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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 09-28-2011, 09:38 AM
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Post $3000 and Someone Else's Dream[Also dead. Yuppers.]

Rated PG because I can x3
More of my get-away-from-seriousness story, this will also have a bit of a story, but not much :3
If you want your OC to be in here, PM me. I'll probably accept :D
Forum for OC inclusion:
Species: (If he/she is a pokemon)
History:(Needed if you want your character to be more than a cameo.)
Picture/Discription: A picture of the character, or a short discription.
Pokemon Team:(If a trainer.)
Notes:(If you want your char to be very included, have special things. Like Cody's ability to create black and white flames. Other things to put in here would be any special things they hate and/or love, fo humor or serious reasons.)

Just PM me a fully-filled out foum and I'll slide your character right in! Lots of spots remaining.

starring...and introducing...
Cody.(yeah, that tail IS actually not a decoration, problem?)
1-Below this, silly!
2-Below this below this!
3-Nobody comments, so you can just scroll...

Chapter 1: ~$3000 dollars and someone else's dream~

My life sucks. I'm going to be basically pushed into capturing innocent pokemon today, and have no home soon. I don't even want to be a trainer. Just because my dad is some famous trainer, that doesn’t make me one. I have one pokemon, a gift from my father. I guess I should be happy, shiny pokemon are rare, shiny eevee's even more so. I named her Sara, a name that I thought fit her. I'm trying to develop a translator for either me or Sara, so we can communicate. It's pretty far along in development, and could change the world as I know it. I had to leave the prototype with Professor Oak while I take my leave, with Sara, to become a trainer.

I gently pushed the snooze button on my alarm clock, then unplugged it. No needing this anymore.

As I got dressed for my first day as a trainer, Sara jumped out from under my covers and pawed at the door, wanting to go.

"Sara, in a second." I said, my voice hinted with tiredness from the early morning. I finally pull on my slacks, stepping out of the door.

"Morning! So, your first day as a trainer. Have fun!" my younger brother yells after me, as I walk past him and out the door. He's only a year younger than me, and wants to be a great trainer. I wish I could give him his dream, I sure as hell don't want it. I make a beeline for the lab, knowing I have to go there.

"Oh, hello Cody. Nice to see you up so early."

"Yeah, whatever Oak. Just give me the pokeballs and I can go." I said, not really caring for polite greetings. I was too tired for this.

"Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed, hahaha! Anyway, your translator is coming along fine. Should be ready quite soon."

"Oak, my bed is against a wall. There's only one side I can get up on. That's good news, too bad I won't be around to see it completed for a while. Now pass me the pokeballs. And probably that pokedex too." I said, pointing at a red device on a counter.

"Nevermind, it's a joke, Cody." he said, passing me three pokeballs and a pokedex. I then promptly turned on my heels, and left. Sara was right beside me, bounding through the grass. I never liked putting her in a ball, but she was in a special one when she was. It was made almost completely of amber, a fossilized tree resin.

As I was about to walk into the bushes where I knew wild pokemon lurked, my annoying neighbour Aain decided to chase after me. We were the same age, so I already knew what he wanted.
"Battle me!" he called out as he got closer, causing me to stop.

"Stupid rules..." I grumbled as I turned around to face Aain, his little Pichu in tow. I quickly told Sara to get ready, and encouraged her to do her best. Even though I didn't want to be a trainer, but if I had to, I would be a good one at least.

"Rin! Tackle!" Aain commanded his pokemon, as I silently told mine a plan. Sara effortlessly dodged the tackle, and taunted the pichu by whipping her tail around. This enraged the small electric pokemon, turning into a small fit of rage. Another tackle dodged, Sara knew the next move.

Sara's head rammed the pichu, sending her soaring across the ground. Aain chased after his fallen pokemon, and I knew the battle was over.

"You meanie!"

"Oh, get over yourself. I won."

"You also wear that stupid flareon tail all the time!"

"I told you one hundred and ninety-seven times, IT'S PART OF ME!" I yelled, pointing at my bushy tail.

"And I told you that many times that IT'S NOT!"

"You also tried to rip it off, and we all know how that worked out."

"You glued it on then! IT'S FAKE!"

"You know what? I'm not going to take this. Seeya never, Aain." I said, me and Sara walking into the bushes. No pokemon seemed to be around, probably because of all the yelling. 'that's good for me. I don't need to catch a single one.' I thought, walking slowly as to not step on any pokemon.

’Ah, Viridian City.’ I thought as I walked into the small city of about 30 residents, carrying Sara. I walked into the pokemart first, buying a fire stone to use on Sara. I walked outside, looking down at the stone. I was going to place it on Sara’s head and evolve her, but she refused and ran away. I followed her out of the west of town, through more tall grass. She looked just terrified, and I felt terrible.

Sara finally stopped at a pond, lapping up the water. I took the stone out of my pocket, and she didn’t move. I made up my mind then. I lobbed the stone into the surprisingly deep waters of the pond, letting it sink to the bottom. Sara was relieved, tackling me, relentlessly licking my face. I practically had to pry her off as we walked back to town. If I was going to get anywhere as a trainer, I had one choice. The gym.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me…sigh…” I said as the sign loomed over me. ‘GYM CLOSED’ How was I going to get past...this? Where next? North it is.

It was a maze. Nothing else really to say as I studied the different paths. The right path looked the most clear of grass, so I followed that one. Obviously it was just my luck that path lead into a series of twists and turns, all filled with that dreadful promise of tall grass and wild pokemon. I stepped cautiously past a caterpie, clutching Sara close. I an around the corner, happy to be free of wild pokemon, until…

I tripped over a metapod. It was just lying there, and blended in perfectly with the long grass. It obviously did it’s trick as I told Sara to brace for impact, and threw her at the metapod in an act of panic. The attack hit amazingly, knocking the pokemon unconscious. Sara and I scampered off into the forest, away from the battle. We ducked into a nearby building, and that was the end of the forest. I tiredly slumped down on the concrete in Pewter City. After buying more than a few Repels, I set out for the gym.

“What? Only ONE pokemon?” The gym leader, Brock, asked, surprised I had only one pokemon.

“Yeah. And I’ll beat you with it and earn the- What was the badge?” I pulled out my little orange guidebook, referencing this city’s gym page. “-The Boulder Badge!”

“I can see you’re not very good at this. Look, I’ll go easy on you-“

“No you won’t! Sara, let’s go!” I declared, and the battle began.

“Geodude! Use tackle!” Brock commanded, and sure enough, his rock of a pokemon began to charge. Sara dodged again, then taunted. Knocking the geodude down with one tackle, Brock withdrew the exhausted pokemon and threw out another ball, releasing a large serpent made of boulders and rocks. This was going to be tough, and Sara was already panting.

“Sara, watch out!” I yelled a bit too late as the tail of the onix barreled into my eevee, sending her across the gym.

“Not so soon, Sara. You can do it!” I yelled, Sara obviously understanding. She dodged the next tackle, running up the rock pokemon. The onix was too stupid for his own good, and sure enough, fell for the trick. Tail connected with head as the onix fell and Sara prevailed, trotting proudly back to me.

“That’s the first time anyone has beat me with one pokemon. You earned it.” Brock said across the gym as he tossed a shimmering badge across the room. I caught it, the badge a crude metal disc, with flat sides and a raised octagon in the middle.

’One down, however many left...’

Please leave a comment on your way out!

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Default $3000 and Someone Else's Dream ~2~

$900 and Someone Else’s Dream ~Wavering in the Wind~

“Yaaaawn…So, where next Sara?” Cody proposed, knowing that Sara couldn’t respond. He angrily flipped out his phone and called Oak.

“Hey Oak! How’s the translator coming along?”

“Well, we hit a snag. More like a wall really, or rather, the translator hit a wall.”

“…You’re saying that my 3 years of research and development on that translator was thrown at a wall and destroyed.”

“I-it was an accident…”

“Oak, put the fool who destroyed it on the line.”

“…I’m sorry.”

“WHEN I GET BACK THERE AFTER BECOMING THE CHAMP, I’M GOING TO CRUSH YOUR DREEEAEMS OAK!” Cody screamed into his phone, others in the city turning to look at him. He flipped his phone closed promptly, cutting off Oak’s pleas for forgiveness. That raised the question again; what city next? His guidebook said Cerulean, so that’s where he went. He noticed one odd thing about his guidebook: it was written by a guy named Red. Who the hell names a kid Red? Were they eating the crayons they named their kid after when they thought of that? It’s a freakin’ colour, not a name.’ he stomped out of town, just wanting to get this stupid quest over with so he could burn Oak’s lab, or maybe just beat him to a pulp.

He sprayed gratuitous amounts of Repel around him, running three cans dry before he made it to the pokemon center. He had no need for the center, but…where the heck was he supposed to go? There was a cave beside the pokemon center, but that was it. Was he supposed to go in the cave? Well, he wasn’t. He picked a small outcropping in the rock face, while referencing the guide to see if this was the right way. He then began climbing, not noticing how steep and tall the rock wall actually was. He fell more than a few times, but kept getting higher with every try. He finally reached the outcropping, and noticed it was the top of the mountain-like wall.

Scampering his way onto the plateau, Cody panted heavily. He was too far from the ground to want to check how far the way was down, so he just thought of his next plan of action. Nobody really semed to come up there, no footprints in sight. A large bird pokemon swooped past him, and what he saw of it made him run as fast as he could to the other side. It was Lugia, but why was the legendary attacking him? He tripped off of a small rock, falling off the cliff of the wall. But no crack when he hit the ground. All he made was a soft thump as he hit the ground, the same noise a pillow would have made if dropped from that height.

“Huh. Well, I’m fine. You?” he asked his eevee again, after releasing her from her confinement.

“I’m fine. Thanks for asking.”

“Who said that?” he demanded, looking around the small area.

“Wait, you can understand me, Master?” Sara spoke these words. Cody jumped up and back, startled.

“What the hell, you can talk!” he commented about the sudden revelation.

“I’m not speaking your tongue. You can just understand mine. Got it, Master?”

“Okay, one, I’m not your ‘Master’, please call me Cody. Two, that’s impossible.”

“Maybe it’s because of your tail, Cody. Your inner pokemon?”

“Not in a million years. I’m just such a genius that I learned your language in 3 seconds!” Cody remarked, holding his head high. Sara just put her paw to her muzzle, and looked down at the ground.

“Cody, you may want to turn around…” Sara warned, seeing the huge figure looming over her trainer. It was a nidoking, purple spikes sprouting from the tough pokemon’s skin. Cody slowly turned around, looking it straight in the eyes.

“H-hey there, big guy…” Cody then dashed to Sara, commanding her to attack. She was effortlessly hit back with one swipe of a claw, leaving her injured. Sara attempted to stand up and fight, but Cody stood up and made up his mind.

“Hey, you! Nobody hurts my friend. Sara, this time I’m fighting for you.” Obviously, he was easily beaten by the large nidoking.

Do you desire power?

“Y..yes…I wish for the power to protect Sara.” he yelped, lying bruised and cut on the ground.

So be it.

Cody felt his consciousness slipping, but he fought against the dark. He stayed awake long enough to see the grey flames ignite in his hands, then throwing the flame at the nidoking. His body went limp after that, and he was left lying on the ground.

Cody felt a small paw on his shoulder, poking it. A single claw found its way through the fabric in his shirt, and scratched him painfully.

“I’m up, you can stop that, Sara.”

“Yes, Mast- …Cody.” The two then went onward, to find what lay ahead in Cerulean.

(Few little things: Can you find the Disgaea 2 quote in this chapter? And I did this in almost exactly an hour. So if you see errors, leave a comment!)

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Default $3000 and Someone Else's Dream ~3~

$500 And Half a Dream ~Relax a bit.~

“Sara…get….up!” Cody yelled for what seemed like the hundredth time, looking down angrily at the lump under the covers.

“SARA!” Still no response. She might have moved slightly, but definitely wasn’t going to get up.

“Look, we have like…” Cody trailed off, looking at his watch, “…5 minutes to get down to the gym!” Sara didn’t budge, and still slept.

“But I just discovered naps…they’re so magical…” Sara whispered softly, shifting around to get more comfortable. Cody was infuriated now.

He tried to push Sara off the bed, but she somehow made herself heavier, Cody felt like he would be better off trying to move a snorlax. He tried leveraging with the wooden sword he kept in his backpack. No use, Sara just rolled off the wood and snored. ’How the hell am I going to be champion with her? Screw it…’ Cody thought as he too drifted off to sleep beside Sara.

“Cody…get…up!” Sara barked, hitting Cody in the face with a paw. He squealed like a schoolgirl and ran to the bathroom to get ready and wash the scratch mark out with water. Sara smirked, and adjusted her fur a little bit while sitting on the bed. She fought the urge to have another nap while looking out the window at the quiet but strong winds outside.

Sara laughed as Cody walked out of the bathroom, half of his face red with a three-lined scratch running down his right cheek. “Yeah, real funny Sara.” He said as he threw the amber pokeball at Sara’s head, then picked it up and set it in his pocket. After locking the door and checking out from the hotel, he walked out of the building. Wind immediately blasted him, his tail only slightly waving in the air despite the winds. The weather was fair, but the winds made the warm temperatures feel as if the season had changed overnight to fall.

He put up a hand in front of the man’s face as he walked into the gym, not really caring what he had to say. All he needed was in his handbook. It told him where to go next, type advantages, everything. It was almost cheating, if he didn’t just want to get this ‘adventure’ said and done with. And what kind of a challenge was this? It was like they let him win. What kind of victories were they if he won everything so easily? As he walked up to Misty he voiced his opinion.

“Don’t be so damn weak! You call yourself a Gym leader?” he yelled angrily at her, baring his fangs in something between a smirk and a glower. “Typical” Cody muttered under his breath as she declared she would win, then sent out a staryu. “And what the hell is that? It’s pitifully WEAK!” he yelled as Sara took down the staryu with one tackle. Misty looked nervous, the sent out the evolution of her earlier pokemon, a starmie. She looked confident as the real battle begun.

Starmie started out by spinning rapidly, then trying to barrel into Sara. She had trained for this, so Sara hopped up on the pokemon, landing on the glimmering red gem in its centre. She stopped it with a downward shadow ball to its gem, an attack just recently taught to her. The blast made it spiral out of control and hit the water with a satisfying splash. Sara began gloating in her native language, but was literally cut off by the starmie rising out of the water and trying a swift attack. One of the bright stars shaved her mane slightly, sending a liberal amount of tan fur to the ground. “Okay, I loved that mane. Now you’re done.” Sara said calmly, tackling the starmie while clawing at it. Needless to say, the attack felled the pokemon, keeping Cody’s perfect streak alive.

“Not much of a fight.” Sara commented as Cody tried to fix her mane. He nodded happily and returned to fixing her mane. Misty walked over to him and made some compliments, something along the line of “You’re such a good trainer! Nice battle!” followed by extending her arm, badge shimmering.

“Yeah, yeah. You can just leave it on the ground, I’m busy.” Cody said, still working meticulously on her mane, endlessly fluffing and arranging. Misty set down the badge and ran off, while Cody still worked on her fur, for what seemed like hours…and was.

“Sir…we’re closing for the day.” The man from the entrance was standing above them, looking at him quizzically. Cody stood up, and started to walk out. After a few steps forward, he dropped his pokeball straight down, enclosing Sara and bouncing back into his open hand. He didn’t want his almost perfect grooming job ruined so quickly.

Now Cody wasn’t one to make himself look stupid. And he knew that if he went back to the hotel right after he checked out, he would look stupid. So what did he do when he stepped outside of the Gym and saw it was nighttime? He just walked on, not caring about the time of day. Sure, he was tired; it showed in his face quite well. But no, he wouldn’t act upon it.

“So tell me again…why the heck are we walking around a trail at 3 in the morning?” Sara commented, sneaking a peek at Cody’s watch to confirm the time.

“Why? Because we’re on a schedule. I’m going to make that translator, and it’s going to change the world, Sara. I’ve no time for this adventure, but Mom and Dad insist ‘It’ll build character’. I really don’t buy that, I’m quite character filled already.”

“Relax a bit…” Sara muttered under her breath, not audible to Cody. Cody shot her a glare, but he didn’t hear the insult clearly, so he quickly looked away. It was only the two of them, on what seemed to be a deserted trail bordered by those same mountain-walls. The wind had died down, so the night was probably warmer than the day.

’I hope they aren’t all that easy. I’ll get bored before I’m done.’

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