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Old 06-09-2011, 04:30 AM
CrissXCross038 Offline
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Default Cross's EV Training Service

(Thread still under construction)

This is my EV training thread.

What i Do.
- I will EV train any pokemon.
- The training I do is legit.
- I will train multiple pokemon per post if requested.
- I work very quickly.
- You must provide the pokemon you want me to train.

Leave a comment on this thread and do not PM until I PM you. If I accept your Request i will PM you telling you so and we will discuss all the details. To make a request leave a comment with the pokemon your providing and what EV spread you want it to have. If you want to request more then one pokemon do the same for each in your post.

- A copy/clone of the pokemon I EV Train after i train it. I am unable to clone due to AR is not set up for 5th gen games.
- A good IV and nature pokemon of similar value. (Prefer it to be Untouched)
- Legit Shiny pokemon.

What I want exactly depends on what you are asking me to do. For example If you ask me to EV train 1 pokemon I will ask for Just a clone or if you can't clone for reasons similar to me I will just ask for another pokemon of similar or equal value. If you ask me to EV train for example 3 or more pokemon il ask for a clone of each OR something like a flawless IV pokemon of my choice. I will negotiate the terms of the trade when accepting the request.

Current Project - N/A
Projects Completed - 0

This thread is still in the works and is not fully completed but i'm still accepting requests for now.
FC: 5414 9219 2793

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