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Role Play Sign Ups & Discussion Sign up for and discuss Role Plays here. Have anything to ask about a Role Play you're in, or need to put up extra info for people to refer to? What if you need help with an idea that's missing that extra kick? Do it all here!

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Old 09-21-2012, 02:01 PM
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Wink Elemental Fighters

Long ago, in the ancient land of Gildora, there existed a vast kingdom known as Isen. Within this kingdom, there lived the "Warriors of Isen." These Warriors were fierce swordsmen and had a unique ability to control one of the six elements: Fire, Storm, Hydra, Ground, Flora or Wind. They served in the Royal Army and used their powers to defend the kingdom.

For years, the Warriors kept the peace within the kingdom. However, as years went by, many Warriors felt resentful and decided to rebel. The leader of the resistance was Aberon, who was abandoned by the Warriors and banned by the Council. Aberon was trained in the forbidden Aura Element and used it to wage war against the capital of Isengard. The civil war that followed soon became the greatest war in Isen.

Many warriors fell by the hands of their once-friends until only a small group remained. Those that survived fled the kingdom and settled in a small uninhabited island they named the Sacred Island.

Ten years have passed and the children of the survivors have been trained in their element. They have been trained in battling and history. However, it is only time before Aberon strikes again. Will these children be ready to defend themselves? Only time will tell.

You, the roleplayer, are one of the children of the survivors. May luck be with you all.

Sign-up Form:

Name (first and last):
Age (12-18):
Appearance (be thourough):
History (optional, but be detailed):
Other Details:

This is my character.

Name: Jacen Ralvarn
Age: 17
Jacen is 5'9'" with an average build. He is white skinned with blue eyes and medium cut black hair. He wears dark clothing that consists of black jean pants, a deep silver tee shirt and a black Jacket.

Jacen's father was a fire warrior who was killed in the war. Palara, one of his father's friends and another fire warrior brought Jacen to the island when he was 7. Since then Jacen has been trained further in the fire element.

Element: Fire

Weopen(s): The Phoenix Blade- his father's blade. A red blade with a gold hilt. He keeps it on his back in a black sheath.

Personality: Loyal and cheerful depedent on the situation. He loves challenges and will face any danger.


Made by me.

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Old 09-29-2012, 12:08 AM
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Default Re: Elemental Fighters

Name (first and last): Rebel Mist
Age (12-18): 16
Appearance (be thorough): He's 6'4 with lightning yellow hair, a yellow tee shirt with a black jacket with jagged yellow stripes, and cargo type pants with a pixalated camouflage design with black and yellow.
History (optional, but be detailed): His father was murdered while on a mission during the war. Rebel was brought to the sacred Island when he was 6. Since then he's been training with his father's weapons.
Element: Storm
Weopen(s): steel gauntlets around his wrists. they are black in color and tunnel his element in them allowing him to change between close range attacks and long range attacks. he has a sword by his side in case someone manages to wrestle his gauntlets away from him as his element tends to go in all directions without his gauntlets.
Personality: he's a loner preferring to stick by himself. He doesn't put up with bullies and stand up to them if it's necessary. He's quiet but quite deadly already but almost useless without his weapons.
Other Details: N/A
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Old 10-07-2012, 06:56 AM
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Default Re: Elemental Fighters

Name: Orin Redmarrow
Age: 17
Appearance: He is 6'0" with a light build. He has black hair and gray eyes. He is scarred across his back. One of his scars flows down his spine and another joints across his shoulders. He wears black pants and a black hooded jacket. He prefers to always have his hood up.
History: Little is known about the death of Orin's father. It is believed that his father died a coward. Living with this he was constantly antagonized and suffered alone.
Element: Wind
Weapon: He is quite fond of the spear; his spear in particular has a slightly longer than average blade, and is completely blackened. He also carries a hunting dagger that belonged to his father, and can't convince himself to throw it away.
Personality: He has grown to be cold and has a dislike for people. He has a tendency to anger quickly and seems to crave violence.
Other Details: He is faster and stronger than he appears, but lacks a complete mastery of his powers.
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Old 10-08-2012, 11:59 AM
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Default Re: Elemental Fighters

Name (first and last): Cobalt Shadowhunter

Age (12-18): 17

Appearance (be thourough):
Taller than most girls, but still short for a guy. Not very muscular. Thin. Shaggy brown hair, and green eyes. Hair usually covers one of the eyes, and usually not styled in any way, unless he is swimming, during which, it is usually pulled back to stay out of his eyes. Pale skin. Usually sticks to black clothes, and wears either a black, or dark emerald green hooded cloak.

History (optional, but be detailed):
After the war in which Cobalt's mother was killed, Cobalt's father fell into a deep depression. He trained Cobalt in the manipulation of fire, but 3 years after the war, he went missing one night. His depression was obvious to those around him, and it was assumed he took his own life that night. Cobalt moved in with his uncle, who wasn't trained like his father, leaving Cobalt to teach himself. 7 years after his fathers disappearance, Cobalt has taught himself everything he could, and though he has mastered his daggers and his longbow, he is still far from being a master of fire.

Element: Fire

Weapon(s): Long curved daggers and a longbow. Also has a small carpenters knife that he got off his uncle for fletching new arrows.

Personality: Cobalt is quiet, and tends to hate having the attention focused on him. To people who he doesn't know well, he is cold, mean, rude and blunt. This however is an act to drive away people who won't stay. Due to losing both his parents whom he loved more than anything in the world, Cobalt is scared of getting attached to people. But once they prove their worth to him, Cobalt is a caring person who will do anything for those close to him and will always be there for them. He also gets attached to the people whom he deems worthy very fast, which in some cases, leads to him getting hurt if they aren't what he thought they were. Even though this is the case, Cobalt is mentally unstable, and sometimes struggles to control his anger. Though he rarely gets violent, he can tend to yell and say things he regrets. His fire that he generates is also blue from his mental instability. Fire he manipulates stays its original color. Cobalt has a strong faith in Christianity, and believes that his, and the other elemental wrrios gifts are from God, and should be used for him. He wears a stone cross necklace that was his mothers before her death during the war, and will never let any harm come to it.

Other Details: Cobalt is a guy if I didn't make it obvious with all the "he"s

Also: Is this based in medieval times? the fact that they were reffered to as swordsmen made me think that, but i am not 100% ha ha

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Old 11-07-2012, 03:18 AM
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Default Re: Elemental Fighters

Name (first and last):Jasper Graves
Age (12-18):18
Appearance (be thorough):Short brown hair,Tall,Freckled face,Husky build blue eyes shallow cheeks very gaunt,Wears sleeveless shirts and no shoes to feel more in touch with his element,very grimy
History (optional, but be detailed):Jasper has been an orphan all his life,He found his affinity for ground at age 12 when being bullied by a fire user.He hardened his fists to stone and beat the young boy to immobility.He does not take kindly to being misjudged for his size.He's learned to move very quick as a thief stealing food to survive.He is used to being alone and keeping his thoughts to himself.Friends with Orin due to the fact that Orin was the only one not afraid of him.
Weapon(s):Whatever he can manipulate from the ground or turn his arms into
Personality:Very stoic,likes to listen and then take action a very level minded man.
Other Details: Very quick for his size,has an eidetic memory and is a quick thinker.



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