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Old 12-29-2011, 02:43 AM
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Default Re: [SU/DS] SONIC: A Rift in Time

Originally Posted by Saraibre Ryu View Post
I don't have to worry about Super forms. XD

Astrailyx possessing Reaver and would gain his. Astrailyx doesn't have one...

...for the moment...

Also, do I have to make a sign up for Chip? ><
*will post in the next couple days at the latest just so you all know*
I'm almost scared to ask if Betamore has one XD

Figures that Nazo has the hardest time. Or is it? He doesn't like his forms anyway XD

...Something tells me that both of my characters are going to wind up fighting. Shadow is already going to be dealing with Mecha Sonic, but Nazo seems to attract attention even when he doesn't want it.
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Old 12-29-2011, 04:26 AM
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Default Re: [SU/DS] SONIC: A Rift in Time

Lol, and Luna is plain ol' Luna, so I don't have to worry at all! XD Kokonoe and Tager don't even belong in this universe, so...yeah, though they don't need super forms anyway, Tager might as well be a sentient tank and it's hinted at that Kokonoe is hiding the fact she's an enormous powerhouse herself in their universe since she's never physically on the battlefield.

Wonder if that'll be made any worse now that he's fused with Knights Skye? Lol, I hope not, he had the worst luck ever.

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Old 01-07-2012, 01:18 AM
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Default Re: [SU/DS] SONIC: A Rift in Time

Bleh. I'm signing up a new character - he'll be used off and on, probably.

Name: Faang Skal the Notorious
Age: 43
Era: Past (Old West)
Species: Crocodile
Gender: Male

Appearance: Old and weathered, this crocodile has dust colored - and most likely covered - scales. His eyes are a deeper brown, to the point of nearly being black, as are the scales that run down his spine. His stomach is a lighter brown, perhaps a dull yellow. He wears a black, beat up cowboy had along with matching leather gloves (FAKE leather, mind you) and boots, which have spurs on them. His outfit, a vest and chaps, match the theme although it has lighter grey markings on it that seem to form stripes. On a sturdy belt he has a pistol tied on his right side. He also seems to have a dark jewel - a black diamond? - embedded in his chest, which controls his unique abilities. Another small note is that he has some scales on his chin growing, a small beard for a crocodile.

Personality: Faang Skal is like any notorious outlaw; clever, strong, a lust for riches, and a willingness to dispose of anyone who gets in his way or outlives their usefulness. He will do anything for gold, or jewels which can be sold for gold. He is not necessarily power hungry, but if said power lets him get more gold...He'll take it. He is confident but not to a fault, willing to be a coward to retreat to plot - or as he'll put it "a coward runs away for no reason, but the smart one retreats to fight another day." He is not without mercy, however. Small children and woman he will spare, but men he will not. He is, in that way, not heartless. On top of that, he is not afraid of authority or death, as he faces - and bests - those all the time in his time. This shows his intelligence and strength - he is not a brute with no mind, and not a weakling genius. He has the best of both worlds.

With his Nightmare, Abiss, however, he displays a much softer side. Bonded, they can communicate telepathically, and feel each other's pain as well as emotions and senses. He is kind and often will dote on her, as well as become enraged should she be injured severely. He has a mild temper - not too quick but not too slow - so this is not normal by any means. He is gentle with her, trying not to pull too hard on the reigns. However, he tries to help her gain more power, as the stronger she becomes, the more gold he will be able to plunder. And that, to him, is a good thing. As for honor? ...Eh. He'll work with someone - even an enemy - to reach a common goal, but he is not about stabbing someone in the back for the gold, or for the power Abiss wants.

History: Faang...Didn't know his parents. He grew up alone, in the dusty wilderness. He fought to survive. He stumbled upon broken wagon, the driver dead and looking to be of importance. Rifling through his belongings, he found a satchel, taking it before fleeing to his little cavern in a maze-like canyon he knew by hand. There, he discovered it was filled with some gold - the shining taking his interest, but also because he knew that gold was life, to buy supplies and control others for many would do anything for gold. But within a silk pouch was a black diamond. Touching it, he felt the cold surface and flawless make, and...Something took control of his body, and he suddenly shoved it into his chest, screaming as pain surged through him before he blacked out.

When he awoke, a grey mare was watching him, his wounds seemingly healed. But the diamond was embedded in his chest, and he felt...Different, like power was flowing through him. The mare looked at his with red-orange eyes, before he felt a presence in his mind. <I am Abiss...You are Faang Skal. Do not be alarmed - I saw your memories when you were unconscious from shoving the Dark Diamond into yourself. I healed your wounds. We are partners, bonded in the most personal way possible. I am yours, and you are mine.> He didn't know what to say, really. Only that he found solace in the fact he had a friend.

He later discovered the abilities the Dark Diamond gave him, and from then on sought more gold - for he fancied it. As they continued, Abiss asked him to capture certain elements. First he captured the darkness on a moonless night, which turned her into a black mare. Then she asked him to capture the flames from a raging wildfire, and he did that as well, turning her into a Nightmare. It took time and effort - for the first was easy, but the second hard due to scarce trees. They plundered many towns, escaped or killed many people, and for a time he ran his own gang before they too were killed, although not by his hands. The entire time he grew satisfied with his growing gold collection, but Abiss...She wanted more. Her current request is to capture the essence of a tornado, something that will not be easy by any means.

Oh, and he found himself in another dimension while outrunning a sheriff. Yeah. Big flash of light, and...Then here. He has no idea what to make of it, honestly. But if there is gold to be found...


Superior Strength - Can lift heavy objects and punch boulders of small size (for a boulder, that is), but he cannot perform super strength feats.

Good Aim - Well, he has a pistol...This is mandatory!

Strong Jaws - He could easily pierce armor with those teeth. Might take a little with metal, but give him time...

Underwater - Very strong swimmer, and can stay submerged for an hour without coming up for air. Due to his nose and eye placement, can float in the water with barely anything showing save those features on his head. Makes him a skilled hunter.

Element Merge/Creature Storage - Granted by the Dark Diamond on his chest, he can "capture" elements and creatures within it to fuse or use at a later time. It isn't known where they are kept, but according to Abiss it is a "cold, dark place that robs one of conscience thought and will". She was spared the agony, but it makes any creatures within subject to his will and direction, as well as granting them an uncanny bloodlust.

Rider Bond - Bonded with Abyss. Thoughts, feelings, pain, senses...All and more can be shared between them. Think of the "Inheritance Cycle" books, Eragon and Saphira for a good idea on how this works, as it was based off of it. Death can drive the other insane, should they survive.

Other: Abiss is a Nightmare. You know, black horse with flaming mane, tail, eyes, hooves...Sharp teeth...Although, her eyes are a fiery red-orange - not ACTUALLY on fire. That would hurt. And she is her own character, but I won't make up a sign up. Just know she can heal, but she commands darkness and fire - powerful magic.

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Old 01-10-2012, 04:04 AM
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Default Re: [SU/DS] SONIC: A Rift in Time

Is this still open for joining? If so then:

Name: Night

Age: ~20

Era: Modern

Species: PantherCat [part panther part regular cat]

Appearance: Normally Night wears a black tube top with one think and one think white stripe running down the right side. She wears blue jeans with flared bottoms. Her tennish shoes are almost modern hightops. They are red and have the classic sneaker style with white toes and a white dot near her ankle. She wears brown gloves that flare at the top. Night's fur is a dark shade of almost black. Her skin is tan and her hair is a light shade of red that is more like orange. Here eyes are a dark shade of green.

Personality: Night is typically mellow and easygoing. It takes a considerable amount of annoyance to make her mad, but when she is angry her temper explodes. She is very sensitive to the feelings of others and will on occasion try to make them feel better if necessary. She knows in her heart what is right, but will only take that path if she needs to. She is gentle, but offers no amount of hesitation when it comes to inuring (or possibly killing if needed or accidental) people. She is a rocker who loves classic and hard rock, with the occasional bit of metal thrown in, and owns and frequently plays an electric guitar.

History: Night is a disowned princess thrown out because of her refusal to be fragile and lady-like. At one point in her childhood, she lost her temper and accidentaly slaughtered her best friend. Since then she learned from cyber-theives and experience how to hack into computers. She managed well out on her own, and still had a little money left before her first high paying job. She now steals files from computers (usually from rival companies) for money. She used to live in a large tree-house in the jungle, but recently moved to the city to make work easier. She still visits her other home and her friends who live in a small town to the north of it.


Computer Hacker-Can hack into any working computer system and mess with it in whatever way she feels like doing.

Sharp Claws-Night has ten razor sharp claws that are enhanced by nano-chips in her gloves

Elemental-Can minorly control the elements. She practices using her power, but can't always control it well.

Other: She sees peoples feelings in the form of auras and uses her tail as an extra weapon in combat.
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