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Old 07-23-2011, 01:48 AM
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Default My first team!

This is my first team, so please, do not say things that you know will make ppl upset. So, if you think I should make a change, just let me know

Absol(Lead/Physical attacker)Evs:252 att. 252 spd. 4 hp
Jolly @Focus sash Super luck
Night slash, Superpower, Sucker punch, Psycho cut

Nidoking(Sp.Attacker)Evs:252 sp.att. 252 spd. 4 def
Timid @Life orb Poison point
Shadow ball, Thunderbolt, Ice beam, Earth power

Shaymin(Sp.Attacker)Evs:252 sp.att. 252 spd. 4 sp.def
Modest @Life orb Serene grace
Seed flare, Earth power, Hidden power ice, Leech seed

Quagsire(Physical wall)Evs:252 def. 252 hp. 4 att.
Impish @Leftovers Water absorb
Recover, Toxic, Earthquake, Protect

Electivire(Physical attacker)Evs:252 Att. 252 spd. 4 hp
Adamant @Expert belt Motor drive
ThunderPunch, Ice punch, Cross chop, Earthquake

Mantyke(Sp.wall)Evs:252 Sp.def. 252 hp. 4 def
Calm @Eviolite Water absorb
Scald, Hidden power fire, Aqua ring, Substitute

Lol, I hope didn't miss anything.

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Old 07-30-2011, 04:17 AM
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Default Re: My first team!

This team is fairly good, I can't really find any types that would dominate you, except Dragon possibly could, due to no STAB ice moves. Some battlers don't like using the same item twice, so depending on who you are facing, you might need to get rid of one of your Life Orbs.

I don't see a defined Lead though, so you might want to get one, not all people use a lead though, and there are a variety of theories of what makes a good one, so take your pick. I also don't see very many stat boosting moves, which could really hurt your chances depending on the situation, but again, that is a pick your poison scenario.
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Old 09-12-2011, 01:01 AM
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Default Re: My first team!

Ok, first of all, this team probably won't make it all-too-far in it's current state (Not insulting, just stating the facts) - a lot of these Pokemon you are choosing are not exactly worth all that much (most are UU or NU in gen 4, and RU or NU in gen 5)

First of all, While Absol may have a nice attack stat, It doesn't have the speed or versatility to be able to function well, the Common Absol set is SD/Sucker Punch, because that's all Absol has going for it.

I suggest maybe substituting for Weavile, Weavile is faster, has almost the same amount of attack (not sure the exacts) and is much more versatile in terms of moves to use...


Next up is Nidoking - do you know about Nidoking's insane new ability Sheer Force? It gets it in the dream world, and a Modest LO Nidoking sporting The three Elemental Beams and Earth Power can really pack a punch...
...sadly, it's not all-too fast, and is best combined with a Shell Smash or Agility Baton Passer...


Now Shaymin - Shaymin Doesn't have Serene Grace!!! Shaymin-Sky Forme Does, but that's a Banned Pokemon in competetive play...
...If you are set on using Shaymin-S, because you are playing some crazy tier where it isn't banned (BTW I follow Smogon Tiers religiously) then the preferential set is:

Shaymin-S @ Choice Scarf
Serene Grace

-Air Slash
-Earth Power
-Seed Flare
-Hidden Power Ice

...there are a few other sets, but like I said, Shaymin-S is banned... If you want a Pokemon that functions the same (and I'll hate you if you want such) then Jirachi or Togekiss are the Way to go: Iron Head/Air Slash combined with Thunder Wave or Body slam makes for a fkn HAXy demise...


Quagsire is useless in Gen 5 - Go for Swampert or Gastrodon instead - Swampert has much better stats, and is a better wall BY FAR, while Gastrodon has Storm Drain - allowing for you to switch in on Water-type moves, and proceed to sweep the opponent with a Powerful Surf/Earth Power/Ice Beam combo...


Finally, Mantyke... Why on earth would you want it??? If you are looking for a special wall, Blissey and Chancey are your best bets, they are the undisputed Best Special walls...

and if you don't like them, Try Reuniclus... Reuniclus is not only a nice Special wall with Calm mind, but with Access to Psyshock and the unresisted Shadow Ball + F-blast/HP Fighting (F-blast has crap accuracy) - it can actually fight back!!!


In conclusion, this team does need some work, and if you want any more help on it, feel free to VM or PM me - I'll be happy to help out...

also, a couple of Links to help you build your teams:

the BW dex is not yet complete, but hey, DP works! (I know, I'm DP xD)

if you are really looking for BW analysis's though, you can always check smogon's Forums, it's got constantly updating analysis of all gen 5 pokes - but really, Being Creative every now and then is good too. How else would I have used Gigalith (an NU Poke at best) in competetive OU play to such success? TR + Gravity makes for a nasty EdgeQuake...
Old 09-12-2011, 01:20 AM
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Default Re: My first team!

Ok there are quite a few problems with the team, but ill help.

quagsire- is outclassed by gastrodon entirely. Also gastro is a better rain counter which it seems like rain cuts right through the team.


electivire was sooooo 4th gen, but i recommend LO over expert belt.


shaymin is well outclassed by celebi in sooo many ways, but other than that, it seems standard


Well dark pulse covered everything else, but if your content on keeping absol run swords dance.
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Old 09-12-2011, 04:46 AM
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Default Re: My first team!

^lol, I forgot about electivire, and Shaymin standard has a very different role to Celebi, where as Shaymin-S (Sky forme, what he's using) Has another role altogether...

ok, now lets look at Electivire:

You don't have a Gyarados, therefore Electivire is more useless than Pikachu on this team. In gen 4, Electivire's sole purpose in life was to absorb the speed from a predicted Electric attack on Gyarados (often DD-Gyara) - now in Gen 5 it's useless - We have Team Preview as well as so many pokemon that outclass it...

If you want a Physical Attacker, might I suggest a dragon or steel type? If you go with something like Triple-Dnite or BandZor, you'd be able to do much more with the team...

(Triple-Dnite = Dragon Dance Dragonite
BandZor = Scizor @ Choice band - if you don't know this one, you need to learn you competetive battling lingo)
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