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Old 12-31-2011, 09:27 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon Pirates Ages SU open Need people step up


Pokemon: Jones

Species: Vaporeon

Age: 47

Gender: Male

"You think you can come on my ship and insult me! I'll tear your guts out and skip rope with em'!"

Jones is a thin scraggly old man, scars and scrapes dot his body and face. One eye is missing and his eye socket has since closed shut, he wears no patch, because he shows it crew that disobey and threatens to do the same to them. One of his legs has been tore off from the socket and not even a peg leg holds him up. He does walk on all fours and he can sit up on his hind legs to battle. But he mainly just hobbles about. The frills around his head and cut and torn to shreads And the three fins that allow him to swim great, and ripped and no longer function. His fur is the normal blue color of vaporeons, but it is stained in few spots by blood or other things he does not wish to discuss. His eyes are a bright cyan and often glitter like jewels. His claws are yellow and scraggly and his tail is broken in three places. The little fins between his toes are slashed and make it difficult to swim.*

"Get away' you giant buffoon!"*

Three things about Jones. One. He doesn't like you. Two. He doesn't like you. Three. He doesn't like you. Jones is a bitter old man who wants nothing more then to find Mewtwos treasure. He cares not for your story, he only cares to get his wife back. And years of death around him has made him old and hard. He doesn't even realize that even if he gets the treasure, his wife won't come back. But it's a thought that keeps him going.*

"Why in the 'ell would ya wanna know abou' me?"*

Jones was once a store owner, with a wonderful wife. He loved her dearly, and it really sucked that his shop was in the most used by pirates part of town. It suffered raids and pillages, and people were always up until the wee hours of the night partying and singing. One night during a violent raid, he store was burnt to the ground. He fought back against the pirates and they eventually took him as a prisoner. They tore out his eye and took off a back leg. They marooned him on an island so far out to sea they figured he would never get back. But by some miracle, he did. To find his wife had run off with some other man who was rich and handsome. He went to her to win her back, but she refused unless he money to back up his looks. He spent years trying to get money for his beloved. Until he heard of a rumor, a treasure hidden on the sea. And he knew, he just knew he had to get it.*

Pirate Logo:*
"See that? That's my flag, learn it, fear it."*

A heart with a dagger stabbed through it

Jones / Vaporeon / Haze / Hydro Pump / Aurora Beam / Ability Water Absorb

Marith / Chansey / Male (yes a male Chansey ) / Softboiled / Double Slap / Egg bomb*

Cherish / Gardevior / Female / Psychic / Future Sight / Telekensis / Healing Wave

Leader: Jones*

Other Pokemon Description:*

Marith - Marith is probably the only male Chansey you'll ever meet, but that's ok. He's one of the rarest ones too. He's a shiny. He doesn't carry around eggs, that's a job for the ladies. He just cooks them. And he knows how to make a damn good omelet. Marith knew Jones since he was a tiny eevee pup, and Marith is the only one that Jones ever turned to for help. Jones believes that Marith is truly the only person he can trust in the world.*

Cherish - Cherish is a gypsy fortune teller. She does have a small ability to see the future and she hates knowing what comes next. She is blind in both eyes and hates that as well. She could see when she was a tiny child, but her visions stopped her sight. She wears a blood red cloth around her eyes. Her colors are of that of a normal Gardevior, but scars go along her arms and chest, self inflicted. Jones captured her because he heard of her ability, and thought that she could be of some use to him to find the treasure. She is resentful and don't enjoy the company of anyone on the ship, except for that of Marith, he's the only nice one, and he doesn't flirt with her. He has stated "Sorry lady, Blisseys are the only loves for me." And she glad for that.*
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Default Re: Pokemon Pirates Ages SU open Need people step up

Your in tailtail
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