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Old 07-01-2011, 03:44 AM
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Default Who wants to hear me yatter on about Portal?

I know you all do. Since I'm nice though I'll also let you all yatter on yourselves. So come on, hit me with your Portal (2) comments and thoughts before I burn your house down with my COMBUSTIBLE LEMONS!

We have a few (nonsensical and hopefully hilarious) rules for this aimless Portal chatter, just to keep things in order.
1. COMBUSTIBLE LEMONS! can never be spelled without the CAPS or the exclamation point. Even in the middle of a sentence.
2. Do not attempt to steal the cake. Cake will be distributed as I see fit.
3. Don't push that button.
Don't. Do it.
4. Don't try, just vilify!
5. Reality does not exist, but we do have a cat graveyard.

Won't you please indulge me in my obsession? Because another use of indulge can be used to describe letting yourself eat delicious cake. You know what we can't use indulge to describe?

Burnt-down houses. With the lemons.
I laughed, I cried, I testified;
And in the end found this world altogether lacking.

Thanks, Speed and Dino and also Speed! :D
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