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Old 10-20-2011, 02:21 AM
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Lightbulb Idea for a 5th (or possibly 6th) Gen Game!

I know and understand that you've all heard this before,bnut I had a really innovative idea for a new main series Pokémon game!

For the 3DS or DS, a new journey would take place in Kanto. I've heard people saying that they should remake FR/LG or Yellow, but I have a much fresher plan. As completely new characters (not FR/LG), about 10 years past the time that the original Pokémon journey took place, you get your starter from...Professor Gary Oak! ...Okay, maybe, now that I think about it, it should be longer in the future so Gary can look at least 40. Or it could be the Old. Prof Oak, but I just think Gary would be a nice twist. I'm losing concentraiton on this topic! A new storyline would unfold, including older and maybe some legendary Pokémon from the newer generations, too. The release of this game would be accompani_d by a Mew distribution event which would unlock something in the game, like Arceus and Shiny Pichu did in the 2nd Generation remakes. The idea of a Pokémon following you around might be retained from those games, too, for the people who wanted a Yellow remake. Pikachu might make a good potential starter choice, but I think it should be given to you early in the game automatically and not appear in the forest so you still get a choice of starter, and you stand a chance against Brock without training a Nidoran or Mankey. Charmander gets Metal Claw early on now, so even he doesn't have too much of a problem, right? Kanto music, modern battle style, online interactivity, use of new HMs, regular Berry trees, many changes to the region due to the time skip, and possibly Contests should all be incorperated!

There should logically be access to the Sevii Islands, but I wasn't crazy over those like Kanto in G/S/C. Instead of making a remake, maybe you could access an updated Hoenn, too? Or Sinnoh, instead? I would also like to see a new and improved Red battle, only this time, he would replace Lance in the Elite Four, and some Gym leaders would change like Koga's daughter did before. I think Blaine should be kept, though, and have to do with the storyline and have great injury or something in his old age. Not Leader favoritism, I just thought of that when I read Petty Nuzlocke and Pokémon Adventures. Also, Mr. Fuji, if not dead, should have something to do with it. He shouldn't be unmentioned. Also, Gary's sister should still live in the house on the right.

Non-Kanto Pokémon should be available during the main campaign in the wild, and they should evolve under whatever conditions, unlike FR/LG, where old Pokémon with new evolutons could not evolve into their higher or alternative forms. An Ice Rock should be placed in the Seafoam Islands, and a Mossy Rock in the Viridian Forest. The magnetic charge needed to evolve certain Pokémon will be from the Power Plant, which has since expanded and now emits magnetic charges for some scientific reason that I'm sure wouldn't be that hard to pop out of your head, but I don't feel like thinking right now, causing all of the Magnemite residing in the plant to evolve into Magneton prematurely. Obstacle for the story! See, I'm intelligent and creative. The predominant species in the region should be Kanto Pokémon, respectively.

I don't think Team Rocket should return, but if Nintendo and Game Freak were to create something like this, I think that the goal should be to please all Pokémon fans, old and young, since most have separated and chosen a side of Pokémon. They should put a lot of effort into the story. I'd like ideas for this. I would rather not make a ROM hack because then Nintendo probably wouldn't like the idea of presenting a video game the public that appears to be taken off of an illegal fanbase idea. As for a title, I don't know. FireQuest and LeafQuest...that sounds dumb...maybe InfernoQuest and BlossomQuest... Jade and Garnet? A little help, please.

If you want me to rescue you in PMD1, just ask. There is nothing a Lv. 100 Flareon and Meganium cannot do.

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Old 10-20-2011, 05:12 PM
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Default Re: Idea for a 5th (or possibly 6th) Gen Game!

This sounds actually quite fun! Love the idea of access to Hoenn, and maybe you should get a choice out of all 5 regions starters? And for the names.. ... ShockingYellow, SplashingBlue and ScorchingRed? Then they could be known as the S-Kanto games. SY,SB,SR... Cooll!

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