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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Default Adventure, Quest [PG+13]

So this might be a Battleon/Adventure Quest fanfic, but hopefully you'll enjoy reading it. All of the characters are original, and the cities/kingdoms etc are too. Monsters are a bit of AQ, bit of me. PG+13 for moderate swearing, violence, mature themes, drug use. And without any further delays... enjoy.


Vargas Glorfindel had spent days trying to teach Skeleton VrrpWag how to shapeshift, yet the apprentice just couldn't seem to come to grips with his power. Originally, he was going to try and teach Skelly the Trobble form, but after he nearly blew the entire town of Aldaríon up, Vargas decided that the Frogzard form was probably the way to go. Drawing a circle in the dirt with his long, wooden staff, the young Shapeshifter muttered a spell under his breath, tapping the middle of the circle and immediately being engulfed in a cloud of smoke. Skelly coughed, brushing the only strand of black hair visible out of sight under his brown hood. When the smoke cleared, a Vargas-esque Frogzard stood where the Elven Vargas had once stood.

"Teach me how to do that!" Skelly yelled, clapping with enthusiasm, as Vargazard sighed, muttering something Skelly couldn't hear. It's two legs began to straighten and grow, and skin ripped as arms sprouted from the side of a now slightly more human body. Finally Vargas stood where he should, straightening out his robe as he looked as a sickened Skelly.

"It's definitely more impressive turning into the creature..." Skelly held his stomach, mimicking a vomiting action. Vargas shook his head.

"In order to learn to learn a form, you must first defeat it. That is why I brought you here." Vargas spread his arms, motioning around him at the empty fields. Not a single Frogzard in sight.

"I don't get it." Skelly replied after looking around. Vargas laughed, running ahead of Skelly towards the hill infront of the two. Skelly followed, catching up and matching Vargas for pace until the halfway mark of the hill. He collapsed as he reached the top of the hill, staring at the sky the sky to catch his breath.

"Isn't it beautiful..."
He heard Vargas swoon, so he flipped onto his stomach and took in Vargas' view. Hundred's of Frogzards, jumping around, interacting with one another, eating, playing. Skelly had never seen anything like this before. Pushing himself in, he looked at how casual they all looked. It was as if they didn't care that he or Vargas were there at all.

"Now, Skelly. You must kill a Frogzard. When you're done, bring it's body back to the top of this hill. Then we can begin the next phase."

Skelly had his task, and he smiled at the thought of finally getting some action underway.

"No problem! I'll be back in a jiffy!" He was already running down the hill before Vargas could reply, the wind from his set off nearly blowing Vargas back. Eying his target, a docile yet stocky looking Frogzard, Skelly began to whisper words that were working their way into his mind, and a dark glow began to pulse from his clenched fist. As he neared the Frogzard, who was now aware of what was going on and was attempting to gather speed for a headbutt, Skelly threw his fist forward and opened his hand, sending three tendrils of darkness straight for the Frogzard. One missed, but two of the tendrils smacked into the Frogzard and wrapped around it, dragging it towards Skelly and cutting off circulation. Skelly smiled, pleased with his efforts, turning around and waving at Vargas stood up on the hill.

"Look! Master Vargas! I did it! I killed the Frogza-!"
*SNAP* Skelly hit the ground, receiving a mouthful of dirt, as the tendrils suffocating the Frogzard were severed by it's herd. Pushing himself to his feet, Skelly faced up to four healthy, stocky Frogzards and one weak target. His chances weren't looking too good. Pulling his hood down further over his eyes, Skelly gripped his staff tighter as one of the Frogzards moved in. It jumped at him, but he batted it away, just in time to throw a fireball at another oncoming monster. The fireball engulfed the Frogzard, burning it to crisp and sending it's ashes all over it's family. They began to howl, attracting the attention of more Frogzard's. Skelly gulped, thrusting his hand into the air and flattening his palm. Clouds began to gather above him, and when there were enough Skelly slammed his palm into the ground and two lightning bolts struck the ground around him, one striking a Frogzard dead on. Seeing his target in the chaos, Skelly sent a tendril of darkness after it, squeezing it around the wounded Frogzard and pulling it towards him. He was beginning to drain of power, but couldn't give up, and had to think fast as the last Frogzard of his target's group was approaching the tendril that was holding onto his prize. Channeling his mana into his staff, Skelly sent a dark, misty tentacle straight through the mouth of the approaching Frogzard, the tip penetrating the Frogzard, killing it instantly. Skelly turned and ran after that, trying to make it to the top of the hill before anymore complications.

"Took your time... And it isn't even dead."
Vargas stated when Skelly finally made it back. Puffed, the apprentice looked in disbelief when he said that the target Frogzard wasn't dead.

"Fine... You want it dead?" Skelly sluggishly walked over to the wheezing body of the Frogzard and raised his leg, stomping down on the animals head, painting the floor with blood and brains. "Dead enough for you?" He asked, looking up at Vargas who, in turn, nodded in approval.

"The next task, my young Skelly... Take your staff with both hands, and channel all of your mana into it." Skelly did as he was told, following his master's next instructions to stab the staff through the dead Frogzard and repeat the spell he was given five times.

"Now, the last step. Draw a circle in the dirt, just infront of yourself. Say the spell one more time, and tap the ground with your staff, just in the middle of the circle. What you experience next may be most... Unpleasant." Skelly took a deep breath and closed his eyes, using the base of his staff to draw a circle in the dirt. He raised his staff just above the center of the circle and said the spell one more time, hesitating a moment before tapping the ground with his staff. He was submerged in a thick, white cloud of smoke, as his bones shrunk and broke and his skin toughened and recoloured itself. Vargas watched the smoke, his face void of emotion. He could make out a shadow in the smoke, but nothing clear just yet. It finally cleared and Vargas smiled, seeing a Skellyzard stood where Skelly VrrpWag once did. Skellyzard looked up at Vargas and did his best to smile, too, before his face twisted as he endured the same process Vargas did in order to turn back into his human form.

"Camthalion be cursed! That was the most painful thing I think I've ever experienced!" An in pain Skelly moaned, as he and Vargas walked back towards the town of Aldaríon. Vargas looked at Skelly as the young Shapeshifter used his staff to help his sore body find it's way into town and chuckled to himself.

"The boy has quite a lot of potential... Yet a lot of darkness inside." Vargas thought, watching as Skelly walked with him, his brown apprentice robe wrapping around his pale body and trailing along the floor, the brown hood covering a pale face. A faint red glow could be seen from just under the brim of the hood, and two sharp canine teeth could be seen when he smiled. Skelly had long, thin fingers and black hair, although the latter was hardly seen. He was a good shapeshifter, and a good mage, but Vargas was worried that his student might cross to the wrong side of magic. The sun was beginning to set as the two reached town, and Vargas was quite tired.

"I'm going to return home, Skelly. I'll see you bright and early tomorrow to begin your training."
Vargas turned to Skelly, who in turn turned to him.

"Bright and early, Master Vargas."
The two bowed, as they turned around and began their walks to the opposite sides of town.
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