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PE2K Wi-Fi League Join the league, train your Pokemon, battle your friends, travel the region and win gym badges in order to become the Pokemon Elite Champion!

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Default Rules & How to Play! [READ FIRST!]

Welcome to the PE2K Wi-Fi League! This league is designed to get everyone involved in Wi-Fi Battling, whether you’re into competitive training or just love raising your favourite Pokemon. The PE2K Wi-Fi League is not made to be highly competitive and is based more upon having fun, making friends and enjoying battling. Of course, competitive battlers are welcome to join in with whatever Pokemon they like, but we strongly encourage you to use your favourite Pokemon. As this is a casual league, we request that you do not EV train/IV breed your Pokemon and just play for fun.

The PE2K Wi-Fi League (WFL) is set up like a Pokemon game. If you know how to play a Pokemon game then participating in the League is easy! Here is the basic idea...
*Register for the league and choose your starter Pokemon
*Obtain this Pokemon on your BW game and train them up
*Begin your journey around the Celestia Region
*Battle other trainers and join events to earn stars
*Use stars to purchase more Pokemon or catch wild Pokemon for your team
*Defeat Gym Leaders and become the PE2K League Champion!

Rules and How to Play - Information you need to join the WFL
Celestia Region Rules - Information you need to begin your journey around Celestia
Wi-Fi League Registrations - Sign up here for the League
General Chat, Help & Questions - Ask questions here and get help
XAT Chat - Chat with other WFL players and find trainers to battle

Journey - Travel around the Celestia Region
Gyms - Battle Gym Leaders or apply for a Gym
Trainer Records - Keep track of your WFL stats

Pokemon Ranch - Buy Pokemon
PokeMart - Buy items
Trading Post - Trade Pokemon
Evolution Thread - Evolve your Pokemon
Day Care Center - Raise your Pokemon and get/hatch eggs
Dream Center - Purchase Dream World abilities
Fossil Digging & Revival - Dig for Fossils or revive them
WFL Global Trade Station - Get help obtaining hard-to-find Pokemon

Make sure you read the rules in this thread. If you have trouble understanding anything, please post your questions in the General Chat, Help & Questions board or contact one of the officials listed in the next post.

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Default The Wi-Fi League Basics


Choosing Your Starter
Upon starting the game, you will pick one Pokemon to be your starter Pokemon. You may choose only lowest-form Pokemon that are able to evolve (no Delibird, Stantler etc.). The Pokemon must be at level 25 or lower to start. For more information on choosing your starter Pokemon, check the League Registrations thread.

The following Pokemon are not eligible to be chosen as starters:
Onix, Lickitung, Tangela, Scyther, Porygon, Omanyte, Kabuto, Dratini, Aipom, Yanma, Murkrow, Misdreavus, Gligar, Sneasel, Larvitar, Nosepass, Lileep, Anorith, Wynaut, Bagon, Beldum, Shieldon, Cranidos, Gible, Munchlax, Riolu, Tirtouga, Archen, Axew, Deino, Larvesta

Remember, we want you to start from the beginning in this game - not use the Pokemon you've already trained. Once you've picked this Pokemon, it cannot be changed unless you start over completely, so choose wisely.

As always, hacked/semi-legit/PokeSAV etc. Pokemon are not allowed. If you think it might not be completely legit, then don't use it! Anyone breaking this rule will be banned from the league.

Training Your Pokemon and Allowed Moves
Train your Pokemon in your Black or White game so that it’s ready to battle. You may train your Pokemon as much as you like and teach it any level up moves you like. Egg Moves and Dream World moves are also allowed. Move Tutor moves are not allowed. You may only teach your Pokemon TMs, HMs or Move Tutor moves once you purchase or find them in the Wi-Fi League itself. You may not evolve your Pokemon until you have the required amount of stars and battles.

Starter Pokemon are allowed to start with their Dream World abilities, if you wish. All other Pokemon must have the ability purchased from a Dream Center.

As the PE2K Wi-Fi League is a casual playing environment, we do not allow Pokemon that have been specifically IV bred/EV trained. The Wi-Fi League is a lot more than just battling and we encourage people to use their favourite Pokemon. The definitions of EV training and IV breeding for the purposes of the WFL are below. If there is any suspicion about your Pokemon, an official may request to check it at any time.
EV Training: The method of deliberately training a Pokemon so that it gains effort points in a way that is deemed advantageous, usually by battling specific Pokemon or using specific items.
IV Breeding: The method of deliberately breeding Pokemon so that their IVs are unnaturally high or geared so that the Pokemon has an advantage over another Pokemon.
The three main battle levels in the Wi-Fi League are level 25, level 50 and level 75. You should keep your Pokemon at one of these levels so that you can find battles more easily. As you progress, it is a good idea to have some Pokemon at each level so that you can battle against any other trainer. If your Pokemon evolves before level 25, it is suggested to level it up to level 24 so you may evolve it later and still keep it in the level 25 bracket.

Once your Pokemon participates in a battle, you MUST keep using that same exact Pokemon in the League. You may NOT swap it out for a different Pokemon of the same species.

Evolving Pokemon
It costs 5 stars to evolve a Pokemon to its first stage and 10 stars to evolve a Pokemon to its final stage. If your Pokemon requires a special item/method to evolve, you will have to find or purchase the corresponding item before you can evolve your Pokemon.

A Pokemon must also have battle experience to evolve. Pokemon which evolve twice must have participated in at least 20 battles to evolve to its first form and at least 50 battles to evolve to its final form. Pokemon which only evolve once require 30 battles to evolve to their final form. When you’re ready to evolve a Pokemon, post in the Evolution Thread. Note that you should keep track of which Pokemon participates in each battle in your battle log. If it isn't clear that your Pokemon has completed the required number of battles, your evolution request will not be approved.

A Pokemon receives battle experience if a Pokemon is sent out into battle. This does not include Pokemon that are merely brought to the Pokemon Wi-Fi Club in your party - they must actually be sent out in battle to receive the battle experience. For example, the Pokemon in my party that I bring to the Wi-Fi Club are Bulbasaur, Sunkern, Charmander and Squirtle. If I select my Sunkern and Bulbasaur to battle, but I win the battle only using my Bulbasaur, then my Sunkern does not gain any battle experience. Charmander and Squirtle also do not gain any battle experience because they did not actually participate. If you want all of your selected Pokemon to have that battle counted for them, try having a double, triple or rotation battle OR switch your Pokemon out during battle.

Since Pokemon require battles to evolve, if you wish to have evolved Pokemon at level 25 you should raise the Pokemon to level 24, complete the required number of battles and then raise it one level and allow it to evolve. The same can be done at level 49/50.

Adding Pokemon to Your Team
Pokemon may be obtained in a number of different ways:
*Purchasing a Pokemon from the Ranch: You may purchase a range of Pokemon here, prices vary.
*Completing a task/winning a contest: Various events will be taking place that may give out Pokemon as prizes.
*Trading: You may trade your WiFi League Pokemon with other WiFi League players. You may NOT trade your starters.
*Catching wild Pokemon: When travelling through the Celestia region, you may come across wild Pokemon which you can catch. Don’t forget to bring Pokeballs!

When adding a Pokemon to your team, the Pokemon must be below level 25.

Battling Other Trainers
You may battle anyone who is participating in the PE2K Wi-Fi League. All battles will take place over Wi-Fi and both players must agree on the rules. The default rule is Single Flat Battle:
*Pokemon above level 50 are scaled down to level 50
*Pokemon under level 50 remain at their actual level
*3 Pokemon are chosen for battle

The three main battle levels in the Wi-Fi League are level 25, level 50 and level 75. Make sure you indicate what level battle you would like when challenging other trainers. It is also in your best interest to keep your Pokemon at one of these particular levels in order to find battles more easily.

You may not battle the same person more than 5 times per day.

No held items are allowed in battle.

The winner of a battle receives 3 stars and the loser receives 2 stars. In the event of a draw, both players receive 2 stars.
If you battle someone in the same area as you in Celestia, you receive 4 stars for winning and 3 for losing.

Optional Rules
Here are some optional rules you may want to include for your battle.

Double Battle: Two Pokemon take the field at a time.
Triple Battle: Three Pokemon take the field at a time.
Sleep Clause: You may not put more than one of your opponent’s Pokemon to sleep at a time.
OHKO Clause: No OHKO moves may be used (eg. Fissure, Guillotine, Sheer Cold)
Evasion Clause: No moves which only increase evasion may be used (eg. Double Team).
Species Clause: Cannot have more than one Pokemon of the same species on a team.
Level 25: Pokemon must be at level 25 or lower.
Evolution battle: Only unevolved Pokemon may be used in battle.
Level 50: Pokemon must be at level 50 or lower.
Open Level: Pokemon may be at any level. Keep in mind levels are NOT scaled and Pokemon will be at their actual in-game level when battling.

Note: You may add any additional rules you like as long as both players agree.

Battling in a Gym
Your goal is to make it to the Pokemon League! You may challenge a Gym Leader whenever you’re ready, but you must currently be in the same town as the Gym. Gym Leaders must be extremely active and accept as many challenges as possible to give everyone a chance to battle. If a Gym Leader constantly turns down your challenges, then you can notify an official and that Gym Leader may lose their gym.

There will be 8 Gyms to start with, but more may be added in future. Each Gym Leader may set their own rules for their Gym so make sure you have the appropriate Pokemon to battle them with before challenging them. The Gyms in the Celestia region are dual-types. You may battle the Gyms in any order and skip gyms and come back later if you wish.

Because of the restraints of BW Wi-Fi, the Gyms are all set at certain levels. The first two Gyms are set at level 25, which means you cannot battle them with Pokemon above this level.
Similarly, the next four gyms are set at level 50 and the last two are set at level 75 (or flat battle at level 50).

If you win a Gym Battle, you will be awarded with 10 stars, losers receive 2 stars. Gym Leaders receive 3 stars for winning a battle and 2 stars for losing. You will also receive the badge offered by that gym. Finally, if you are in the same city as the Gym Leader, you will receive a TM.

If you lose a Gym Battle, you may not rechallenge that Gym until at least 24 hours have passed.

Once you have beaten a Gym Leader, you may rechallenge them no more than once a week. Gym Leaders should give preference to trainers who have not yet beaten the Gym and may therefore deny these additional challenges. If you win an additional challenge, you will receive 5 stars for winning and 2 for losing.

Using & Earning Stars
Stars are the currency of the PE2K Wi-Fi League. There are a number of ways to obtain stars:

*Beat a trainer in battle: Earn 4 stars if in same location, otherwise 3 stars
*Lose to a trainer/Gym Leader in battle: Earn 3 stars if in same location, otherwise 2 stars
*Draw with a trainer in battle: Earn 3 stars if in same location, otherwise 2 stars
*Beat a Gym Leader: Earn 10 stars on first win, otherwise 5 stars
*Complete a task, join/win an event/tournament: Prizes vary

Stars are used for the following:

*Evolving a Pokemon: Cost varies
*Purchasing a Pokemon from the Pokemon Ranch: Cost varies
*Purchasing items: Cost varies
*Placing Pokemon in Day Care: Cost varies
*Purchasing Dream World abilities: 15 stars

Registering as a Trainer and Trainer Records
In order to join the PE2K WiFi League you must register to receive your trainer’s license! Post in the Wi-Fi League Registrations thread indicating which Pokemon you have chosen as your starters.

Once you've been approved, make a new thread in the Trainer Records board. The following information must be included and updated as you play. You may include any addition information you like.
  • BW in-game name
  • Friend Code
  • Starter Pokemon
  • Number of stars
  • Stars spent
  • Current location in Celestia
  • Badges
  • Pokemon
  • Items
  • Battle log
  • Journey log
You must keep a detailed log of all your battles including the date and which Pokemon were used. You should also keep track of your movements around the Celestia region.

This information must be kept up to date. For more information on creating your Trainer Record and an example of a good record, check the Hall of Records thread.

Becoming a Gym Leader
Gym Leaders may have up to 8 Pokemon of their Gym’s type to alternate between. They may use any Pokemon besides legendaries that match the theme of their Gym. These Pokemon may be pre-trained and do not have to be obtained through the Wi-Fi League. They can only be used for Gym Battles and are completely separate to your PE2K Wi-Fi League Pokemon. Similarly, if you are both a Gym Leader and a trainer, the Gym Leader may have a different persona to the trainer and interact with other people in Celestia as a different character.

Gyms will be kept track of in the PE2K League Official Gyms thread. Any Gyms that are listed as open in that thread may be applied for.

As well as standard types, Gyms will have a variety of different battle styles and rules in order to make battling more fun. Each Gym Leader may choose their own Gym rules and these will be approved by an official when applying for a Gym.

All Gym Leaders must keep track of their battles and win/loss record. Gym Leaders should have their own thread in the Official Gyms board, which contains at least the following information in the first post:
  • BW in-game name
  • Friend Code
  • Gym Type
  • Gym Location
  • Badge Given
  • Battle Rules
  • Battle Record
  • Certified Trainers
Gym Leaders automatically get a copy of their own badge while they own the gym, however, your own badge does not count towards your total number of badges (used when catching wild Pokemon and obtaining HMs) until you collect the 7 other badges in the league.

Gym Leaders automatically get to keep a copy of their Gym TM once they are up to that Gym. For example, the leader ofthe Apollo City Gym (6th Gym) would need to obtain 5 badges not including their own before they can have a free copy of Wild Charge, the Gym TM.

A number of different items are used in the league. These items may be purchased from PokeMarts or found while travelling around Celestia. The items are listed below. Please note that held items are not used in the league and are not allowed in battle.

Used to catch wild Pokemon. PokeBalls can be purchased from PokeMarts. Each ball has a slightly different catch rate for different Pokemon.

Evolution Pass
This pass allows you to evolve your Pokemon without paying the star requirement or having to complete any battles. One use item.

Evolution Items
Evolution items can be purchased in PokeMarts or found around Celestia. They are used to evolve certain Pokemon.

TMs are used to teach moves to a Pokemon. Once you have obtained a TM in the Wi-Fi League, you may teach it to as many Pokemon as you like. The TM is reusable and will not break.

HMs can only be found around the Celestia Region and each requires a certain number of badges to use. Each HM has special rules for moving around the map and allows access to different areas. In addition to their 4 moves, each Pokemon in the Wi-Fi League has 2 special HM Slots, which can be used to teach them a maximum of 2 different HMs. HMs cannot be overwritten from these slots without the use of a Move Deleter.

Tournaments & Events
Every so often, a Pokemon Tournament or Event will take place giving you the chance to win Pokemon or stars. Events may include art contests, trivia or other tasks. Current events will have threads in the PE2K Wi-Fi League board.

Double Star Saturday
Every other Saturday, trainers will get DOUBLE the stars for battling! If you're in the same location, you can earn a whopping 8 STARS for a win! You personally earn double stars for battling during Saturday in your own time zone. The time zone of your opponent (and whether or not it is Saturday there) doesn't matter.

Same Location:
Win: 8 Stars
Loss: 6 Stars

Different Locations:
Win: 6 Stars
Loss: 4 Stars

January 12th
January 26th
February 9th
February 23rd
March 9th
March 23rd

Leaders & Officials
Wi-Fi League Leaders
Pokemon Trainer Sarah

Wi-Fi League Officials

Questions & Suggestions
The PE2K Wi-Fi League is a brand new PE2K-only game. This means that we are still working things out and are open to any suggestions which will improve it and make it more fun for everyone! If you have any suggestions please feel free to post in the General Chat, Help & Questions thread or contact Pokemon Trainer Sarah or Teo directly.

If you have any questions about the rules of the game, how to play or how to get started, please post in the General Chat, Help & Questions thread and we'll be happy to help you out!

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Default The Celestia Region


The Celestia Region is the region where the PE2K Wi-Fi League takes place. Once you receive your starter Pokemon, you may travel around the Celestia Region on your own journey and explore new places, find wild Pokemon, join in plots and of course, battle Gym Leaders. To sign up for the Wi-Fi League and pick your starter, visit the Wi-Fi League Registrations thread.

When posting in the Celestia Region, you control your own trainer. Your trainer can be whoever you like. You can’t control other people’s trainers but you may interact with them. You may choose to travel through the region with others or alone. You can make rivalries and friendships. You may join the ranks of evil teams (if you can find them!) or even start your own. Maybe you wish to be a Pokemon breeder or try to complete your Pokedex. The possibilities are endless and the choice is yours!

The Celestia Region is almost like a roleplay. Everyone is welcome to play, whether they have been in roleplays before or not. You can be as detailed as you like when you post about what your character is doing. You can choose to write long posts and go in depth with your trainer’s travels or you can just post your movements and rush across the map to find the Gym Leaders and unlock the secrets of Celestia. Play the game how YOU like!


Your party is the Pokemon you carry with you at any given moment. You may have a maximum of 6 Pokemon in your party at any time. The rest will be stored in your PC. You may only change the Pokemon in your party while you are in a town (marked in red on the map). When you are in a town, you have access to all your Pokemon and may switch them as often as you like. If you are challenged to a battle by any other trainer in the Wi-Fi league, you may only use your party Pokemon if you are not in a town.

PokeGear is something that all trainers in the Celestia region receive when they start their journeys. It allows trainers to battle each other without being in the same location through special advanced technology. This means you can challenge and battle any other trainer playing in the Wi-Fi league at any time, including Gym Leaders.

Your aim is to travel around the map through routes and towns. You may only move to the next route or town in the sequence, you cannot skip routes or towns except with the use of HMs, when indicated. After receiving their starter Pokemon, all trainers begin in Andromeda Town.

The Celestia Region is made up of a number of different locations, including routes, cities, towns, islands, caves etc. You can travel around the region by moving from location to location, just as you would in a Pokemon game.

Each main location in the Celestia region has it’s own thread. There are 8 main components of each location thread.

Travel Time
Every location has its own minimum travel time, which must elapse before you can move onto an adjoining location. The time begins when you first post in the location thread to say you have entered. Travel time may be altered by owning special items like the Bicycle or by having certain Pokemon in your party.

Some locations have requirements for travel. For example, a route over water may require the trainer to have a Pokemon with the move Surf. If you do not yet fit the requirements, you may not enter that location.

A description of the location, including what you can expect to find there.

A list of any important characters that can be found in this location and who trainers may interact with. NPCs are controlled by officials.

Any major landmarks in the area, including special buildings, natural features like beaches or caves, Pokemon Ranches, PokeMarts, Breeding Centers, Dream World Centers, Gyms, etc. You may explore/use any of these landmarks when you are in a particular location. In doing this, you may find special items or Pokemon, or stumble onto a plot...

Wild Pokemon
Many locations have wild Pokemon which you may come across. They will be listed here along with the seasons in which they appear, if applicable.

Items which can easily be found in each location will be listed here, along with the requirements for obtaining them. All trainers in that location which fit these requirements may claim a copy of the item by roleplaying their trainer finding it in the thread. Not all items available in the location will be listed. Some can only be found by exploring certain landmarks or through random events and will be delivered directly to individuals.

Each location thread contains a compass which indicates the adjoining locations you can move to once the travel time has elapsed and if you meet the requirements.

You should include the following form at the top of every post you make in a location. This makes it easier for officials to see whether they need to intervene and make something happen, such as making a wild Pokemon appear or some kind of random event.

Trainer: The name of your trainer
Party: The Pokemon you are currently carrying with you (maximum of 6)
Currently: A few words summarising what your trainer is doing, eg. searching for wild Pokemon, walking, exploring the lighthouse etc.

Underneath this form, you would post the description of what you’re trainer’s up to.

Here is an example of a post which would be found in the Route 1 thread:

Originally Posted by Trainer
Trainer: Max
Party: Piplup, Pineco, Sudowoodo
Currently: Walking

Max walked along Route 1 slowly. He was a little bit nervous since this was his first day of training. He held Piplup’s Pokeball in his hand, throwing it up into the air and catching it again every few steps. He wondered if Piplup was getting dizzy.
Remember, you may write as much or as little as you like.

You MAY double post in location threads, but you must wait at least 2 hours between posts.

Before moving to a new location, you must check the following:
*Do you meet all the requirements to travel to that location?
*Has the travel time elapsed?

Once you are ready to move to a new location, you should state that you are leaving in the old location thread and where you are moving to, for example:
Leaving Route 2 and entering Zenith Town
You should then include the same thing when you first post in the new location thread.

For example: Let’s say I am a trainer moving from Route 2 to Zenith Town.
In the Route 2 thread I would post:
Originally Posted by Me
Trainer: Sarah
Party: Bulbasaur, NidoranM, Houndour
Currently: Walking
Sarah could now see the houses of Zenith Town up ahead. “We made it, Bulbasaur!” she yelled. Excitedly, she ran towards the town.

Sarah left Route 2 and entered Zenith Town.
Then, in the Zenith Town thread I would post:
Originally Posted by Me
Trainer: Sarah
Party: Bulbasaur, NidoranM, Houndour
Currently: Going to Pokemon Center
Sarah entered Zenith Town and looked around. There were lots of houses and a big river. It was getting kind of cold so she decided to head to the Pokemon Center for a rest.

-Entered Zenith Town from Route 2.-
As you can see, you can write it however you like, as long as you include it! Remember, you can be as detailed as you like when posting. As mentioned, you may just post the basics or you may write it all out as if you’re telling a story.

Once you’re in a location, you may do whatever you like! Here are some of your options. These will differ depending on the location.

*Explore landmarks
Most locations have set landmarks which you can explore. You can make your trainer look around and see if you can find anything interesting. Or maybe you’d like to visit the PokeMart to buy some items, or head straight for the Gym.

*Participate in events
Sometimes special events will be taking place in certain locations.You may join them and participate.

*Interact with other trainers
By looking at some of the previous posts in the location thread, you should be able to see if there are any other trainers around. You may chat to other trainers, battle or trade Pokemon. Remember, you receive extra stars for battling someone in the same location!

*Search for wild Pokemon
Many locations have wild Pokemon. Sometimes they will find you and other times, you may have to search for them. An official will control any wild Pokemon encounters.

*Wait for the travel time to elapse
Just want to reach the next city? If you’re not interested in exploring you can just wait for the travel time to elapse and move onto the next location.

While you are travelling around the map, you may be subject to random events. These are events posted by a WFL official which may affect your trainer. They include things like finding items, receiving information about a certain landmark or location or having something happen to your trainer or Pokemon. These events can happen at any time and may be triggered by coming across certain NPCs, exploring landmarks etc. Random events may slow you down, speed you up or block your progress until you complete certain tasks. Finding wild Pokemon is also a random event. When you post on a journey thread, you will get a maximum of one random event per hour. This means that you must post again outside of the hour to be eligible for a new event (but does not necessarily mean that you will get one). An official will then post, telling you an event has occurred. You must then respond to it. After the event has ended, you must post at least once more outside of the hour of the last event to receive another. Of course, this does not apply if your character is currently engaged in some kind of plot where the official is therefore required to guide you. Remember you can post your progress as you go and interact with each other, make interesting things happen to your character or just explore, you don't need to rely on an official. You shouldn't just post and then wait for an official to post or expect to get a random event for every post.

Pokemon Center - A place where trainers can relax, heal their Pokemon and switch the Pokemon in their parties. Each Pokemon Center is run by a different Nurse Joy. Trainers can stay here for free.

PokeMart - A shop where trainers can buy items, including PokeBalls and TMs.

Pokemon Ranch - A farm where Pokemon breeders raise Pokemon. They sell Pokemon to trainers. Some Pokemon can only be found here.

Day Care Center - A place where trainers can leave their Pokemon to be raised. Sometimes you may even get an egg.

Dream Center - A research station with a close connection to the Dream World. A special machine here can give your Pokemon Dream World abilities for a small fee.

NPC stands for "non-playable character". This is a character you may interact with on your journey, but whose actions you cannot control. All NPCs will be controlled by officials. NPCs may be involved in quests, trading, move tutoring, plots or just offer advice. They may appear as random events or have set locations. If you enter a location with an NPC listed, you may look for that NPC if you would like to interact with them. At other times, an NPC may approach you.

When travelling around Celestia, you may come across wild Pokemon. Each location has its own set of wild Pokemon which can be found in that area. WFL Officials are in charge of making wild Pokemon appear. Every wild Pokemon has a particular rarity which determines how often they appear. Wild Pokemon can appear at any time and more than one can appear at once, so be prepared!

While Wild Pokemon may constantly appear, there is a limit on the number of wild Pokemon you can catch in a certain time. At the moment, the limit is 2 Pokemon per Location per week. This means in a single 7 day period, you may only catch 2 Pokemon from the same location. After 7 days are up, you may catch up to 2 more Pokemon from that same location if you wish.

Wild Pokemon can be found by searching around routes and other areas. An official will post if you come across a wild Pokemon. The chance of finding a wild Pokemon and which Pokemon actually appears is determined by the Pokemon’s rarity. This is done by an official using a random number generator.

An example:
Originally Posted by Trainer
Trainer: Max
Party: Piplup, Pineco, Sudowoodo
Currently: Looking for wild Pokemon

Max searched in the bushes to the left of the path. The thorns were prickly but he was determined to find a Pokemon somehow. He moved as silently as possible, hoping a Pokemon would come out.
Originally Posted by Official
Just as Max was about to give up, a rustle could be heard from the other side of the path! A small purple rat flew out of the bushes and looked up at Max. The Rattata crouched down, it seemed like it wanted to battle!

You may choose to battle or run.
Wild Pokemon will not necessarily appear every time you search for them. In that case, an official will not post. The trainer can choose to keep searching, to look in a different location or to keep moving by making a new post in the thread.

Wild Pokemon may also appear without searching for them. In this case, an official will specify whether the wild Pokemon has appeared only to a particular trainer or if they are available for any trainer currently in that area to catch.

Once a wild Pokemon appears, you may choose to battle and try to catch it or to run away. You need to have a PokeBall with you to try and catch a Pokemon. If you choose to battle, you should send out a Pokemon. This must be one of the Pokemon currently with you in your party. You should then write up a post where you battle the wild Pokemon and try to catch it. Once you’ve done this, an official will decide whether the capture was successful. If it was not successful, you may be given another chance to battle or the Pokemon may flee. If your capture attempt is not successful, the PokeBall you used will break, like in the games. It is not reusable.

The chance of catching a Pokemon is determined using a random number generator. The following is taken into account when trying to catch a Pokemon and may increase your chances of capture.
*Pokemon base catch rate (dependent on rarity of Pokemon)
*Type of Pokeball used
*How many badges you have
*The battle you have with the Pokemon

Here is an example of how to catch a Pokemon:

Originally Posted by Official
Just as Max was about to give up, a rustle could be heard from the other side of the path! A small purple rat flew out of the bushes and looked up at Max. The Rattata crouched down, it seemed like it wanted to battle!

You may choose to battle or run.
Originally Posted by Trainer
Trainer: Max
Party: Piplup, Pineco, Sudowoodo
Currently: Battling

Max jumped up excitedly. He couldn’t believe he finally found a Pokemon. Too bad it was this common little rat, but oh well, it would do! “Go Piplup” Max said. “Use Bubblebeam!” Bubbles shot at the rat and hit it hard in the side. Rattata fell over, but got back up quickly and rushed at Piplup with a Quick Attack. The move hit Piplup but the penguin Pokemon just shook it off. “Use Bide!” Max cried. Piplup used Bide and started glowing. Rattata tried Hyper Fang but Piplup didn’t even flinch. “Now release Bide, Piplup!” Piplup released all its built up power, which slammed into Rattata. The rat went flying and this time it stayed down. “Great work Piplup!” Max said. “Now, go Friend Ball!” The Friend Ball sucked Rattata in and Max waited to see if it would be caught.
Originally Posted by Official
Max’s Friend Ball wobbled for a moment as Rattata struggled. Finally... PING!

Congratulations! Rattata was caught!
Rattata was added to your party
The battle you write out does not have to be very detailed, but the more effort you put into it, the better. We are not judging your battle based on the writing or the length, but on the battle itself and how you used different moves. As long as it is clear you put effort into the battle, your chance of capture will be increased. Some things to keep in mind are to use a variety of different moves when battling and not to make your Pokemon overpowered. When battling a Pokemon, each side should use at least 2 moves. Feel free to be creative with your battles! Also keep in mind that the writing portion is only a very small part of how captures are decided, so if you're not good at writing, don't worry!

If you catch a wild Pokemon, it will be placed in your party. If you already have 6 Pokemon, it will be sent to your PC like in the games.

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Default The Celestia Region

Items can be found around Celestia, while travelling and in PokeMarts.

“Visible” items are listed in the Items section of each location and can be obtained by any trainer once they enter that route, provided they meet the requirements of obtaining the item.

Hidden items are not listed and can only be found through random events, by exploring landmarks and different locations. Officials will post to let you know if find one of these items.

Key items include the running shoes, bicycle, PokeGear, fishing rods, ship tickets and maps. They are generally obtained by exploring or by completing tasks. They cannot be traded.
Running Shoes - Decrease travel time on routes only by 25% (excludes water routes)
Bicycle - Decrease travel time on routes only by 50% (excludes water routes)
Old Rod - Used for luring Common Pokemon in water
Good Rod - Used for luring Common and Uncommon Pokemon in water
Super Rod - Used for luring All Pokemon in water
Explorer Kit - Used to dig for fossils in Eclipse Tunnel
S.S. Ticket - A one use item that allows you to travel from Satellite Pier to Aurora City.
Pokemon Print - Increases the chance of finding a particular Pokemon.
Egg Voucher - A one use item that can be exchanged for an egg in Zenith Town.
Evolution Pass - A one use item that can be used to evolve a Pokemon without having to pay or complete battles.

PokeBalls can be found in random events or purchased from PokeMarts. They are required for catching wild Pokemon. Each PokeBall has a slightly different success rate depending on which Pokemon you’re trying to catch. For example, Repeat Balls work best on Pokemon you already own, Lure Balls work best on Pokemon while fishing and Great Balls always work better than PokeBalls.
PokeBall - No extra effect
Great Ball - Works better than PokeBall
Ultra Ball - Works better than Great Ball
Master Ball - 100% catch rate
Premier Ball - No extra effect
Nest Ball - Works better on Pokemon that can evolve twice
Love Ball - Works better on Pokemon who are battled by a Pokemon in the same egg group
Quick Ball - Works better on Pokemon that are battled by a slower Pokemon
Timer Ball - Works better on Pokemon that are battled by a faster Pokemon
Heal Ball - Works better on Pokemon with base HP > 60
Level Ball - Works better on Common Pokemon
Lure Ball - Works better on Pokemon while fishing
Moon Ball - Works better on Pokemon which evolve using a Moon Stone
Repeat Ball - Works better on Pokemon you already own
Net Ball - Works better on Water and Bug Pokemon
Dive Ball - Works better on Pokemon found underwater
Net Ball - Works better on Pokemon in caves
Heavy Ball - Works better on heavyweight Pokemon
Fast Ball - Works better on Pokemon with base Speed > 80
Luxury Ball - Pokemon caught in this ball do not require an extra item to evolve via happiness
Friend Ball - Works better on Pokemon that evolve in a special way (trade, item, happiness etc.)
Dream Ball - Pokemon caught in this ball automatically learn their Dream World ability

Evolution items can be found around the map or purchased from some PokeMarts. They are used to evolve certain Pokemon. Celestia has some extra evolution items.
Compass - Evolves Pokemon that evolve by levelling up in a certain place
Ice Rock - Evolves Eevee to Glaceon
Moss Rock - Evolves Eevee to Leafeon
Soothe Bell - Evolves Pokemon that evolve with happiness
Link Cable - Evolves Pokemon that evolve by trade

Some TMs can be purchased from PokeMarts and others can only be found by travelling. Once you own a TM, you can teach it to as many of your Pokemon as you wish. Some TMs can be used outside of battle.

TM70 Flash - Can be used to light up dark tunnels.
TM94 Rock Smash - Can be used to smash rocks.

HMs are found only be travelling and each requires a certain number of badges to use. You do NOT have to teach HMs to your Pokemon in your BW game (but you can if you want), instead each Pokemon in the Wi-Fi League has 2 “extra” HM slots which can be filled with HMs you find in the Celestia Region. Simply keep track of it in your stats. HMs in these slots may not be overwritten, you must find a Move Deleter if you wish to switch them. HMs will allow you to progress and uncover hidden locations. HM tutors are scattered around Celestia, they will give you a HM if you have the appropriate number of badges. The HMs of the Celestia Region are:

HM01 Cut - Can be used to move through thick forest.
HM02 Fly - Can be used to move to any town/city you’ve already been to. Can only be used once every 24 hours by the same Pokemon. It takes one hour to land at your destination when using Fly.
HM03 Surf - Can be used to move over water.
HM04 Strength - Can be used to move boulders.
HM05 Rock Climb - Can be used to climb steep, rocky areas.
HM06 Whirlpool - Can be used to navigate areas with whirlpools.
HM07 Waterfall - Can be used to climb waterfalls
HM08 Defog - Can be used to clear foggy areas.


The Celestia Region changes with the seasons. Some tracks become impassable in cold months, and some Pokemon appear only in Spring.

Spring (January, May, September)
*Voice of the Forest festival (Equinox City)
*Rare Pokemon found in the meadow in Equinox City
*Pokemon eggs found at Day Care Centers

Summer (February, June, October)
*Surfing competition (Eventide Beach)
*Egg swap event (Zenith Town)

Autumn (March, July, November)
*Harvest festival (Route 9)

Winter (April, August, December)
*Route 11 is impassable
*Fossil digging is not allowed at Eclipse Tunnel
*Ice Festival (Polaris City)

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