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Old 06-24-2011, 11:58 PM
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Default Re: Shiny Pokemon Discussion & Questions

Originally Posted by Flan View Post
Nope, sorry. However, the Masuda Method really helps, as it lowers the shiny chance down to 1/1366, nearly six times more than the 1/8192 chance. That is the best way to hunt for shinies in B/W.
Was just wondering. ^^; Everybody keeps telling me that's the best way.
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Old 06-25-2011, 12:07 AM
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Default Re: Delicious Deoxys

Originally Posted by Flan View Post
Just wanted to share my latest RNG success. Now I know this is considered semi-legit because I used a warp code to get to Birth Island, but the actual Pokemon is legit. Whether you think RNGing is cheating or not is none of my concern.

Anyway, I've been really pining for a shiny Deoxys lately but I didn't want to soft-reset for it because it takes forever in FRLG. I figured RNGing for it in Emerald would be easier and after around thirty minutes of calibration and soft-resetting, I nailed my shiny frame. Calm, average IVs, and beautifully yellow. Pics are below, spoilered because they're big.


Proof that I did not use any cheating devices whatsoever.

I believe that RNGing isn't anything to celebrate but I just felt like sharing this because it was Deoxys, and it was shiny. Not something you can get in any other generation. And also partly because I wanted to share proof that it's legit. :B
:D That's awesome. Shiny Deoxys is one of the few shiny Legendaries that actually looks cool, in my opinion.

Well, recently, I was too tired to really write anything, so I started chaining Togepi. They're hard to chain, what with the shaky patches and the large amount of Pokemon you encounter there. Plus, I haven't chained anything in over a year. Two hours later I got to 40. An hour and a half later I snagged myself three shinies, one for each evolution. I was shaking when I got to the 30s and nearly lost it when I got to 40 and began to reset for a shiny patch. (I still remember the time I messed up and only got one shiny Ralts.)

(Ironically, the only male of the three is the only one with Serene Grace.)

Ahh, the adrenaline rush~

- Kat

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Old 07-10-2011, 05:51 AM
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Default lolyes /another/ shiny

Hey guys, another shiny post. C: I found one earlier today, at a grand total of approximately 5,000-6,000 soft resets. I'm on a road trip right now and to kill the time and boredom during long drives, I decided to hunt a shiny Abra, buying 83 Abras per reset. This was the first time I actually recorded my resets, but unfortunately I had already done quite a number of them before I decided to start counting.

There's really nothing much else to say about it because I didn't actually want this shiny - it was just a time killer. Here is a picture I took right after I found it though. I really love my trainer ID as it's a palindrome. C:

Anyway, I've been hunting shiny Emolga in Pokemon Black to waste time as well, but I do want this one and was hoping it would shine before the Abra. I'm only up to around 400 Masuda Method eggs right now because it takes a while for me to collect 100 eggs then hatch them. I'm crossing my fingers I can obtain one soon, it's becoming quite tedious.
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Old 07-11-2011, 11:27 PM
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Cool Re: Shiny Pokemon Discussion & Questions

i has a blue psyduck. my first ever shiny!
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Old 07-13-2011, 01:17 AM
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Default welp

I have more shiny news, of course. Today, I completed my Masuda Method hunt for the first time at approximately 800-900 eggs. I tend to drop hunts after the first 500 eggs due to lack of interest/boredom/etc but this time, I really wanted this shiny so I still went for it. It's not a lot of eggs but I would spend at least 2 hours just collecting eggs and another hour or two hatching them. It's tedious stuff.

Here she is.

She's beautiful, Timid-natured and has decent IVs for a Masuda Method shiny (18/x/25/31/9/31). I'm super glad she got her father's perfect SpAtk and Spd IVs. I think I'll name her Mango or something similar. Also, a funny thing I noticed was that I obtained both of my recent shinies while boarding a ferry. It seems ships are lucky for me. C:
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