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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 10-02-2010, 06:33 PM
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Default Re: Author Archive

Kaioo's Fanfictions

I am the Oracle of creation, the seer of the future, I am Kaioo. Well, my fanfiction days started way back in '08, where my stories were quite frankly, not that good if I am totally honest. I proceeded to retire around '09 leaving my fics to crumble into dust. I returned henceforth in August, and have, only yesterday, formally returned to the fanfiction writing business. I did write a fanfiction earlier in September, however, I have given up on it as I feel it has quite frankly become ridiculous, as well as the restraints I forced upon it because it was about a roleplay I participated in, and the characters were all from it. Now, I have turned an old Roleplay I created into a new Roleplay, which didn't even start, and turned that into a new fanfiction, a trilogy, or maybe a four parter, dictating the events of a fiery feud between two siblings. Now, enjoy.

Recognised Stories

Title: The War for Axian I
Progess: Active
Rating: PG
Genre: Action,Adventure,Thriller&Mystery
Summary: The land of Axian is thrown into chaos as the King's brother returns, with an army in tow, and a war erupts between the two factions. This takes place in the views of King Keiru, leader of the Royalists, as he leads the royal forces retaliation against the Separatists uprising.

Personal Views: I actually would of started this way back in the last two weeks or so of September, however I couldn't really think of a good way to start up the story, though I did have a somewhat vague idea. Now, here my story is, feedback is wanted, and hopefully I will actually finish a fanfiction, and be able to go onto the second part.

Stories Thrown Into The Pit Of Doom

Title: Giratina
Progress: Dead
Rating: PG
Genre: Mystery&Action
Summary: Giratina is acting up, and it comes down to one trainer to try and stop Giratina.

Personal Views: I really can't remember much about Giratina, but it was my furthest fanfiction ever, lasting around six or so chapters... However the length of them consisted of around 10 posts, now compare that to TWOAI, which probably outmatches it in two posts. I loved the Fanfiction whilst I was writing it, but looking back at it, it wasn't that good, however I can learn from it.

Title: Deadly Alliance(I think)
Progress: Abandoned.
Rating: PG
Genre: Action&Thriller
Summary: The brother of Ash Ketchum, Keiru Ketchum, went missing saving his brother from a rockfall, and he is back, and hunting down the companions of Ash.

Personal Views: In all honesty I didn't like it, however I was originally writing it to try and give some backstory to Keiru and his disappearance, and resulted into turning it into a pathetic pulp of hunting down the characters and killing them, which in my eyes was pathetic.

Fanfictions In Mind

Personal Views: I have contemplated on some other fanfictions besides my chronicle of The War of Axian, and I have some ideas, however I don't really want to do them, as though the ideas are somewhat good, I want to totally focus on the TWOA arc, and fully complete it, wrap it up, and distribute it amongst the world of Pe2k. Therefore, though I do have ideas, I cannot be bothered to attempt them because of my dedication to actually completing a fanfiction for once. This however, does not mean I will not share my ideas in this thread.
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Old 03-17-2011, 10:10 PM
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Default Re: Author Archive


Avid writer and voice actor here. I try to write things to the best of my abilities, always willing to hear constructive criticism and feedback.

Series in the Making

Title - Pokemon: The Labyrinth Stone
Status - Development
Rating - PG13
Stars - Unknown
Genre - Action/Adventure
Synopsis - None available at this time.
Personal Views - By far, the most unique fan fiction I will be undertaking. It will be a Pokemon-only fan fiction, meaning there will be no humans. I cannot wait to write it.

Dropped Series

Title - Pokemon: Ordo Origins
Status - Dropped
Rating - PG13
Stars - 4/5
Genre - Action/Adventure
Synopsis - Follow Ash, Red, Popurii, Laura, Misty, and Cameron as they discover the origins of the land of Ordo, as well as uncover a sinister plot in the midst.
Personal Views - My first series, and quite popular considering it has been dropped. Read this series to watch my gradual increase in quality of writing. I was planning to finish this story, but it grew too tedious and the story became somewhat unbelievable.

Title - Ender the Xenocide
Status - Dropped
Stars - 3/5
Personal Views - Was an Ender's Game, Speaker for the Dead, and Xenocide fan-fic, but the story did not play out right. Tried it, did not work out.

Title - Starcraft: Drop
Status - Dropped
Stars - 4/5
Personal Views - Was going to finish it, but I figure it is okay where it is, leaving you hanging.
Latest Test/Work in Production:

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Old 06-17-2011, 02:38 AM
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Default Re: Author Archive

I write things sometimes.

Chaptered Fanfictions!

Title: Heart of a Lugia
Status: Running, up for my revival + revision.
Rating: Eh, I'd give it a PG. For now. Progresses into the PG-13 section later for blood, death, and edginess.
Genre: Oh, dear. At first we have a journey for one protagonist and a snipe-hunt for another. Then it becomes survival - and saving the world, of course. That bit is like survival-action-fantasy-some-horror-may-be-involved-not-much-if-any-though.
Description: It starts off simple: one girl, one boy, one electric rat and one flaming horse going on a long journey sprung by a pair of Pokedexes and a wild dream to collect badges and new experiences. Meanwhile, a prince of Pokemon is captured, and upon his return home he discovers that his father has been usurped, and he must now go on a long quest through the distant region of Eos to find the Silver Wing that was lost eons ago - and to make things worse, he has to babysit a homeless Poochyenna. As the time goes on for both of them, however, chaos is revealed - not just in Eos, but across the Pokemon world. A dark voice seems to be reaching out of the past, using a band of thugs as its enforcers. The human girl, Chrissie, must discover the talent she shares and, with the help of the princely Lugia, use that gift to reforge the sundered bond between humanity and Poke-kind - or else the world will be engulfed in eternal darkness.

Title: The Giratina Guardians
Status: Running, up for my revival + revision.
Rating: Oh, man. PG-13 and you KNOW it. Blood and mind control and gray morality as far as the eye can see~!
Genre: Quest x semi-mystery. Iduk, I'm bad at genres LOL.
Description: A clan of Zoroarks and Zoruas living peacefully in the Nocturne Forest are violently disturbed when a mysterious Houndoom with three sets of grins and an agenda shows up, with a forest fire following quickly at his paws. Our hero, Rikki, suddenly finds himself alone and in a human city, from which he only escapes due to luck and a Riolu he met at a Chinese restaurant. He finds his home destroyed - and a blue Mew in its place. The Mew helps him to find the survivors of the fire, and on the way they amass friends - and enemies. When a dark plot and a dangerous cover-up are discovered, and those who were once balance-keepers become lethal enemies, Rikki learns that the nature of good and evil are deeper than one can ever know - and that sometimes, not even the guarding and guiding Legends are just and noble.
I laughed, I cried, I testified;
And in the end found this world altogether lacking.

Thanks, Speed and Dino and also Speed! :D
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Old 09-02-2011, 08:05 AM
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Post Re: Author Archive

Name-Max0596(You can call me Cody if you wish.)


Rating-T~M for a few little bits.
Decscription- The plot follows Sara, a young Flareon in Team Amber.
Notes- My first Story!
Status: Done

Name-Ambersand Interactive
Rating-Could be anything, really. It is an IA after all.
Description-You make the story!
Notes-My first IA.
Status: Died, but gave a newfound intrest in IA's.

Ambersand Rewind
Remake of Ambersand.
Rating: Toned down, so I'd say T.
Description: The true story of Sara.
Notes: Much better than the original.
Status: In Progress

Rating: E
Description: Who said everyone wants to be a trainer?
Notes: May be continued, but my days are very busy.
Status: On Hold

Rating: T
Description: Sequel to Ambersand, follows an eevee youth named Rukino.
Notes: N/A
Status: In Progress

|||||||||||||||Enjoy the moment!
|||||||||||||||I take requests...if you want stuff, I mean...

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Default Re: Author Archive

Some random title so I can post my failures and my possible successors :D

I've done some stories in my time (about two? xD) but, by far, my newest one will be my best. I do write on deviantART and I'm getting better with each piece I do, and I felt like doing something here to spread my love for writing even more :D Well, enough of me, let's here more of me!

Failed Attempts

**Note: I highly recommend that you dodge these, only putting these down so I can remind myself how much I've improved in three years. These are really bad xD**
Title: Online Terror

Genre: It was going to be an Adventure/Action/Mystery story ._.

Description: When a boy and his friends find themselves trapped inside a video game, they must work together to survive in the ruthless world filled with creatures, or they are sure to die.

Notes: An idea I had when I was young, but I only ever did the Prologue... Damn, it sucked!


Title: Army from the Underground Depths

Genre: Action/Adventure/Fantasy

Description: Xiac is the chosen one from the skies above, the legend branding him as an "Angel" who would save his people from destruction. As he sets off to save those that he loves, he will soon find that a sacrifice may be necessary to save all that he cares about.

Notes: I always liked this idea, so I may have to continue it some time... Anyway, not very good, I write better now, mind you. xD


Title: The Search for Him

Genre: Action/Adventure/Fantasy/Mystery

Description: Lucas sets out on a hunt to bring down a terrible threat to the now ruined earth, but his journey is not an easy one. With enemies around every corner, Lucas will have to set his vengeance aside momentarily to clear the path to Him. But, will the secret held by him and his opponent prevent Lucas from killing Him?

There is a reason I discontinued this: I'm going to try and publish it as a novel in the future. I loved the plot, and even now it's developing in my mind. However, the title will change to: The Hunt for Him. It makes it sound less like a misleading title as some people might think it's a romance ._. Or maybe The Hunt? :D

Short Story (completed)

Name: The Darkness

Genre: Fantasy (Honestly have no idea what else to put, I would put "Horror" but it's not really... Horrory xD)

A near-death experience is what proves one boys theories: The Darkness is coming. There's nothing that can be done as, inevitably, The Darkness will eventually swallow all.

Notes: This was my first short story shoved onto deviantART, so I decided to put it on here and see if people liked it. I know where the issues are in it, and I think that I've addressed these issues in my other work. :P

Ongoing Works

Title: Coping With Reality

Genre: Fan Fiction/Emotional/Action

Description: Akito finds that his whole life has been a lie, and he struggles to find out why this was done to him. He will soon understand the reasons, and soon he will make their wrongs right.

Notes: I think that the Pokemon universe is an interesting world, and I find that you can do anything with the concept of Pokemon. I love this plot, and I plan on continuing this.

**Note so there we have it, multiple failures and one possible success :D Yes, I shall be updating this when I do more stories. In the meantime, read the non-fail one and feel free to browse my deviantART page. So yeah, I write because I want to be an author in the future - it is my dream! Just watch me publish haha**


Click the image above to check out my YouTube Channel - it'd mean a lot.

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Default Re: Author Archive

*~Tokyo's Stories~*

The Animal Life
My rating: 5/5, best I've done so far.
ESRB rating thing: PG/PG-13 (Soft swearing, violence, etc.)
Summary: A couple kids in the middle of a Wizard/half-animal war getting into a hell load of trouble. Extras will be posted for laughs.
Gerene: I think its kind of an actiony thing...might have mystery in a few chapters. Otherwise its pretty much life for these kids.

Eye of the Sea
Predicted ESRB rating: PG/PG-13
Summary: Kind of a Warriors/custom crossover...with Seacats, Seawolves, etc. Just a ton os mythos creature clans.
Gerene: Probably going to be Action/adventure/whatever else Warriors is.
I'm alive! -coughnotcough-

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Default Re: Author Archive

The Unreal Shadow Trackers Stories

Current Work

Legend of the Shadow Tracker
Rating: Its really hard for me to judge my stuff 3/5 I think the story losses focus at the end.
Descriptions:A young boy Max starts his journy to become a Shadow Tracker.
Notes: The story has gone unfinished for awhile, the battle scene is hard for me to write.

My word is only as good as the ink that supports it
Rating: 3/5 Really I can't rate them all the same.
Descriptions:A place to check out my poems
Notes: This thread will updated with new poems as they come. They are mostly loved themed.

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Dragonite: 33129
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