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Contests Participate in coordinator contests and win ribbons. Talk about contests in general in here.

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Old 07-12-2011, 02:17 AM
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Default URPG Grand Festivel 2011

Welcome to the URPG Grand Festival

This is where the best coordinator will step forward while others fall. If you are the best, step forward a prove it. A hefty and exciting prize will be waiting for the winner (with braggin' rights).

__________________________________________________ __

The first round will be a preliminary round to decide who will move on. The preliminary round will be where all the contestants must participate in two contests. The combined score of those two contests will be totaled for that person. From those in the preliminary round the top eight will move on to the next round.


1) The contest attribute for each contest will be rolled at random by the judge.

2) Attributes will not be used for the preliminary round.

3) The contest will be played in DppT style, not RSE.

4) You must use a different Pokemon for each of the two contests.


The next round will be that of the semi-finals. In this round the eight will be randomly rolled into two groups. Your group will participate in in one contest. The score from this round will be added to the previous score and the top four will be picked to advance to the finals.


1) The contest attribute will be rolled by the judge at the start of the contest.

2) Stats must be played at this stage of the tournament.

3) Once again DppT will be used.


The final round will be decided by the final four. The point total up to this stage will be erased and each coordinator will have a clean slate.


1) There will be one contest lasting ten rounds.

2) The contest attribute will change every two rounds so that each attribute will be the main twice.

3) Stats must be used at this stage.

4) The judge voltage will be set at ten for this final stage.

5) Dppt will be used.

Other Rules:

Payments for contests will follow the current rubric.

Sign ups will opened for one week or until all spots are filled.

Contests can be held on the forum but we would prefer if they were done on AIM as it is faster.

Any Pokemon may play regardless of how many ribbons they do or don’t have.

If the contest is to take place on the forum you will have forty-eight hours to send your move to the judge or your Pokemon will earn zero appeal points for that round.

The contests will all be played in DppT style.

Stats will be used for the final two rounds, but not the preliminary.

If you choose to do the contest on AIM you will have one week to complete it.

There will be no sign up cost, admission is free.

Results of each contest must be posted here.

Judges, you may not add the money to your stats until the conclusion of the tournament. Wages will be posted at the conclusion.

If a contestant gets disqualified or has to leave over a real life situation then the runner up will take his place.

I’m expecting two weeks for each stage except for the final. Anything over that length and we’ll start to have problems.

This is based off sixteen contestants. However, if we get 24 sign-ups then the rounds will be adjusted to accommodate. That means if 20 sign-up the 4 will be back ups. Keep in mind, if you're a back up you will only get a chance in the preliminary round. Anything after that and the runner-up will take over.


$5,000 in CC
A Hard mon of your choice

$4,000 CC
A Medium mon of your choice

$3,000 CC
A Simple mon of your choice

$2,000 CC
A Simple mon of your choice

[Prizes and rules are subject to change]

Sign up list:
Coordinator Stat's

Other URPG site (more active):
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Old 11-13-2011, 04:34 AM
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Default Re: URPG Grand Festivl 2011

I guess me
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