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Role Play Sign Ups & Discussion Sign up for and discuss Role Plays here. Have anything to ask about a Role Play you're in, or need to put up extra info for people to refer to? What if you need help with an idea that's missing that extra kick? Do it all here!

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Old 04-01-2012, 12:26 AM
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Default Hotaru no Hikari

Hotaru no Hikari: A Pokemon Roleplay

It has been nearly two years since the earth shook, the mountains erupted, and the sky became angry. The humans have died out, leaving countless concrete cities in rubble. Resources for all living things have become scarce here, and have caused the Pokemon to kill for survival.

Our tribe, the Monarchs, have been thriving in a forest outside of a sky reaching haven once called 'New York City'. We have had plenty of resources around including a large river that runs for several miles, and a large orchard that seems to grow an endless amount of apples. Except one day the apples ran out. When the Scavengers went down in the morning to pick the freshest of apples, the found that nothing remained. They were in awe that within a night the apples had disappeared from the world's surface.

On their way back, they were attacked by a large group of angry Pokemon. For the time we had been settled in the Forest, nothing had ever bothered us, so we assumed we were the only tribe of Pokemon living in the area. I guess we had been mistaken. The angry group murdered everyone but one of the scavengers, who made his way back to warn us about the powerful tribe. He spoke of a Gengar who had mighty attacks, and has killed every single one of them with ease.

As the Pokemon retold his journey, Gengar and his tribe attacked. He destroyed the homes we had built for ourselves, and the food we had gathered just in case there was a lack. The tribe then began to kill us off. We watched our parents, siblings, and neighbors die. We were told to run. Get the children, and run as fast as we could. Not many of us made it out alive.

(You are one of the surviving members of The Monarchs. With no form of government, shelter, or food, it is the role player's job to maker sure the remaining members survive, and find stable sources of food and water.)


All basic RP rules apply here. No God Modding, Spamming, be respectful to other players, and try to stay in character. Use OOC if you need to say something outside of the RP. Please refrain from cussing in posts, I'll allow one slip or two, but no a cuss word every sentence. Also be original, don't steal other's characters. Please add things to the plot, it is more interesting with everyone's ideas in. Also use proper grammar, and punctuation. Write like you are writing a English paper for school. Also, a post should be ATLEAST five sentences/one paragraph. Thank you.

Sign Up Sheet: (You may add characters later on, as long as you fill out this template on a post in the actual RP.)

Specie of Pokemon:
Age: (As if the Pokemon were humans. Try to stay between 13-18. Their age is the level they evolve at. So say you want to be a Monferno, you character has to be at least a fourteen year old, due to Chimchar evolving at level fourteen. However, your Pokemon may have whatever attack it wants, as long as it can learn that move through level up.)
Attacks: (Up to four)
History: (Did they have any family before Gengar attacked? What were they doing before the "Apocalypse"? Were they once owned by a trainer, or were they forever a free creature?)

SwinubForever's Character:

Name: Z
Specie: Charmeleon
Age: 16
Attacks: Flamethrower, Fire Fang, Dragon Rage, Slash.
History: Z was an only child. His mother died at birth, so the Pokemon was raised by his father. Charizard tried his best to raise his son, but he never had the gentle touch his wife did. The only thing he could give his son was the power to battle. Z had planned on becoming one of the Monarch Commanders when he was old enough, but Gengar's attack cut that dream short. Z's father was killed in the attack, leaving him to fight for himself to get out.

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