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Old 08-09-2011, 12:01 AM
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Default Poison Team

Well, my first RMT since early Diamond and Pearl and like before Poison was my favourite type, and I never see it been done any justice, no matter how hard i try. Poison Poke's have so much potential its amazing and yet they are constantly over looked. I know it wont be brilliant but any help and advice would be highly appreciated.

Garbodor @ Leftovers
Ability: Stench
-Toxic Spikes
I am a fan of Garbodor and intend on opening with him, my plan is to lay Toxic Spikes as soon as possible to inflict poision on everyone (my greatest weapon) and with them poisoned, Venoshot is highly powerful. As we all know, Poison is pants against psychic so Payback is in there, just incase, although he would probably faint before he could use the move.

Scolipede @ Not Sure
Ability: Poison Point
Scolipede is here to kind of make the battle last a bit longer, let the effects of poison wear in and slowley damage them, hence Protect and Substitute. I cant believe how much Substitute is ignored in competitive battling, its an ideal move in my opinion. Venoshot again for the poison attack, poke should be poisoned by now if not, my ability should help the situation along and again, payback for the psychic pokemon.

Amoonguss @ Not Sure
Ability: Effect Spore
-Faint Attack
-Hyper Beam
Venoshock is again been repeated, although Faint Attack is my dark move for this poke, Spore is here for fun here, just when you switch to him, let the other poke have a nap, an ideal time to recharge for your Hyper Beam :)

I am aware there are only three pokemon and its mainly because there are only three Gen 5 Poison Pokemon, however please use constructive critism and all help highly appreciated
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Old 08-09-2011, 10:03 AM
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Default Re: Poison Team

Please refer to the sub forum's stickies before posting. First off, as the sub forum's name suggests, this forum is for competitive teams, which this does not appear to be at the moment given the lack of EVs and natures. If this is intended to be competitive, please consult this thread and fill in the missing stuff, notably items, nature, and the three remaining Pokemon. People are normally more than happy to suggest improvements for a team, but they aren't really here to help build the team.

Thanks (:
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