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Old 06-10-2011, 11:49 AM
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Default Purge

"Purge," the lecturer at the top said. "Can anyone exain to me what it is?"

The class is silent as usual-- not from awe, enlightenment or even interest, but from respect. After a few seconds, a tentative hand rises to the air.


The red-head blushes as the attention of her whole class turns to her. Ignoring her beating heart, she presses on. "An uncontrollable urge to do something you wouldn't normally do.."

"Close. It is a very-much controllable urge to do something drastic. That might not make much sense now, but as we study over the next few weeks you all should come to understand it... I hope anyway... Imagine you are standing atop a large building on a windy day... A quick glance downwards and your heart thumps frantically against your chest. As you see the ant-like people and cars one thought-- no, one command pops into your head; jump-- an intense rush for no more than a split second and your life is over. No worries... no stress: just bliss. What's odd about this is that even the most happy and content people feel it. You could say that no one is safe..."

A bell echoes through the room and the almost-mesmerised students get ready for lunch. Slowly but surely they grab their bags and leave the room. One girl is taking longer than the rest; deliberating on something as she advances to the teacher's desk.

"Hurry along now. You wouldn't want to miss lunch," the elder teacher says, copper eyes focusing on the red-head.

"But," she stalls. "I can't go. I've read so much about the purge but I've never actually felt it until you said it. It's so interesting and unusual that I must now more!" she exclaims.

"Well, it tends to have that effect on people," he says, turning to the dusty blackboard. He snatches up an eraser and begins running it over the board causing the notes to disappear.


"Are you still here, m'dear?"

She nods her head furiously, red hair flying around like night fire. "I can't go."

"And why is that?" he says, a hint of anger detectable in his tone.

"I'll kill myself if you let me leave. I long for that split second leap, the rush of wind... I will jump from the campus tower if you don't tell me more!" she panicks, accidentally hitting a battle full of water out of her other hand. The clear liquids spreads across the floor eagerly.

Instead of getting angry at her, a coy smile arrives on his wrinkled face as he turns around. His copper eyes are sparkling excitedly as he speaks. "You dropped something. Let me get it." He scoops up her fallen bottle of water and scowls at her. "Let's discuss this over lunch. How does Café Tousand sound?"


In a pretty french café, an elderly man with wispy grey hair and a pretty girl with vibrant red hair sit, sipping tea from ornate cups.

"Ah," he says as he lowers the china cup, "where was I?"

"You were telling me about the purge, as schedualed."

"Are you certain?" he says with a familiar coy smile.


"If you're so certain then how did we get here?"

She pauses and looks into his eyes with a fierce determination before a sweeping look overcomes her. "I-I don't remember," she says blushing.

"And what exactly do you remember last?"

"Cultural studies class. We agreed to meet up here. I'm sorry... I can't remember anything else."


"No, after speaking to you I left.

"Didn't eat or dr-"

"The water. What did you do to it!" she cries, voice crescending as she trips over her chair in haste to leave.
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