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Competitive Battling This board is for competitive battling discussion. Get team help or learn to play competitively.

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Old 10-13-2012, 02:14 PM
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Default Dragmag chomp edition

Well garchomp is unbanned so naturally making a nice team for him, isn't such a bad idea, so given his power I have decided to go for drag-mag stratigy and just drill holes in enemy teams.


0ivs speed
252hp 252 defence 6 special defence
gyro ball
rappid spin
steal rock

Say hi to fortress my rappid spinner, my lead, my hazard layer and my mamoswine counter, the concept is pretty simple here, fortress is a master of multitasking an dthats exactly what he dose. Max defence ivs to take hits from mamoswine but more likely he will be taking weak ice shards but is mamo is going to stay in then I want to be prepared to ko him, physical defence allow him to take on dragons and possibly set up on outrage or spin away, mence and nite hate sr and garchomp dislikes spikes and is ruined by toxic spikes so his role as a spinner is very important and the dragons like their hazards up and he is good at that too, good no quarrels about using this shy bug.


252speed 252 attack 6hp
swords dance

Oh garchomp how we have missed you and your swords dancelyness. Anyways garchomp is the reason for the team and thats why he is here, concept is simple scare something out, sub and either damage it and run away for something else to deal with it or set up swords dance and prepare for the ko, it's really that simple, i chose sub as fire fang and aqua tail are kinda pathetic out with weather and magnezone handles and other threats to chomp. Nature is simple max speed and eves more so, rough skin is a given and outrage is there over dragon claw for extra power.

Salamence@choice scarf

252 Atk 4 special attack 252 speed
Dragon claw
Fire blast

needed a good revenge killer if I let something get a dd and I preferred if it were a dragon, so naturally mence was first choice, solid attacking stats solid move pool solid ability mence fits in pretty nice, this team aims to drill holes and even as a revenge killer mence drills holes and more importantly he can exploit these holes, after chomp, nite and latios have done their damage mence is free to sweep with extreme predujist. Again speed is chosen to out speed dders and other mons around the base 100 area and max attack is a give, fire blast is another way to deal with steels.

latios@life orb

252 special attack 252 speed
draco Meteor
hp fire

Special sweeper?, dragon type, hits brutally hard? Look no further than latios my special sweeper, latios is here to drill holes from the special side. The move pool is simple hp fire for steels, surf for coverage, roost for recovery and heatran and draco meteor for ridding in the pain. There really isn't much more to say, he is my special dragon sweeper and that pretty much covers why he is here.

Dragonite@lum berry

252 attack 6 hp 252 speed
Dragon dance
fire punch

Physical sweeper of the dragon dance varity, i much prefer dragonite to salamence as a dragon dancer as he is simply so much much much easier to set up thanks to multiscale only kyruems blizzard can ko him at full health, which is rather beastly. Premiss is simple dragon dance and proceed to sweep, other team mates make life easier for nite as they weaken the enemy team and vice versa. Earthquake is here for coverage althrough i might swap it for roost for survibility and being able to abuse multiscale.

Magenezone@air balloon

252speed 252 attack
hp fire
charge beam

ye this team not on the most friendly terms with steels when everything wants to spam outrage or draco meteor. Magenezone answers the call as the premier steel trapper nature and eves allow magnezone to out speed and steel types not named hetran in ou anyways and either kill or set up on them, air baloon allows me a good way to kill eq fortresses, charge beam allows me to set up on say, skarmory? thunderbolt is a powerful stab and substitute is just another way of laughing at steels.
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