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Wi-Fi League Official Gyms Find and challenge the official PE2K Wi-Fi League Gyms here. You may also apply for any Gyms which are open.

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Default Official Gym Directory

Welcome to the Official Gym Directory. Here you can find a list of the current Gyms in the PE2K Wi-Fi League and a link to their threads.

Gym Guidelines

You may challenge a Gym Leader whenever you’re ready. If a Gym Leader constantly turns down your challenges, then you can notify an official and that Gym Leader may lose their gym.

Each Gym Leader may set their own rules for their Gym so make sure you have the appropriate Pokemon to battle them with before challenging them.

If you win a Gym Battle, you will be awarded with 10 stars, losers receive 2 stars. Gym Leaders receive 3 stars for winning a battle and 2 stars for losing.

You may battle the Gyms in any order you like.

You must be in the same location as the Gym in order to challenge the leader. Once you win your badge you may register the Gym Leader in your PokeGear and battle them from any location if you wish.

If you lose a Gym Battle, you may not rechallenge that Leader until at least 24 hours later.

Once you beat a Gym Leader, you may rechallenge them no more than once a week, if you like. Trainers will receive 5 stars for winning again and 2 stars for losing. Gym Leaders still receive 3 stars for winning a battle and 2 stars for losing. Gym Leaders do not have to accept these additional challenges if they don't want to.

If a Gym Leader position is vacant and the Gym is listed as OPEN below, you may apply in the Gym Leader Applications thread.

Make sure you read the rules and register for the League before challenging or applying for a Gym.

Official Gyms

Zenith Town Gym
Leader: Etymology
Battle Level: 25
Type: Grass/Psychic
Badge: Cadence Badge
TM Awarded: TM29 Psychic

Aurora City Gym
Leader: Judge Dredd
Battle Level: 25
Type: Flying/Ground
Badge: Gravity Badge
TM Awarded: TM62 Acrobatics

Sirius City Gym
Leader: Metal Gear Snivy
Battle Level: 50
Type: Water/Bug
Badge: Essence Badge
TM Awarded: TM81 X-Scissor

Orion City Gym
Leader: Kaoru
Battle Level: 50
Type: Poison/Dark
Badge: Enigma Badge
TM Awarded: TM34 Sludge Wave

Solstice City Gym
Leader: OPEN
Battle Level: 50
Type: Rock/Steel
Badge: Terrene Badge
TM Awarded: TM80 Rock Slide

Apollo City Gym
Leader: Typhlosion Explosion
Battle Level: 50
Type: Fire/Electric
Badge: Velocity Badge
TM Awarded: TM93 Wild Charge

Umbra City Gym
Leader: mintjelly
Battle Level: 75
Type: Ghost/Fighting
Badge: Illusion Badge
TM Awarded: TM65 Shadow Claw

Polaris City Gym
Leader: dj-tiny
Battle Level: 75
Type: Dragon/Ice
Badge: Precipice Badge
TM Awarded: TM02 Dragon Claw

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