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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 01-05-2013, 04:47 AM
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Default Re: Bound By Blood

The Rest of Chapter Six

"I don't kill people. When I first turned into a Vampire I had, but as the decades had gone by I had learned to adapt by drinking blood pouches." Caleb lied, the two locking eyes.

"So... you don't kill people then?"

"No." Caleb lied again, though Rosina believed it as she relaxed a little.

"Can you tell me everything I need to know about Vampires?" Rosina asked, bringing Caleb to nod.

"As you know already, we can't go into the sunlight because we'll burn to death. We don't have a reflection, though we do have a shadow. A wooden stake to the heart won't kill us but it will immobilize us until someone removes it. We can also die from fire, but we actually aren't able to drown." Caleb began to explain. "Silver won't hurt us, so that shear is actually very useless, unless you try to cut off my head with it... which is very unlikely since I can break your wrists like a twig."

"Oh..." Rosina said in embarrassment, placing down the shears on her writing desk.

"Garlic weakens us, just like holy symbols as a cross and holy water. If we touch holy water then it will burn us. We can travel across running water though, even though there are Vampire Folklore saying we're unable to. Each time for me to enter a house I have to be invited in by a living resident from that household. As soon as I leave though I'm not able to enter back in until granted another invitation."

"So if you were to leave right now you wouldn't be able to walk back in?" Rosina asked, bringing Caleb to nod.

"I have enhanced strength, speed, healing, flight..."

"Flight?" Rosina cut in.

"Yes, I can fly but only when I turn into a bat."

"That's why you like Vampire Bats so much..." Caleb nodded at Rosina's words.

"I have psychic powers to an extent as well. I have Telekinesis and Pyrokinesis."

"Damn... are you able to have children?" Rosina asked.

"No. Vampires are made by when a human dies and then the Vampire who killed them has to feed them some of their blood. The human will then wake up shortly after and have to feed right away, because the longer they wait the weaker they'll get until they die."

"How long until the newly turned Vampire dies if they don't drink blood?"

"Two days maximum." Caleb responded. "A Vampire constantly has to drink blood in order to survive, and if a Vampire doesn't drink blood for four days straight then they will die." There was silence from the two for a few moments, bringing Rosina to look out towards the darkened street. Even though it was actually a warm night on that Halloween she wasn't dressed in her Indian costume, instead dressed in her pink jeans and a black hoodie while her daughter was dressed in her ladybug costume.

"Is there anymore information I should know?" Rosina asked, though Caleb shook his head as Rosina looked back over to him.

"I don't think so. I forgot to mention though that Vampires can't enter holy ground, not even a graveyard if it's next to a church."

"So if I were to be standing in the graveyard I always go to, you wouldn't be able to enter?"

"Nope. Even if the church burned down, the area would still be considered holy ground." Caleb spoke, bringing Rosina to nod.

"You need to leave now."

"You want me to go?" Caleb asked in shock, to which Rosina nodded.

"I already told Jesse he has to stay away from me, so that goes for you too." Rosina spoke softly, Caleb's jaw clenching.

"So you used me for information." Caleb growled, Rosina's silence being his answer as he stood up and stormed out of the bedroom, the brunette hearing him go down and stairs and out of the house. She sighed in relief, knowing already though that when she took her daughter out Trick Or Treating in a few minutes then the brunette would constantly be looking over her shoulder.
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