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Old 08-31-2012, 10:16 PM
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Default Re: [FW] Dawn of Discovery (RP)

Robert "Dodger" Reinse & Arkady "Ark" Dragic
Global Mercenaries (Nomade, GTS+)
Coast of Defender Island
Affected RPers: Rufa, Dan Magnus, Dragonwish2, Kamaitachi

A screech from above deck caused Dodger to freeze. The Dewott had been cleaning the cannons. The same thing he'd done every day since the start of this expedition. The captain's cautious approach to sailing had nearly cost Dodger his sanity. If that noise was what he thought it was, that all might change soon.

The Dewott poked his head out of the porthole, squeezing his body around once of the ship's cannons. There was a blur on the horizon, and it was steadily getting larger. A ship? No, it was too large. As they got closer, what it was became obvious: Land. There was another shout above deck, an order from the captain. Slowly but surely, the ship started turning, soon running parallel to the land.

"Ark, you see this?" He called, ducking his head back inside.

A shadow in the corner of the room stirred. Arkady, Dodger's childhood friend, had fallen asleep again. Typical.

"Wuzzat?" The Mienfoo muttered, slowly coming to.

"Stick your head out the porthole and guess how far we are from shore for me," Dodger said.

Arkady stood and stretched. The Mienfoo adjusted the sash around his waist, making sure that Dodger's sword was still in its place.

"This better not be another one of your tricks, I still have a headache from the last time you dropped a hatch on my head," Arkady grumbled, wandering over to the porthole.

"Maybe if you didn't leave me with all the work I wouldn't be so keen to do so," Dodger smirked, "But no, this time I'm serious."

The Mienfoo stuck his head out, and the expression on his face instantly changed. "So you are! I'd guess about two, three miles, maybe more."

"Some help you are," Dodger sighed.

The Mienfoo quickly pulled his head back in, before his Dewott comrade got any ideas. "Guess it's time we threw our lot in, then. We siding with Richie, or his detractors?"

"Which ever gets us the staff quicker," Dodger replied, "And right now that's looking like Richard. Haven't seen even the slightest hint of a plan from the others."

'What about those two old guys?"

"They're just that, two old guys," Dodger smirked, "As far as I'm concerned, they're both senile. Now, if that Lucario or Cranidos thought of something, I'd be more inclined to listen."

"I guess we'll have to wait and see how this plays out, then," Arkady shrugged, before finally joining Dodger at the cannons.
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Default Re: [FW] Dawn of Discovery (RP)

Desi Della Sario
Nomade ~ Global Mercenaries
Approaching the Coast to Defender Island
Flynt, Rufa, Dan Magnus, Dragonwish2

"I see land!"

The call was incredibly faint, but Desi Della Sario had rather large ears. He was a Cinccino, and that happened to be one of their more defining features. Sitting up in his hammock, he slowly rolled in such a way that he'd land feet-first on the floor. Still not entirely used to the constant pitch and yaw of the seafaring craft, he found himself stumbling a bit. The Cinccino looked a bit different from the more cutesy, cuddly members of his kind. His beautiful head-fur had been tied into braids which spilled out from under a bandana that kept the normally unruly fur in check. Such a thing proved especially important, given Desi's fighting nature. He also boasted a proud number of scars. When one was creature more renowned for being adorable and mischievous than a tough fighter, one had to work extra hard at rising above the stereotypes.

He cursed under his breath as he staggered around like a drunkard, trying to get used to the infernal swaying. Once his balance had been re-conquered, he made his way topside. Once out of the belly of Rising Sun, he squinted into the light.

Zerua was their first destination, luckily. The Compass that pointed to anything one wished for was on the hunk of land in the horizon that Desi could barely make out.

He'd agreed, in arrangement for his tenure, to help the crew find everything else they could. Then, he'd ask to use the Compass. If he couldn't take it with him, then hopefully it pointed him in the right direction. He'd bring that up when the time came; there was work to do until then.

He moved up along the rail, clasping the bar with his paws as he peered out over the vast, endless waves. He shook his head, as if clearing away the ocean's hypnosis and focused his vision instead on his crew-mates, none of whom he'd actually held a conversation with, to date.

There was a Crobat that was apparently called Annelise. She stood out simply because she was a bit batty, and the inherent pun secretly delighted Desi. She seemed particularly excited to be setting foot on the new, excited land. Though, to be fair...she flew. She had four wings and tiny feet, which meant that setting foot on anything seemed more of a chore for her than anything.

Mercy, the Lucario, seemed rather typical of the Lucario species. Desi had worked with a few in his time in the guard, and they always seemed so calm, and so gentle, but with the ever smug impression of: "I know more than you." Mercy seemed to possess the same eyes. Really, they were just calculating, and seeing things in a different light that most Lurra eyes...but Lucario always seemed so self-satisfied about whatever it was they were seeing, as if they simply expected it to be exactly according to their intuition. Unfair prejudice aside, Mercy seemed nice. He had to constantly remind himself that he had risen about the clichés inherent to his own kind, and it was quite unfair that he resorted to defining others by theirs.

A Serperior, named Selena, was apparently around, but seeing her regal serpentine form truly made Desi understand why her species was "Serperior", that awkward-in-the-mouth portmanteau of "Serpent" and "Superior". She seemed utterly majestic, and from what he understood from overhearing gossip, was about as lazy as royalty too. Desi internally shook his head, once again not wanting to resort to judging his crew-mates before actually speaking to them. While it was tempting to chalk them up to what others said about them, he really preferred to get to know them on his own time.

Which made it a pity that he proved to be such a poor conversationalist.

A Cranidos, Vidar, seemed to be waiting. From Desi's angle, it looked something like the Dinosaur had engaged in a game of mental chess, probably against himself. He seemed absolutely lost in thought; hypnotized by the sight and thought of land in the same way that Desi kept falling prey to the ever-shifting ocean waves. He seemed a creature of few words, which meant that the two of them had at least one thing in common. He couldn't imagine their conversations being terribly interesting to anyone listening, but part of him rather enjoyed the thought.

Of all the Lurra on board, Desi had not yet figured out the reason, or position, of Old Witherback the Ivysaur. It made no sense as to why some old goon was on board a vessel. He figured at the very least, the ancient flower-reptile would hold them back, by virtue of simply being old and probably less capable than the younger crew-mates. On the other hand, he hoped that Witherback concealed something of great value that could be offered to everyone. But, were that the case, then Desi would truly be the most useless, or at least the most single focused on board.

Dodger and Ark appeared to be the resident duo on board. The two hardly appeared without the other, so Desi naturally assumed that they were close, in the brotherly sense. Ark apparently carried Dodger's sword, which made little sense to Desi. A warrior carried his own sword. (He knew nothing, of course, of Dodger's missing eye, and hadn't yet been close to enough to glean that information for himself. To be fair, even if he had been, he hadn't paid it much attention.)

Then, after the various sundry crew that appeared to have no other significance except that they were there to operate the ship, there was the young Captain Richard. While not initially keen on serving under someone younger than him, he found quickly that Richard had more expertise than he did in many fields. That, and since he'd essentially been a hire by Richard, and not the "Marco" everyone seemed to speak of, he had no standards to which he could compare the young Buizel.

"Captain" Desi approached, trying his best to conceal the wobble in his walk. "Your orders?". The Lurra had just finished chastising the purportedly lazy Selena. While it further reinforced the gossip, he tried not to let it affect his judgment. She, in all reality, was probably as much of a rookie as he was. As the Captain approached, Desi offered a salute, like they did back in the City Guards. It made no sense out on the open seas, but to Desi, it was a way of showing respect. Surely, he'd ostracize himself from the grumbling and mumbling of the crew from the "Marco" age, but sooner or later they'd learn that that age had passed. Mostly, though, he looked to Richard because he was the only semblance of authority on the Rising Sun.

He waited patiently for his commands.
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Default Re: [FW] Dawn of Discovery (RP)

Miniera, Skythunder Blades
East of Northmarch Island
Affected RPers: All of the PE2Kers

<I'm EVERYONE'S friend! I came from the S.S. Ship, and I came to say.............................HI!> Solomon meanwhile, used a little fire manipulation to write S.S. Ship in the air: first in Unown runes, then, remembering that only the nobles and the hardened explorers knew those, switched them to footprint runes. This served not only the purpose of clarifying what he said, but also demonstrating that he was a native Minieran, as Starmie do not normally have the element of fire at their disposal. <Anyway, friend, what's your name, and this ship's?> thereby saying the most lucid thing the star determined he could get away with.

Solomon got a reply from Ernx, and telepathed back,<Oh Ernxy, you're such a kidder. While that would be really fun, they wouldn't do that! How could they? It would not be possible!> The unspoken boast was, of course, that Solomon was competent enough to avoid that fate. According to the star, he could have sunk the Nomade ship without them even knowing he was there. But interesting contemplations aside...

Meanwhile, Solomon took it upon himself to further his image. He took the letters he made in the air with the fire and formed them into a thin line of fire. He then started to make spirals, circles, loopy loops, lemnaicates, and all sorts of other curvy shapes.

OoC: Sorry for the short post, but I couldn't think of anything else.
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Default Re: [FW] Dawn of Discovery (RP)

Juan Rivera
Miniera (PE2K)
Off-Coast of Northmarch Island
Affected RPers: narphoenix

Having questioned Solomon about his ship and self, the Starmie began to elaborate a bit further regarding his intentions.

"I'm EVERYONE'S friend! I came from the S.S. Ship, and I came to say.............................HI!", Juan heard telepathically, before the names of the vessel Solomon was with were lit up in flames that flashed in the air. Juan could read Unown runes, but Solomon had taken care to spell out the ship names in footprint as well.

"Hm, I see. The S.S. Ship. If I'm correct that is a private vessel being manned by the Skythunder Blades. I had heard your group would be in the area, and it is quite the pleasure to meet another Minieran out in these waters.", was Juan's response. The vessel's was familiar to him, and he immediately recognized it as one belonging to the Skythunder Blades. Their leader, whose name Juan could never pronounce correctly, was Ernx Valan Hanton Lontimos Nox Osi Belixi Ysgramor Zivinci the 9th. Juan knew of him because his father had met Ernx's father years ago, though Juan had never met him or his son. He had heard tell of Ernx selling off his whole fortune to buy up two vessels for the voyage. Other than that, Juan knew little else.

"Anyway, friend, what's your name, and this ship's?", Solomon asked next, beginning his own line of questioning.

"My name is Juan Rivera, and we are aboard the S.S. Hurricane. We are saling in service of the Minieran crown to rid Kibou of Nomade invaders", Juan began, realizing this as an opportunity to find willing collaborators.

"We are dropping some of our group off at Northmarch Island to set up a base, then heading south to Prophet. If you would are doing the same, perhaps we could coordinate with one another and see if we can sail together. There is strength in numbers, and in this hostile waters, we will need it. With your telepathy, I was also hoping you could act as a liaison between your group and ours", Juan finished, hoping the privateer group would take the offer. Juan's caravel was a small ship compensating with only an intimidating name, and though it was bristling with cannon, it wouldn't last long against some of the larger vessels sailing in this area.

As Juan communicated this, Solomon had taken to making a display of his proficiency in the skills all Minierans possess. Continuing is spirals in the water, Solomon began to make displays of fire in the air. All of this actually impressed Juan, the acrobatic feat certainly something Juan wasn't capable of.

"Sir, we are close enough to begin the landing", a call suddenly came, interrupting Juan and returning his attention back to his own affairs.

"Lift the sails, drop anchor and prepare to lower the landing vessels", Juan replied, beginning to turn his attention to other matters. The crew immediately went to work, scrambling to bring the ship to a halt. Once they had done this, the anchor was lowered into the water slowly, before satisfying hitting the ocean's bottom. Juan watched as the those who would set up on the island were lowered into the water beside the Hurricane, and once this was done, as they untied the ropes. Some began to row, while others clutched their weapons. As they moved away from the caravel, Juan prayed to Arceus that they would not suffer misfortunes while he was away.

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Default Re: [FW] Dawn of Discovery (RP)

Ernx Valan Hanton Lontimos Nox Osi Belixi Ysgramor Zivinci the 9th
Miniera, Skythunder Blades
Starwisher Sea, South of Northmarch island, heading west for Cragan Island
Affected RPers: Everyone sans the Global Mercs and Team Charge (NES2 is affected indirectly)

"I have chosen to leave my homeland to heal myself." The Heatmor noble replied, gesturing to his scars. "These wounds are burdens, not rewards for my bravery. I don't know how injuries are rewards in Miniera. I saw a Charizard once, both of his eyes gouged out, covered. He walked with a cane, his wings looking incredibly weak due to lack of flying. And you know what?" Abraham said, looking at a Scyther that had the misery of a lack of a leg before continuing, "Everyone hailed him as a hero. He didn't even know which direction the praise was coming from. He was old, Ernx, alive far after he was supposed to die. I'm not going to be that Charizard, hobbling for the rest of my life."

Ernx felt slightly sorry for Abraham, and defiantly sorry for the Charizard he described. He wasn't personally attached to Abraham, but his reasons were valid, so he'd respond in kind. "I wouldn't blame you for wanting to get rid of wounds that hold you back, and I hope that you find what will heal you, if it exists." Ernx said.

Solomon, meanwhile, had just gotten back to telepathing his response. <Oh Ernxy, you're such a kidder. While that would be really fun, they wouldn't do that! How could they? It would not be possible!>

The braggart would get himself killed, eventually. Nomade ships were not one's he would want to occupy, even if that was the only option (and he was thankful that Nomade ships were the last things Miniera would sell) but going to a port town-which would be heavily fortified and tightly defended by the Nomade, well, that kind of power is one of"Oh, yes, of course, they'd never be able to do that! Their captain would probably scold them for wasting ammunition-if at all-so they'd just skip to the part where they shoot out the crystal and wear the fragments. They'd probably have so many numbers that it would probably come close to making up for their lack of natural skill and intelligence, so there's also that to consider." He said, making a subtle warning that, despite the fact that Solomon was extremely good at fighting and Ernx's sarcastic comments on their lack of brains and discipline, the Nomade could still win.

He would have elaborated (as in, sarcastically commented on the nature of it), but a different kind of thing interrupted his line of thought: "LAND! LAND! Land ho! Westward Land ahoy!" shouted the Lurra on the crow's nest. He was holding a spyglass, so that only he noticed for now wasn't terribly surprising to Ernx.

Nevertheless, he had to alert Solomon. "I would elaborate on how utterly hopeless a fight would be, but we've got important business to attend to: As in, we're nearing Cragan Island, and I doubt the local Minieran fellows would wish for nothing more than to see your bright, shining face-gem." Ernx thought, still being terribly sarcastic. Again, Solomon seemed to like it. Emphasis on ‘seemed’

Ernx, though, was at last, alleviated, to find the duty they were going to: to take their first steps onto Miniera. It was of such power, such emotion, and such meaning-at least to him-that the only thing holding him back from an awe-inspiring speech was the fact that the Lurra he worked with would probably be uninterested.

(OOC: The lateness was totally unintentional. Sorry for nearly murdering this poor thing. :C)
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Default Re: [FW] Dawn of Discovery (RP)

Vidar Omni Necro
Global Mercenaries (Nomade, GTS+)
Coast of Defender Island
Affected RPers: Flynt, Dragonwish2, Rufa, Kamaitachi

The more Lurra that he saw, the more time Vidar had to dedicate to himself. Usually, whenever someone new joins the crew, everybody greats them a warm welcome, followed by a small chance that the new person would speak with all the crewmates for anything that he could to to help. Vidar disliked talking much, as he still didn't give up on his goal, never sharing it with anyone besides the former captain, Marco. Vidar asked about the hunter, but Marco's information wasn't enough for him, and to everyone else that was looking, could seem like they were having an arguement, and he was losing it.

It didn't take long until Marco disappeared, only to be replaced by one of his family members. Vidar didn't mind the change, despite holding back quite a lot of feelings at the young captain. He decided that saying nothing would be the best thing to do now, but as he always did, he has to do it. He slightly approached to the anchor, where currently nobody was stationed at.

"Sir. Are we ready to disembark?" Vidar asked straight away, even though he knew what the answer would be, he waited just to be curious of what he would say. Still deciding to keep interaction to a minimum, and now that the ship is closer to the island, Vidar made sure that his thoughts wouldn't leave his mind, as much wild as they got.

Defender Island was very 'alien' for the Cranidos, as Vidar thought about what would happen if his tribe was there. Before waking up, he had a dream about one of the trainings he went with the hunter. This specific one took place when they pillaged a messenger on his way to deliver a message to a royalty. The messenger was a Cranidos, but Vidar didn't show him any mercy, neither did the hunter. Before the hunter had any chance of taking the messenger's life, Vidar learned that the messenger himself was from Defender Island, but didn't have any sort of transportation. The message was never delivered, and it wasn't something he could read at that time, but he only recognised one small thing in the message.

Vidar stopped day-dreaming, and returned to his previous stance. He feared what would happen if he ever meets anyone, but would take the risk if needed to. Truthfully, he hoped that the 'Necro' part in his own name was just fake, despite the many signs he encountered throughout the years.
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Default Re: [FW] Dawn of Discovery (RP)

Selena Celeste Velrona Pelereuse Mondove
Global Mercenaries (Nomade, GTS+)
Coast of Defender Island
Affected RPers: Rafu, Dan Magnus, Flynt, Kamaitachi

It took the grass serpent a moment to realize where the voice was coming from. Selena glanced downwards into the face of a golden Buizel. Her sleepy mind registered the Pokemon as her superior; something in the back of her mind briefly made her wonder why she let the smaller, disadvantaged Pokemon order her around, but her subconscious failed to make her care. It didn't take much energy to realize she was to weak to argue or fight. She shrank back until she was looking up at Richard from below. He continued to berate her, tasking her with the job of repairing the ship's leaks and bailing, with the threat of cut rations. Even half-asleep, she could remember the sensation of hunger, and she quickly nodded her head, before realizing the appropriate.

"Er, yes sir. Right away, sir." She slithered past him towards the entrance to the lower decks, grabbing a bucket of tar with her tail as she dropped. The deck smelled of sweat and salt, and Selena plugged her nose disdainfully. She didn't enjoy spending much time below; it made her feel claustrophobic at times. She passed through crates and barrels in search of leaks and soon found several. With a vine she pasted the smaller holes in tar and sealed them off. She developed a rhythm as she worked, allowing her mind to consider what had just happened. Though indignant at her treatment, she realized, with a yawn, that she would save anger for a time when she was less sleepy.

Selena's thoughts changed when she found her first large pool of water. She growled softly, unsure how to handle it without coming in contact with the water. The Serperior bent her nose to the water, staring into it with a mixture of fear and curiosity. She soon ave out to the latter and touched it, shrinking back at its cold touch. Selena shook off the droplets and set down her tar, searching for an empty bucket. What she found was small for bailing. She was forced to slither back and forth several trips, until the puddle finally vanished. In a flourish of triumph she swiped tar over the hole and moved on happily.


Mercy Burnstone
Global Mercenaries (Nomade, GTS+)
Starwisher Sea --> Coast of Defender Island
Affected RPers: Rafu, Dan Magnus, Flynt, Kamaitachi

Mercy was surprised to see the Serperior back down so quickly. She checked the serpent's aura and found it still blipping with sleep, though the general feeling was of mild annoyance. Mercy looked back at Richard, glowing with approval and giving him a subtle nod before returning to the helm. The island grew larger as they neared, until she felt as though she could reach out and touch it. The sight of it filled her with an inexplicable joy.

She was smiling as she called out to the crew. "We'll be reaching our destination shortly."
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Default Re: [FW] Dawn of Discovery (RP)

Richard Thompson
Global Mercenaries (Nomade, GTS+)
Coast of Defender Island
Rufa, Dragonwish2, Dan Magnus, Kamaitachi

Richard visibly relaxed. He had been worried for a second there. To make things even better, they were now rounding the northernmost point of Defender Island. In the distance, Richard could see the coast of Prophet Island, a little bit more than a blur on the horizon. At this speed, they might make Sunfire Island by sunset, and reach the coast of Alacan Valley by dawn tomorrow. If they kept moving, at least.

It was then that crew members started approaching him, as the Serperior slithered off to do her ordered task. First the Cinccino, Desi. The fact that the older Pokemon saluted him made the Buizel feel odd, but he said nothing. Not really one for words, the Cinccino simply asked for his orders.

"Take stock of our rations, I want to know how many crew members we need to dedicate to resupplying while we search for Zerua," Richard answered.

That was a huge question in of itself. Who could he trust to come with him to Zerua, and who could he leave with the ship? The ones seemingly most loyal to him were Desi and Mercy. He wanted to take them both with him just in case worst came to worst. Despite his age, something about Jumaane made Richard want to impress him. Thus, the aging Ivysaur would likely come as well.

Dodger and Arkady needed the compass as well, though they wanted it so they could find the staff of healing. They would definitely play along for now. So they would be in charge of the ship while Richard was gone. The Rising Sun would likely contain only a Skeleton crew. Some part of the Buizel's mind entertained giving Dodger permission to fire on any boats that attempted to make their way to the fluyt that he was not on board, to mitigate the risk of open revolt.

He dismissed that thought when it started giving him a sour taste in his mouth. He needed to trust his crew if he wanted them to trust him. Hopefully they would give him a chance to prove himself at Zerua. Coming home with the compass would hopefully align their loyalties behind him. Or at least, behind the compass.

Richard turned towards the Crandios, Vidar, when the Pokemon broke him from his thoughts. "Disembark? No, we're sailing for Prophet Island, not Defender Island."

Then Mercy called out that they would be reaching 'their destination' soon. What destination? Certainly she wasn't sailing for Rainmaker Forest? Right? He ran over to the helm.

"Miss Burnstone, where are you taking us?" he asked, quiet enough that only she would hear. "My brother's maps has us rounding Sunfire Island and landing in Alacan Valley, on Prophet Island. Surely we aren't that close already?"
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