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Old 08-26-2012, 02:44 AM
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Default Pink's Pokeradar Shiny Hunting Guide for Beginners (revived)

This guide has been revamped, and many convenient tips have been added on.
if you would like to see, go here!

Platinum Compadible?: YES (see bottom of post for more detail)

Pokeradar Shiny Hunting Guide for Beginners

are you eager just to find that shiny pokemon you desrve?
have you been searching for one all this time, but could never find one?
well by using this guide, you can find one of your own!
(this will take a lot of thinking, so be prepared!)
let us begin.
do you have the pokeradar? - you need it, and should set it to y select before you start. you also need repels
and I higher leveled pokemon than the pokemon in the grass
patch you choose to hunt in. (it MUST be a grass patch, but
not tall grass.) you also need pokeballs (obviously), and
your pokemon in first should be able to be faster, have a lot
of power points (pp) of moves that can one-hit KO the pokemon
without missing and whatnot. just to make it quicker.
when you use the pokeradar, grass patches around you will shake. when you run into a shaken grass patch, you will run into a pokemon, even when you have a repel on. that first pokemon is where your chain starts. you can instantly break the chain by running away, but if you want taht pokemon as a shiny, you want to hold a chain of that pokemon.
your goal is to get 40 in a chain of that pokemon.
in app # 20 of your poketch is the pokeradar chain count.
it will show you how many of that pokemon you have chained so far, and your highest chain records (3 of them). example: so lets say the most pokemon youve got in a chain was 20, and that pokemon is miltank, it will be on shown the number 1 pedistal,
along with the number of miltanks you got to (which would be 20 in that case.)

keep in mind, your chain will break from any of these things:
if you run away, if you run into a different pokemon than what
you are chaining, if you leave the grass patch, if you save and quit and then come back, or if you made a mistake by running into a
"time-bomb" grass patch (which is rare normally, but common if
you are chaining at 1 of the 3 lakes for some reason).

a "time-bomb" grass patch is when you run into the pokemon you are looking for, and is seemingly harmless, but when you
come out of battle, the chain stops for seemingly no reason -- OR if you
reset the pokeradar and at the bottom of the screen, there will be a message box that says "the grassy patch remained silent". which will break your chain.

what will keep your chain going is in battle, is you must
either catch or defeat that pokemon. DO NOT run away,
unless you do not want to chain that pokemon.
also, keep a repel on at ALL TIMES so you get no
"surprise pop-ups" from unexpected pokemon. that will break your chain as well.

you can avoid running into a different pokemon from what you are chaining by using the method i am going to explain.
from where you are standing, as soon as the grass patches shake, think of where they are. the grass patches are in a grid, and there is an invisible 9x9 grass patch square around you where the patches can shake. you are in the center. (you are always in the center when you use the pokeradar, and even
if it activates after battle)
here is a visual.


imagine, the 0 is where you stand (the center.)
when you are chaining, the higher the number of the space where the grass patch shakes, the better (the further away, the better). only 4 grass patches can shake at once
at the most. and its impossible to be trapped in between shaking grass patches, so there is always space to run .
if you see a grass patch that looks like it shook the same way
as the first one you ran into on a 4 space, its most likely going to be that pokemon again, which will keep your chain going.
but there ARE exceptions. listen closely.
do NOT run into grass patches touching the edge, or a wall.

imagine this # is a shaking grass patch, the O is a grass patch, but it didn’t shake,
and the X is a solid object, wall, or even the edge of the grassy area, touching where there is no grass.


--do not go into that grass patch. # should be surrounded by
4 grass patches at a time, to be safe -

it should look like this as a whole.


example: this is exceptional, and still safe:


(ignore the random dots.)

as long as its not touching the 4 around it, its safe.
If you don’t see any shaking grass patches that look reliable, reset the pokeradar by
Running or walking 50 steps (stay in the area and be careful not to run into a shaken grass patch, and make sure you have a repel on),
and then use the pokeradar again.
Keep resetting until you see a grass patch that looks reliable.

ALSO, if you are having no luck chaining the pokemon you want, whether
You are having trouble finding it at all, though you know it’s there,
Or it’s hard to find AND chain, go to the route or town next to that area,
Save and quit, shut off the game, turn it back on, and try again. For some reason
That changes the results in finding different pokemon, which I have noticed.
It hasn’t been reported, but it always seems to work for me.
Keep resetting if you get worse results until they are better.

Only chain up to 40 before you start resetting the pokeradar to see shiny or sparkly grass patches.
When you are at a chain of 40, you then have a 1 in 200 chance of finding a
Sparkly grass patch (which guarantees a shiny of that pokemon, and never breaks the chain).

i found the formula to find the shiny rate, depending on how far you are in your chain.
don’t listen to the people that say "the chance doubles" or "the percentage doesn’t go up".
this is a part of the games coding.


P (shiny)= ___________________
..................2621440 x (41-n)

P = probability

n = chain length

(again, ignore the random dots.)

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]after 40, your chances do nor raise any higher, you will notice that in the formula,
if you plug in anything higher than 40.

If 4 grass patches shake at once each time, you have a 1 in 50 chance.

You will know when it’s a shiny grass patch. It will have a light blue tint, and will not
Shake, but instead, sparkle, and lasts longer than a rare-seeming pokemon grass patch.

Abilities that can help you:
Are you chaining an electric pokemon? What about a steel type?
If you are chaining an electric type, have a pokemon with the ability
“static” in front of your party, so it will be easier to chain.
(static attracts wild electric pokemon, and will help you chain electrics)

If you are chaining a steel type, have a pokemon with the ability
“Magnet pull” in front. It will do the same thing, just for steel types

If you are going to chain a pokemon, and you want it to have a certain nature,
Carry a pokemon with the ability “synchronize” like umbreon or espeon with the
Same nature you want on the pokemon you will catch as a shiny.
That way, when you see a sparkly grass patch, switch the pokemon with synchronize
In front. It will give the pokemon a much higher chance of having the same nature
As the pokemon with synchronize, as long as it’s the first to be sent out! (1st on your team)

__________________________________________________ ___________________

It seems really complicated, but you’ll eventually get used to it, and it wont seem difficult
At all, within some time. I guarantee it.
Also keep in mind it takes a LOT of patience, but if you keep trying using these
Methods, you WILL have better results in getting a higher chain.


these are very reliable tips. i have caught 43 of my own shinys so far,
using this info! and you can too!

I hope this helps you!

there is also a guide here, at this link, (this is where most of the info came from, its a bigger guide. thank you Shuko! :)
OR go here. (collective info by several people)

and if you have any more questions, feel free to ask me.
I will answer any questions you may have.

Good luck on Shiny hunting! =)
__________________________________________________ _________________

Pokemon Platinum

This Pokeradar shiny hunting method IS compadible for Pokemon Platinum, but there are differences visual-wise.

here are the differences:

shiny patches sparkle more faintly (it's a little harder to see them in certain places.)

the shaking patches are easier to see, and differenciate from other kinds of shaking grass patches.

when a grass patch shakes, it also shakes up and down in a quick manner, enabling you to see it better.

the image of a shaking grass patch is "cartoony" in a sense. the image seems at though it's very flat and pasted over the normal grass patch.

(this sort of does/doesnt have to do with the pokeradar, but may help in some cases): depending on where you are, and what the tone of the ground is
below you, the grass squares were edited in platinum to stand out more. for example, there might be dark brown ground under the grass.
the grass is bright yellow-green to contrast with the ground, to see better i assume. sometimes the grass is more blue-green, too.

I hope this helps you, Platinum owners!

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Old 08-26-2012, 02:45 AM
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Default Re: Pink's Pokeradar Shiny Hunting Guide for Beginners (revived)

Pink Leon created this thread in 2009, it was very helpful so I am reviving it !

Dragonair: 33054
Dragonite: 33129
Level100: 33264

GCEA Link Page Pokemon Evolution List

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