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Default [RP] Battle for Kikuchi: Chaos Reigns

For hundreds of years the island country of Kikuchi has existed peacefully, ruled by a long line of emperors that have passed down their knowledge through the generations. Kikuchi is a peaceful nation, even though it has had its bloody past of many shoguns fighting for power. The country is unchanging, its citizens content for things to stay the exact same way for the next thousand years—maybe even more than that. This does not bode well for the other countries that want to trade with Kikuchi, which has many rich natural resources that they keep all to themselves.

Kikuchi does not like foreigners, and because of this they have tried to shut themselves off from outside influences that they believe would upset their way of life. Because of this they are hundreds of years behind in technology, while the other countries bask in their industrial period known as steampunk. They could fight their way into Kikuchi if they wanted to, and win, but they instead try the diplomatic approach, not wanting to start a major war. So they sit and try again and again in vain, until one day there comes the news that the emperor is sick. Now, it usually would not be serious, but the emperor is an old man and everyone knows that he is dying. The question is: who will succeed him? The emperor has two sons, Saku and Omisa, who are old enough to take the throne, but before he can name a successor the emperor dies.

Immediately the country is thrown into chaos. The brothers start fighting over who is to take control; Saku wants to follow his father's legacy and keep the foreigners out, but Omisa thinks that allowing trade would benefit the country. Soon there were people siding with each of the brothers and the country was thrown into civil war. Shoguns started siding with either of the brothers, and each shogun had their own personal army of samurai and ninjas at their disposal. At first it was solely Kikuchians fighting, but of course the other four countries: Indelran, Zollern, Cestaille, and Lovskaya saw their opportunity and invaded, hoping that Kikuchi's internal turmoil would allow them to easily bring the conflict to an end. Omisa quickly allied himself with the countries, but even with the massive advantage they had they could still only fight to a standstill. One event changed all of that.

Locked in his own little world, one man was trying to see just how far he could go with technology. He wasn't just making airships or automatons or prosthetic limbs, he was experimenting with time and space itself. What he didn't know was that time and space is a very delicate thing, and if you aren't careful then it'll blow up in your face….literally. And explosion rocked the world, and a hole was suddenly ripped in the multiverse. People from different times and even different universes started falling through. At first there was mass confusion, but soon after people started realizing that these newcomers could be of use to them and tried to recruit them into their cause. Both promised them a way to get back to their own homes, but really it was a lie because the man who caused the accident in the first place is on no one's side. So where do you go from there? Well, you could be a ninja or samurai fighting for or against the foreigners, or you could even be one of the foreigners yourself. Perhaps you are one of the unfortunate souls who has found themselves in an entirely different world without the slightest clue to get back. Either way, prepare for war, and lots of it.

Other Countries:

Indelran: An island nation, much like Kikuchi, but unlike its counterpart Indelran is one of the leading forces against Kikuchi. Because it is an island, exploring other lands has always been Indelran's specialty, and she has the greatest fleet of airships in history. Her people love to explore, and the best gliders, airships, and boats are from Indelran.

Cestaille: Said to be some of the smartest inventors in the world, it was the Cestaillens who first made the clock, the radio, and even the engines that allow airships to fly. Unlike their allies they are not very warlike, but they are clever and constantly coming up with new technologies to beat their rivals,

Zollern: The Zollerns are a hard-working, serious people that boast of the finest engineering in the world. Sure the Indelrians may say that their vehicles and craft are the finest, but all of their engineering techniques were learned from the Zollerns. These people are the best warriors in the world and were the first to invent prosthetic limbs and organs to extend one's life, but not reason that you might think. All of their soldiers are outfitted with some sort of metal arm or leg in order to increase their strength and agility. If any limb or weapon is Zollern made, then you know it has no equal.

Lovskaya: The largest country of them all, Lovskaya's borders nearly touch Kikuchi's. Because of this it does not have a large aircraft fleet, but instead a massive army with land runners such as tanks and trains that can cross over a hundred miles in a day. Lovskaya was the first country to build railroads and make trains as a transport system, and now its massive railroad system cross every other country in the world, and some have even made their way onto Kikuchi's soil.


See, told ya it was confusing. But you can be a ninja, samurai, steampunk dude (or dudette) or even someone from the future! If anything you can't say I lack variety.


Myself - Alphonse the Mad Scientist, Captain Dax the Captain/Bodyguard, Arthur the Pilot, Ivan the Soldier/Tank Driver, Sekai the Composer and Sasori the Conductor
Metal - Baron and Lennox
Altrius - Anaia Spannersurge
Winter - Dante the Mob Boss, Cerise the Total Psycho, Kunoichi the Ninja, Mao the Samurai, Yukimura the Boss, Kuro the Hellhound, and Shiro the Angel
Hyosuke - Jak Strider the Dude


Myself for a whole buncha characters as I go along
Infernorose for a bunch of characters


Hopefully this will stay empty


(Okay, it's about a day or two after the initial space-warping explosion, give or take. And I'm only doing it that early because I wanted to write Al's post the way I did.))

Alphonse Moses
His tower in the Cestaillian countryside


Verdammt, verdammt, verdammt, verdammt, verdammt!!!

Alphonse slammed his front door and listened to the sound echo throughout the entire tower. Nothing answered the sound, so he assumed that it was safe. You never knew, however. "Abe, check the rooms and if anyone is inside, kill them." He ordered, his large cybernetic eyes spinning around in its socket with a whirring noise. The floating robot next to him, a squarish thing strapped with two large guns, bleeped something out and disappeared into one of the many rooms adjoining the front room. Due to the lack of gunfire Al was sure that no one was in that room.

"Still doesn't mean no one's here," he muttered to himself, running his hand nervously through his hair. "Damn nosy bastards, always poking their noses into my work as if they have nothing better to do." He shook his head—the movement very sharp, like a bird's—and began moving throughout the room. His metal feet clanked against the floor as he walked and he winced with each step, knowing that if anyone was in his tower then they would know he was home. Luckily there was nothing of importance in the front room, just books and staircases. It wasn't like he was stupid enough to keep his experiments in the anteroom anyway.

Abe came back from the rooms, making an odd chirping noise. AL never had any idea what he was saying, but he assumed the rooms were clear. He immediately ran for the nearest one, the one he knew was his chemical room. Everything was clean and orderly, the vials and containers all arranged in order and waiting for use. Al immediately drew back his mechanical arm and smashed the table in half with one blow. It crumpled with and earsplitting crack. The glass vials on it broke and spilled everywhere and some of the substances starting eating through the wood on the table. The scientist turned and stared pulling his shelves down to smash everything. He didn't stop until everything in the room was destroyed. When he hurried out Abe was floating there, obviously questioning even though it had no face.

"I have to get rid of everything, Abe," he said, racing up the staircase with more clattering echoes. "They are after my work…the explosion just made matters worse. They could be coming for me right not, but I won't leave anything for them!!" The room he raced into was one of his favorite, the room that housed all of his robots and experiments. There were metal bodies strewn across the tables like corpses, lifeless and gleaming very faintly in what little light there was. Al hated to pull the plug on so many years of work, but he had to. His metal arm crumpled the first robot like it was tin, and he had to destroy the tables as well. "Abe, fire on this room. The furniture, the machines, everything," he ordered without pausing to look up. Gunfire a moment later told him that Abe was following orders, like always, and was destroying years and years of hard work. It made the Zollern want to cry. Those bastards, he'd get them back for this. They would pay for doing this to him!!

He yelled as he grabbed a piece of a metal arm and started hitting whatever came into reach. Despite his inner protests, this had to be done so no one could find him. No one will use Alphonse Moses' own technology against him!! He went about from room to room, swinging and smashing. "There, how do you like that, Cestaillian traitors! Not just Cestaille either, Indelran, Lovskaya, they all wanted me. The smartest of them all, let's have him in our grasp! No! I belong to no one!! You can try to take me in, and let's see how far you get! Just try!! I'll rip your arms out of their sockets like tin soldiers!" It was hard to tell who he was talking to, since he seemed to be addressing Abe at times but then switching back to whatever was in front of him. When he got to his room he paused in his moment of mad destruction. Someone had been there.

If he hadn't been so paranoid he would have remembered that he was the one who made this mess of his room, but sadly common sense was somehting that Al had desperately been needing of late. He threw down his weapon and started yelling things in rapid fire Zollern that ouldn't have made any sense to even a native speaker. He snatched up his drawings and blueprints (the ones that suppossedly hadn't been stolen, he was thinking to himself) and stuffed them into his lab coat. He grabbed a large bag and threw it on his bed and started stuffing supplies into it. "Abe!" He yelled over his shoulder. "Continue destroying the labs!" A beep answered him and his fake eye rolled into the back of his head to watch Abe's progress. This would waste precious ammo, but Al could always get some more.

From a store? Oh no, someone will see my face! He thought, zipping up his bag and throwing it over his shoulder. He ran out and headed up the seventh flight of stairs, which passed the rooms that had actual working things in them. Engines to be sold and power cores and prosthetic limbs and a new batch of fake eyes. Those would be destroyed too, although Al did feel a tiny prickle of guilt for deriving someone of a new limb. He pushed it away, however. They were after him and he should not pity them! At the very top of his tower the wind hit him in the face, which stunned him for a moment because he had forgotten that he no longer had a roof. The room was black, burned by the explosion that had gone off inside of it. That was also the reason why his roof was scatrred around the fields below his tower.

In the middle of the room was a machine, unlike any the world would have known. It was colossal, nearly twenty feet tall and sitting there, perfectly fine and shiny and if nothing had happened. That was one thing that Al could not understand. The explosion had ripped through time and space and nearly blew up his tower, yet he and the machine had been relatively unharmed. He had only been thrown into a wall and he was sure it was because he had been standing right next to the machine. It was still on, actually. He saw the lights flickering up and down its frame and the rhythmic booming-whistle noise it made, like a beating heart with breathing lungs. Hell, steam was even blowing out at regular intervals. He approached it cautiously, hoping that it wouldn't go off again.

But that was absurd, he wasn't using the machine anymore, so the fabric of space was just fine. Still, he hesitated before going to the machine's side. He circled it, his eyes twitching back and forth before he knelt down to where a panel had been shut and tightly locked. The three claws on his mechnical hand hooked around the lock and a single jerk ripped it from its place. He let the door swing open to reveal what was inside. In the middle of the machine was a little resting stand, surrounded by wires, steam, and a little bit of fire from the coal. However the centerpiece was a crystalline sphere, a bluish violet that, despite being perfectly round, had thousands of tiny facets that swirled around each other in a pattern that no cut gem could replicate. The scientist carefully grabbed the orb and drew it out. It was about the size of a plum, which made it easy to carry. He stood up, brushed off his closed, and then reached up and closed the vents that were letting out all of the steam. A few seconds later a hissing sound started up. "Come on, Abe," he said and went to the edge of the tower and casually jumped off.

He fell for several stories and bent his knees as soon as he hit the ground. A fall like that would have shattered his kneecaps, if they had been made from bone and not metal. He paused for a few seconds and stood up, wincing at the pain in his hips. However, he started running, heading for the forests. He knew it would be a matter of minutes before the steam built up inside the machine and caused it to explode. Then the fire that was burning the coals would scatter everywhere and the tower would burn. The walls might have been made of stone, but everything inside was wood. He counted the seconds to himself, and when he hit the three minute mark he heard, far off in the distance, a magnificent explosion. A little like the one that had ripped through the barriers of space.

He grinned, and the sight was a nightmare. Then he began to laugh. Something about the sound was not right, a little litling and off-key. "Come on, Abe," he spoke to the robot still faithfull following him. "Let's see if they can catch us now."

((You will have absolute hell trying to hunt this guy down. Pinkie swear. The posts for my other charries will come later.))
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Default Re: [RP] Battle for Kikuchi: Chaos Reigns

OOC: Before I post, I'd like a good idea of how I should go about this? Are we already through the
portal now and can live our characters or what?
Edit: Never mind lol.


Jack Strider
His small homestead in Erigichi

Quiet... Just the way He likes it. Jack had been living here in Erigichi for quite a while now surrounded by much of his own creations and parts. A mech stood in the corner, primitive in design and needing a human operator. Jack had just been returning from the field with a few crops to start making dinner. He wasn't sure what to cook, but a beef stew seemed nice. If only he could cook. Chances would become that he would find himself throwing stuff into a stew then burning a great deal
of it and still needing to eat it. He didn't mind though, he had begun to like the taste of burned food as well as the crunchiness. It was almost like eating a fried anything really, except, him and frying food was worse than stewing food. The more water, the better his food came out otherwise it
came out just down right black.

He had wanted to take cooking lessons for a while now, but his nearest neighbor was pretty far away. He didn't have exactly the kind of time to go traveling to the neighbors just to get cooking lessons, considering he is use to his cooking. He had thrown in the stew items and let them start to
boil before starting to work on his mech. The robot seemed old, despite being new. None of its parts being too new, a lot of them old and scrap. He wish he could be using more new parts but, with where he lives using new materials would be hard anyways. It was funny, he had begun to start work
on what he believed might be time travel. He only had a few theories though, believing quartz crystal could be used to get things going. However, quartz was one of the more rare stones in his world. It could be valued to the same as Earth gold.

It was a rather strange night, almost as though the world around him were creaking a bit. It wasn't just like the world itself though, it felt more like the space around him. Something was going to happen and it was probably going to happen very soon.

Jack stepped outside into the mountainous surroundings, looking out at all the trees, looking for what it is he might be feeling. He could see nothing past the horizon. All seemed very calm and collected, as usual. He just could not shake the feeling of something going to happen. He found it
very odd. He checked his pocket watch. It had begun to act anomalous, the dials turning in all directions. He popped open the back, pulling out the batteries to find it was still moving all the same. He ran back inside, starting to gather up his stuff.

He piled it up with his primitive mech, only the valuables of his research though. A small autonomous robot whose purpose is to make sure his home was safe, more of surveillance. It was getting strange because the next moments to him had become a total blur…

Jack Strider
Kikuchi Island, Offset home at Beach

Jack still hated being around others, through and through, and winding up in this strange new world was his next biggest problem. There had been rumors as of recently regarding an older scientist and engineer who had flipped his lid, going paranoid about his work. Jack didn’t want to get himself involved, after having gotten involved in the Omisa Military. He didn’t like the idea overall but a day or so after winding up here it became painfully evident to him that his money was useless. This world, although similar to his home, was so different. He had stashed away his money in a small chest he was able to buy with his first two day’s work in the military and had decided to keep it there, should he ever get home.

“This scientist… As much as I hate the idea… I should try finding him, maybe I could get back home if I meet with him.” Jack was muttering to himself. The only clue he had to this man’s last known location was a land called Cestaille. Though he had no idea how he was planning to get there.

OOC: Stopping here because I do not know the overall geography of the world as well as where characters should try meeting up, though I do want to get to Cestaille.
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Default Re: [RP] Battle for Kikuchi: Chaos Reigns

OOC: WARNING: Massive two-post text wall ahead!!!!!!

These took FOREVER and even then, I'm holding off on Kuro's(but his wouldn't have been as long anyway. XD Anyway, I swear a almost seventy-five to eighty percent of the text in the following intros could be tied to different songs I have been listening to/thinking of lately, and because I feel like it, I'll add minor OOCs as they appear. Oh, and I really enjoy Shiro's entire section. :) It has poetry in it!!!!! (Thus proving me more of a nerd than you already knew I was, because I was writing the intro when I thought of the poem, and then went back and put the poem(("I Heard a Fly Buzz" by Emily Dickinson)) in, lol!)

Mao Masuyo, Yukimura Sanada, and Kunoichi
Saku Army Camp, Kikuchi

(Cue "If I Die Young" by The Band Perry for the Italics section)

He seemed so frail. She frowned at the sight, this wasn’t the Hanbei she had met months before, he wouldn’t normally have been simply sitting in bed, nearly as pale as the sheets, and almost as limp. He’d have been running around and chatting it up with everyone and strategizing nonstop. So the rumors were true. He was sick, and he was dying. “Mao-chan?” The gentle voice interrupted her dark thoughts, and she smiled politely at him.

“Hanbei-san?” She couldn’t bring him down with her, he needed cheering up, not her! He tilted his head slightly, causing all of his dark, shaggy hair to shift to the side of his face and smiled back. He looked like a child, he was already small and mischievous, and he was younger than her, yet still a genius. He was a kid. Why did he have to die like this? Why so young? Why in front of her and everyone else? He’d had to come, of course. Had to lend a hand to everyone because that was just the way he was rather than stay away from the war.

“You’re not yourself right now. Well, that is, unless you’ve become someone different since I saw you last… But I doubt that! What is wrong?” Mao Masuyo bit her lip, if one would have looked closely, her golden eyes were filled with sorrow that seemed out of place for her.

“No, I haven’t become someone different, really. It’s just that—“ She didn’t get to finish, the strategist cut her off.

“If I’m going to die, I’d like it to be in battle, Mao-chan. Just know that, please? I know what I’m doing here, as any strategist should!” She blinked in surprise, the sadness in her eyes lightened a bit.

“If anyone would let you go to battle, that is. You make a friend out of anyone who comes your way, everyone who has met you is concerned about your health. You’re as pale as the sheets, and not moving around near as much as you normally would—which means you’d be bouncing off the tent walls and finding stray kitties—why would you be allowed to go into battle?” A little bit of humor tinged her voice at the start, but that faded to worry. His bony fingers dug into the sheets slowly.

“Because I asked for an honorable death serving my duty to my people.” He said quietly, humorlessly, staring at the form under the sheets that indicated his legs were beneath. Mao shifted uncomfortably. “Because I refuse to be the weak one who died of illness quietly while everyone else fought. I am sure those who worry for me will watch me closely in battle and I will not die as quickly as it may seem I might… How is it out there? That beast who calls himself my partner in crime refuses to talk of anything that is not the weather or how I feel!” The playful indignance that colored his voice upon the last sentence brought back her smile for a moment before it was swept away again.

“It’s tense. They’re waiting on the first real move. It feels like you could cut the tension with a knife—we could use some of your humor around here, a little something to take our minds off the constant ponderings that would cause us to go mad if we did not.” It was then she started to work the smile back onto her face, as if his joking had really helped her feel a little better about the situation. “And the kitties are still being fed, of course…well, as many as I can find and can feed. Not many seem to be around here because of all the noise. And “that beast” is being driven crazy by all the new faces and the fact he doesn’t have a perfectly trained force at his disposal, you’d have gone crazy from all the serious talk going around, that’s probably why he won’t talk about it with you—knowing you, you wouldn’t listen to any of it anyway, Hanbei-san.” She laughed at the end and reached out without thinking to brush his hair back into place with her fingers. Wordlessly, he allowed it and even smiled as she brought her hand back to her lap.

“No doubt he’s a mess without me.” He said slowly, Mao nodded,

“He’s all seriousness now, no fun at all!” She pouted, Hanbei laughed at her and reached out to pat her head.

“I feel sorry for you when I do go, then I won’t be around to calm his nerves at all. Oh well, good luck!” He smiled brightly. Then his hand fell away from Mao’s head limply. “I’m so tired, Mao-chan… Would you please allow me to rest some? I’m sorry for asking you to depart so suddenly, but…” It was sudden, but so was everything else about his situation.

“No, I understand. It is fine. Go ahead and rest, I hope your dreams are nice.” Mao murmured, standing up quickly and heading for the tent’s exit.

“Mao-chan, would you put out the candle for me? The light irritates me, maybe it’ll deter that doctor from waking me up at all odd hours tonight so I can get some rest.” She couldn’t help but smile again as she put out the flame and the tent darkened, along with her mood.

“If you want to keep the doctor away, just promise me you’ll wake up in the morning? I’d feel guilty if the doctor didn’t come and you didn’t wake up in the morning.” She asked in an almost childlike manner. A soft laugh came from Hanbei then.

“Promise. I gotta make it to the first battle, so I can’t go just yet.” The words followed her out of the tent and into the open air dusk.

“How is he?” Mao didn’t so much as jump as the taller man spoke from behind her as she left the tent.

“Not good.” She kept walking away steadily, eyes fixed forward.

“Are you going to leave at just that?” He pushed, Mao turned her head to glare at him sharply, golden eyes blazing with silent fire. Yukimura couldn’t help but take a step back.

“You don’t know him, Yuki-sama. Why do you care?” He was taken aback by the bitterness in her voice and the general air of agitation about her. Mao was a tough girl, this was totally new to him, he’d never really seen her upset like this.

“Because it’s bothering you.” It was an honest answer, Mao was one of the few people he actually considered a friend, and that aside, he had known her for years yet never seen her act this way before. It was baffling and disconcerting for him. Mao raised an eyebrow at him.

“And how is that any excuse?” She fired back sharply; Yukimura smiled and shook his head.

“It’s an excuse because it bothering you is making you act weird. You are not usually a snappy or sad person, Mao-chan, but you are right now.” He pointed out almost patiently, as though he were waiting on her to realize something. Mao seemed to deflate, puffing her cheeks up and blowing the air out between her lips slowly as the looked up at the sky.

“Sorry, Yukimura-sama.” Yukimura blinked in surprise—she had used his full name instead of that ridiculous shortening? “I’m just worried and a bit sad. Everyone who knows him is. Hanbei-san is a strategic genius, but at the same time, he’s also very kind and funny… He’s younger than me. Not by much, but still… It seems unfair.” Mao admitted, and then she seemed to realize something. “Where did Kunoichi go?” She asked suddenly, looking to Yukimura in what seemed to be complete curiosity.

“What makes you think I know? She’s not exactly chained to me twenty-four seven.” Yukimura remarked, sighing. “Trust me, I wish I knew.” This earned him another raised eyebrow from Mao.

“She’s your ninja, you should know where she is. And after the way she irritated the one commander, I think you were supposed to have her metaphorically chained to your side around here.” Mao commented, sounding as though she was now holding back laughter. Yukimura looked annoyed with the younger samurai’s reaction.

“She might be my ninja, but you also seem to forget that that girl has a mind of her own and makes frequent use of it.” He grumbled about the same time a pink blur practically flew from the nearby tree behind them. Neither caught it—she was that good, surprisingly—before Mao felt a slight push on her shoulder and suddenly the ninja in pink stood before them. “Speak of the devil…” He sighed under his breath and Mao laughed.

“I have to be competent enough to best protect you, Yukimura-sama!” Kunoichi chirped brightly, apparently having heard the snatch of conversation before her entrance. Her bronze ponytail bounced slightly behind her as she bounced on the balls of her feet.

“I can protect myself, Kunoichi.” Yukimura remarked dryly while Mao had to restrain herself from laughing at the frazzled expression that had appeared on his face. If it had been an anime or manga, it would have been that one with the little dot pupils in the middle of funny-shaped eyes with random bits of hair sticking out from the rest of the main shaggy mass atop his head.

“B-but as your servant, I should do everything in my power to protect my master!” Kunoichi pouted, wide-eyed and childlike.

“No, what you should do is listen to orders and do nothing other than follow them.” Yukimura argued, this time earning himself a response from Mao.

“What fun would that be?” She questioned innocently and in response Kunoichi nodded quickly in agreement.

“Mao-chan, don’t encourage her!” Yukimura sputtered, prompting a laugh from both girls. Mao couldn’t help it, she needed the laughter.

“She’s not encouraging me, I was thinking the same thing.” The smile on Kunoichi’s lips curled into a smug little smile of satisfaction. For a brief moment, seeing just them, one would have found it impossible to believe the three friends were waiting for war to break out and one of them was worried about a friend dying in a tent not all the far away while the other two were worried about her. But then again, life was like that sometimes. Sometimes it kindly gave you little bits of happiness to ease the immense pain that was happening or coming...

Mao stared at the leaves of the tree that hung high above her head in thought. Last night…that was when the unease had finally set in for her. The world was just as fragile as life was, it could fall apart at any moment simply because of one action resulting in many. War was an abominable thing, yet it was necessary, it seemed. Why in the world nothing could be settled peacefully baffled her, but she was young so of course she wouldn’t understand it…or so the older warriors said. She sat up and scanned the area around her almost on instinct alone. It brought nothing unusual, just Yukimura practicing his spearwork again as he had a habit of doing when he was nervous or bored. Kunoichi was up in the tree Mao had been staring up at, watching as well and climbing about like a child might. However, unlike most children, the girl hadn’t fallen out and if it weren’t for the telltale rustle and occasional muttering, you wouldn’t have known she was there. The morning was as quiet as ever, and who could blame it? All the warriors who had joined sides had nothing to do other than wait, maybe plan or drill, or spar, but that was all in their free time brought on by the wait. If one hadn’t known what was going on, it simply would have seemed as though the warriors assembled throughout the area had created their own little village out of whatever they could. Tents and shabby wooden huts and lean-tos littered the area, with no official organization because most of the forces here had just gotten together, many never having been in any kind of official army, of at least not a very big one. This was probably the biggest force ever formed in Kikuchi, Mao betted. The country had been pretty prosperous, aside from minor uprisings and petty land squabbles. All that had changed with the Emperor’s death. It was something Mao had seen before on smaller scale, like when the head of a family died without a clearly chosen successor. Families were divided and bickered, or even more often, fought it out. Families could be torn apart that way, but it was never a huge problem for anyone else. Now that it was on a larger scale, Mao could see that it was going to be a huge problem, a very huge problem indeed.

“Yuki-sama, how do you not get tired of drilling all day?” Mao called boredly. The samurai stopped his drilling and turned to her before shaking his head and coming towards her. Kunoichi dropped out of the tree and landed gracefully on her feet.

“Looks boring.” The little, pink clad ninja remarked.

“Your appearance is dismal.” He shot back, and Mao stifled another laugh. Kunoichi’s clothes and usually neat appearance were marred by leaves, a few sticking out of her hair, some caught between her guards and skin, and even a few caught by her scarf. “There’s nothing better to do.” Mao stood to help pluck the leaves from the ninja’s outfit and shrugged.

“Better than war.” She sighed, Yukimura nodded as well as Kunoichi, knocking a few of the leaves from her bouncing ponytail. It seemed that everyone was agreed, nothing to do was better than fighting in this case.

OOC: Text limits prevented me from posting both in the same post, Shiro's post will follow in next post, so I don't have to break it up.

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Default Re: [RP] Battle for Kikuchi: Chaos Reigns

OOC: Holy chizz, didn't realize how long these would actually be... XD Longest intro/post ever, but I honestly think it gives a more in-depth view into the chars. :)

Shiro Fuyu
Chapelier Mansion, Cestaille

(Cue "The Last Goodbye" by David Cook, lol. I know it sounds cheesy, but I somehow managed to connect that song with this section...)

I heard a Fly buzz—when I died—

It ripped her from Haru, the blackness. It ripped her back, into nothingness like some brutal wind throwing her off a cliff edge and into free fall. It scared her like nothing else ever had and ever would. She was the Producer, nothing ever took her by surprise anymore. Except this.

The Stillness in the Room
Was like the Stillness of the Air—
Between the heaves of a Storm—

Almost everything slowed down as it happened. Haru stood so fast(apparently) that his chair rocked before it tilted wildly and began to fall. The blue aura she knew so well flared up around him like all of him caught fire as he shoved the table aside and the cookies she had just made went flying the air at a snail’s pace, slowly, slowly, sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowly…

He reached for her, shock and fear in his eyes, his lips moving wordlessly as he did. This was the girl he’d known for years, the only one he could really trust from day one going on forever. The most powerful person he knew, Shiro of all people that was being taken from him before his eyes.

The Eyes around—had wrung them dry—
And Breaths were gathering firm
For that last Onset—when the King
Be witnessed—in the room

It snatched her breath away in a moment, there was no time to scream, to say anything to him. Tears of surprise leaked from her eyes as she did the only thing she could and reached back for him with confusion and fear in her own eyes, lips moving as well as his cry reached her ears. “Shiro!” Her name jarred her. It was too lud, too real for her in this moment where nothing else seemed real. It shattered everything, this was no dream, this was reality. The bits flashed by her vision like a frame-by-frame play, only further lending to the crazy reality’s dreamlike quality.

His fingers glanced hers. Haru reached forward to grab her wrist, but it was no longer there. It had ripped her further backwards, out of his reach.

“Shiro…” He spoke her name again, she pushed herself to reach out for him once more, as far as she could. Yes! His grasp latched around her wrist this time, holding her in place for a moment, both seemed to stare at each other in triumph. And then—

I willed away my Keepsakes—Signed away
What portions of me be
Assignable—and then it was
There interposed a Fly--

She was jerked backward again, with more force than before, the was a snap as Haru’s hand came free. He gasped, but it wasn’t Shiro that was hurt. The source of the snap rested in his hand, glimmering in the café’s lights and the glow being emitted by his body almost innocently. “I…” He looks stunned, he can’t save her now, only look amazed as he glances from her to the bracelet and back. Shiro knows what she wants to say, the joking “I told you so.” is there because she doesn’t want to say goodbye or make him feel sad…at least moreso. She wants to leave him with that joke only he would get, but her lips won’t allow words to pass through them. They won’t—

With Blue—uncertain stumbling Buzz—
Between the light—and me—

“Take care of that for me.” Where had that come from? The words were barely there, almost nonexistent. Shiro couldn’t help but smile anyway, if only because of that stupid mess-up. He flashed her a half-smile before his lips move—

And then the Windows failed—and then
I could not see to see—

She doesn’t get to hear what he says because it pulls her all the way into the blackness and closes on her while she continues to fall. She summons her wings to stop the fall, but they don’t work. They are no better than useless here, for some reason she isn’t too sure of. She falls for what feels like hours, but Shiro figures can’t be more than minutes at most before she finally hits rock bottom. The floor is cold and at an angle she’s not expecting so that she can’t do anything but fall back onto her butt, wings flaring out to catch her and doing nothing but jarring a few feathers loose to float around her. Then her vision cleared suddenly and she found herself staring up at a man with hazel eyes.

“…mail…” He’d been caught midsentence by her appearance and was staring back at her in total shock, as though he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. A single white feather drifted between them and Shiro blinked in surprise, yet stayed silent, waiting on him to move. “Qui….?” The French word brings her to think properly. And then as he reaches down to help her up without question, the entire thing melts away as—

Mademoiselle?” The tiny word sends her sitting up abruptly in the bed, curls bouncing everywhere like springs. She glances to the high door and sees the young woman standing there almost shyly. Her heart races for a moment before she realizes it’s the maid, not the other one. Rossaly and Cerise. She corrects herself mentally as the images of Cerise threatening her and Rossaly shyly moving about the house filled her mind. It might have been a dream then, but no longer. Her dream had blended with reality almost mockingly. “Oh, I’m sorry. Je suis desolee. I was sent up to make sure you got dressed and came down for petit-dejeuner. Monsieur says today will be busy.” The twitchy little maid plays with the end of one of cocoa-colored braids nervously. Shiro sighs and kicks what feels like twenty billion sheets and covers off her body to reveal a simple nightgown that didn’t belong to her, but Cerise, the man’s—Dante’s—younger sister.

“I suppose he’s still determined to make me wear a dress that’s not mine again?” She asked as she stood up on the bedside rug that prevented her bare feet from touching the cold floor. The maid seemed to shrink, cringing back and nodding slowly.

“Ah…oui.” Rossaly said shyly and Shiro sighed, shaking her head.

“Um, no. I don’t think so. If he thinks I’ll be told what to do like a pet dog, he’s got another thing coming. Awakenings tend to be incredibly rude and eye-opening. I’m not some demure little girl who will sit back and listen to everything some guy tells me to do.” The maid looked fearful that Shiro would take the frustration out on her, but Shiro just looked to her expectantly. “Did you wash it?” The maid nodded timidly and held out the small, white stack of clothing she held, Shiro nodded in approval. “Thank you, Rossaly.” She said brightly, stepping onto the cold floor to take them from the maid.

Monsieur Dante will be waiting for you in the dining room. Would you like me to wait and lead you there?” The maid asked, Shiro noted she didn’t sound as nervous and didn’t use as much of the language they would have called French in her world as she had been using before.

“Actually, yes. Thank you for the offer. I still can’t navigate this place.” She admitted, of course seeing as Dante was a mob boss, Shiro wasn’t to find he was also incredibly rich and had a rather large house—er, make that mansion. The place was nearly empty when it came to people, though, and it gave the place more of a creepy feeling than anything else. The brown-haired maid smiled and stepped out into the hallway, pulling the door shut behind her gently. The moment she left the room, Shiro set the small pile on the bed and changed quickly. She darted across the tile in her socks to grab her boots and put them on to protect her feet from the cold floor and threw the covers back into a semi-made position to be polite before she left the room and had Rossaly lead her into the Chapelier’s massive dining room.

Shiro Fuyu, Dante, and Cerise Chapelier
Chapelier Mansion, Cestaille

(Cue "King of Anything" by Sara Bareilles...This song fits this scene to a T, to the point it's hilarious--and it was totally unintentional!)

Dante Chapelier looked up as Shiro entered the dining room with Rossaly in the lead. His top hat was perched on the table in the place next to him, leaving his wavy reddish-brown hair completely exposed. It put Shiro in the mind of rust, but at this point in time, all she saw was the disapproval in the young man’s hazel eyes and frown. “How long to you intend to keep wearing that same dress every day, Miss Shiro?” It was in perfect English, spoken slowly and pronounced so it was overly clear what he was saying to her. She sat down across from him, earning her a glare from the red-headed girl who sat next to Dante. Cerise had already stated rather simply that she did not like her. In fact, she had wanted to kill upon first meeting her, but Dante had not liked that at all…and had used the excuse that Shiro not only meant nothing to him, but she was just a “toy” of his.

“As long as I’m here.” She growled back, ignoring the plate of food placed quickly before her by Rossaly, who skittered away as fast as she could to bring back a cup of coffee and gave about five seconds to wordlessly indicate the sugar and such that could go into the coffee before dashing away again.

Pourquoi?” something told Shiro he was trying to threaten her, but trying seemed to be the key word here. She wasn’t scared of him in the slightest, in fact she didn’t like him very much at all. He was the leader of an apparently incredibly influential Cestaillian gang, and gangs hurt people for stupid reasons and solved problems through violence a quite a lot. His sister was his personal hitwoman and totally sadistic ninety percent of the time, although she had seen glimpses of a more childish her from time to time. Like once Dante had told her there would be no killing of the new winged girl, Cerise had seemed moody, but rather politely asked to touch her wings.

Those seemed to be a point of fascination with those who had seen them, which was why she now spent most of her time with them hidden from sight. “Because I don’t want clothes paid for by gang money.” She said sharply. The room seemed to go silent for a second before Dante responded.

“Fine then. Be stubborn. Je ne cherche pas un combat, ce matin.” He sighed, motioning to the plate before her. “We’re going on a trip. Eat. Unless you’d rather starve then eat food paid for by gang money?”

“Shut up, Dante Chapelier. I’m not in the mood.” She practically snarled before turning to her food and began eating. Dante seemed to have a satisfied smirk on his face.

“Fine then. When you are done, we are going on a trip.” He announced pleasantly, Shiro raised an eyebrow. “Pas "d'affaires mob" comme vous pouvez l'appeler.” He sighed at the ‘look’ and shook his head. “To see Alphonse. This has Alphonse written all over it, and I am sure that he will be able to fix it in due time. Of course, jusque-la, you work for me.” He said, and Shiro felt like screaming. What had she done to deserve this? WHAT??? She really wanted to know, but instead, she sat silently and continued to eat.

Je ne peux pas la tuer, alors?” Cerise asked suddenly as she put her coffee cup down, and Shiro again wanted to scream. Thankfully, Dante shook his head.

“No, Cerise.” He said sharply, and the girl seemed to deflate before seeking consolation in her coffee cup once more.

This would become a normal for Shiro, not that she knew it just yet.

Shiro Fuyu and Dante Chapelier
The Remains of Al's Tower, Cestaille

(Da-da-da-duuuuuuuuuuuun! XD I couldn'tresist!)

She knew it when she and Dante stood before the smoking tower that Dante had claimed the nutjob scientist lived in. “…And there goes my opportunity for escape.” She said bluntly.

“Oh well, I suppose you’re stuck here with me then.” Dante remarked smugly. Shiro wanted to hit him.

OOC: I know Shiro's seems kinda choppy, and the end seems kinda flat, but I totally see it like a time-jump right before the end of an anime episode. Feel free to hop on in and talk to them(though I'd advise not doing exactly that with Dante)! BTW, if you didn't notive, Dante, Cerise, and Rossaly all speak a mix of French and English, for translating purposes. Used Google Translate for the longer, more complimicated ones.

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Default Re: [RP] Battle for Kikuchi: Chaos Reigns

((Seeing as Metal isn't posting, I'll just slide this right in.

PS Winter: Y u make me wanna spam with songs? D: ))

Captain Dax
Small field next to Omisa's camp

The breeze stirred the air, prompting the long blades of grass to gently wave back and forth as if in a dance. A few loose petals were shaken from the cherry blossom tree and the bright pink flecks twirled away in the wind. Underneath the tree sat Captain Dax, using the shade for comfort. His triple-pointed spear lay in front of him, nearly hidden in the grass, but he did not look at it. His dark eyes followed the petals until they were carried away from his vision, into the horizon. He turned to look at his fingers, steepled in front of his face, elbows resting on his knees. A very small smile stretched his lips and he let his eyes slide shut on their own accord.

The Captain enjoyed quiet days like this, and he knew that he might as well enjoy them while he still could. The camp was far too tense for his tastes, and being overly sensitive to the emotions of others stressed him out more than it should. He knew people tended to avoid this particular field because it was too hilly for drills or training, so Dax claimed the spot as his own and often went there to meditate. He seemed to be doing that a lot lately. It was an excellent way to relive stress, and with the incoming war and the emperor dead and Omisa allying them to thgose strange foreigners...Dax felt as if years of work were piling up on him rather than two weeks. His meditating allowed his head to clear as he felt the energy of the earth flow into him.

Many saw only the flesh of their eyelids when they closed their eyes, but mystics were not many. Dax could see the energy world scattered across the darkness. The grass had turned a dull gray from its low energy, but underneath it were large streams of silver enegry that marked the flow of mana in the world. They flowed like rivers, but had a certain rhythm that was reminiscent of a heart beating. Scattered across the landscape were bright white dots that were the animals. A glowing rabbit hopped by and a flock of birds flew overhead, burning white starts soaring in a black sky. However the brightest lights of all were humans. Dax was situated where he could see both camps, and the auras and chakras of so many humans blended together and painted the energy world in rainbow colors. A spot of blight unfortunately marred the picture.

Life radiated energy outwards, but death sucked it back in. Dax could see it from his position: a dark vortex in Saku's encampent that was draining the life out of the person it was in. The Captain knew exactly who it was without even reading their aura. Hanbei had always been a little sickly, but it seemed to be catching up with him now, his aura barely had any color left to it. Dax felt his throat tighten; like many of the others, he had been found of the young one who seemed to cheer everybody up by simply being in the same room with them. He knew how to laugh in times of war, which was really saying something. Not to mention that he was always picking up stray animals, which Dax had to take later on. As of this moment he had ten cats in his rooms, and the courtyards had even more. For a moment he wished dearly that he was in Saku's camp, at Hanbei's side. Mystics were amazing healers since they could manipulate the energies of the body, and he at least wanted to say that he tried to do something to help his friend. Deep down inside he knew it would not work, just like with the emperor.

A two bright lights flamed to his left, thankfully tearing his attention from the friend that he was also going to lose to death. They were the brightest lights out of them all, casting out energy the same way the sun cast light. Not even his father, the most powerful man he ever knew, had been so bright. One of them was a veritible bonfire of energy, his aura a pure, dazzling white that was almost painful to look at. All seven chakras were light and to Dax's utter shock the crown chakra was the most active. The top chakra connected you to the gods and was the center of conscious thought, and it was always the most subtle one. It made Dax wary of the strangers and he wondered just how human they really were.

He sighed and opened his eyes, jerking himself away from the energy orld and back to reality. His gaze was dark and brooding, his thoughts turned towards the strange visitors from the other realm: Sekai Joutei and Akai Sasori. Both of them had enough power at their disposal to shake the foundations of reality. The man named Sasori often bragged about how he could stop time and Dax had seen Sekai bring a dying tree back into full bloom just by touching it. They were incredibly dangerous, that was for certain, but at the same time they had not shown any aggression towards them at all.

He leaned against the tree and watched the clouds drift by. For the first time his meditating had not done much to calm his thoughts. The least he could hope for was that this silly fighting would end soon.

((Lol pointless rambling is pointless.))

Sekai Joutei and Akai Sasori
The next field over

"The hills are alive with the sound of music/With songs they have sung for a thousand years~..." Sekai sang as he twirled in the field, arms out and his gray cloak swinging behind him dramatically. He looked as happy as a child in this land, with its clean fields and the sweet smell of flowers.

Near him, Sasori was trying not to let his eye twitch. He was afraid that any moment his brain was going to shut down from the scene in front of him. The Composer, ruler of the UG and demigod in his own right, dancing in a field of flowers and singing The Sound of Music, for the love of all that was holy! It would be branded into his brain for all eternity. "Composer," he said, quickly breaking up the song before more future mental trauma could be implanted in his head. "What are we doing so far out here? We've almost wnadered into Saku's territory."

Sekai flashed him a smile. His teeth were white as milk and perfectly straight. "Who cares about Saku? These people certainly are interesting, but I'm waiting for their allies to get here. I'm much more concerned with the technology the Kikiuchians have told us about. Just think of it: airships! You only hear about that stuff in sci-fi stories!" He flopped onto the ground and gestured for Sasori to sit next to him. The Conductor noticed that the grass and flowers seemed to be pointed towards Sekai, the same way they grew towards the sun.

"What if they start fighting?" Sasori asked, absently fingering the hilt on his katana.

"If they fight, then they will fight," Sekai said with a dismissing wave of his hand. "It is no concern of ours. If anything it would be pleasant to stir up some trouble, just for the fun of it."

Sasori raised an eyebrow at him, which was perfectly matched. The silver eyes playfully challeneged him to contradict the statement, but Sasori knew how well the Composer liked to argue. "Would it not be better just to let them go about their ways and hunt down this 'Alphonse' character on our own?" he replied.

"It probably would, but as I stated, these people are interesting. Not to mention I would love to see them fight. I haven't seen a large scale battle in centuries, the UG always shifted away from the fighting." It almost sounded as if Sekai was pouting, but the Composer did not pout. Sasori refused to believe in any of that nonsense.

((Lol, Sekai isn't all sunshine and rainbows. He really wants to see everyone killing each other XD))

Arthur Kirkland and Ivan Braginsky
Cestaille Dockyards

"IVAN!! Ivan where the hell are you?! Vodka-drinking bastard, we are leaving any moment and I'm five minutes way from leaving you behind!" Arthur Kirkland yelled out to the docks while the rest of crew were hoisted the sails of the airship up. This would be the first time the tank-airship hybrid had to fly on an extended voyage, all the way to Kikuchi. The Zollerns had promised him that the ship would be able to make it, but ever since it was fused with a tank's body it had become considerably heavier. Even now he could see the huge cannon poking out of the prow and the long tank trends folded into the sides of the ship. He thought the design would be awkward and cumbersome but it flew surprisingly.

It still didn't stop him from wanting his old ship back though.

"Ready to go Capt'n!" One of the deckhands (Swabby?) hollered at him. "Should we untie her?"

"No," Arthur called back. "I'm giving the Lovskayan two more minutes and if he's not here then you can fly off." He turned back towards the docks, his large eyebrows furrowed angrily. He tapped the rails and glanced at his pocketwatch every few seconds. They really were on a tight schedule, but he knew that if he left his partner behind them he would run the risk of getting in trouble. Stupid laggers.

Exactly one minute and fifty seconds later, he saw the giant the giant form of Ivan Braginsky making his way towards the ship. He moved through the crowds like a wolf through sheep, and some people even scrambled to get out of his way. He was smiling widely, as usual, and climbed the ladder with a spring in his step. "A nice day for flying, da~?" He asked in that odd singsong voice of his.

"Where have you been?!" Arthur demanded as the giant man hit the floor of the deck with a thud. "I was this close to leaving you behind!" he started to pull up the ladder and gave the signal for the crew to start making sure everything was tied down. Take-offs could be rough.

"Aww, I'm glad you were kind enough to wait for me!" Ivan chirped, causing Arthur's eye to go huge. "But it's not my fault, I had to go into mob territory to get what I needed. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get an submachine gun in this country? I had to go four dealers before I could buy one--" as he spoke he reached into his coat and started showing Arthur what he was referring to, something that looked like a cross between a pistol and a carbine.

"Put that away this instant! Have you lost your bloody mind?!" Arthur yelled, shoving Ivan's hands back into his coat. "Good gods, you don't bring stuff like that onto an airship! Those are illegal."

"Illegal in Indelran, you mean," Ivan said with a smile. "And illegal here as well, technically speaking. However since this craft is also under Lovskayan supervision as of late I'm sure they won't mind." He was still smiling, but at least he wasn't going to pull the gun out again.

Arthur sighed and ran a hand through his hair, not caring if it messed up. "Why do you even need one of those? We are already piloting a craft that is a combination of the two most deadly vehicles ever created, I doubt you really need another weapon." He was making his way up to the wheel with Ivan right behind him. The man honestly had no concept of personal space.

"Da, but what if we are caught away from the ship moy droog? It would be nice to have a very destructive weapon at hand. I've heard that they can now through the masses rather quickly. We'd be pulverizing them, thinking of it as smashing a grapefruit with a hammer!"

Arthur did not want to think about that, or be included in any of Ivan's sadistic fantasies, and yet a small part of his mind could see it very well. "Whatever," he muttered. He learned that sometimes it was just best to drop the subject with Ivan, or else the conversation would get so screwed up that he would need to take a shower afterwards. "Just don't wave it around the crewmates or else they'll get nervous."

"Da~! Spasiba, vi ochin dabry Arthur!" Ivan said and patted him on the head (Arthurtried to swat him but he dodge dit nimbly.) He turned and went down into the cabin to his quarters; Arthur hoped he was putting the gun away. He had only a vague of what Ivan had just said so he was guessing at this point. Most Indelrans could understand Lovskayan, since they were neighbors, but Ivan talked way too fast for Arthur to keep up.

There was a jerk as the engines kicked on, almost causing Arthur to lose his balance. For some reason the Zollerns had decided to fuse the tank and airship engines together as well so they would work in harmony with each other. It was the reaon why the ship wasn't falling out of the sky like a brick from all of the added weight, but it was also very rough and no matter where you were you could hear the engines working. Arthur gripped the wheel in his hands and waited for them to lift the anchor so they could get going.

((Yes, that's Russian. However it's phonetic Russian, since I knew that probably none of you would be able to understand the Russian alphabet.))
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