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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 07-30-2011, 02:07 PM
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Default [WAR X] The Winter Festival

Purple has prepared everything for the Musical Drama her school would run for the Winter Festival. One weeks left until the Festival.

Purple has written a script, the act, and recorded the musics, together with her beloved friends: Happiny, Mime Jr, and Bonsly. They have practiced a lot and quite confident for their performance.

Purple's Mother and Father would come to see her performance. They were waiting unpatiently to see their daughter acted.

Purple recalled that the first time she told them about the Festival, her parents were really happy and proud. Purple were very happy to know that and promised them to do her best.

But, one night, she heard her mother cried. She were talking to Purple's father about something that had passed long ago. And that was about an acting club.

"One week to go," Purple thought, "We must do our best!"
Purple hugged Happiny, Mime Jr, and Bonsly all together. She wanted to make her parents and everybody proud of her.

"My friends, I will look for some other idea that may make our performance better and greater. Maybe Mom and Dad has a great video or something about act. I've heard them talking about drama," Purple said and went to her parent's bedroom. She searched the room for something that she could make as a reference.

She opened a drawer. And she found 3 pieces of award written her mother's name as a winner of the best actress.
"I've never known this,"
An album, an old diary and 5 CD pieces were put under the awards.
The album contained photos of her mother acting, cosplaying, and singing. She was really talented, Purple thought.

"These CDs must be Mom's performance. I'll go check them out."
As Purple took the CDs, a letter were falling down from the stack of the CDs.

It was a letter from a hospital. It was written in the year when Purple was 6 years old. It said Purple suffered a serious fever that might took her life.

She was curious about what had happened. She took the diary, opened it and started to read it page by page.

A stream of tears fell down so fast from Purple's eyes. She fell on her knee and sat down on the floor.
"Mother, I'm sorry..."

Purple ran to her mother. Her mother was surprisedly hugged by her beloved daughter from the back.
"Why, mother, why didn't you tell me?"

Her mother answered in confusion, "Purple honey, why are you crying?"
"Why didn't you tell me you were an actress?"
Her mother stood still, ‎​​shocked, couldn't believe what she has just heard.
"You sacrificed your carreer because of me. I have ruin your carreer.."

Since that day, Purple looked so quiet, moody, and gloomy, she wasn't as cheerful as she once was.

Her mother and father couldn't do anything for her. She wouldn't even heed what people said. Neither Happiny, Mime Jr, nor Bonsly could cheer her. She haven't talked any words since that day. She ate less. She kept herself in her room allday.

Her mother was so stressed, she was dissapointed why she didn't destroy those files. Her mother was feeling guilty for making her only daughter stress.

She remembered that winter, the day she had left her daughter in the house, suffering from fever, and she went to the shooting place with her husband. She acted professionally and finished her movie so well.

When they came home, they saw the front door of their house was opening and a little girl had been staying unconscious on the cold snowy winter ground. They rushed to her and brought her back to her room. She was so pale and hot, "You... have returned..".

They called a doctor, and he said that she has a little chance of surviving. They both started to curse themselves for what had happened to their only child. Too many why-s to be asked.

She retired from her acting job and spent all her day beside her daughter. She couldn't live without her purple-haired girl. She would have never forgiven herself for risking her daughter's life.

A month had passed and Purple had recovered from her illness and could do her daily activities again. Happiness had returned to that house. Since that day, Purple's parents took another job and did not want to remember about acting and that disaster. They hid everything from Purple and prevented her from remembering that incident. And they lived as that incident were never happened.

The Festival day has came. People were coming to Festival. There were many stands that sold food, accessories, toys, games, and many more. Children were laughing and running. The sound of firecrackers were heard everywhere.

Purple was standing on the stage. Her sight was empty. Happiny, Mime Jr, and Bonsly were worried about her. She wouldn't even talked to them. They didn't know what to do. Everything they had prepared were left futile.

Bonsly put in the music CD in the Sound System, hoped that a miracle would happen. Happiny checked the lighting and the stage. Mime Jr tried to talk and cheer Purple. But she kept silent.

The Drama should began soon. People were entering the hall. They took their seats. They believed this winter night would be a great memorable night.

Purple's mother entered and took a seat on the second row. She hoped that her daughter would act and perform very well as that incident were never happen. She was so worried, didn't know what Purple would do.

Purple's father hasn't came yet. Her mother couldn't relax. She imagined so many bad things that would happen. She sat worrily among a group of people who laughed and waited unpatiently for the drama.

The lights on the stage were put off. And a narrator start to speak, she was telling everybody that the drama would begin soon. As soon as the narrator stopped talking, the curtain on the stage started to slide, and a dim light highlighting a girl with purple hair standing on the middle of the stage, dressed in a graceful gown. Her eyes were glassy, standing alone in silence.

Happiny, Mime Jr and Bonsly looked at her very worried. They were ready to close the curtain and turn off the light.

"I've caused such a trouble for Mom and Dad. I've ended their dream of becoming successful actress and actor.. I have ruined their life..," Purple started to spoke silently.

Everybody stopped their noise. Listening to Purple's mumble. Her mother's tear started to fall as everyone thought that the performance has started. Happiny, Mime Jr, and Bonsly have no idea what would happen next. Everyone kept an eye on Purple.

"Mom, Dad, I'm sorry for destroying your dream, your bright future, your everything.. Now, I'm an egoist daughter, dare to stand here and think want to be a good performer," tears started to fall down on her cheek.

The silent continued. People were amazed while her mother started to cry.
A woman next to her said,"I know she was great, her mimic is very natural. She is a good performer. It's so touchy, but you cry too soon, Ma'am"

Purple couldn't hold her tears. They fell like waterfall.
"Mom, Dad, I'm terribly sorry for what I've caused to you. I know, it would be better if I were never born. You will be shining stars now..."

A sound of door openned roughly was heard,"Stop that!" A male voice echoed to the silent hall.
Purple's father was standing there. People turned their head and switched their attention to him.

"Don't talk like that! We will never let you die! You're the only precious one we've ever had! You've never stopped our dream. You're our dream. The only and will always be! Our ambition as an actor and actress were not yet ended," her father started to tear, "It is now put on you! If you stop your performance, that means you kill your Mom's and Dad's dream!"

Purple looked at her father with tears all over her cheek. Her mother walked to the stage, and get up on the stage. She hugged her only daughter. They both fell on their feet on the stage crying.
"I'm sorry Mom."

Her father went on the stage and hugged her daughter and wife, "We'll never let you lose you anymore, Purple. We'll be all together."

And, everyone stood in amazement. Standing applause were given to them. That must be a really unforgetful winter night.

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