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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Old 08-21-2011, 09:26 PM
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Default Story List IV (Okay, I can't change the title any more. Hopefully recently updated)

Important Shiz: Often, I'm too much of an idiot to remember to edit the title. So if you want a more accurate perspective of when the list has actually been updated, you should prolly just check the edit stamp-y thing at the bottom of the thread. Thanks!

Version 4.0, apparently. R.I.P to the threads made by Lasky, Taras, and Soro; it seems like I'm the one in charge of keeping this updated. ._. I'll try to make this more advanced as time passes, and maybe finish Taras's attempt at categorizing the backlog, but for now we'll just be keeping up with the basics. ISN'T THAT NICE.

Uh, obligatory and somewhat stolen spiel from previous threads:
--This list will be arranged by priority and then date of final publication. Mandatory priority for grading will only be given during writing contests, like... uh, now. Otherwise, we'll try to organize priority by oldest published to newest, and then go from there. Graders are welcome to claim in any order they'd like, however, so bear that in mind.
--Any stories that are more than, say, a thousand characters short of their minimum requirements won't be listed on here, unless I can safely say that these stories will pass regardless. Like, if it's super good or something. SO YEAH.

We currently have 1 unclaimed story/ies.
In the words of our awesome Alaska,
My goal is to have it be possible to write a story and have it claimed and graded within one week of being posted. Let's see if we can do it, guys.
God, I sound so srs bznz right now by quoting that... BUT WHATEVERS.


Competition Stories: (for all graders: for the purposes of completing the competition, we'd like to have these graded first. You can still claim other stories if you feel so inclined, but these do have priority)

Dropped Stories: I put them in bold, because they had the misfortune of being dropped by their graders. D: Show them some love 'r something.


Normal Stories: A note to all BMG-based graders: if you have the chance, kindly grade the stories on PE2K first. They tend to have been waiting longer. ._.

Forgetting Fluffy
Author: Eleven Times
Character Count: 7,853
Target Pokemon: Pidove

Claimed Stories: (obviously, these stories have been claimed by graders. Meaning you can't take 'em. Just want to keep it in mind, in case something ends up being claimed for an abnormally large amount of time. Also a reminder that graders shouldn't have something claimed for, say, ten months or something... eheheheh...

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