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Old 05-22-2011, 03:46 PM
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Default Re: Matt Shack!

Hi there :)

My friend recently deleted all my Diamond data; all my Pokemon have been deleted, everything from Ruby/Sapphire and Diamond, so I'm trying to do some damage control.

I looked at your list and happen to have most of the pokemon you want stored away on my Ruby:

Magmar (lv.100)
Muk (lv.38)
Poliwrath (lv.25)
Victreebel (lv.22)
Nidoking (lv.31)
Hypno (lv.28)
Graveler (lv.27)
Rhydon (lv.42)
Parasect (lv.30)
Primeape (lv.29)
Exeggutor (lv.27)
Dugtrio (lv.27)
Cloyster (lv.25)
Machoke (lv.29)
Mr. Mime (lv. 5, nicknamed)
Nidoqueen (lv.33)
Kabutops (lv.40)
Meowth (UT, lv. 5)
Omastar (lv.42)

I don't know if any of those are worth much to you, but I'm very interested in anything you can offer for them - particularly your MYSTRY mew, shiny oshawott and shiny charmander - but whatever you can give me for them. I'm starting from scratch after all!

PM me and we can try to arrange something :) or reply on this ofc!

Edit: also, if you really don't want any of those Pokemon you want rid of, you could be a really good samaritan and help me out with them :) i literally have nothing left, and any Pokemon are appreciated!
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Old 05-28-2011, 10:08 AM
ckiddy Offline
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Default Re: Matt Shack!


I NEED RID OF THESE! I just want them gone!!!
Exadrill x2
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Can I have these pokemon, the one's you don't need?
Old 07-14-2011, 01:03 AM
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Default Re: Matt Shack!

Hi i am very intrested in eevee and dratini, and also if u might have a ditto ur trying to rid of aswell. i have pokemon diamond if there is anything u want from it, im almost done with it so soon i can migrate my pokemon from ruby and trade anything u might want from it, is there something specific? all my pokemon are legit, nvr even use action replay on my ds.

but i am mostly intrested in the eevee of all (such a cutey and one of my faves)
Old 07-14-2011, 03:27 AM
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Default Re: Matt Shack!

Heatran, is it UT? If so would you do Metapod and Seaking for it? I'll throw in a Kabuto if you want to do the shiny Heatran.

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Old 07-14-2011, 03:28 AM
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Default Re: Matt Shack!

Hey, I DEMAND your shiny Zorua, oshawott, tepig (english) and your snivy. Name your price in shinies. I can clone as well
Old 07-14-2011, 03:59 AM
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Default Re: Matt Shack!

I am very intersted in your Shiny Zoura. I will trade you a Ice Punch Sneasel or a dark pulse Deino. I can trade you a koffing if you want.

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