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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Default [War XI] Broken Smile [Judged]

Broken Smile

He wanted to tell her that she had a beautiful smile. She wasn't smiling, never smiled, but he wanted to tell her all the same.

She sat one seat to the left and one row behind him in Pokémon Trainer School. It had been three days since she had started showing up at the school, and he still hadn't heard her say one word. Every day she came in, sat down, and closed her eyes. That was it. She never fidgeted, never moved, barely even seemed to be breathing as she sat, suspended in time until class ended.

He was still trying to figure out what it was about her that was so mesmerizing. He ignored the teacher talking as he once again analyzed everything he could see about her. Her strong brown hair relaxed around her thin shoulders, stopping just shy of her forearms, which were folded beneath her chest. She wore regular clothing, a long sleeved forest green shirt and a calf length brown skirt. She sat straight, her head tilted slightly downward, and her legs were crossed. She wore sensible shoes and long socks. Her skin was clear, healthy, and barely tan. She looked fit, but not necessarily athletic.

Her eyelashes were dark and full enough that he knew she was wearing makeup, but that was the only give-away. Her face was smooth and clean. No freckles, no blemishes. She looked thin, especially in the face, but in a normal way; not anorexic or anything. You could see the bones in her cheeks. They were high, almost regal even. She had a soft chin and a petite nose. Her mouth was small, her lips smooth and slight, pulled into the ghost of a frown as if the corners of her mouth were being dragged down against their will.

She had the kind of face that he somehow knew would look amazing while wearing a smile. Her mouth was just the right size and shape; the proportions were all somehow hinting that a smile simply belonged there.

He wanted to see it happen. He didn't know why, but for some reason he longed to see the way her face would look when she was happy.

The bell rang. Her eyes opened up as people began moving all around the room. They were dark pools of navy blue. It was the third time he had seen them. She gathered her things and stood, moving towards the doorway at the front of the room, ahead of most of the trainers.

Today he was ready. He rushed after her, intending to stop her, to say something, to tell her about her smile.

He caught up to her, put his hand on her shoulder in the doorway, ignoring everybody waiting to leave the room behind him. She stiffened at the touch, and when she turned her eyes widened.


Her voice was so quiet, but the look of recognition on her face caught him off guard. It was so surprising that it stopped him in his tracks. Suddenly, tears welled up in her eyes, a sob erupted from her lips, and she ran.

Seft was stunned. He could do nothing but stand there flabbergasted as people began making their way past him and out of the room.

He did not understand.


Kahna tried to fight against the memories that threatened to take over as she ran. She couldn't stop the pain, but she didn't want to relive those experiences again. Not while she was awake. Not where people could see.

Tears splashed on her clothes as she rested in front of the Global Terminal, just a few blocks west of the school. She was hidden from the crowds by a large shrub growing around the collosal white dome. There, knees pulled into her chest, what she wanted to avoid finally caught up to her.

She remembered again.


"You really think this will work, Seft?"

"Nothing else has, Kahna. I don't see any other way we can help your mom regain the will to live."

"But, Seft, do you really think Azelf will be able to help? And what if he doesn't want to?"

His face wore a confident smile, and her heart beat a little more forcefully as his golden eyes glowed with pure determination. Their light lit his entire countenance, his golden hair and skin seemed to shine in response. She marveled again at what twist of fate it could have been that had landed her with the golden boy.

"He is the God of willpower, right? I'm sure he can do it. And, if he won't come on his own I'll have to ask him a little more forcefully is all."


They stood close in the darkness of the cave. The knowledge that Lake Valor now separated them from the sky above made the vast chamber seem miniscule. She felt like she was in a coffin.

Suddenly, the room was lit by ambivalent, violet light. Seft held up his hand, an orb of psychic energy glowing there and lighting the way for them to see. It glinted from the pools of water scattered across the cavern floor, causing strange purple shadows to shift across the ceiling as they walked. They made their way towards the stationary Pokémon floating in the middle of the room.

Its body was a faded blue that seemed violet in the light cast from Seft's hand. Its head was yellow, with a large blood-red gem gleaming in the center of its brow. Eyes closed, it suddenly shifted position until it would have been looking right at them. Reflexively, Kahna squeezed harder on Seft's left hand.

"Something’s wrong," he said softly. "That's not Azelf."

Then, Uxie opened its eyes.


She was outside the hospital room. Her eyes were red, but she had no more tears to cry. Her mother was gone. Kahna was still here in the hospital though. Seft still hadn't woken up yet. Three days he'd been asleep. Once again, the doctors couldn't find anything wrong.

The door opened up, and she jumped to her feet.

"Is he awake?" The words were out of her mouth before the blond nurse could say a word. She just nodded, and Kahna rushed into the room.

"Seft!" She cried as she rushed over to the bed and flung her arms around him.

"I was so worried! I was afraid you weren't going to wake up, that you were going to die, just like Mom. I thought you were going to leave me too, and that I would be all alone. Are you feeling okay, Seft? What happened?"

She paused, waiting for a response. None came. She stepped back, looked into his face, searching for the answer.

"Well?" She said after a few minutes silence.

"... Who... Who are you?" Seft asked.


Kahna was behind a shrub, curled up against the white marble face of the Global Terminal in Jubilife City. Tears fell from her cheeks as she shook with the force of her sobbing.

"Seft, why? Why did you leave me all alone?" She choked on the words as they worked their way around her tears.


Seft slowly walked away from the school, lost in thought. His life was a hazy blur until about two months ago. He had woken up in the hospital with no recollection of how he'd gotten there or even who he really was. The nurse had told him he was Seft Isaacson, had given him a Pokédex with his ID and address in it. He went home to a house he'd never seen before in a town that seemed unfamiliar holding Pokéball containing Pokémon that were strangers to him.

He lived alone, thankfully. He doubted he could have taken the pressure of living with people he'd never met before. Since then, he'd been trying to rediscover the world and his place in it.

Again his mind was pulled to the girl with the beautiful smile. She'd seemed to know him. He hadn't yet met anyone who had known who he was beyond a name or a face. She had been upset though. Perhaps he had hurt her? The idea made it hard to breathe. He didn't really know what kind of person he had been in the past. If he caused this reaction in people, then maybe he didn't even want to know.

The sun was setting as he walked by the Global Terminal. The gardens were beautiful, and the light gleamed against the glass and marble of the building behind petticoats of bushes and trees. A low moan came from behind the barrier of a particularly large cluster of foliage, and he stopped to listen. After a few more seconds silence the girl from school walked from the garden back onto the street.

"Hey," he said.

She jumped, then started to run.

"Wait!" He flung his hand out after her, and she froze in mid-step.

"Let me GO!" she screamed.

Seft, however, stared at his hand in wonder. Had he really just done that?

"I'm sorry," he said, dropping his hand back to his side.

She collapsed to the ground in a heap. He rushed over to help her up.

"I'm really sorry, I didn't know I could do that," he said as he lifted her back to her feet.

She glared at him for a second, then just sighed and closed her eyes, exhausted. "What do you want, Seft?"

"I... I just wanted to tell you that I think you have a beautiful smile," he said.

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