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ASB: Safari Zone The Safari Zone of the ASB League. Begin your very own interactive adventure, where every choice you make will have an effect on what happens to you.

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Old 09-22-2011, 06:31 PM
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Default Safari Zone Front Desk

The Front Desk
A young woman sits behind a desk. She looks up from her computer as you walk up.
“Oh, hello. You’re here for the Zone. Here’s the registration form. If you have questions about the zone, you should probably read that computer display over there.”

You look down at the paper she gave you. It seems relatively simple.

  • The price for entering the safari zone is $18, which needs to be paid when turning in the registration form.
  • If you do not respond to your Safari Zone in 3 days after a ranger posts, your adventure will be ended. It is the only way to be fair to the ones waiting in line. You get the pokemon you captured but not the extra points.
  • Next only 5 people can be out in the Zone at a time. So if that is the case you will be added to a waiting list. We only have 5 jeeps to take people out on. Sorry.
  • You can only take one pokemon in with you to the safari zone.
  • There are several areas in the safari zone to visit, check out our areas pamphlet to learn about them.

If you agree to all the points and rules above fill out this form and turn it in.
I, (your username), would like to explore the (area), with my (pokemon).

[-] Species (Gender)
Sig Move:
The Lobby
It seems as if all the jeeps are gone. Remember only five people adventuring at a time. Well, that means you will have to wait just a while. You can stay in the lobby, or explore the pokemon center or shop in our store. If you have a change of heart before your Adventure begins, you're allowed to edit your post as often as you like until your Adventure begins.
I am a Just Another Machine Emulating Stuff built by paperfairy for the Anime Style Battling League.

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Old 07-22-2012, 02:02 AM
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Default Re: Safari Zone Front Desk

i wanna expoler the rough terrain with my axew

{magna drago} f

ablity rivaly

no sig. move

VOID: Insufficient funds.

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Old 01-09-2013, 12:33 AM
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Default Re: Safari Zone Front Desk

When a spot opens up, I want to explore the Rough Terrain with:

[Eliza] Gliscor (F)
Ability: Poison Heal
Obtained: Valentine's Day Event
Evolved: Evolution Dojo
Sig Move: None

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Old 02-10-2013, 06:55 PM
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Default Re: Safari Zone Front Desk

Getting in line for this now that I have the funds. c: /-$18.

I'll take my Gluttony to the Mountains with me.

Gluttony the Vaporeon
Ability: Water Absorb.
I need a new sig, uhg.
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