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Old 05-11-2013, 04:57 AM
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Default Curator Wages (Monbrey is a slacker-5/10/13)

Hi everyone! Doing wages for the first time, so please don't shoot me if I derped on math. Good job curating, guys! You've been keeping up really well lately!

[MENTION=66295]Zoned[/MENTION]; [MENTION=36909]EmBreon[/MENTION];


Sky Lark's Skitty-$2,000
Sky Lark's Azurill-$2,000
Sky Lark's Wurmple-$2,000
Sky Lark's Weedle-$2,500
Sky Lark's Burmy 1-$2,500
Sky Lark's Diglett-$2,500
Sky Lark's Oddish 1-$2,500
Sky Lark's Oddish 2-$2,500
EmBreon's Torkoal 1-$3,500
EmBreon's Torkoal 2-$3,000
Sky Lark's Zubat-$3,500
Sky Lark's Burmy 2-$2,000
Sky Lark's Burmy 3-$2,500
Sky Lark's Burmy 4-$2,000
WinterVines's Starly-$3,000

Total: $41,000


Sky Lark's Shinx-$4,000
Sky Lark's Wooper-$2,500
Sky Lark's Budew-$3,000
Sky Lark's Pichu-$3,000
Sky Lark's Shroomish Part 1-$3,500
Sky Lark's Shroomish Part 2-$2,500
Princess Crow's Poliwag-$3,500
Princess Crow's Whismur-$3,500

Total: $25,500


Zoned's Shellos-$3,500
Master Simm's Murkrow Part 1-$3,000
Master Simm's Murkrow Part 2-$2,500
gun6gun6's Hoothoot-$3,000
gun6gun6's Lotad-$3,000

Total: $15,000

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