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National Park Welcome to the URPG's National Park. This is the place to come if your a role-playing fanatic, because here at the Park, you RP your way towards catching more Pokemon!

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Old 10-21-2009, 08:32 PM
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Default Battling Shedinja

After discussing the issue of battling Shedinja in the Park, myself and some of the Elite Rangers have come up with a solution.

Shedinja: It has 100% EL (Energy Level). Each time it attacks, it loses either 5% EL, 10% EL, or 15% EL (depending on the quality of the Trainer's Pokemon's dodges). Every time Shedinja dodges an attack, it loses 5% EL, and each time a non-super-effective move strikes it, it loses 3% EL. When Shedinja reaches 0% EL, it will make a final attack and flee. Using a super-effective attack will automatically KO Shedinja.

Please keep this in mind when battling Shedinja.

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Old 09-13-2010, 03:34 AM
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Default Team RPs

Team RPs

From now on, Team RPs will be RPs where one Ranger takes two Trainers through the Park at once. All other group RPs will be known as Event RPs now (Event RPs will also include special events like the Pokemon Catching Contest).

In order to do a Team RP, two Trainers must fill out a joint application. The first person will fill in the information and post it, and the second person will quote it and post their information. They then either wait for a Ranger to accept them or, if they already have a Ranger, inform the Ranger that the application is posted and ready to be accepted.

Once inside, ALL ENCOUNTERS WILL BE DOUBLE BATTLES. Trainers can attack their own Pokemon and their teammate’s Pokemon, and the Wild Pokemon can attack either teammate’s Pokemon. The Ranger will roll two separate lists, one for each Trainer; this prevents Trainers from arguing over who gets certain Pokemon, which would be a strong possibility if the Pokemon were pulled from a joint 30-Pokemon list. Trainers can, if both agree, swap Pokemon at the start of each Encounter. This means if Trainer Y runs into a Pikachu and wants Trainer Z’s Grimer instead, the Trainers can swap their Pokemon. Swapping can ONLY be done at the beginning of each Encounter and ONLY for the two Pokemon that appear. For example, if Trainer Y caught a Pidgeot five posts ago and wants to swap it for Trainer Z’s current Drifblim, they MAY NOT SWAP THESE POKEMON, since Pidgeot was caught before Drifblim was encountered. Another example is if Trainer Y and Trainer Z encounter an Absol and a Murkrow, and then try to swap near the end of the battle. THEY MAY NOT SWAP THESE POKEMON. Trainers must state in their first post following the appearance of a Pokemon if they want to swap.

Trainers must post at least once every 72 hours as a courtesy to their teammate. However, if both Trainers acknowledge a need for one or both of the team to have longer to post, this limit can be ignored. For example, if Trainer Y has a busy work week and can only post once every four days, so long as Trainer X is fine with it then the 72-hour rule can be ignored. If a Trainer does not post within 72 hours and does not give prior warning for not posting, they will be escorted out and the RP will become a normal one.

If a Trainer decides not to catch a certain Pokemon, their teammate may opt to choose that Pokemon instead of their own. This does not count as swapping. However, a Trainer must state in their post directly following their teammate’s if they wish to battle their teammate’s Pokemon instead of their own; otherwise, their teammate’s Pokemon will flee. If a Trainer catches one of their teammate's Pokemon, one of their own encounters will be randomly removed to prevent them from getting any extra encounters.

Trainers may leave early if they wish. If this happens the RP will become a normal one.

Trainers can take pictures of one another’s Legendary Pokemon, if any are encountered.

Rangers get double pay plus 500 extra for each post they make. Rangers must note which posts are posts made for a Team RP in their logs to ensure Team RP wages are paid. If a Trainer leaves/is escorted from a Team RP and it becomes a normal one, the Ranger’s pay returns to normal. If this happens clearly state which post ends the Team RP so as not to be overpaid.

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Old 09-13-2010, 03:34 AM
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Default Displaced Pokemon

Displaced Pokemon

There are times when certain incidents might cause Pokemon to flee from their natural area. In these cases, Trainers in any area these Pokemon flee to have the chance of encountering and capturing them.

First, a major incident must happen in the Main RP. This may be a fire in the Botanic Gardens, a massive rockslide at Meteor Valley, or corruption of the pools at the Great Lakes. Only when the incident has been posted in the Incident Board thread may Pokemon flee from the affected area.

Pokemon fleeing from an affected area can appear in any area adjacent to the one they live in (above, below, or to either side), but NOT areas diagonal from the one they live in. For example, Absol can flee to either the Registration Office, the Abandoned Power Plant, the Botanical Gardens, or the Great Lakes. They CANNOT, however, flee to Outer Heaven, the Woods, Mt. Deckbi, or Mt. Oktori. Trainers coming into the Park may encounter Pokemon who have fled to the Registration Office (this is the ONLY time Pokemon available for catching may be encountered at the Registration Office, except for special RPs where such a possibility is clearly stated).

Only Pokemon that can fly or have the Levitate Ability may flee to Outer Heaven. Fish Pokemon (such as Qwilfish or Seaking) fleeing from the Great Lakes may only be encountered at the pools in Meteor Valley and the Woods, and any Pokemon fleeing from the Great Lakes will not appear at Mt. Oktori.

To determine if a Trainer will encounter any Displaced Pokemon, the Ranger will reroll all a Trainer’s remaining encounters. They will first roll a number of 2-sided dice equal to the number of encounters remaining; 1’s will indicate that Pokemon of the Trainer’s original area (they area they chose to visit) will be encountered, while 2’s indicate that fleeing Pokemon will be encountered. From there, the Ranger will roll for Rank and individual Pokemon.

~ A Trainer is at Mt. Deckbi and has six encounters remaining. An overly-powerful Earthquake at the Abandoned Power Plant has made it partially collapse, causing dozens upon dozens of Pokemon to flee to other areas for safety and shelter. Because the Power Plant is directly above Mt. Deckbi, the Pokemon fleeing from the Power Plant may be encountered at Mt. Deckbi. The Ranger must reroll the six remaining encounters. First, they must roll to determine which area the Pokemon encountered will be from. They get:


The first two Pokemon are therefore from Mr. Deckbi, while the following four are from the Abandoned Power Plant. The Trainer then goes on to roll for Rank and then individual Pokemon:

4 = Common / 1 = Geodude
16 = Special / 7 = Garchomp
10 = Intermediate / 9 = Ditto
10 = Intermediate / 2 = Porygon
1 = Common / 2 = Pichu
5 = Common / 2 = Pichu

The Trainer’s new list is Geodude, Garchomp, Ditto, Porygon, Pichu, and Pichu. The Ranger can make any of the six appear as they would Pokemon from a normal encounter list.

If a Trainer enters the Park and visits an area Pokemon have fled to, the Ranger will do all fifteen rolls as explained above.

After an incident is resolved (incidents last for 72 hours, no matter what they are), Trainers who are already in the Park WILL NOT have their encounter list rerolled. The list will keep any Displaced Pokemon that were rolled. However, after an incident has been resolved, Displaced Pokemon will return to their normal area and any Trainers coming in will not have them included in their encounter list rolls.

~Todd was in the Park when Pokemon from Mt. Oktori were chased to the Botanic Gardens. If his run is still going after 72 hours of the incident, his list will keep any Mt. Oktori Pokemon that were rolled. Steve entered the Park one day after the incident, and so his list will include Pokemon from Mt. Oktori. However, Mary came in an hour after the Displaced Pokemon returned home, so her list will not include any Mt. Oktori Pokemon.

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Default Park Event Items

Park Event Items

  • Aprijuice Drink: Changes the Nature of 1 Pokémon you've caught in the Park.
  • Bellow Disks: One-time usage only and breaks after that use. 100% to encounter a Pokemon from an area (both are randomly rolled when you receive this item) of the specific rank.
  • Capture Balls:
    • Supreme Park Ball - (Works way better than a Hyper Ball) Adds 30% to the final capture rate
    • Master Ball - Captures any Pokemon without fail, except Legends (100%)
  • Casteliacone: Cures poison, badly poison, paralysis, sleep, burn, freeze, confusion, and infatuation.
  • Category Repellant: Repels an entire Rank (Normal, Legendary, etc)
  • Costumes:
    • A. The Location Costumes: (Meteor Valley, Mt. Deckbi, Mt. Oktori, Great Lakes, Botanical Gardens, The Woods, Abandoned Power Plant, Outer Heavens) – Give the user five extra encounters in the given area. One time use.
    • B. Remove MCR (amount removed was told at given event.)
  • Deluxe Honey x1 - Double Encounters @ 100% for 3 consecutive battles
  • Digital Camera Power Lens - [add on; two time uses] (Take a picture of a Common/Uncommon to give them the "blind eye"; they can NEVER escape, despite whatever circumstances arrive)
  • Digital Camera Zoom Lens: Pictures taken with this will have its price increased by twice the normal; will break after 1 RP expedition.
  • Dirt Shovel: Creates a Berry Patch (self-explanatory)
  • Elemental Orb: Type orb used for drawing different types closer. Ex: Fire orb attracts Fire types in Deckbi. Rolled like incidents. 1 for Fire type, 2 for original mon. Lasts for 5 turns.
  • Extended Edition Voice Disk: 8 rolls to encounter mon instead of 5. Intermediate Rank mon or lower.
  • Glossy Lens: Permanent attachment for camera that gives pictures an extra 500 of worth.
  • Hall Pass: Lets you take an additional mon out of the Park (including Endurance runs).
  • Heal Powder: Cures poison, badly poison, paralysis, sleep, burn, freeze, confusion, and infatuation.
  • Lava Cookie: Cures poison, badly poison, paralysis, sleep, burn, freeze, confusion, and infatuation.
  • Love Potion (provides 3 additional encounters in the Park) x1
  • Magnet Scent: 100% Rate for one extra encounter on a run. 50% Rate for two extra encounters.
  • Mega Puffin - [One time use](Attracts 1 Uncommon/Intermediate/Rare Pokemon)
  • Oak’s Hoax: This little clank should go under any ParkBall/SuperBall. Adds 15% to the final capture rate.
  • Oak's Parcel: Breaks after first usage. Allows you to see the ranks that you got rolled in your encounter.
  • Oak's Trinket: Adds 15% (direct addition) to final capture rate.
  • Old Gateau: Cures poison, badly poison, paralysis, sleep, burn, freeze, confusion, and infatuation.
  • Perfumes: Hotwire (Fire), Sea Breeze (Flying), Strong Will (Fighting), Fleeting Impulse (Electric), Flower Concerto (Poison), Darkside (Psychic), Nightstalker (Dark), White Queen (Ice), Candy Spice (Normal), Ripple Effect (Water), Geostorm (Ground), Essence of Life (Ghost), Belladonna (Grass), Mighty Man-thing (Rock), Ladybird (Bug), Ancient Perfume (Dragon) - These can attract an additional encounter if used at the beginning of the RP. The encounter will be Common, Rare, Special OR Legendary
  • Perfume Spray (Attracts stage 1 pokemon in a double encounter Battle)
  • Premium Honey -- 75% chance of a double battle when used on Honey Trees
  • Ranger's Delight [three time uses] (Fully heals your Pokemon and cures their status')
  • Repellents:
    • Duo Type Repellant (Repel two types of your choice; to be used in the Botanic Gardens) x1
    • Hyper Repellent - (repels all basic Pokemon)
  • Revival Herb: Revives a KO'd Pokemon and leaves it at 50% of its Max HP.
  • Smoke Ball: 75% escape rate. One used per escape attempt.
  • Squirter Bottle V6.9 (3 Squirts: apply anywhere)
  • Status Bomb: Affects the target with the specific status without fail.
  • Status Smoke Bomb: Inflicts one Status (rolled by Ranger) to the Wild Pokémon encountered, and it’s Eco-Friendly!
  • Super Squirt Nozzle: Fix this gadget to the Squirt Bottle (must be owned) to upgrade it to the finest level. With this, you are able to net 3x $1000 Berries in any Berry Patch its used in.
  • Teeth:
    • Baby Teeth - 1 more additional Encounters than the normal Encounters(15); making it 16
    • Decayed Teeth - 2 more additional Encounters than the normal Encounters(15); making it 17
    • Gold Teeth - 3 more additional Encounters than the normal Encounters(15); making it 18.
  • Unova Spray: Your RP will only consist of B/W Pokemon.
  • Vespiquen’s Tear: Add this ingredient to your Honey. Enhances your chances to 95% from the usual 50%.
  • (???) Add this to the abandoned compartment in the back of the PokeDoll to give it life. Throw it at a Pokémon to distract it for an ample amount of time, giving you an open opportunity to attack at full force. Does 15% Damage.
  • Escape Package (Pokedoll + Poketoy + Fluffy Tail + Slowpoke Tail)
  • Hi Def Voice Disk - like a regular Voice Disk, only 20% chance

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Old 11-24-2011, 02:09 AM
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Default Re: National Park Encyclopedia

Befriending Wild Pokemon

Below are the rules and regulations Rangers must follow when allowing a Trainer to attempt to befriend a Wild Pokemon as opposed to battling it. If you have any questions please come and see either WinterVines or myself.
  • Befriending can only take place if the Trainer has demonstrated an incredibly high post quality consistently throughout their entire run. For this reason, the first five Encounters should not be befriending possibilities.
  • There may only be one attempted befriending per Expedition.
  • While a Pokemon is being befriended, the Trainer may continue to Encounter the other Pokemon on their list.
  • Rare and Special ranked Pokemon cannot be befriended.
  • The required MCR to capture a Pokemon through befriending is 1.5x their normal MCR.
  • Once the MCR has been passed, Trainers can attempt to capture the Pokemon. They still must use the correct ball. The Capture Rate is 50% + (10% for every 1000 characters over the MCR) - (20% if the Pokemon is fully evolved).
  • If a befriending capture fails, the Trainer can try again next post. There is no penalty for a failed attempt, however, if they spam attempts, the Ranger may choose to have the Pokemon leave.
  • If a Trainer runs out of Encounters and is still in the process of befriending, the Ranger rolls the capture attempt and then ends the Expedition, no matter whether the attempt succeeds or fails. If the Trainer has not yet earned the MCR, it will automatically fail.
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