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Old 08-20-2011, 02:42 AM
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Default Twisted Tailes RP [SU/DS]

Countless years ago, deep in the records of history, the Keaton have been hidden, one such young Keaton having taken a small liking to a Hylian youth in the days of the Hero of Days and Time, a young child who had traveled through the currents of time itself to save our homeland of Termina and its sister land, Hyrule. The Keaton, taking the name of our species, was once summoned by this young boy, a Hylian youth by the name of Link, and later had grown fond of the boy, leaving with him to search alongside the child for his lost friend. When he returned, twenty long years had passed by Termina, the Hero Link, having fallen in a great battle that took his life from him in a faraway land, had bequeathed all of his childhood possessions to the soon-to-be Elder Keaton, who in turn protected the masks, including the beloved Keaton Mask that had drawn him to becoming the child’s all and friend.

Time passes slowly for us Keaton, so twenty Hylian years would be nothing for our lives, but alas, even Keaton grow old. As he aged, the young prankster slowly matured into a refined young Elder and then grew old and raised a family of his own. His line is often considered sacred, and his descendants over time proved that over time as well, the Keaton Mask having been passed down through every Elder and the others having been passed down through the families connected to the royal Keaton bloodline.

However, time works in strange ways. We have slowly evolved beyond our animal forms and into more Hylian forms, standing upon two legs and living among them as storytellers and merchants, some serving as guards for the Clock Town mayors. Laughably we had been better at our jobs than the Hylian Knights, even going so far as to train them in swordsmanship. But no peace lasts forever. Legend of the mythical triangle, the holy Triforce, had reached the ears of our kind and, several days later, a large force of our strongest mages, led by Kryhl, took Clock Town by force, the rest of Termina following suit. I, the Elder’s trusted advisor, plan to take the Keaton Mask, its once legendary power now drained, along with the other masks and secret them to Hyrule, to the shop of the Happy Mask saleswoman, a direct descendant of the original Happy Mask shop founder and owner, and then plan to secret the Elder’s daughter away from this chaos before time grows too late. The TransFox Resistance also intends to rebel against Kryhl’s forces and rescue the over races, who have been enslaved and tasked with opening a stone pathway leading to Hyrule

Long live Elder Keaton’s legacy, and the Keaton’s Honor with it.

Sari woke with a slow start, her head throbbing and her arms weak. Slowly pushing herself up to her knees, she fell over on her side and began to look around herself. Her radiant golden fur and jet hair contrasted heavily to the dark, misty haze of the forest she found herself in. Sitting up, she reached over and picked up the journal once belonging to Hynn, the advisor to her late father, and placed it in her pouch, before lifting the Keaton Mask, well-maintained and as precious to her as the necklace she wore around her neck, and placing it into her pouch as well. Her twin tails flickered uneasily as she tried to take in where she was, but found that she knew of no place in Termina with a forest like this, even at night.
“Where… am I?” She asked, holding her head lightly as her ponytail draped over her shoulder and trailed along the side of her midnight blue shirt, her dark earthen pants trailing along her legs as she crossed her legs and rested, waiting for her migraine to pass.

Welcome to the Twisted Tailes RP discussion thread. For those of you who are new here, feel free to ask around and speak with anyone who is open to talk.

What is Twisted Tailes?

Twisted Tailes is a story set several millennia after the events of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and thousands of years after the events of Pokémon: Black and White. Natural evolution has transformed the Keaton and Pokémon races into anthropomorphic forms, a.k.a. Anthros. It has had a similar effect on Pokémon, giving them more Human forms as well. Although there are Anthro Keaton and Pokémon, there are still wild, feral kinds in the world.

This RP follows the events of the survivors of the TransFox Resistance, a group of Keaton who, led by Kallard Whitetail, lost against the forces of Keaton usurper Kryhl Banes. Having failed in their attempt, the corrupt Keaton sorcerers opened unstable rifts to imprison the rebels forever. However, this led to the world of Pokémon without their knowing, and spread the secrets of magic to their world. You can be either a Keaton or a Pokémon, and can choose to ally yourself with the Resistance or Kryhl.

Where do I start?
If you are a Resistance Keaton, you start in one of the areas of the Pokémon world in one of the regions of your choosing, from Kanto to Unova. Keatons naturally generate magic power for their spells and skills, while Pokémon recover slower. Feral pokémon who have been touched by magic can also use some magic, mainly aligned with one of their Types (I.E. Fire= Fire Magic).

If you are a Pokemon, you start in any of the towns in the regions. Some pokemon may be new to magic, or can be completely untouched by it, it's your choice.

If you are a Keaton sided with Kryhl, you start in Clock Town, researching the rifts that have appeared across Termina. You can also start a Resistance Keaton who is either captured or hiding around Termina.

Can I be a Legendary Pokémon/canon character?
You cannot be any existing and/or notable Zelda Character other than a Keaton, but if you want to be a legendary Pokémon, feel free to submit a character application and I’ll give it some thought. Be aware that I will not allow you to be a legendary that’s already taken.

What are the Masks for?

The Masks, some whose abilities remain strong after the time that has passed, and some who have grown useless, are items crucial to the RP later and cannot be discarded. They MAY, however, be passed on to another RPer, but be aware that I will limit the amount of masks any one character can carry to two. There are twenty-four Masks in the RP, including the transformation masks. Masks that have lost their power are the Deku, Goron, Zora, Keaton, All-Night, Blast, and Giant’s Masks, as well as the Bunny Hood.

How do I submit a character?
To submit a character, you must fill out one of these sheets:

Keaton Character Sheet
Name: First name, last name optional
Age: How old is your Keaton?
Gender: Boy/Girl?
Height/Weight: Are you tall and thin? Short and tubby? Or are you somewhere in between?
Build: Are you athletic, muscular, lanky? Describe your character build here.
Personality: How your character acts in public and possibly in private. At least one paragraph is recommended.
Appearance: Pics are fine, but please add a description of how you look. You may have different fur colors than the regular Keaton yellow and separate hair color as well as eyes. After that, describe your character's outfit and dressing. Be aware that Keaton generally do not wear boots, due to how they stand on their legs like a fox would. You may also have one to three tails.
Magic Skills: Does your character specialize in fire or ice? List your type of magic skill here.
Weapon: What will your character use to fight enemies with? Please describe in detail.
Training Path: Is your character a combat-based fighter, a mystic-reliant mage, or somewhere in the middle?
Background: Give a small history of your character before they reached this point in the story.

Pokémon Character Sheet
Name: What do you go by?
Age: How old are you?
Species: Who's that Pokemon? Are you a shiny as well?
Gender: Male/Female?
Height/Weight: Same as with the Keaton
Build: " "
Personality: Are you a cool-headed Charmeleon? Maybe a hot-tempered Dragonair?
Appearance: Describe your Pokemon character's appearance. You can also give a snake or other limbless Pokemon character arms and legs if you wish.
Magic Skill: Be aware that the magic skill will be related to one of your characters' Pokemon Type(s).
Weapon: What do you use other than your moveset?
Pokémon Ally: You may have one feral Pokemon as a friend or ally in your travels. They may know magic as well as you if you do.
Background: What did your character do when they were young? How about before they became involved?

List of Masks, RP effects, and current holders:
All-Night Mask: Allows a character to stay awake indefinitely while wearing, but will tire the wearer when removed. (Power drained)
Blast Mask: Allows a character to blast objects away when there are no other options; will damage the character moderately, but not fatally. (Power drained)
Bremen Mask: Let’s a character lead other feral Keaton or Pokémon without the music, but has limited range.
Bunny Hood: Allows a character to move twice as fast as normal. (Power drained)
Captain’s Hat: Let’s a character lead the spirits of those long gone, but has limited range.
Circus Leader’s Mask: Causes a targeted character to lose anger, but only works on one at a time.
Couple’s Mask: Reminds others of strength in numbers, but has no eye holes.
Deku Mask: Transforms one character into a Deku Scrub. (Power drained)
Don Gero’s Mask: Allows one character to scale surfaces faster than normal.
Fierce Deity Mask: Transforms a character into the fearsome Fierce Diety. (power drained)- Kryhl
Garo’s Mask: Let’s one summon ONE Garo to fight with them.
Giant’s Mask: Enlarges a character to monolithic proportions. (Power drained)
Gibdo Mask: Let’s one speak with the undead and pass by unnoticed.
Goron Mask: Let’s a character become a Goron. (Power drained)
Great Fairy’s Mask: Let’s a character find a fairies’ spring.
Kafei’s Mask: No real use. Allows one to uncover information regarding people from others.
Kamaro’s Mask: Allows one character to engage in the legendary Kamaro dance.
Keaton Mask: Allows one to summon the spirit of Elder Keaton among a circle of dancing bushes. (Power drained)- Sari
Mask of Scents: Lets one find scent trails that others cannot.
Mask of Truth: Lets one see the truth hidden from the naked eye.
Postman’s Hat: Allows one to find extra change among postboxes.
Romani Mask: No real use here. Marks one as an adult.
Stone Mask: Hides one from drawing attention to themselves, becoming as plain as stone.
Zora Mask: Transforms one into a Zora. (Power drained)
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Old 08-20-2011, 03:05 AM
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Default Re: Twisted Tailes, a PokeZelda RP [SU/DS]

The usual PE2K rules apply.
No Godmoding.
No trolling.
Have fun! It's what this is here for, anyway!

Kallard Whitetail (Keaton)

ShinyLugia- Victoria(Keaton)
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Old 08-27-2011, 02:48 AM
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Default Re: Twisted Tailes RP [SU/DS]

Name: Victoria (Can't think of a last name. XD)
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Height/Weight: 4' 7" standing up on her hind legs (Around 3' 4" when sitting down/walking) Weight is 45 pounds. (My goodness, she's light!)
Build: She's very... skinny. She can fit in extremely tight spaces and looks like a skeleton with a bit of fur and skin on it.
Personality: She acts mean and rough, but she's not a bad guy. Take a little time to know her and she'll be a good friend. She acts supirior to other Keaton and Pokemon, until she deems them worthy of friendship. Underneath that black coat is a nice person, but not many people try to find the real Victoria-it takes a lot of work, so she doesn't end up with many friends. Due to the weight she's carrying from her past, a few good cracks at her will make her cry, even if it was a joke. She has bad days and good days- on her bad days (These happen often if she's not fed properly) she is bad-tempered, blunt, and cruel. On her good days, however, she is mostly happy... Mostly.
Appearance: Has a completely black coat, with brown eyes (Not like she opens them- Keatons usually keep thier eyes closed but still can see.). Wears a green cap-she took it from Link. Also wears a chain with a green gewel with tiny black wisps of what looks like smoke inside it, that changes mysteriously according to her mood. (Ex. 'Smoke' fills the gem completely when she's angred or upset, gem is completely clear when she's happy, etc.)
Magic Skills: Specializes in ice.
Weapon: She uses no weapons, with the exeption of her claws and teeth.
Training Path: She is a combat-based fighter who only knows a little magic, but seems to have a knack for it and gets better and better each day.
Background: Victoria lived in a family divided against itself-its members almost constantly fighting. Alas, a family like this cannot stand, and its members broke up and went on thier own way, each to different parts of Hyrule. She grew up almost raising herself, laughed at due to her coat. She ran away and hid in the Lost Woods, moving out only recently due to the sudden appearance of monsters, taking refuge in Kakariko Village instead.

I'll add more characters later... my creativity is drained.
(I can't be Kaepora Gaebora, so I'll just be a Noctowl named that. >_>)
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Old 08-27-2011, 08:02 AM
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Default Re: Twisted Tailes RP [SU/DS]

Introducing the leader of the TransFox Resistance...

Name: Kallard Whitetail
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height/Weight: 6' 2", weighs 172 pounds
Build: Muscular Warrior
Personality: A born leader, Kallard Whitetail had lead bold attacks with the right balance of ruthless agression and tactful planning. Leader of the TransFox Resistance, he forces himself to keep a calm face in front of his allies. Outside of battle, he can be seen exercising his physical strength against any nearby object, whether it is a tree or a boulder. In private, he practices meditation in order to clear his mind regularly of all his regrets, letting himself relax outside of his daily routine. He secretly fears growing close to another, because it would give him a weakness that would never heal from the wound it could inflict.
Appearance: Kallard wears tempered, silvered steel plating over a layer of scales, his blade, the legendary Gilded Sword passed down through his family line, strapped securely to his side, ready to be drawn at a moment's notice. A gold-lined tattered crimson cape trails the back of his armor down to the waist, where the rest has been long lost. White fur, covers his entire form, save for the cropped black locks and his black-tipped ears and tail. Finally, his pale. snow-white eyes give him the finishing touch to a knight in shining armor, the stalwart guardian of the weak and unable, his one tail not dared to be mocked.
Magic Skills: He bears no magic potential, practicing instead in the sword.
Weapon: The Gilded Sword, true to the talk of the original swordsmiths of Snowhead, gleams brilliantly in the sunlight, a reflection of his deadly skill.
Training Path: Training to be a knight his entire life, Kallard has devoted himself to the sword alone, casting magic aside.
Background: When Kallard was a young kit, the slightest whispers of the Keaton evil had affected his family the most, eventually leading to the slaughter of his parents before his eyes as he hid with their family's heirlooms, the Gilded Sword and the book compliling his family's long history of battle experience, skills and techniques. Driven by a sense of justice, he studied each page until he would sleep and practiced moves day after day until he dropped, pushing his body to limit after limit in order to become strong. Years later, it was his same strength that had made him leader of the TransFox Resistance shortly before the raid on Kryhl's base of operations. Success followed until the horrific assault on Clock Town, where the last remaining specks of power in the Fierce Diety Mask were used by Kryhl in order to defeat Kallard, tossing him into the portal first as a message.
Waking up on a beach in a strange land, Kallard is not without determination and faith, believing he will find his way back to Termina no matter what.
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