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Old 04-27-2013, 05:42 AM
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Default Re: Satellite Pier

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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post

Trainer: Corey Ty & Serena Ty


Corey's PC:
Serena's PC:

(People are still posting in the WFL, and I don't know why, since it's dead. Buuuuuut I wanted to join them! It's been over two months!)

"Wow, he's been in there a long time..." Serena sighed.

"Yeah. I know." I sighed too.

"How long?" She asked.

"Mm..abouuuuut...two and a half months." I answered.
Well, what the heck are you doing, standing around Satellite Pier for that long? Dontcha got anything better to do?

"Dude! Mind moving? You're breathing up all our air!" Your attention is riveted by a rather rude and obnoxious individual--a young man or *coughcoughNoob* by the looks of it. A proud Pidgey is perched on its shoulder, its chest puffed out as if it was the king of the world. Like its owner, the bird gives you a rather condescending look. Both seem completely oblivious to the fact that you're accompanied by a Typhlosion.

"Go find your own atmosphere, why don't you?" the boy sneers at you. "Pidgey here's gonna dominate the skies, yo! He's in the top percentage of Pidgeys, ain't ya, bud?"

"Coo!" It hardly seems possible, but the Pidgey puffed out its chest even farther than before.

"And no," Gary quickly adds. "I didn't steal that brag from a rat-loving runt. Hawks own worm-tails anyday, right Pidgey?"


Good grief...

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Old 04-27-2013, 09:58 PM
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Default Re: Satellite Pier

Trainer: Corey Ty & Serena Ty


Corey's PC:
Serena's PC:

Serena and I turn around to confront the obnoxious individual.

Serena's face reddened. "WHO do YOUUU think you're talking to?!"

"Keh, a bunch of nobodies, that's who! Now step aside, I'll show you how it's done. Pidgey!" The man bumped Serena out of the way. The man's Pidgey puffed up its chest again, and flew up.

Pidegy's performance was interupted by Serena's shouting. "EXCUUUSE YOU!" people on the pier started to stare.

"S-Serena...people are looking..." I whispered.

"I'd hope so! This guy NEEDS a public embarrassment!" She screamed. "Now, I'll have you KNOW, that WE are the two CHAMPIONS of Celestia!"

I looked at her dumbfounded. "We're...wha-?!" She stopped me mid-sentence.

"Thaaaat's right! Us two. Us! Now, you can apologize verbally or by a sincere letter." She grinned.

The man laughed. "You two, champions? Puh-leaseeee. I wouldn't even believe you if you said you even had badges."

I panicked, because I only had two badges. Serena grinned deviously. "Keh, well, take a look at theeese!" She pulled out her badge case and handed it to the man. He opened it and his eyes widened.

"Wh-what?! You must have stolen them. No way you have eight badges!" He laughed, thinking he had cornered Serena.

Serena snatched her badge case back. "Reaallly? Your immaturity is shining through. These are legit badges, thank youu. And these are just my Celestia Badges!!"

The crowd that had gathered seemed impressed. "What about your friend there? He looks like a total noob." The man pointed at me.

I took out my badge case, and it plopped it open. "Two badges is all. The leaders were busy when I arrived, otherwise I'd have four!"


I frowned. "What about your badges?" I kept my cool.

The man looked down and stumbled. "Ur...well, I have TEN badges...but I left them at home..."

"BWAHA, you don't have any, do you? Then why are you comparing yourself to us? And even in confidence!" She scolded him.

He frowned. Pidgey's chest deflated, and Pidgey looked sad.

"Uhh...?" Serena sighed.
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