood makes Klaus’ Hybrids. They told me at the high school.”

“See what you’ve done!” Abigail suddenly shouted at Klaus. “Thanks to you, Scarlet and I are in constant danger! Vampires are coming after us now!”

Ichiru started to say something, but Klaus responded before he could.

“I won’t let them hurt you.”

“Oh, really?” Abigail challenged. “Well you’re doing such a great job.”

“Leave him alone, Abby.” Scarlet locked eyes with her sister as she spoke. “This isn’t his fault.”

“How can you say that?” Abigail growled. “You’re always defending him! I’m so sick of it!” With that, she stormed up to her room and slammed her bedroom door so loudly that it left an echo, bring a tense silence to fall over the group. Normally Aiden would have made a comment to try and lighten the mood, but it didn’t seem like a good idea to do so now.

“Can I take a shower and rest?” Scarlet broke this silence with a question, which Ashley agreed to, and, with Caroline’s help, led the teen up the stairs after Klaus put her down.

After a brief exchange with Damon and Mason, Klaus left, his last statement about war sending Aiden and the twins into a tense silence. At the realization of the new danger awaiting the youngest members of the group, a certain fact sprung up in Kiseki’s mind. He had just learned that Ashley was pregnant again, and now the children that she and Ichiru already had were in danger. The threat of a Supernatural war loomed over them, and that was certainly not an environment to nurture a baby.

The dark haired teen’s hand somehow managed to find Caroline’s as his mind continued to race with worry, his fingers lacing with hers tensely.

Ichiru sensed his brother’s anxiety and looked at him in question, though when he did, Ashley’s words - or rather, what she had been trying to say before Klaus had arrived with Scarlet - came back to mind. If she had been intending to say what he thought, then the situation was all the more dangerous.
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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

Caroline felt Kiseki’s fingers lace through hers after returning downstairs as she glanced over towards him, though she could easily tell from the amount of pressure he was applying that the dark haired Vampire was clearly worried, and she had an idea as to why. Ashley was pregnant, and if word got out then she would be an even bigger target than she already is. Caroline knew the danger Ashley and the children were in, darkness clouding her aura as it spun around in black and dark purple swirls. Luckily the blonde was able to control the darkness now and actually use it as a source of power.

“Whoever is hunting our family better be prepared for one hell of a fight.” Caroline said as she looked out towards the window, the whites in her eyes turning black for a brief moment before returning back to normal.

Upstairs in the large bathroom Ashley waited outside the closed door where Scarlet was taking a quick shower and getting dressed in a blue tank top that matched the blue streaks in her hair and a pair of black pajama pants with blue skulls printed on them, the teen stepping out of the shower and getting dressed before opening the door with her hair up in a green towel. While carrying her bloodied clothes to her room Scarlet glanced over towards her mother for a moment before turning away, a sleepy spell falling over her as she rubbed her eyes.

“Do you think we can wash the blood out of the clothes?” Scarlet asked.

“I don’t think so.” Ashley sighed. “There’s too much blood.”

“That sucks.”

“Let me have your clothes. I’ll throw them out and get you something to eat while you rest in bed.” Scarlet nodded from her mother’s words, handing her ruined clothes over to Ashley before crawling into bed and getting underneath the warm covers after brushing her wet hair. Ashley left the bedroom while Scarlet reached over to grab the remote and turned on the television.

“How is she?” Damon asked from the kitchen when seeing Ashley walking down the stairs.

“She’s a little shaken up but will be fine.” Ashley responded, Caroline and Diana joining Damon in the kitchen. “I told her I would bring her something to eat.”

“I’ll make her some eggs and bacon. Scarlet loves that.” Damon smirked.

“Thanks.” Ashley chuckled before walking outside and throwing the clothes away in the large trashcan.

The sensation of another Supernatural creature being close caused her to swiftly spin around however where her eyes locked on the miles of woods in the back of the Salvatore house, her hand instantly flying up to her stomach. The brunette didn’t see anything as a few October leaves the color of flames dropped from their trees, but Ashley knew someone was out there watching, her fangs piercing out of her gums defensively while her eyes began to change.

“Whoever is there better come out!” Ashley growled.

“Easy, love. It’s just me.” Klaus stepped out from behind a tree and walked over towards Ashley, bringing her to sigh in relief as her eyes and teeth went back to normal.

“What are you doing here?” Ashley asked. “I thought you were going to tell your Hybrids what was going on?”

“I did, and then I hurried back over here. Let’s not forget that I’m the only one who can’t be killed, besides my other siblings. I know that Kevin and Kol are already inside your house but I didn’t want to take any chances.” Klaus explained. “Rebekah is scouting the town with Finn and Elijah.”

“Thank you.” Ashley lowered her hand from her stomach and dropped it to her side, though not before Klaus took notice as he raised his eyebrows.

“Something you wish to tell me?” Ashley hesitated for a moment before answering.

“I’m pregnant again.” There was a long silence as Klaus used his enhanced hearing to listen, the Hybrid picking up a small heartbeat from within Ashley’s stomach.

“Does anyone in the house know?” Klaus asked.

“Just Caroline and Kiseki.”

“We need to keep you safe if a war is truly going to breakout. I suggest that you leave Fells Church immediately; you, me and the girls. I promise to keep you somewhere safe.”

“And leave Ichiru and the others?” Ashley shook her head. “I’m not leaving.”

“I need to protect your children and your unborn child. They are my blood source to making my Hybrids!”

“Enough with your stupid Hybrids!” Ashley snapped. “Why do you need so many? Why not move on and start a life with someone?”

“Love is a weakness.” Klaus shook his head.

“You loved Caroline once.” Ashley pointed out.

“That was just a small fling.” Klaus countered.

“What about Scarlet?”

“What about her?” Klaus asked defensively.

“Don’t bother denying it, Klaus. Everyone knows that you’ve fallen for her.”

“You’re wrong.”

“No, I’m not.” Ashley crossed her arms over her chest. “Scarlet isn’t going to wait forever for you to stop this nonsense with your Hybrids. I already know that she has feelings for you too, so you need to stop with this obsession you have with making your Hybrids and give it up. For once, Klaus, choose love over power.” Ashley spun on her heel and hurried back inside, leaving Klaus with his thoughts as he stared down at the ground.

After returning inside Ashley headed straight for the kitchen and helped cook the eggs and bacon, as well as getting a bottle of water and bringing everything upstairs on a tray, Caroline heading into the library with Stefan while carrying a few blood pouches. Ashley walked into Scarlet’s bedroom and placed the tray in front of her, the teen delighted by the food.

“Thanks.” Scarlet smiled. Ashley kissed her on top of the forehead and closed the door, the brunette walking to her own room and collapsing on the bed. A moment or two went by while Ashley listened for the second heartbeat Klaus was listening to, the brunette hearing it a few seconds later as she smiled. The Vampire stood up from the bed and walked over to the large oval mirror that was in the corner of the bedroom, Ashley lifting up her shirt halfway and placed a hand up to her stomach.

Back in Scarlet’s bedroom she sat up and began to eat the food in front of her, the necklace she wore around her neck beginning to pulse like a heartbeat against her chest. Scarlet’s attention fell to one of the windows where Klaus was seen perched on the outside of it like a bird, the Hybrid standing on the roof. Confusion washed over her as Klaus opened the window and stepped inside the bedroom.

“What are you doing here?” Scarlet asked. “Wouldn’t it be easier to go use the front door?”

“I figured making a grand entrance would be more amusing.” Klaus shrugged, his response causing Scarlet to laugh as he sat down on the bed next to her.

“So I’m guessing you’re checking up on me?”

“Something like that.” Klaus paused, the Hybrid who looked to be nineteen years old hesitating on what he was about to say next. “I need to know something… if I were to stop making Hybrids and let you and your sister do whatever you wanted, go to any college you dreamed of, how would you react?”

“Both of us would be very thankful.” Scarlet’s heart raced at the possibility of finally being free to do what she wanted with her own life. “Why are you asking this?”

“I’ve decided to give up on making my Hybrids… for you.” Klaus’ response took Scarlet off guard, the two staring at each other for a long period of time. Without warning Klaus leaned over and kissed Scarlet on the lips, the teen wrapping her arms around Klaus’ neck and pulled him closer to her.
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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

“Whoever is hunting our family better be prepared for one hell of a fight.”

Kiseki glanced at Caroline as she finally broke the heavy silence that had fallen over the group, her gaze turned toward the window. Because of this, Kiseki didn’t notice the change in her eyes, but he could still see the darkness in her aura. He gave the blonde’s hand another squeeze, this one for reassurance.

“It will be okay.” His natural optimism returned, expression softening into a smile as he spoke. “We’re all stronger than we were all those years ago. No matter how grim things get, we’ll be able to overcome it.”

Kiseki’s words seemed to ease the tension in Ichiru and even Aiden, the former smiling in response to his brother.

“He’s right. There hasn’t been anything we haven’t managed to defeat yet. As long as we stay together and prioritize the safety of the children, everything should be fine.”

“If they want to fight, let them come. We’ll just have to kick their asses and teach them a thing or two.” Aiden finally spoke up with his usual vigor, a confident grin on his face. Ichiru and Kiseki chuckled in response to him, although the smile faded from Ichiru’s face shortly after.

He turned his attention away from the others so that hopefully it wouldn’t be seen, but even despite his words and the words of his friends, he couldn’t help worrying. It was probably safe to assume that no one could. Abigail and Scarlet could at least fend for themselves now, but they were still mortal. Despite the way it may seem at times due to their abilities, it was still all too easy for a Supernatural creature to destroy them. There was also the matter of the unborn child, the biggest concern. Ashley could defend herself, but just one severe injury and she would lose the baby. There was no way Ichiru was going to let that happen. Not on his life.

OOC: Sorry for the shortish post... couldn't think of much.
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