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Wi-Fi League Journey Start your own journey with your Pokemon! Travel around the map, battle trainers and Gym Leaders, catch rare Pokemon and unlock the secrets of the Celestia Region!

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Old 09-08-2012, 07:53 AM
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Default Ion Town

Requirements: None.
Travel time: 2 hours.

A quiet town renowned for its Pokemon Day Care Center. Many famous Pokemon researchers reside here, making it a good spot to pick up little-known Pokemon knowledge. To the north is an abandoned mine, now off limits. The sea is a short walk to the south, but the land ends abruptly in a sheer cliff, making access to the water impossible. Most of the buildings in the town are made from wood and painted in bright colours, in contrast to Quasar Town. It is said the two have a rivalry which stretches back to the settlement of Celestia, but not much is known about how it started. Ion Town is a friendly place and one of the few towns that escapes the shadow of the forest or the Sundown Ranges, making it a warm and cheerful place year-round.

Pokemon Ranch
A sprawling ranch complete with fenced paddocks and a cute homestead. The owners breed Pokemon and sell them to Trainers.

Day Care Center
A friendly place set on a small farm, where Trainers can leave their Pokemon to be raised with love and care.


Route 23

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