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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Seventy-Six Up!

He made it down about three flights of stairs before his body gave out, landing him flat on his face as he writhed in eternal agony, clutching his head and growling. He dug his claws into the floor, creating a loud whine as they connected with steel. The discomfort it caused his ears went unnoticed; the roaring within them far more pronounced. His body burned while his mind swam in a murky swamp of darkness, and he clenched his eyes shut as he felt tears trickle down. He didn’t intend to cry nor did he want to, but the pain…The all-consuming pain demanded it.

The battle raged for a few more minutes before it dawned on Sonic that he was not getting anywhere. Panic, just as sharp as the agony, clawed at the back of his mind when he realized it might be possible for him to lose this round. Frustrated and desperate, he let out a roar which rebounded off the walls, echoing eerily in the deserted building. It sounded like both an enraged beast and a wounded animal at the same time, and he felt that way. He had hoped letting some of it out would help, but as soon as he had done so he had been forced back onto the ground, stuck digging his claws into whatever was beneath him so he wouldn’t attack anything else.

A few moments later, Shira was revealed to have followed him thanks to her action of coming down the last stairwell he had exited minutes ago. However, it was notable that she kept her distance, having noticed that the black aura around him had strengthened a good deal, and his eyes had a tint of red to them.

Sonic had noticed Shira and now feared for her safety in a similar manner Suicune had worried for his mere weeks ago, although it was nowhere near as strong as they lacked a bond. The hedgehog lurched to his feet in an attempt to move away before pain made him stumble and collapse, having barely moved from his initial position. D…Dammit…Can’t move… He growled to himself, irritated that he was helpless to do anything other than suffer and slowly lose his mind; the fact that someone was watching him be reduced to a convulsing mess made it even worse.

Shira hesitated, acting conflicted on what do to. Her mind didn’t need to be read to figure out what she was debating. If she helped Sonic, there was a better chance of him surviving this and, furthermore, she still needed his help with Shadow. The problem was, if she didn’t help him, he could lose it and slaughter everyone in the building…Or worse. Deciding the risk was worth it, she proceeded down cautiously, making her way over to the ailing hedgehog.

Upon reaching him, she placed a hand on his side, noting that his body was horribly warm. Sonic flinched at the touch, knowing full well how risky it was for her to be here. He noted something odd, however; the insanity that shrieked from inside had died down slightly, as if something was calming it. He still felt like crap, of course. He glanced at her curiously, trying to see if she was doing anything odd, but she was simply touching him on the shoulder. There was nothing odd about that, was there?

As it was, Shira also noticed the look Sonic had given her, and she seemed to raise an eyebrow. “What is it?” She questioned.

“…” He glanced away, wincing as another cascade of pain wracked his frame, although he was far more focused on Shira for it to affect him as much. “Whatever you are…Doing, it’s helping.” The hedgehog hated how his voice was stuck in a growl because of the pain, as it made him seem more feral than he actually was. “Why did you…Come? It’s dangerous to…Be around me right now.”

She seemed a little puzzled. “I’m not doing anything, though. And as for why I followed you...I figure an apology is in order. I shouldn’t have gotten you to help with Shadow.”

“You aren’t? How strange…” He mused, shaking his head. “I shouldn’t have let you talk me into it. Suicune warned me not even five minutes prior. I just…I didn’t think it’d affect me that badly, or the craving to be so horrible. I can’t tell you how sick it makes me to want to kill. It isn’t me.” By now he had been able to at least get off his hands and knees to a more comfortable sitting position, although the hedgehog was still in notable discomfort.

She was silent for a few moments before she spoke up again. “I don’t like putting you through this, but I’ll still need your help to get to Shadow. When you took off, more cables fell from the ceiling so I wouldn’t be able to get back there otherwise. I was able to clean up the blood that was there though, and the smell isn’t very recognizable anymore.”

Sonic shook his head. “A Shadow User’s senses are more acute than what they were when not infected. You cleaned up what was there at the moment, but he’s still bleeding. I can’t risk it…I came really close to losing it.” He thought for a moment. I can’t see blood, and I can’t smell it. We’re in an office building, which has a lot of supplies. That means… “But if we can take away my sight and smell, I can help with very little risk.”

Shira nodded, quickly catching on to what he was mentioning. After leaving for about a minute, she returned with a wooden clothespin that she had found which had been in a holder in one of the desks on the floor, handing it to the blue hedgehog.

“If you laugh, I’m going to stomp on your foot.” He remarked dryly. “Now, is there any cloth? Closing my eyes won’t work, as I might accidentally open them if I trip or something similar. It’s unorthodox…But I’d prefer to look like an idiot than kill everyone.” He got up; shaking a little as his body protested the action after all the energy expended fighting itself.

“I haven’t seen any around, but there was a jacket back in one of the other rooms; I’ll rip a piece off so you can use it.” She started walking although she paused for a second as she added something to her statement. “For that remark, I may tear off a portion of the material that covers the armpit area.”

“I could’ve said bite you, which would have been a lot worse. Not just for you, either.” Sonic stated, thinking. And what if I get blood on myself? Hmm…I’ll call it honey. Associating it with something else might help, after all. He looked at the clip held in his claws. I hope this works, to be honest. It wasn’t like him to doubt his abilities, but for some reason he did. He had an inkling it was the negativity doing it, but he couldn't be sure as the constant pain was wearing him down too.

She shrugged when she returned, but hadn’t put the cloth around his eyes yet. “I suggest we get back up to the floor he’s on unless you want to be tripping all over yourself when we go back up those stairs.”

“Heh, yeah.” He stated slowly, taking a step forward with her close behind. Getting up the stairs was difficult for him because of his flagging energy, but after a few minutes they both emerged at the proper floor. The hedgehog was quick to assure Flaym he was fine, as the Rapidash had been slightly worried by his sudden departure. Sonic quickly tied the cloth around his head and pinned his nose, although he crossed his arms and stated that no one could make fun of him because it was preventing him from killing everyone.

Shira raised an eyebrow but swiftly began to lead him back down the corridor that had been cleared of the fallen power cables before. “So...How have you been eating?” She questioned, trying to make conversation due to the somewhat long length of their trek.

“Haven’t been. Once I became a Shadow User…My body couldn’t handle food anymore unless I was really hurt and tired, at which point I forget about the pain. Any other time and it doesn’t agree with me. For that matter, I don’t even sleep anymore. I started having really bad nightmares too, which effectively forced me to kick the habit. I have absolutely no relief from the agony.”

She seemed surprised at this revelation. “Have you been able to find a way to slow the corruption yet?”

He shook his head. “No. Since I got bitten twice, I have double the amount of poison. I should have succumbed a while ago, but Uxie said that because my will is strong, it would slow it down. It has, but…” The hedgehog sighed. “I don’t have much time left, and I’m beginning to grow worried. If I let this consume me…It’s worse than death. The only way I’d be ‘alive’ is in the memories of others.” He grinned a little bit. “Odd how I told Sui that since there’s nothing I can do about it, I won’t worry. Yet here I am terrified out of my wits and fretting about it. I’m such a damn hypocrite.”

“...No; if you weren’t worrying about it, something would be wrong.” She said in reply. “Although, after I had shown up downstairs, you’d said that ‘whatever I was doing was working’. What did you mean, exactly?”

Sonic suddenly remembered that incident, smacking his palm with his other hand. “That’s right! When you showed up, the pain and darkness lessened a little bit. Not much, but I certainly noticed it. I don’t know why, though. It still is a little less, actually. You really are a doctor if you can make a Shadow User feel better!”

Shira only shrugged. “Well, if I am doing something, I have no idea how it’s happening. Unless...” She was thoughtful for a few seconds. “...Have you been around any other Aura Users since that incident?”

“No. I mean, technically, Sui uses her Aura to form attacks so she’s technically an ‘Aura User’, but I know what you’re asking. Still don’t see the big difference, but oh well.” He stumbled over a desk fragment. “Keep guiding me – I’m walking blind here!” Maybe I should have waited to put the cloth on…

Fortunately, she managed to keep her snickering quiet enough to remain unheard by the blue hedgehog as she continued to guide him down the corridor, although by now it was clear that the storm outside the building was beginning to pick up quite a bit of speed.

Upon reaching where Shadow was, she directed him on where to aim his Air Slash, and the remaining cables were easily taken down and rendered harmless. She brought him beside the black hedgehog, where Sonic would be able to help. “All right…What now? Do I poke him with a stick or something?”

“Not unless you can manage to splint the broken bones with your eyes closed, no.” She said in reply before continuing. “I’ll take care of that and check the bandages to make sure they don’t already need to be changed. It wouldn’t surprise me if they did.” She muttered under her breath.

“I’m not a doctor, so no.” He stated. “And the injuries are really that bad? It’s a shame his regenerative abilities are so flawed. Something like this could easily kill him. I’m sorry I got snippy earlier, by the way.” The least he could do was take a pulse, which he did quite easily despite his blindness. “He’s not as weak as I thought he would be. His heart isn’t beating anywhere close to, say, mine, but it certainly isn’t going to stop anytime soon.”

“A short temper’s expected from someone who’s going through as much as you have been; don’t worry about it.” Shira stated as she continued to splint the bones. Fortunately, she was able to work rather quickly and was done with the procedure in a few minutes. “I have a collapsible stretcher in my bag – we’ll put him on that and then get ourselves out of here.”

“Maybe, but it isn’t an excuse. I miss being goofy and carefree.” He huffed, shaking his head. “All right. We should be careful…I mean, who knows what bones are broken that we don’t know about. I’d be willing to bet his back is broken from smashing through so many buildings. I had a limit of about three…He was sent through, what, ten or so? He’s going to need more than Motrin to take care of the pain.”

She nodded in agreement. “It’s highly likely his back is broken from that, but we do need to move quickly. I’d rather not end up caught in that hurricane outside.” After this, she took the stretcher out of her bag, unfolding it so it was about four feet long.

“But where are we going to go? The city is probably flooding by now. With Shadow out of commission, we don’t really have a way of contacting GUN for assistance.” He asked curiously, moving into position as best he could. “I suppose I could ask Sui, but I don’t know. She can’t really see much as she isn’t a Flying Type.”

“We’ll have to leave the same way I came in; by Pidgeot. I’d rather not risk it in this wind, but we don’t have much of a choice.”

Sonic thought for a moment. “…I can try to curb the wind a little bit. We might have to ride inside a tornado to do it, though.” He grinned a little, helping to move Shadow onto the stretcher. The black hedgehog moaned a little upon being moved, but otherwise remained silent. “Of course, it’d be more effective if I could see…If his bandages are fine, can I at least remove the cloth?”

“Yes; the bandages are relatively clean now, so you shouldn’t have any issues with the blood. Hopefully.”

The hedgehog seemed a little hesitant because of the last part, but still dutifully removed the bandages, blinking a little as his eyesight adjusted. “Ah, that’s better.” He glanced down, noting one or two tiny spots where the blood had come through the bandage, but he barely felt anything. “Yeah, I think we’ll be okay. I’m keeping the clip on though.”

They continued through the passage, taking a bit longer than they had on their way in due to the fact that they wanted to avoid jarring Shadow around too much; after all, it would only make his back and every other broken bone worse. Fortunately, none of the cables from the ceiling had fallen again so their path was relatively clear of major hazards except for the larger pieces of furniture that had been tossed around.

Poking with a stick always solves life's greatest problems. Is he alive? Dead? Sleeping? Eating a muffin? Poke him, and find out!

Also...In general, when you feel like you made the wrong choice...You probably did make the wrong choice. That being said, Sonic can't rely on his instincts as much anymore - due to them wanting to go on a murderous rampage more than half the time - so I suppose we could excuse this folly.

...Until he kills someone, that is.
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Seventy-Seven Up!

PG-13 for swearing, again. Censored when possible.

Chapter Seventy-Eight

As they got closer to their prospective exit, the sound of the wind howling furiously outside became more and more audible. Flaym and Kabops were having great difficulty keeping the barrier up, with the former pushing very hard and using all of his strength so the latter could rest. <The storm is very severe. This will not hold much longer.>

Sonic growled a little. “Well that’s just dandy. Honestly, Shira…I think we’d be safer getting to a lower altitude but staying in the building. It provides some sort of windbreak and protection from shrapnel. There’s no way you can fly in that.” He stated urgently. “You have to reconsider. Shadow’s stable right now; waiting until this is dealt with is better than getting everyone killed.” The death Sonic thought of for himself was far worse, of course, although he decided against mentioning it as it was still a type of death.

She gave a nod in agreement, having been reconsidering her earlier escape plan even before he mentioned this. “We’ll have to go further down; we need to be careful not to jar his back too much when we head back down the stairs.”

“Well, at least he’s immortal. He won’t stay paralyzed for long…” He stated, shrugging. “You know, if Kabops used Water Gun and someone used an Ice Type technique, we could turn the stairs into a slide. It’d be faster and wouldn’t jerk his back around too much if done well. As much of a clown the Kabutops is,” Kabops saluted and smacked himself with his scythe, “he is still Shadow’s Pokémon. There’s no way he’d let him be poorly trained. And your Pokémon…They seem very strong, although the excessive shiny count is a little annoying.”

Shira raised an eyebrow. “What; you jealous?” She questioned; a teasing note to her voice.

The hedgehog snorted. “I’m lucky – for the most part – and even I’m not that lucky. Seriously, I’m willing to bet the other three Pokémon you most likely have are also shiny. The odds of one are really rare, and to have a full party of them…Geez, girl, who is your boyfriend?”

The cat flicked her tail, a mischievous look in her eyes. “I don’t have a boyfriend, but I’m willing to negotiate for one.” She stated slyly, giving Sonic a look he knew all too well.

By Chaos…She’s flirting with me! In a time like this…When I look like a monster and steadily lose my mind to the poison…Yet she still wants to date me? I don’t know if I should be flattered or frightened. “Um, appreciate the offer, but there are a few problems with that logic. I’m not easy to get, Amy will kill you, I’m a Shadow User, and…Really, you’re hitting on me now of all times?”

She snickered. “Admit it; you walked right into that one.”

“Maybe, but is now really the time? And besides…What makes you think I’d date you over all the other women – and risk getting slaughtered by a certain psychopathic pink hedgehog?” Sonic countered, although he was intrigued by her…Well, she certainly had guts, he had to give her that.

Before the other could deliver a reply, Touza cut in on their conversation. <I do believe we should get going soon.> She stated, annoyed at how easygoing her trainer was with Sonic’s condition.

Sonic sighed. “You heard her. Guess I’ll have to wait for your response.” <Besides, I think Touza is just waiting to gut me like a fish. Call it a hunch…> “So, about the ice slide idea to get down quickly…”

She nodded in agreement to his statement although she would have raised an eyebrow to his added telepathy if she could, and after the Pidgeot and Absol had been recalled to their Poké Balls, they began moving back towards the stairs they had come up before.

“Hey, Kabops, can you use Water Gun for a minute or so nonstop?” He received an affirmative. “All right. Touza, can you use Ice Beam? Otherwise we’re going to have to lug Shadow down the hard way.” He stated, although he didn’t actually look at the Floatzel. He didn’t feel like provoking a fight at the moment.

Touza snorted, stating she could. Kabops unleashed a Water Gun down the stairs, which was promptly frozen over by the Ice Beam, smooth as glass even at the bottom. Taking the hint, Shira sat down, pushing herself down the makeshift slide – and admittedly having some fun – to wait at the bottom while Sonic, holding the rear of the stretcher, came down second while carefully guiding Shadow along. While Kabops and Touza had no problem coming down after them, Flaym was more hesitant, slipping on the ice and tumbling.

This led to Sonic laughing very hard. “Wow, you are no ice skater!” He ducked an Ember attack, snickering. “Heh, that put me in a better mood.” He glanced at the others. “Well, we just have to keep that up until the bottom. You up for it?”

Shira nodded. “Yeah. We need to move quickly though; I can sense something happening outside.”

While Kabops and Touza froze the stairs, he nodded. “Quick? You’re talking to Sonic the Hedgehog. It’s what I do best. Now,” he did a bow, grinning, “ladies first.” He had extended his hand to help her and further the gentleman vibe he had going on at the moment, although it was all in good humor. The glare he received from the Floatzel did not go unnoticed, but he ignored it as was his custom.

Upon reaching the bottom floor which was, thankfully, not flooded, the hedgehog grabbed a chair that had been knocked over and sat on it, although he made sure there was another chair for Shira to sit on if she wanted. At that point, his shadow shifted as he used Shadow Sneak, and it came up to his arms. As the cat watched, it formed into an oval that was dented in the middle and hollow with a long neck, complete with strings. The guitar was still connected to the ground, as it was a variation of Shadow Sneak and thus required a shadow to remain in use. The hedgehog began to tune it, although he was grinning inwardly at Shira’s amazed expression.

After a few minutes, however, she raised an eyebrow. “You sure doing that won’t cause your condition to take over more easily?”

“Well,” Sonic stated, strumming the instrument which produced a light note despite its dark creation, “it does. I think. Maybe? I don’t really know.” He grinned sheepishly. “Using the aggression well and getting used to using the attacks does also. But I’m not necessarily using it attack, more like a harmless pastime. When the pain is too much and I can’t run as long as I want to, I do this instead. It helps me keep my sanity in that regard. Sui doesn’t know about it – I was saving it for a surprise. Flaym was the only one who knew…Although now you do as well.” He struck a few notes, seemingly pleased with the result. “Finally tuned this thing. That’s the worst with any guitar, and I create this one from scratch every single time.”

“I don’t know if you should do that if it’s possible that it’ll speed up your corruption, though. From what you’ve mentioned about Raikou, you seem to have gone berserk at least once already.” She said before glancing outside the broken windows at the storm raging just beyond their shelter.

“It doesn’t speed it up, that much I know. I think it’s the fact you get used to it, and when you are used to something it’s easier to slip by and take control.” Sonic stated before growling a little. “Raikou attacked me first. He broke my neck! Then he outran me,” there was a noticeable tone of bitterness, “and pinned me down. I bit him because it was the only thing I could do and I didn’t want to die. Tasted blood, and…Well, everything was history. I still saved Sui, though, although I promptly got cleaved in half by the jerk.” He stated, snorting.

Shira sighed before making her reply. “Looks like there are many benefits to being a Shadow User if you’re still alive after that. The price wouldn’t be worth it though.” She finished with a shake of her head.

“Near instant healing, really hard to kill, and the ability to make guitars out of shadows are good benefits. The constant pain, soul collapse, the fact I no longer bleed, and the berserk factor aren’t.” Sonic stated, striking a little tune. “When you can’t even control yourself…That’s a real problem, and I’ll admit it scares me.”

She was thoughtful for a few moments. “...It’s been proven that Pokémon aren’t exempt from the mood-altering effects of the poison as evidenced by Kyogre and Groudon’s rampage right now. I have to wonder if Raikou would have tried to kill you under normal circumstances.” She was silent before continuing. “What did it feel like to go berserk like that?”

“Maybe…” Sonic stated, before thinking on her question as he stopped his light-hearted music playing. “What did it feel like…? Absolute hell. My memory is still a bit fragmented, but I recall watching as my body did all these acts that I had no desire, yet every desire, to do. It was like seeing the world in red – wanting to kill and finding it to be enjoyable at the same time with a fire raging inside your body. And blood…It is like a drug to a Shadow Pokémon or Shadow User. I guess you could say it makes them high, more empowered…” He zoned off, thinking. “The basic instinct is to kill, like I said. But when you are in pain like I am or those two big brutes outside, it is undermined a little bit by the desire to get rid of the pain. Still dangerous, but not nearly as much as one that’s soul has completely collapsed…Because without that, there is no pain so thinking and plotting comes more clearly.” He stated slowly, allowing his words to sink in.

Shira nodded. “I met Iyoku and Nazo in the Sevii Islands a month or two ago; Iyoku had said that was how the Shadow Pokémon from his time period acted. Their souls were collapsed so there was nothing but bloodlust left.”

The hedgehog nodded. “Yeah, that sounds about right. If the collapse isn’t stopped…I’ll turn out just like that.” He added ominously, before grinning. “But let’s not worry about that until it actually happens. Any song requests?” He strummed a little, winking. “I can try to recreate it if I’ve heard it.”

The cat glanced away, feeling a small amount of warmth flood her cheeks. “No, not really.”

Sonic shrugged, not noticing – or pretending not to notice – her slight blush. “Well then, I’ll just strum along whatever I can think of. We need to pass the time somehow, and maybe hearing music will wake up Mr. Grumpy over there.” He mused, flicking an ear in Shadow’s direction before he began to play. He didn’t play a hard melody like he often did; instead he opted for a softer, slower tune that would help put the others at ease despite the howling wind outside.

However, after noticing her trainer’s slight blush, Touza gave a glare at the blue hedgehog, although this time it was followed up by a telepathic remark. <I suggest you stop acting that way towards her unless you want an Ice Beam to the face.> She growled.

Sonic blinked, but kept his focus. <Acting what way? I’m acting the way I always do. I can’t stop how she interprets it. You’ve had a problem with me since I arrived…This is just your excuse to yell at me.> He strummed along, noticing Shira – and many of the others – had closed their eyes to listen fully. <Besides…You try to attack me, I can guarantee a reprimand from your trainer. Not to mention it’s a bit harder to hit me than you think. Good luck, pal, ‘cause you’re going to need it.>

She gave a mental snort. <I wouldn’t be talking, seeing as how you’ve been putting everyone in worse danger by using your abilities carelessly.> The Floatzel retorted bitterly.

The hedgehog missed a key, but the others didn’t seem to notice. <Oh yeah, using one ability to help take my attention away from the maddening pain is careless. Not to mention I’m the hero, AND I’ve lasted so long with a sane mind. You have no idea how hard that is, and I’m tempted to let the pain come through the link so you can feel just how bad it is.> He shot back, a tint of anger in his voice.

<You didn’t keep your sanity if you went berserk when you fought Raikou.>

Another note missed. <You try keeping your sanity when you have a five hundred pound electric tiger killing you and see how well you do, you overgrown weasel.> He shot back, clearly annoyed as he attempted to stay to the beat he had created. The others were blissfully unaware of the mental tug-o-war that was going on between the two; that changed when she launched an Ice Beam at the blue hedgehog, who reacted by throwing up his guitar which absorbed the attack before shattering.

“That is IT! I’ve had it up to HERE with you, Touza!” Sonic spat, having knocked his chair back and startling the others. “I’ll tell you what, princess, if you can last five minutes in a battle with me, I’ll leave without complaint. But if I win, you’ll leave me alone. Got it?” He hissed, folding his arms as he watched through narrowed eyes.

<Tch, fine.> The Floatzel growled in reply as Sonic made his way to the blown out doors. Although, once they were both outside, she gave him little to no warning before shooting off another Ice Beam. The hedgehog stepped to the side, allowing the attack to pass by and freeze a section of building behind him. Rolling his eyes at her lack of subtlety, he launched a Focus Blast in her direction to which she dodged with an Aqua Jet, pulling around to ram him. To her surprise, his form shifted as it disappeared into darkness.

In the next instant not only did she get rammed by the Faint Attack, but a barrage of lightning fast punches smashed into her body from a well-timed Comet Punch. A Double Kick sent her falling to the ground as he landed nearby, his aura becoming stronger as he made use of Bulk Up. “Come on! At least make this a challenge. We aren’t even at one minute yet!”

This time using Agility as well as Quick Attack and Aqua Jet, Touza was able to charge at her opponent before feinting to the side to dodge an Air Slash; as that happened, she sank her jaws into one of his arms as they glinted with the tell-tale sheen of Ice Fang.

Thanks to the boost provided from Bulk Up, Sonic barely felt the attack. “…That’s it?” He stated with a bored tone, much to Touza’s surprise. The hedgehog’s fist lit up with a soft blue to white color before he slammed the Focus Punch into her cheek, dislodging her grip as his wounds quickly healed. Making use of his own Agility, the Floatzel received another attack to the head. This time, it was the slightly weaker Dynamic Punch attack that he hit her with, although there was a reason he chose the technique.

The result became apparent when, as Touza struggled to her feet, she swayed around disorientedly, her eyes glazed over slightly from the confusion that had resulted thanks to the attack the corrupted blue hedgehog had used. However, she was still somehow able to fire off a Water Pulse without damaging herself in the process.

It was poorly aimed, missing the hedgehog by several feet. “Tsk tsk. At the one minute mark, and already weak. This wasn’t a challenge at all.” Sonic stated, forming a Focus Blast and launching it at the Floatzel, knocking her over once more. “Can you at least try, Touza? This is really boring.” To emphasis, he yawned, although his eyes never left his quarry.
The Fighting Type move – and perhaps his remark – seemed to bring the Water Type back to her senses quite quickly. After scattering by using Double Team, she opened her jaws as a torrent of boiling hot water shot forth in the form of a Scald attack.

Throwing his arms up, he summoned a powerful Air Cutter which redirected the attack back at her, which was dodged easily by the Floatzel. From her mouth she spat poisonous fluid which forced the hedgehog to dodge to the side as the wind suddenly shifted and filled with energy. The Ominous Wind, strengthened from the current environment, howled down and sped up between the buildings before smashing into Touza and sending her backwards. It was risky for him to use, but the payoff was worth it, especially when he didn’t get the boost of energy. There was no way for him to work it off anymore, after all.

Despite the fact that she had been winded by the attack, the shiny Floatzel was able to get back to her feet rather quickly thanks to her Swift Swim ability, although it was clear that the attacks launched upon her were beginning to take their toll. Of course, the Ominous Wind also having sent her into one of the ruined buildings didn’t help either. Dust was still roiling about the area she had careened into, and she knew she had to move quickly as the smokescreen wouldn’t last long in the rain.

Watching the dust cloud carefully, Sonic’s senses warned him that something was amiss, and as his eyes caught movement of the Water Type’s pelt, he dodged to the side while she lunged at him with an Aqua Jet. However, she wasn’t deterred easily and circled around quickly in an attempt to hit him again. Her speed was no match for his though, and he launched another Comet Punch in her direction – only to have his opponent’s body vanish in a haze of purple smoke. Turning around, he saw the real Floatzel hurtling towards him; her body alight in purple light with orange highlights.

He had no time to dodge the Giga Impact which slammed into him full force, knocking air from his lungs and pushing him into a building in a similar manner he had just done to Touza. As she stalled from the attack, she grinned as there was no movement and thought she had won. The smile quickly disappeared when the hedgehog emerged from the building, the wounds he had received knitting together even as she watched.

“You went full power? Now it’s my turn.” The hedgehog disappeared as he used Faint Attack once more, smashing into Touza and making her stumble backwards where his fist connected with her jaw in a Sky Uppercut. Following her, he threw a kick from the knee, the Hi Jump Kick connecting and sending her to the earth. Before she could get up he hit her with a Rollout, grinding her into the cracked cement before he uncurled and struck her with multiple Comet Punches.

As the last blow, his body sheathed itself in brown as Touza, to her horror, realized what he was going to use. “Four minutes, twenty-six seconds. You didn’t make it to the five minute mark, which means I get to stay.” He smashed his fists into her chest as the Superpower, which like the previous attacks was still powered up from the Bulk Up, fully formed and coursed through her body, making the Floatzel utter a shrill shriek and sending up debris.

When the smoke cleared, she was barely conscious as he walked back towards the building.

It was completely silent for a few seconds before Shira swiftly ran out of the blown out doors towards the downed Pokémon, although as she passed by Sonic, she gave him a glare that would have killed him if the saying was true. Upon reaching the Water Type, her hands took on a teal glow as she briefly healed what injuries she could before returning Touza to her Poké Ball, intent on getting to a Pokémon Center to treat the remaining injuries.

Sonic ignored the look, instead focusing his attention on Shadow as he approached. Squatting down to be closer, he carefully examined the hedgehog. His wounds seemed to have finally stopped bleeding, and his breathing remained stable. Pressing a finger against his neck, he once more checked his pulse, noting that it had strengthened slightly since he last did so. So two good things have happened...I got an annoying rat out of my fur, yet he felt a stab of guilt, and Shadow’s getting a little stronger. Not bad...
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Seventy-Seven Up!

As he did that, Shira turned around; giving him the same glare she had before. “Why the hell did you do that? You could have killed her!” She snapped.

The hedgehog bristled slightly, but didn’t dare look at her. “I wouldn’t have killed her. I do still have some restraint, you know. Besides, she started the fight by threatening me and doing whatever she could to make me feel like a monster. I got fed up with how she was treating me. You don’t just go around, threatening to freeze someone solid or provoking them! In my state...I don’t take kindly to being treated like something I’m not!” He snapped back, although he kept his gaze on Shadow. At least he wasn’t judging him right now.

“That doesn’t give you the right to do what you did,” she stated flatly before continuing, “and even if she did say things like that, you could have let me know and I would have recalled her to her Poké Ball.”

“I didn’t get the chance. She shot an Ice Beam at me before I could, and that was crossing the line. Call me what you want, but when you actually attack me...” He shook his head, growling. “I’m not too fond of it. I’ve changed, yes, but I don’t need someone pointing out the flaws of it.” He turned to look at Shira, standing up. “Besides, I left her alive. I could have easily stopped punching and started slicing, giving her the same fate I have, but I didn’t. I’m not a killer, and I think that proves it.”

She snorted. “Apparently, you do need someone to point out the flaws because you’d lose yourself too easily if you didn’t.”

“You don’t think I don’t know what’s going on? Try imagining yourself on fire, with no way to put it out, and the pain just keeps getting worse. Burning alive! I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I have no way to escape the agony! Do you realize how hard it is to live like that? To look into a lake and see the reflection of what you are becoming? It’s not easy!” Sonic snapped back, bristling. “Two reasons why I haven’t gone crazy...One is that it wouldn’t get anything done, and the second is that I made a promise to Sui I wouldn’t succumb. I have no intention of breaking that promise.” He stated, turning away and crossing his arms. Of course, if things aren’t fixed...I won’t have much of a choice in the matter.

Her eyes narrowed. “Considering the way you’re acting and what you did to Touza, that won’t be far off. If you don’t watch your step, you won’t be able to keep that promise.

Without thought, the hedgehog spun around, claw outstretched. It slid neatly through the cat’s cheek with sickening ease before it finally stopped, although Sonic stared dumbfounded at what he had just done. In fact, they both stared at each other in shock, neither moving nor breathing very much. “...Oh my god...Shira...I’m...” Blood lust had been replaced by sheer shock, and even though he could see it dripping from her cheek, he felt nothing. He was too captivated by her wide, frightened eyes to take notice. “By Chaos...I’m sorry...I’m so sorry...I didn’t mean to hurt you...I...God...”

Sonic shrieked as his arm shattered, leading the hedgehog to grab at where his limb used to be as if to stop blood from pouring out. While they could not know it, he was actually trying to prevent them from seeing that he bled shadows instead, which would give more proof that he was a “monster”, something Touza would no doubt take advantage of. “Please...” He backed off slowly, head hung low in an effort to make himself as non-threatening as possible. “I’m sorry. This wasn’t supposed to happen. I’ll leave quietly...” Any fight, any anger he might possibly have had, was completely gone. He no longer had any desire to fight back.

However, the Floatzel gave a growl despite the blue hedgehog’s pleading look. <I suggest you show her that injury. If you don’t, then I will.>

The hedgehog blinked, shaking his head. “You lopped off my limb...What more is there to show?” Touza took a step forward as if her injuries were nonexistent, baring her fangs while Sonic took a resulting step backward. “...Fine...But I already told you...Shadow Users don’t bleed.” Gingerly he removed his hand, revealing the jagged black wound which seemed to leak copious amounts of what appeared to be black blood, although the “blood” quickly evaporated the moment it lost contact with his body.

The shiny Floatzel glanced back at her Trainer. <See? I told you he was a monster. Now you’ve got all the proof you need.>

Shira was silent for a few seconds before responding, although it was only to the Water Type. <...Even so, it’s not our place to kill him. We’ll have Mitsumae come after she and Suicune have taken care of Kyogre and Groudon. She can decide what action to take.>

While Touza didn’t seem too pleased about the other’s final thoughts on the matter, she knew better than to go against what her Trainer had suggested. Although, she had to admit it was surprising that Shira was still as neutral on the situation as she was, considering what had just happened.

Sonic growled upon hearing what Touza had, as she had made it audible to him on purpose. “I’m not a monster, at least, not a crazy one. You keep saying all that...If I was a monster, would I really be talking about the situation? Offering to leave? Not killing you? I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. I never wanted to hurt you,” he blinked, “well, I’ll admit I wanted to at least prove a point with you, Touza, but I never wanted to go so far. I’m sorry, all right?”

He gingerly looked down at his injury, clearly grimacing at the sight. “I don’t enjoy this. The anger problems, the blood lust...It isn’t fun. I can’t even eat my favourite food.” He shook his head, directing his attention to Shira. He focused on her eyes, drawing any possible attention to her wound away from it. “I lost my temper...And you paid for it. You won’t forgive me for what I did to Touza, I realize that and would never expect you to...But can you forgive me for that injury?” The hedgehog asked softly, his position one of submission.

The alternately-coloured Water Type had growled again. <If she wasn’t an Aura User, she would have been infected with the same s*** you have now; you really expect her t->

“That’s enough, Touza.” Shira said, the tint of annoyance to her tone effectively silencing the Floatzel. She redirected her attention to Sonic. “I believe it’s a little soon to be asking for forgiveness for something of that possible consequence. But, as I said to Touza, we’ll wait until Mitsumae and Suicune return from fending off Kyogre and Groudon before we decide what to do with you.”

“And I could have infected you, Touza, yet I didn’t.” He replied flatly. However, his ears pricked up on hearing that, and he took a step backward, becoming slightly defensive. “Hey, I’m not going to let someone kill me. Sure, it’ll be better than what’s happening now but...If you kill me, I won’t have a chance to last. If I can survive long enough, maybe I can get rid of this condition.” Sonic stated quickly before Touza could have a chance to cut him off. At the same time, however, he was well aware of the pain in his shoulder getting worse, but he wasn’t sure why.

The white feline was about to speak up again when they all noticed that the blue hedgehog’s injury had begun to radiate a small amount of black light. Before anyone could say anything, the luminescence intensified before extending and somehow becoming too bright – or perhaps dark – for them to look at. Once Shira’s Aura senses told her the negative energy had dissipated, her yellow eyes opened, and they all stared at the blue hedgehog’s reformed limb.

As for Sonic, who had closed his eyes and growled in pain as the procedure had occurred, he was not quite prepared for what he saw. Getting cut in half and having his body pull itself back together was one thing, but this was completely regenerating a limb within seconds. He flexed his hand, staring with the most dumbfounded expression one could ever possibly have intermingled with shock and, admittedly, fascination. He glanced up at the others, including his own Pokémon, and opened his mouth to speak. When no words came out, he simply shook his head and looked back down at his arm. For once, the talkative hedgehog had absolutely nothing to say.

Although, the growling he had emitted during the process hadn’t gone unnoticed by the shiny Water Type, and the liquid form of a Water Pulse formed and fired from her paws upon the thought that he may have gone berserk due to the regeneration of the lost limb. It smacked into him, pushing him back a foot or so before he managed to stop.

The air shimmered slightly in front of him before it accelerated, the Sonic Boom smacking Touza square in the chest. It was weak, but in her condition it felt much more powerful. “What the hell was that for?!” The hedgehog hissed, glaring at the Floatzel. “Why’d you attack me?!”

She returned the glare full strength as she replied. <I suggest you leave if you’re going to go berserk from that.> It was also noticeable that Shira was glaring at him as well, no doubt annoyed that he attacked someone who had already been injured a great deal.

“Berserk? I was just in pain you f****** moron!” The hedgehog snapped, snarling with teeth bared. “Stop thinking I’m going to lose my damn mind every minute, because I’m not! I’m Sonic the Hedgehog, or did you forget?!” He glanced at Shira. “You need to control your Pokemon, Shira. She’s really pissing me off!” He hissed, inching forward slowly to grab the tattered glove from where his lopped off arm had dissolved. He picked it up quickly, fumbling a bit in his haste before managing to get it on. The entire time, however, he was glaring daggers at Touza with a notable hatred that stemmed from the treatment he was receiving.

It was then that the feline spoke up again, (thankfully) before the Sea Weasel Pokémon could. “I can’t control her any more than I would be able to control you.” She retorted. “In case you didn’t notice, they are individuals.”

“Then she’s going to wind up dead if she keeps pushing me!” He snarled, obviously enraged about the situation. “The way I’ve been treated…Horrible! The moment she talked to me the first time I knew I was going to be in trouble. And look how this has gone!” He pointed at Touza with accusation. “There’s only so much s*** I can take before I do lose it, and you’re pushing me pretty damn close. I can guarantee you’ll be the first one I gut if I lose control!” Flaym warned him, but was silenced by a glare. “Don’t ‘Sonic’ me! You haven’t been doing a damn thing either!”

“...So you still think you’re ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’, do you? I doubt it. Last time I checked, he didn’t glare with hate or drop swears at everyone who spoke to him.” Came Shira’s flat remark.

Sonic blinked, shaking his head. “I’m Sonic the Hedgehog. The poison has affected me, but it’s still me! I’ve got patches of blue fur and the same smile!” He retorted. “I’m just pissed about Touza trying to kill me. I think anyone would be!” He stated, bristling a little at being accused of not being who he was. “You try being nice with this cursed stuff flowing through your veins!” The hedgehog challenged.

She snorted. “You may still have his name, but not much of the personality.”

He gritted his teeth, a low growl in his throat. “You...You accuse me of being someone different?” He looked positively furious. “I already told you! I’m Sonic the Hedgehog, and my personality is different because of this damn poison!” He tore into his arm, causing it to bleed darkness. “It’s the same stuff that makes me miserable but prevents me from dying! You think I’m happy being like this? DO YOU?!” Sonic roared, his voice echoing up the building even among the storm.

At this, the Floatzel glanced at Shira. <See? I told you he was a threat – and we can’t let him leave either; if he doesn’t care about mutilating himself like that, he won’t care about harming other people.> She finished, giving a pointed look to the bandaged injury on the feline’s cheek while she set up an Aqua Ring around herself to recover energy.

“We don’t know for sure that he’d be willing to do that.” Shira said in reply in an attempt to reason with the Water Type.

Touza gave her a look. <You said yourself that he’s not the same person he used to be anymore. The way I see it, there’s only one other option.>

The other was silent for several seconds before she finally spoke up, glancing at the blue hedgehog in the process. “...Sorry, but it seems she’s right. We won’t kill you though; we’ll leave that for Mitsumae and Suicune to decide.”

He backed up, spitting. “You can’t kill me, for one thing. And you honestly think I’m going to stick around for that? Call me a coward if you want, but I’m out of here! I don’t need any of this!” The hedgehog growled, turning and walking stiffly away and into the rain. He’d had quite enough of the situation, although he was secretly riddled with a sinking feeling of guilt.

However, it swiftly turned out to be the wrong move on his part, for Touza unleashed a wicked Blizzard attack from her jaws towards her opponent. The fact that it had also begun to hail didn’t help matters for Sonic either.

The hedgehog yelled out in pain, whirling around to glare with seething hatred. “LEAVE ME ALONE!” The air thickened with darkness as he launched an Ominous Wind towards Touza, the attack whistling from the ferocity of his fury. He went to take a step forward in its wake as it hit the Floatzel, but sudden pain wracked his frame as, for the second time in his life, the boost took effect. This time it was far worse, driving him to his knees as he shrieked and clawed at his skull from the torment. “I’LL KILL YOU FOR THIS TOUZA!”

The Floatzel twisted in the air and managed to land quite easily on her feet despite the intensity of the attack before shooting an Ice Beam at the immobilized hedgehog. It encased him in ice, but within a few seconds cracks began to appear before it shattered completely and he lunged forward at a fast pace. Sonic made a swift blow to her gut with a Focus Punch before, with a snarl, unleashed another Sky Uppercut which launched her into the air. His spines stiffened before he launched thin, purple needles from them, the Poison Sting impacting the Floatzel. Weak as it may be, its high potential to poison was the main threat to the already weakened Floatzel.

Righting herself in mid-air, a pinkish glow made itself visible around Touza before she lunged forward through use of Aqua Jet; with the speed backing her up, it was impossible for Sonic to dodge the Secret Power technique, and the Water Type slammed into him, dealing damage before darting away with Agility.

Knocked back, he slipped from the slick roads as notable sparks jumped off his body. They were not his doing, however, but rather the technique Touza had used which resulted in paralysis. He struggled to get up from the attack, his body not functioning correctly under the status effect. Clasping his hands together, a dark ball of energy began to form before he launched the Shadow Ball at the Floatzel before curling into a ball – Defense Curl – to bide time until the paralysis wore off.

Touza dodged the attack with ease before pausing, having noticed Sonic’s current position. Knowing he was waiting for the temporary paralysis to wear off, she knew the fight would have to end quickly. Darting towards the curled up blue hedgehog, she pulled a rather comical move for the situation and launched a Low Kick at him, sending her opponent flying like a soccer ball.

Had Sonic been in his right mind, he would have found the situation both hilarious and amusing. In this case, while the attack barely did anything nor did the bouncing off the buildings hurt, it still fuelled the fire of anger which was raging out of control. Upon contacting the ground, he began to spin before finally building up enough traction to shoot forward in a Rollout. When Touza dodged to the side, the hedgehog continued as the wet pavement prevented turning as he slammed into another building, demolishing a support beam before managing to come around as the attack intensified.

The Floatzel dodged once again using Aqua Jet, but this time a sphere of water formed at her paws, growing larger and larger as it did so. Finally, the Whirlpool attack having fully formed, she flung it at the blue hedgehog, knowing the water would impede his progress and possibly get him out of the Rollout attack so as to not remain a threat to the others.

He became trapped within it as the water hit him, slowing him down severely. The paralysis had worn off, but now a new pressing concern made itself known; he needed air. Uncurling, he tried to paddle upwards but just as when he had fallen into the ocean, the current prevented him from doing so successfully. Sharpening the wind currents, he hacked away at the attack with Air Cutter, demolishing it while he landed – and stumbled – unceremoniously on the ground gasping for breath.

It was then that the Floatzel darted forward, her twin tails aglow with the sheen of Iron Tail. The hedgehog froze on seeing the move, no doubt recalling how the technique had harmed him twice before. They came down swiftly and brutally as she twirled, slashing down his face and blinding him as pain shut down his mind, bringing him to his knees. Touza kicked him above the heart, sprawling him onto his back as she placed her foot squarely on his chest to pin him.

“Le...Let me go!” He hissed, each tail stopping an arm from moving. All he could do was glare through one eye – the other disabled from the Iron Tail – at the Floatzel. His snarl had not ceased nor had his fury. “Let me go RIGHT NOW!”

She snorted. <You know, considering my condition, it’s pretty pathetic how I’ve managed to knock you around so far. And I’m not about to let you up until you calm down.>

He narrowed his eyes. “I’m not going to let you KILL ME! You’re messing with the wrong person! I’m not the monster here!” He squirmed, his growl ending with a slight whimper. “I just want to leave and get away from all of this, but you wouldn’t let me! Just let me leave!”

She glared at him. <You’re not the monster? I’m inclined to think otherwise. You’re not even Sonic anymore; you certainly don’t act like him. I’d love to kill you, but unfortunately for me, Shira thinks otherwise.>

“What? I’m...I’m...” Was he really who he said he was anymore? His mannerisms had changed, he was more violent, and he was uncontrollable. He was a far cry from the happy, heroic hedgehog that ran with the wind. “I’m...Not Sonic...? I...I...HOW DARE YOU!” Sonic’s anger bubbled over as he suddenly shrieked, lunging forward as much as he could and clamping his jaws firmly on Touza’s leg. They sliced through her skin and muscle before connecting with bone where they stopped, allowing his tongue to dance with the taste of her blood.

A sickeningly dark Aura erupted around his frame.

...They dun goof'd.

Also, the first half of this chapter is exactly 20,000 characters long, the limit for each post |D
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Seventy-Eight Up!

Late chapter is late X.x

Chapter Seventy-Nine

Touza was paralyzed from the fear as she stared into the red eyes of the hedgehog. Having lost her concentration and control of her body, he easily freed his arms as his wounds rapidly healed. Sonic’s claws glowed black before he lashed at her stomach with Night Slash, drawing more blood and causing her to stumble backwards which released his legs. He jumped forward, smashing his skull into hers and knocking the Floatzel down before he raised his hand to deliver the final blow.

It never came as the Water Type was engulfed by a red light, her Trainer having recalled her to her Poké Ball after getting over her initial shock. As such, Sonic’s hand smashed down into the concrete, leaving a nicely-sized crater where he had intended to attack.

Attention drawn to the cat, he darted forward to hit Shira, closing the gap within seconds. Before he could succeed, the mottled hedgehog was suddenly slammed by something, sending him flipping backwards as a low growl erupted from his mouth. The area around him inverted color and time slowed to a crawl while the black hedgehog, heavily favouring one leg over the other, glanced back at Shira.

“Are you...Are you all right?” His Chaos Control would last for a minute, although by now Flaym and Kabops stood beside him to aid in combat. “I woke up when I sensed a dark presence nearby.” He glanced back at her. “The energy signature is familiar, but heavily twisted by darkness. Given what the creature looks like...That’s Sonic, isn’t it?”

She gave a nod. “I doubt he’s still there anymore; he nearly killed Touza, and would’ve done so if I hadn’t recalled her.” ...Granted, I have to wonder what she said to him to make him act like that to begin with, but now is not the time for that.

At this, Shadow shook his head. “Sonic is too strong for that. Have you not used your Aura Sight? I can still sense his normal, untainted energy within the darkness that has consumed him. If he was gone, none of it would be left.” He stated easily, wincing as he felt his ribs. “We have to wear him down enough for him to regain control. It is the only option.” He glanced at the two beside him. “Stay out of it. I’ll handle this fight.” Kabops protested, but a stern look from his Trainer silenced him as they backed off. “We must have faith in his will and good heart, Shira. Sonic will prevail over the darkness, but we must help him to do it!”

Shira paused before agreeing. “I don’t have many offensive skills though; the only attack I could use to wear him down is Aura Sphere. My forte is healing, not battle.” She remarked as her pupils took on a teal glow; evidence that the aforementioned Aura Sight was being used.

And yet I still feel like crap despite her healing... “It may be better if you stay out of it then. I am not in the best of condition, however. That is why these two will stay out of it, in case I am defeated.” He placed weight on his splinted leg, hissing as energy gathered around his other foot which he had raised. “I hope to end this quickly. Neither I nor Sonic can afford to waste time on this matter.”

The Chaos Control abruptly wore off, the corrupted hedgehog returning to normal speed. Before he could act, Shadow slammed his foot down on the ground, sending a spiking energy wave that snaked along the ground towards Sonic. The red energy smacked him square in the chest, knocking him backward and into the ground. Shadow limped out of the building to better draw his attention away, and when Sonic quickly attacked after the Chaos Quake, it became evident it had worked when he completely ignored the others to focus on the Ultimate Life Form.

The white feline observed the situation for a moment, knowing that the biggest issue would be Sonic’s speed thanks to the fact that Shadow had been so heavily injured. Taking a different Poké Ball out of her jacket pocket, she released her shiny Absol; upon quickly explaining the situation to Tensai, the Dark Type agreed to use what few long-distance attacks she knew, and so launched a Thunder Wave at the corrupted blue hedgehog.

Having been caught at the beginning of a run, the hedgehog’s legs seized up and forced him to topple over. Shadow took the opportunity to attack, focusing as energy formed around his hands as the familiar shape of Chaos Claw appeared, although this time blue as he used Positive Chaos Energy; it would be better defensively and also would be less likely to outright destroy his opponent, the perfect move to wear the enemy down. The black hedgehog did seem moderately surprised he had even been able to form the attack outside of his Biodragon Form, however.

Launching forward, he brought one claw down first on Sonic’s head and then raked the other up his stomach, earning a shrill hiss from the person in question. Sonic lashed out with a Night Slash which the hedgehog blocked, retaliating by smashing his skull into his opponent’s. Clasping his hands together, electricity formed before he shot the Electro Ball at Sonic, striking him into a building.

As it was, the memories of the same move that Raikou used had come flooding back, sending Sonic into an even more berserk state than he was before. A red Aura appeared around him as Rage took effect, and lunging forward surprisingly fast despite the paralysis, he scraped his claws against the ground to sharpen them. He vanished in an instant, reappearing behind Shadow as his hands turned purple.

The Cross Poison, plus the Faint Attack, Rage, and Hone Claws behind it, sliced down Shadow’s back with far more ease than should be possible. With more blood spilled, it seemed to send the hedgehog further into the frenzy he was currently in as he began to hack away at whatever part of Shadow he could, going so far as to pin him with his fangs buried deeply in his shoulder; the dark energy around his jaws signified that unfortunately for Shadow, he had opted for the more powerful Crunch technique over a mere Bite.

Several small blue flames enveloped parts of Sonic’s body before he was forced to let go, the Will-o-Wisp attack from Tensai having caused a burn. As such, he wouldn’t be able to attack at full power. Enraged at this, he turned his attention to Tensai, attacking her while Shadow struggled to get up. He focused on the blue hedgehog despite his injuries and blood loss, and as Tensai dodged a Poison Jab, the sky suddenly lit up as a massive bolt of lightning struck the Shadow User, causing him to wail in pain.

“I’m glad...I don’t know how I used Thunder, but I did.” Shadow huffed. Placing his hands together, the Chaos Claws changed shape, appearing more reminiscent of a sword with the same blue hue. “I grow tired of this game!” Sonic was glaring at him with hateful eyes, the black hedgehog’s blood coating his mouth. He appeared to have grown cautious despite the agony his body and soul were in, and Shadow knew he needed to send him into a rage to get more hits. “Come and get me,” a small grin exposed his own set of fangs as he recalled something that had enraged Sonic in the past, “faker!”

Roaring out in fury, Sonic lunged forward, clashing his claws against the weapon Shadow now wielded. Each time he did so he received a shock of Chaos Energy, but he was beyond feeling the pain as he tried to break the weapon. Shadow blocked each blow easily, well aware of a Shadow Sneak wrapping around his leg. He’s going to try that trick, huh? Well then...

Sonic ducked away just as the attack strengthened, pulling Shadow’s leg out from beneath him. As he hit the ground, he grabbed the tendril that had felled him, discharging electricity through the use of Thundershock which shot straight through the solid shadows and into the hedgehog, causing him to not only release his grip but lose concentration altogether. This allowed Shadow’s thrown weapon – which was quickly dissipating from loss of contact – to collide with his body and burst into sparks of more energy, causing him to stumble.

It was then that the black hedgehog received a telepathic warning from Shira to cover his ears, having noticed that she had done the same. After this, Tensai’s jaws opened yet again, but instead of an Ice Beam or Thunderbolt, a horrid screeching noise flew forth from her maw in the form of Perish Song. While those who had their sense of hearing blocked off enough to avoid hearing it escaped the consequences of the technique, to Sonic it seemed like everything around him had inverted colour, the energy draining steadily from his body as the Normal Type move did its damage.

However, the shiny Absol wasn’t able to keep it up for more than a minute – which was, fortunately, all they needed – before she was forced to stop and was recalled to her Poké Ball, the move having done its damage to her as well.

Snarling, Sonic struggled to right himself, his body sluggish from the damage it had sustained and the energy loss. Shadow launched a volley of Chaos Spears, the red arrows smashing into the hedgehog and sending him reeling while, to the Ultimate Life Form’s surprise, leaving large dents in the ground where each had missed.

Before any could act, Flaym suddenly darted forward – having avoided Perish Song by focusing inwardly so intensely the outside world became muted to him – his horn spinning. Sonic had no chance as his own Pokémon came upon him, the horn smacking into his forehead to rend flesh and pierce bone before entering into the brain itself. Flaym had enough sense to stop the Horn Drill before scrambling the valuable organ, but now stood staring straight into his Trainer’s eyes.

Sonic had tried to lift his arms to claw at the Rapidash, but found he was unable to do so from both weakness and the fact his brain was damaged. The unicorn’s eyes lit up with a soft purple hue that the hedgehog’s own eyes imitated, straying to the swaying mane of dancing fire that flowed behind Flaym’s head before a final snarl escaped his mouth as he succumbed to the Hypnosis. Flaym gingerly lowered his head to free his horn and to not knock Sonic around too much, although in the induced sleep he would not wake up for a good half-hour or so if not attacked.

“Where’s Kabops?” Shadow asked, having limped over to the Rapidash, carefully watching Sonic. His own wounds were bleeding heavily, forcing him to using one of Flaym’s legs to brace himself so he wouldn’t fall over. He followed the Pokémon’s eyes over to where the Kabutops lay on his back sprawled out, one foot twitching in the air and the disoriented thought of “yummy yummy fishies” floating into the minds of those around him. “...Well that answers one question...” He stated, rolling his eyes.

Shira raised an eyebrow at his statement as she walked forward before speaking up, though she stayed a good distance away from the unconscious hedgehog. “You’ll need to get bandaged up as quickly as possible. Since the injuries were dealt by someone who was contaminated with negative energy, I won’t be able to do anything to heal them. Not unless you want them to cause the same pain as they are now for the rest of your life, anyways.”

Shadow nodded slightly, the motion itself enough to make him dizzy. “Flaym, get him out of the rain. It won’t help him in his internal struggle.” The Rapidash dipped his head in acknowledgement, the x-shaped scar on his chest warping from the light of his mane. While he did that, Shadow limped over to where the cat was, accepting her aid as he leaned on her shoulder to get to shelter. His eyes, slightly clouded from the severe blood loss, looked at Shira. “Were you scared?”

“...Yeah. I mean, who wouldn’t be?” She questioned before continuing. “Although, Sonic was mentioning something about Touza insulting him earlier, while you were still out. I’ll have to talk to her about that.”

“Mmm. Mitsumae mentioned we would see the personality change when Sonic showed up. I am guessing it was quite drastic, based on what I heard before I got knocked out.” He stated, sighing. “I asked you, Shira, because I was curious if you were afraid for others. I would like you to name those you were scared for.”

“He definitely had a shorter temper; that much is for sure.” She remarked before answering his earlier question after a bit of thought. “...I suppose I was most afraid for you, before Sonic and I had managed to get you out of that building after dressing your injuries, and then Touza when she was fighting Sonic.”

Shadow nodded slowly. “What about Sonic? Aren’t you afraid for him?”

Shira shook her head. “I was. At least, until he willingly bit Touza when letting the darkness take over.”

The hedgehog sighed softly. “If he bit her, he had a reason for doing so. You honestly think he would let darkness consume him? From what I’ve learned from my friend and observations, the poison is very painful. It is nothing compared to any pain you have ever been through. Now that I have pieced together how Sonic got the poison...He shouldn’t be sane anymore.” Shadow stated, sitting down inside the ruined building. “He is still in there, but his body has become a prison. Imagine being unable to control what you do, turning into a creature you hate. Sonic saw Suicune become that and saved her...But in doing so, doomed himself to the same fate. If you think you were terrified seeing Sonic, imagine how he feels, Shira.”

The cat was silent for several moments, thinking about what Shadow had said before an idea came to her. “...Well if he really has no control over his body anymore, we’ll need to immobilize him so he doesn’t attack when he wakes up. Even if he’s snapped out of it by that time, he may still attack on reflex.”

Shadow glanced at Flaym who had dragged Sonic into the building, although he was a notable distance away. “Flaym...Find steel cables or wiring. I’m sure you can understand why we need them.” The Rapidash nodded slowly, trotting off to search the building and those around it. “Shira, believe me when I say he has no control. When I flew into a rage with Ron, I lost control. The negativity took a good intention and twisted it into a terrible one. I am rather low in terms of corruption – imagine how powerful it must be for Sonic. He needs all the support he can get in this time.” He winced as, in the process of bandaging his back, Shira had to wrap the tissue around his chest and had unwittingly touched where a broken rib was. It was only now he realized just how much pain he was in and how difficult it was to breathe.

“I suppose. Although I think that, when he returns to his right mind, he’ll be mortified with what’s happened since he apparently had to watch it happen, according to what you’re saying.” However, having noticed the black hedgehog’s motion when she was bandaging his back, she made an effort to be slightly more careful, though the effectiveness would remain to be seen considering how many bones he had broken.

“Undoubtedly he will, although I am unsure how his memory will be impacted by the change.” He closed his eyes as a wave of dizziness swept over him. “What a rotten time for him to lose it. If I was in better condition I would have done far better in combat.” He stated, sighing.

Making no comment, Shira continued to disinfect and bandage the injury on Shadow’s back; though when she noticed that the last attack Sonic had used on him had cut down to his spine – even damaging it slightly – she was surprised the black hedgehog was still conscious.
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Seventy-Eight Up!

It was at this time Flaym came back, dragging a few rubbery wires in his mouth and making it quite clear it was distasteful to do so. <I cut these down. They should do a good job, as rubber is very strong and bends rather than break. If we bind him tightly, he will not be able to escape.> He stated. <One of you will have to do it, however. I cannot tie with my hooves.>

“I will do it, and then I am going to have a nice long nap.” Shadow stated dryly. “Put them down next to him and I will be there in a moment, just as soon as Shira finishes tending to my-” he hissed as the disinfectant seemed to hit a very tender area and in reaction jumped forward, although his remaining leg simply couldn’t support him due to exhaustion and collapsed. This knocked his chest and the fragile ribs within, and the hedgehog suddenly found himself unable to draw in any air whatsoever.

Before his brain could fully register the situation and start panicking, he heard Uxie’s voice enter his mind. <Just keep calm; you are able to have a proper substitute for breathing by focusing on your Aura.>

<My Aura? I’m not an Aura User.>

<No, but you use Aura to survive even when breathing or to start launching an attack. It is energy...When you run low on Aura, you become tired. When you have too much, you become hyper. Aura Users turn their energy into an actual attack, but many others, even Chaos Users, use it to simply survive. Even Chaos has Aura. Chaos Energy adds power to an attack for others, but is processed into the energy of the attack and loses its signature. The signature Aura when you launch an attack is lost in a similar way. It is balance; Aura is the energy while Chaos is the power behind it. Together they form the core behind any attack.>

The hedgehog shuddered as he tried to focus, but his eyesight was already starting to blur. <Well, that explains quite a bit actually. I’m having trouble focusing...How the hell do you fight doing this? I’m going to pass out!>

<You will become better with practise.> The Legendary stated, before falling silent.

<Joy...> He snarled to himself, focusing on his Aura. He heard Shira moving behind him, and wasn’t quite sure what she was going to do when suddenly he found himself being yanked backwards to a sitting position. He turned his head to glare at her, having realized she had pulled on his quills to get him up. <What was that for?!> He suddenly realized that, while the desire to breathe was still burning in his chest, it had almost felt like something had “clicked”. His vision had returned to normal, which in general was a good sign, although he made sure to keep focusing on his Aura. He was afraid that if he didn’t stay focused, he would start trying to breathe again. With his ribs in the state they were, it wouldn’t end well.

“Well what’d you expect me to do? Your lungs were being crushed, and due to your broken ribs and injured back, I couldn’t pull you up that way.” She remarked. “If you’re wondering, it was Kabops’ idea.”

He glanced at the Kabutops who was still twitching and babbling about fish, raising an eyebrow. <Really.> He stated, shaking his head before stumbling to his feet. <Sorry about jumping away; the disinfectant hit a really sensitive area on my back. Are you almost done with treating my wounds?>

The white feline gave a nod. “Yes, they’re almost done. It shouldn’t be too much longer. I should be able to heal your broken leg at least, since it’s been set straight again. I don’t know if it’s a good idea to do that for the ribs; something might go wrong because of their small size.”

<All right. My ribs will heal on their own, so don’t worry about them.> He stated, shrugging. <Regardless, they aren’t causing any problems for me anymore. Despite the overwhelming desire to breathe, an immortal’s ability of not needing oxygen is actually quite useful...Even though this is my first time.>

She raised an eyebrow. “So I take it you’re not breathing right now?” At his affirmative, Shira seemed a little surprised. “How is that even possible?”

<As my Legendary friend told me, Gods and Legendaries can focus on their Aura and use that to survive. They don’t need to breathe, it just helps with rejuvenating Aura and feeling good, I think. If immortals could die from suffocation, we would not be around anymore. I’m not sure if Nazo can perform the same feat given his abilities, but maybe he can. I will have to test him. At the very least it will be humorous if he cannot.>

“Interesting...But Nazo’s alive? I thought you had gone to kill him?”

<I never intended to kill him if possible. When Iyoku discovered what had happened to Nazo and what turned him against the world, we knew he was being controlled. We were right...Although he stood no chance against Mitsumae. I nearly died myself, but...There is more to being a Chaos User than thought. Aura Users have Jinsei Purge, we have something entirely else. Long story short, Iyoku is with Nazo, Clint, and Sear. Nazo will have to face his crimes, but something tells me he will agree to it. There is good in him...He just needs the proper influence.> He stated as Shira finished bandaging his wounds.

“I see.” She paused as she backed away before walking around to his leg after he’d straightened it out onto the ground with some minor difficulty. “What was that energy signature earlier? It was powerful enough for me to sense it from wherever you had gone to.” Her hands took on the characteristic teal glow of her Aura before she placed them over the injury, the bone beginning to heal as she did so.

At this, Shadow actually gave a slightly sheepish grin. <Ah, that would have been me...> He noticed her shocked reaction. <As I was dying, Mitsumae knocked the Inhibitor Rings off me. I had never taken them off in my Biodragon Form. It was very painful...I became a creature reminiscent of Perfect Chaos. I will have to ask my friend more about it, but the power it afforded...I could not control it and shortly went berserk. But since that has happened...> He was looking at his hands. <I have felt different. I was able to use Chaos Claw without being a dragon, and my attacks are far more powerful; enough for them to leave dents where they would just scratch before. I am somewhat unsettled by the change, which was brought about only an hour or so ago now that I think about it...>

“Well it’s obvious that it’s given you stronger abilities, and you haven’t seemed to have any trouble controlling them, so I wouldn’t be complaining.” She stated before standing up, her job finished. “Your leg bone’s repaired now; you should be able to walk around.” Although, seeming a little tired from the amount of energy she’d used, she sat down shortly afterwards.

<Well, I’m not about to abuse it. That always leads to trouble...> He stated, standing up. <You’ve used a lot of your Aura up, Shira. I can sense you are weak. Just rest and relax right now.> As he approached Sonic, Flaym was satisfied and left his Trainer to lie down beside Shira to share his warmth. Shadow, in the meantime, took the cables and first tied Sonic’s legs tightly. When the hedgehog made no motion of waking, he took his arms and placed them behind his back to tightly bind them. <That should do it. The worst he could do now would be to inch his way slowly towards us...Very scary. It’s a pity...He’d find all of this rather amusing if he was in his right mind and not dealing with all the aggression.>

“I suppose.” Shira stated with a nod before glancing in the direction of the fight occurring at the coastline. To her surprise, it was still going on, and she briefly wondered how long it would continue; obviously the Monogatari and Legendaries didn’t gain the titles they held for nothing. For all she knew, Mitsumae and Suicune could have saved the city from countless fatal blows by now considering how long they had been in combat against Kyogre and Groudon.

<Suppose? You know him better than that from the stories and news, I’m sure. Sonic finds practically anything amusing when he tries...Although in no way do I often find his stunts funny. It took forever to get the paint out of my fur when he decided I needed a ‘makeover’.> Shadow responded, shaking his head.

<Yes,> Flaym spoke up, lowering his head and enjoying the attention Shira was giving him by stroking his muzzle, <he is quite peculiar. He attempted to catch me, in which I knocked it back and hit him square in the face. His response was, “What a fastball!”. Guess what Poké Ball he had tried to catch me with.> The Rapidash mused, a slight tint of amusement having leaked into his otherwise monotone voice. Shadow’s facepalm didn’t go unnoticed, either.

The feline snickered before she replied. “There’s only so much that you can tell from news reports. I’m sure there’s a side of him that doesn’t show up when the camera’s rolling.”

<No, I’m pretty sure what you see is what you get in this case. Goofy and fun...Although he is rather good with Grape, as much as I don’t like saying it. Kid wants to be just like his 'Uncle Sonic'. It worries me sometimes.> Shadow responded. <But you often don’t see him actually buckling down and growing serious, I suppose. The jokes stop, the smile goes away...It’s almost like a switch was flipped. Of course, it rarely lasts. He finds no joy in being serious all the time, and it seems even a few minutes is too much for him.>

“Interesting. Earlier, he mentioned that Suicune had been traveling with him; do you know if he actually caught her or is she just ‘along for the ride’?”

<She had agreed to train Sonic to better fight Reiki, who nearly killed him and Camille,> Shadow bristled on that, <so she met up with us. However, she succumbed to the darkness...Sonic convinced Shadow’s friend,> he had sensed Shadow didn’t want to say Uxie’s name, <to reveal to him the location she had gone. From that point, she went berserk and infected Sonic not once, but twice. He forced a fusion with Suicune which got rid of nearly all of her negativity. From what I know, Sonic, even in his wounded state, followed Suicune to where she had left. She had grown angry that he was nonchalant about the poison, he told me. Sonic had been considering asking Suicune to join him...She agreed that it would be best for her to have a Poké Ball to avoid the same thing happening, as Sonic would not be able to help her next time.>

The Rapidash paused, collecting his thoughts. <Since then…Suicune and Sonic have grown very close. They share a brother-sister bond, but at times Sonic may act older or Suicune might. He does what he can to comfort her over his worsening condition despite how terrified he is of it himself. He hides his fear, putting on a smile to put her at ease. She does what she can to help with his suffering. They enjoy each other’s company immensely…Sonic is the only one who can seem to bring out the pup in Suicune, and she is quickly growing into the only one who can bring out his old self. I no longer think she is ‘along for the ride’…And Sonic dislikes thinking that he is her Trainer. To him, they are good friends. To be honest, I believe Suicune is having more fun with Sonic than she has in a long time. It is, admittedly, a cute relationship that I dearly hope the poison will not be able to ruin.>

“Considering the incident with the towers in Ecruteak, I can’t blame you.” She stated. Although, judging by what he described...Do they have a slight crush on each other? ...Would that even work? She added to her chain of thought after some extra contemplation.

<Suicune told Sonic her story, but he remains silent on it. He refuses to tell any of us. He spoke rather wisely, however…He told us that it was not his story to tell, and that if Suicune wanted us to know it she would tell us herself. Sonic knows when to keep a secret, but something tells me Suicune didn’t even ask him to keep it.>

She nodded. “Something like that can take a while to be told.”

Flaym snorted a puff of smoke. <Indeed. That being said, I think it is a personal issue between the two. It seemed to pain Sonic even mentioning it.> The Rapidash stated. <There are many reasons why people don’t tell their stories. Some are too painful, many are uninteresting, a few are already known,> he pointedly looked at Shadow, <but most are simply because no one ever asks.>

Shadow nodded, although his attention quickly directed itself back outside as he sensed a mixture of primal and spiritual energy quickly heading their way. Inwardly he was worried, but at the same time he noted that they were not as tainted as the two Legendaries raging outside. Or rather, the proper term could be that it was not in control like the others. But who...?

Shira glanced at him, having sensed his unease. “What is it?” She questioned.

<I sense others coming. I’m not sure if they are friends or foe...But the darkness is not in control like it is with the others. Hopefully that means they have come to help.> Shadow stated, shaking his head. <If they have not, I will not be able to fight. If I do...I will use up what little Aura I have left. Even for an immortal it is fatal to run out.>

Geez Flaym, can you get anymore Skye? XD

Shadow discovers a perk to immortality, and pretty much learns a bunch of new little moves to play around with. Something tells me he'll be a good electrician.
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Default Re: >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) Chapter Seventy-Nine Up!


Yep. It's that time of year again. One, we're pretty much out of chapters, and two, we want more readers. Again.

Seriously you lurkers, just pop in and say hi. Let Michelle and I KNOW you are reading, to give us more motivation to pump these bad boys out! We won't bite, I promise you. Evil to our characters, but very nice to people who want to be our friends~

And yes, this is very short. What else is there to say? Updates will probably be once a month once we start updating again, but I don't know when that'll be. Sorry guys. But seriously, pop in, say hi, and just say how long you've been reading the story. That's all we want to know - how many readers we have!
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