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Old 07-05-2012, 11:09 PM
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Default Reffing Wages (June 18th-July 1st/2nd)

Ash K.: $12,000
Last counted: Here

Bakuraboy13: $3,000
Last counted: Here

Brainiac: $4,000
Last counted: Here

Buoy: $18,000
Last counted: Here

Ebail: $10,000
Last counted: Here

Monbrey: $1,500
Last counted: Here

Morru Magnum: $25,500
Last counted: Here

Mubz: $8,000
Notes: WTF is with the description in this log? "Dragonite got a DD and a Honeclaws in to do some hurtin'!" in a 1v1 of Venonat vs Shellder? Nice cp from half a page back.
Last counted: Here

Neonsands: $1,500
Last counted: Here

TheEvilDookie: $2,000
Last counted: Here

WebMaster: $6,000
Notes (unrelated to ref wages): It's a Glaceon now.
Last counted: Here

WinterVines: $4,500
Last counted: Here

This was my first time doing this, so if I messed up, tell me.

Claiming mine.

Also, something has to be done/decided about Basics. It really is way too abusable right now and people won't even battle/ref if someone who knows the normal standards of basics makes it a real battle. See my most recent post in the Trainer's Court thread for more info.

BMG/PWN/PXR/EGC's Ash K.; here for URPG (and possibly WAR).
URPG Stats
Frustrated by not seeing your old friends from pe2k? They're probably here.
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