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Old 10-01-2011, 04:05 PM
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Default Eye of the Sea

[Fancy banner here]

"I know you pushed that boulder to block me, my siblings, and my mother's friend," [Sentinel]

Chapter One: Thornclaw's dark side [Schylyst clan; Sentinel POV]
Chapter Two (Coming soon)

Info on the Species
Character Bios

Just because of all the Fanfic stealing so far,

Story Title: Eye of the Sea
Sites posted on: Pe2k (Moonkit)
If you see this Fanfic anywhere else, I ask that you tell me and provide a link.

Guest Stars (Mythos creatures only; mainly going to accept Seacats)
If you want a Guest Star, I ask that you PM me with this filled out. NOTICE: This is not an RP.

Character name:
History: (Optional)
Clan: (Schylyst, Dungeon, Vegandia, Savara, Aura Seas, Rouge (Rude clanless cats that take prey from clan cats), Loner (Clanless cats that leave the clans alone most of the time))
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Old 10-01-2011, 04:06 PM
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Default Re: Eye of the Sea

Info on the Species


Seacats are blue creatures that live in the sea. They can have any eye color, but only blind Seacats have grey eyes. The eyes of a Seacat are pupilless, rather than the orb-like eyes of a Watercat. They have some sort of marking depending on what tribe they are from.

Baby Seacats (0-12 months) are always quite fluffy. They have fluffy manes and tails. They normally have some sort of cat markings, but they disappear over time. Over time, baby Seacats start to look more original, rather than more like their parents.

Teenage Seacats (12-24 months) tend to be a tiny bit fluffy, yet they aren’t as fluffy as baby Seacats. They have their tribe markings now and are more of a blue than a blue-green now. They still are not a true blue, but they are not classified as cubs any longer. You can now see their scales.

Adult Seacats (24-244 months) are blue. They are not as dark of a blue as the elders, yet they are still a true blue. They have no fur, rather they have scales. Their tribe marking is now somewhat more noticeable, though this doesn’t affect battle or anything.

Elderly Seacats (244-288 months) are a really dark blue and have a touch of red. Their tribe marking disappears over time until they die.


Seacats have a general lifespan of 24 years, or 288 months. Some rare Seacats live longer, and the Seacat gods are immortal, never to die or age unless they please.

Baby Seacats are so fluffy that you are unable to see their scales. They are normally somewhat playful, yet they are not as playful as the Teens. They are unable to swim until they are eight months old.

Teenage Seacats are taught the ways of the Seacats by the adults. They, out of all of them, are the most playful. They don’t know how to play nicely yet, so them playing normally ends with someone getting hurt. They are the main hunters for the tribe.

Adult Seacats are the ones that teach teenagers how to behave and work like a normal Seacat. Despite the fact that they do this, they are not the main hunters of the tribe. They also guard the tribe’s camp, watching for other Seacat tribes. They are the best fighters.

Elderly Seacats have almost reached the end of their lifespans, thus they don’t do much other than eat, sleep, tell stories about the past to the cubs, and help out a bit around camp.

Tribes and Positions

There are five Seacat tribes, though there were normally six.

Aura Seas
The Seacats in the Aura Seas tribe are almost like land cats, though they hunt fish and other small sea creatures. They live in a large cave with five exits, one towards each tribe. There is a sixth entrance, yet it is only used when the Seacats meet, once every 3 months.

Their marking is a simple swirl around the body, tail, and head. Many of the Seacats here have Mahogany eyes or red eyes.

Disastria is the dead tribe in which many of the gods once lived in. It was destroyed in the Year of Disasters.

Disastria was formally located on a tall mountain with much water and snow. The Seacats here loved to play in the snow.

Their marking was stripes.

The Savarah tribe lives in a dessert like area with lots of water despite the hot temperatures and few trees.

The cats in this tribe are only out of the water to scavenge, sleep, keep watch, and sometimes play. They normally stay in the water to keep out of the scorching hot temperatures.

Their marking is spots that look much like those of a Jaguar. They normally have blue eyes.

Vegandia is in the middle of a lush forest with many juicy fruits and plants. There is a stream that flows through the forest that the Seacats can swim in.

The Seacats here never hunt, yet sometimes they catch fish. They live on the natural foods that come from the forest that they were blessed with. They go into the water to find fish, sometimes play, and to cool down if it is a hot day.

The markings of these cats are butterfly-like patterns. Their eyes are always a shade of green, never blue-green.

The cats of Schylyst are unlike any other Seacats. They actually have wings which can be used to increase speed in the water and to fly. Their main campus is in the sky. They sleep in a big, strong tree or in tree trunks beside the tree. There is a river somewhat close to the tree that they enjoy swimming in.

The Schylyst tribe hunts birds and the occasional fish. When the tree grows apples, they attempt to get them before worms or small birds do. They go into the water to find fish, to play, and to test their speed.

Their markings are gust-like markings. Their eyes are normally light colors.

The Dungeon tribe lives underground. To get to their camp, you must climb down a small hole which only small animals and Seacats can get in. Their camp is the bigger part of the tunnel. There is a stream going down into the cave for them to swim in.

The Dungeon tribe hunts anything that they can get ahold of. They even go up to land to scavenge if they must! They will also eat foolish reptiles that come down into their camp. They go into the water to find food, to play, and to hide from predators that may be lurking underground.

Their markings are anything that the other tribes don’t have as their markings. Their eye colors are normally tan, brown, or black.
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Old 10-01-2011, 04:07 PM
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Default Re: Eye of the Sea

Main Character
Teenage Schylyst tom.
Chapters featured in: Chapter 1+
Personality: Sentinel is a kind Seacat with little to no evilness inside of him. He is honest, and lives by his leader’s orders and rules. He loses trust in people somewhat easily, and will protect his clan with his life, even when the other people have the upper hand.

Clan leader
Adult Schylyst she-cat.
Chapters featured in: Chapter 1+
Personality: Lunarstar is kind, but not as kind as Sentinel. She can be snotty at times, and is somewhat bossy. She does what she wants to an extent, and in the end, most of the time everything goes her way.

Rouge, former Schylyst cat
Adult Rouge tom
Chapters Featured in: Chapter 1
Personality: He is like Sentinel’s evil twin. He is rude and won’t stop fighting until he has won. He never forgives people until they are either dead or almost dead. He would love to see the day that Sentinel dies, and he wishes to cause it.
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Default Re: Eye of the Sea

Chapter One: Thornclaw's Darkside

Not all is well in the Schylyst tribe. Though we can fly, prey is scarce. Fish still swim along in the stream, but we don’t normally hunt fish. We didn’t normally hunt anything other than birds and the occasional rabbit.

“C’mon, Sentinel. You won’t get anywhere mumbling about the prey shortage. Winter is near, and our prey pile is tiny. We will soon need to eat the emergency stock if we don’t find enough soon,” Marrowheart said.

I lowered my head and walked across the small area between me and lake. I looked into the lake, seeing not a single fish. I spread my semitransparent bat-like wings and meowed. Not something you would expect, but it was what we did. We weren’t dragons or birds, we didn’t go ‘Caw caw’.

I slipped into the cold water and swam around, using my wings to help me. I saw a few fish, but they swam away at the sight of me. My tan and brown pelt apparently didn’t mix well.

I soon caught about four fish, but when I came up I wasn’t anywhere I remembered. I saw people of my tribe, but I didn’t recognize this place. I slowly got back into the water and swam back to the main camp. There, I set the fish down in the hollow trunk of a tree that we used as a prey pile.

“Sentinel, you best come see this; someone did go just n’ run off with ye’ siblings!”

I turned my head and ran towards the Nursery. My two little siblings, my brother and sister, were the only family I had after the Dungeon tribe attacked. Despite them never seeing sunlight, they were tough to beat. We were sadly defeated, getting away with the few remaining tribe members we had now. Most of the mothers and fathers had died, and I was made a Tribe Warrior before I was meant to because of this.

I barged into the Nursery and looked around. My brother and sister were sitting in the middle of their ‘den’ playing. Thornclaw had tricked me!

I heard a loud rumble and turned around. A rock, a boulder no less, blocked the entrance to the cave opening. Thornclaw had never liked me because I had abandoned him when we were faced against eagles when we were cubs. He had managed to survive with a broken leg and a scar along his eye. He had never gotten back at me, or at least never succeeded. Now, he had finally trapped me. He would probably be nice enough to make a hole big enough for cubs to go through, but not me, or something like that.

But then I noticed something. I was here alone with my siblings and our mother’s dearest friend, the girl who had protected me against the eagle, but made it go after him. There was no way he was opening it whatsoever.


It had been twelve hours, and nothing worked. I had been trying to get out for hours. There was no way out of this cave, as far as I knew. I asked Selaceo if she knew about a secret entrance, but she didn’t. Another day of being trapped somewhere with no way out. This would be fun.

I looked around sadly; already hungry from all the work I had done, plus the fact that the last meal I had was just a baby salmon. I poked around in some of the brush around the edge of the cave until my nose didn’t hit the cave wall. I walked through the fern and into the elders den. I had little experience in here other than the times when I was a Seakitten. I tip-toed towards the exit as I was being watched by one of the elders that hated being woken, Flamepelt; he was actually named mainly for his personality, for his pelt was somewhat pink.

“How did you get out of there? No one could move that boulder!” Thornclaw cried, “not even our leader could!”

“I know that you pushed the boulder to trap me, my siblings, and my mother’s friend. You landed it in a mud puddle so no one would be capable of moving it, just wait until I announce this, that the deputy trapped a warrior along with two cubs and a queen,” I growled, challenging the deputy.

He looked at me as if her were scared, as if he had to kill me before I did so. He nodded and said, “Well then, good work,” when the leader came.

“Sentinel, do you know who was trapped by the boulder falling from the cave?”

“I’ll announce it right now, if I may,” I said, glaring at Thornclaw.

Nodding, the leader headed into the elders den to say hello to the elders. She and the elders were great friends, as they had been kits when Lunarstar, or Lunarheart, came into the clan. She hasn’t used one of her nine lives yet, and she looks about as young as an apprentice. She was as tall as a warrior, despite her childish looks.

I walked over to the meeting area and sat at the foot of the great rock. It was time for our weekly meeting, anyway. I looked up at the great rock and flew up. I called for the rest of the clan, and they surprisingly came. They gave me odd looks, as I was not the leader, but I was so focused on getting Thornclaw out of this clan that I couldn’t speak otherwise.

The clan’s leader came atop the great rock behind me, allowing me to speak first.

“Schylyst clan,” I started with a brave voice, “As you may have heard, the Nursery has been blocked by a huge boulder, yet I have found that it was no accident.”

Sounds of shock came from about half of the clan. The other half was either too shocked to gasp, or knew a couple people stupid enough to do it.

“I was one of those trapped behind the boulder, but I got out through a small emergency exit in the top that cubs and queens cannot reach. The other three were my two siblings, the only cubs in this clan, and my mother’s great friend who cares for them, Selaceo. No one hates the four of us more than the deputy himself…” I was knocked over by Thornclaw. He had his paw above me, ready to strike my neck.

“Whoever believes this traitor can go with him. I saw him push the boulder off the top of the cave with my own eyes. He’s always hated his siblings, and Selaceo. Anyone who agrees that I did it may step up and prove I’m wrong or just come up to have your wings ripped from your body,” Thornclaw hissed. Many people came up, more than half of the clan. One person of the many stepped onto the great rock and spoke.

“I, the spy of this clan, was snooping around when I heard Thornclaw talking to Sentinel. I crept closer and listened to the conversation. Thornclaw had said that Sentinel’s siblings had gotten captured, which they hadn’t, but Sentinel ran into the Nursery anyway. I then followed Thornclaw, and he got atop the cave and pushed the boulder down.”

Thornclaw dug his claws into my side. “LIES!” He growled. “If I had done it, my pelt would be scratched up by that sharp thing.”

Everyone stared at his pelt. I couldn’t, but I expected to see blood trickling down.

“Uhhh…it is,” the spy cat objected.

Thornclaw glanced back and saw his own pelt dripping out blood.

My side started to hurt worse, and I yowled. Deputies that hurt the cats in the clan were to immediately be kicked out of the clan, I knew that much.

“You will all be sorry you kicked me out, and not this worthless fool,” Thornclaw cursed. He let his claws slide back in slowly and he hissed, flying off until one of the spies jumped at him. The spy clawed at his neck, for they knew what happened to deputies that put the cubs in trouble; death. Thornclaw looked back at me as his eyes turned red with anger and hatred. He fought back against the spies, soon killing one of them.

The other spy, seeing the fallen friend, he flew down to grab his friend before he hit the hard, cold ground that wasn’t of our camp as far as I knew.

Thornclaw flew off, though he wouldn’t get too far if the spirits knew what he did, the spirits would take his wings and markings.

I looked around. A lot of blood was on the Great Rock from both Thornclaw and me. I then noticed that much more of it was mine. I started to black out, though I fought the urge to do so. I growled a warning, as all Schylyst cats do when they black out, and everything went black.
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Default Re: Eye of the Sea

Interesting concept. I really want to see how you evolve and advance the story. *Tries to imagine a seacat*

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Default Re: Eye of the Sea

Hehe; thanks!

I might be able to make one on Feralheart and prt. scrn. it, but I miht be too dang lazy. If I did, I'd do Sentinel first xD
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