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Default Mew's Christmas Carol

Rated: PG

Christmas is a celebration one normally spends
With relatives and strangers, family and friends!
But those that obsess over this aspect only
Are always the ones that are the most lonely...

This is a rhyming tale featuring everyone's favorite legendary, Mew. It's a bit different from most things I've seen on here, but I hope you enjoy reading it!

‘Twas a dark, cold night of ice and snow

Winter had come, as the moon was aglow

Bathing herself in its pale chilling light

Floated Mew, a legendary of wisdom and might

”1.5424° to ecliptic…”

She mumbled with a meaning most cryptic

”6.687° to orbital plane…”

She whispered in a way most profane

Creating mental notes to add to her growing supply

Mew giggled and decided to look down from the sky

Down there was a world she felt she knew rather well

With few curiosities about it left in her to quell

Suddenly realizing danger with her many senses

She hastily attempted to raise her defenses

A crowd of Pokémon seemed to have gathered underneath

Dancing, laughing and singing through their teeth!

Mew lowered her defenses, but rose in height

“What an odd thing to be doing, on such a frosty night…”

But even though she was so high above

She couldn’t help but notice all their magnificent love

Focusing her ears, she started hearing

Of tidings and traditions most endearing!

They were celebrating ‘Holidays’ or ‘Christmas’, signs bode

Whichever one it was, she was unable to decode

She wondered what ‘Christmas’ was, in curiosity

They were spreading joy and delight, with such generosity!

And even though she tried to this happy display shun

She couldn’t deny that it all looked kind of… Fun.

She wished to join them, to move a bit nearer

Instead the voice of reason in her turned clearer

“I am legendary and must remain hidden”, she remembered

“Unless I want to get caught, or maybe even dismembered!”

Sighing deeply, she turned around to leave

She saw no use in hanging on to an impossible dream

But suddenly, a plan in her mind took form

“I know! I can try to use ‘Transform’!”

Searching nearby for a lonely spot

She knew from the start this would be a long shot

Her transformation skills were far from complete

And her regular form was pink, not all that discreet!

Setting down among a group of trees

She took shelter behind them from the cold breeze

Then, using the extent of her abilities

She began thinking about the many possibilities

She thought of turning into a common Raticate

But she didn’t want to come off as too overweight

Most of her transformations were of water-types, like Horsea

Although becoming a Magikarp would probably never be a good idea...

In the end, she decided to go with Charmander

The fairly rare, yet popular salamander

But then she halted herself just before turning

In this cold, her fire might stop burning!

Met with failure, she felt her determination soften

Transforming was not something she did very often

Not wanting to waste any further time

She simply transformed herself into a Mr. Mime

Her new body was itchy, heavy and slow

Only when compared with her regular form, though

They might laugh at her, but she won’t hear it

None of that will be enough to crush her spirit!

Feeling ready, she finally left the trees

Approaching the crowd while braving the chilling freeze

Sliding herself in, she quickly blended in with the the crew

There were now 33 regular Pokémon… And a Mew!

Looking around, she found herself somewhat meek

Celebrations everywhere, yet she dared not to speak!

She had never been good at socialization

Constant isolation can create such a retardation

Observing the area, she saw much decoration

Ornaments and lights, with trees as their foundation

Most of them were covered in round colorful glass

They reminded her quite a bit of Regigigas!

A little further away, among all the cables

Were several kinds of food, decked across many tables

Although she rarely ate and did not condone slaughter

At the sight of this, even her mouth began to water!

She moved closer as her analysis became complete

None of the meals appeared to contain any meat

Even so, she noted that no one was eating

As her thoughts were interrupted by a slurred greeting

“Hey there sweetie, lend me your ear

Surprised to see a beauty like you, over here!”

A Machoke spoke brashly, ending with a cough

As Mew kind of wished he would just back off

“Thank you…” she whispered, not wanting to be rude

Then the Machoke leaned in closer, thinking he was a cool dude

“Hey, I’ve been wondering about this forever…

Is it Mr. or Ms. Mime, or whichever?”

Mew became worried, since she didn’t know the answer

And she tried to divert their attention by looking at a nearby dancer

“Come on sweetie, it’s just a simple question!”

The Machoke spoke, as his voice gained a hint of aggression

“Whichever” Mew replied, hoping it was true

“Well then, which one would best describe you?”

Mew gasped as she finally understood

This rude Machoke was hoping to give her wood!

Mew took a step back and drew a frightened breath

To her kind, relations would eventually result in her death

But her impending doom would seem like a minor gripe

If she got together with this moron who was SO not her type!

“You look worried” he said, “Don’t be upset…

One look at mine, and you’ll instantly be wet!”

Mew wanted to erase him, but knew that she shouldn’t

Morals aside, it was more of a fact that she couldn’t!

To attack she would have to shed her disguise

Even if only for a second, that would not be wise

If she were to reveal her true form here, no matter how adorable

The consequences would indeed be deplorable!

“Isn’t it too early for you to be committing rape?”

A nearby snake-Pokémon said, as the Machoke’s mouth was agape

“Usually you get to stay free until at least Christmas Day”

“Keep it in your pants, or you’ll miss the evening’s buffet”

“Sorry, officer Snivy! I won’t happen again!” the Machoke plead

“Piss off, bonehead” Snivy said while scratching his head

The Machoke scrambled away and disappeared among the crowd

Leaving the two of them alone, as Snivy sighed out loud

“T-Thank you…” Mew said, still urging to be left alone

If not for his presence, by now away she would have flown

“Not a problem, miss…” he answered, clearing out his ear

“Or perhaps that was ‘mister’, I didn’t quite hear!”

“Not you too!” Mew shouted, starting to bicker

As Snivy looked surprised before giving off a snicker

“Oh no, I just want a new story to bug him with” was his reply

“See, it would be hilarious if you actually turned out to be a guy!”

“I’m female, if that’s what you want to know”

Mew said, Snivy looking mighty disappointed in the snow

“Well, I’ll tell him differently if I catch him up to some other crime…”

“Everyone else seems to be in high spirits, so try to have a good time!”

Snivy left her for an Eevee as Mew stood and stared

These encounters had caught her a bit unprepared

She thought, “Could this be what Christmas is all about?

In that case, perhaps it wouldn’t be wrong for me to drop out-”

Before finishing her thought, she left the table

Unwillingly as she was pulled into a dance most unstable

“Come my darling, let us dance the night away!”

“We’ll move over this snow like a true winter sleigh!”

It was a Blaziken that had spun her around in a whirl

Laughing uncontrollably, he sent her flying away in a twirl

She was half-expecting someone else to instantly catch her

Once again manhandling her, and turning her into a blur

But as luck would have it, no one came

So she spun to the outskirts of the area again

Taking a moment to try to calm down

She looked back at the party with a big frown

“I knew these were wild Pokemon, but…” she thought

As she noticed someone her attention sought

Another Mr. Mime, who appeared to be kind of sleepy

He was shuffling away from the crowd, very mysterious and creepy

It was then that Mew knew for sure

This party had been a rather terrible detour

Taking one last look back at the swarm

She finally turned back into her regular form!

Fleeing quickly, she left the Mr. Mime in a daze

Praying that this would not any suspicions raise

Flying fast and with an increasing height

The Mew at long last faded away into the night…

Mew had made it quite far before she exhaled

Seems that her mission to slip in unnoticed had failed

While she actually wanted to stay and enjoy the festivities…

It appears that she was not up for some of the activities!

… Is this Christmas? Even so, she truly did not want to give up

She had almost been found out, yet didn’t want to stop!

There would have been more to see, had she remained a Mr.Mime

Having a good time once in a while, could it really be a crime!?

She thought about returning as herself, before cracking a smile

Doing something like that would simply not be her style

Although in truth, she would do anything to not soon

Have to spend another night with no one but the faceless moon

She has likened herself to the moon ever since birth

Soaring majestically, far above the lively earth

Floating all alone over a million miles away

Everyone looks up to it, but never have anything to say…

And so began the passing of yet another unfulfilled night

She was free, but without another soul in sight

The silence and solitude she had come to know so very well

Instead made her feel like she was locked inside a cell

Spending her days researching, she was called Earth’s mother

For she knew more about life than any other

But learning the ways of creatures big and small

Did nothing to cure her emptiness, at all!

Though so very wise, she was not deluded

She knew that all her life she had been secluded

And by knowing so much, yet experiencing so little

Her will to live had become rather brittle

Born legendary, her existence was one of limitless possibilities

She was blessed with a long life as well as incredible abilities

One would think her goals in life would come rushing

While in reality, she truly had nothing…

Her greatest wish was actually far from vain

She was not interested in power, money nor fame

Although the longing was there, the solution remained unknown

Perhaps something akin to a family, one that she could call her own…?

A mother, or someone who is loving and kind!

An older brother, always having a superior mind!

Just… Anyone! Someone that’ll keep her from going insane!

With something like that, she would never feel lonely again!

A storm was picking up as the air filled with snow

But in her normal form, she was never cold, hungry or slow

She knew that she would be fine through this whole ordeal

And kept moving until she suddenly heard a sorrowful squeal

Although her night had already been blown

She knew that she just couldn’t leave it alone!

She moved closer as the storm had lost its stability

And whoever it was would have reduced visibility

“-addy, no!” a light voice pierced the storm

As in the haze of snow, Mew began to see a form

For right in the middle of this unforgiving blizzard

Stood a young Squirtle, hunching over a collapsed Charizard

“Daddy! No! Please don’t die!”

The child wailed as he started to cry

Mew did not have to be a wise one most distinguished

To notice the flame on his tail had already been extinguished…

“Please! My daddy’s dying, help my daddy, you!”

The child continued, unfazed at the appearance of Mew

He could not exactly be picky on who to ask for assist

As he could only make out a pink blur in the powerful mist

Mew approached the Charizard’s massive size

This storm had obviously taken him by surprise

They must have just been outside flying

What a horrible way to end up dying…

While healing was not hers but Celebi’s specialty

She thought that fixing this should not be an impossibility

Perhaps if she were to all the cold inside his body drain

Like a phoenix, he would spring back to life again?

She had barely gotten started before the entire

Charizard suddenly burst into fire!

The Squirtle jumped back, receiving a scare

While Mew just hovered closely to the mighty flare

“GRAAAAAHHH!” the Charizard yelled

As his entire body felt like it was being meld

After a few moments, the ball of fire ceased its burning

As the Charizard slowly felt his powers returning

“DADDY! YOU’RE ALIVE!” the Squirtle shouted

Never having lost hope, never having doubted

The Charizard was confused and started to look around

But nowhere the pink figure he had felt was to be found

The Charizard flinched, “If not for her, I would be…”

“Tell me, son… Who was it that helped me?”

“It was the spirit of Christmas!” the Squirtle said

As he stopped crying and started smiling instead

“Wait, was THAT Christmas?” Mew thought as she fled through the squall

Either way, she really didn’t want this night to end up in a Pokeball!

Forgetting about the two, even though it was not exactly biblical

She’ll never know that she had just handed out a true Christmas Miracle!

Still feeling down, she finally made it home

A place so secret, even its description shall remain unknown!

In all this secrecy, she was quite surprised to sense

That someone was in there… It made her tense…

Could it be her friend, master of the flora?

Even so, Mew sensed more than one aura

No one untrusted knew about her favorite place to hide

And so, she decided to carefully look inside…

“Welcome back, Mew! Happy Holiday!”

Celebi exclaimed in a most cheerful way

“Hey, there’s this thing called ‘Christmas’, and it truly sounds fun!”

“We have everything prepared, so let’s try it at once!”

Celebi was there, together with a strange crew

A Gallade and Kabutops, as well as that brash Pikablu

While Celebi claimed that they were trusty and would not tell

Mew still hadn’t gotten used to their presence all that well

Her home had been decorated with various things

Mostly weird trinkets, among them balls of glass on strings

Everything was less glamorous than what she earlier had gotten to see

… Surely, that tiny little branch was not supposed to be a Christmas Tree!

A few hours ago, this would have been great

Now? It all felt a little… Lightweight.

“Oh! Almost forgot…” Celebi said, picking up a mysterious rag

At closer inspection, it was more like a colorful and cubically formed bag

She used her psychic abilities to remove its content

Sent it flying Mew’s way and gladly said “Here’s your present!”

Mew caught it and began examining it

A bar of calcium, yet nothing special it seemed to emit…

Mew frowned, “Hmm… I don’t know if it’s a keeper…”

Celebi laughed, “Not like that, try to look at it deeper!”

That’s when Mew noticed what she hadn’t earlier seen

The calcium’s electrons were not twenty, but actually nineteen!

“It’s called potassium, an element the humans created!”

Celebi continued as Mew became elated

Mew wanted to start experimenting with it right away!

“This is incredible! Thank you so much!” she proceeded to say

“Don’t thank me, thank the others!” Celebi said, pointing to their additions

“They’re the ones that got the present, and taught me all of these traditions!”

“It was our pleasure” Kabutops said, as he decided to bow

“I know my way around labs, just don’t ask me how…”

“What’s with that bow, did age finally get your back?”

The Gallade snickered, shining with the color opposite of black

“Being humble is fine, but it’s not like there was a rule!”

“No need for all that stuff, these two are totally cool”

“Maybe you could stand to learn some respect…”

Pikablu mumbled quietly, hoping to interject

“Hah!” the Gallade said, “I can’t believe I’m hearing that from you!”

“Mr. I’m-gonna-beat-up-legends-so-I-can-be-a-legend-too!”

The bickering went on as Mew deeply sighed

However, she did not feel the usual instinct to hide

Rather, watching the chemistry between these three

Filled her up with what she would later identify as “Glee”!

‘Twas not a family, but some components were there

Siblings fighting each other, but never ceasing to care

Far from what she had experienced at the magnificent ball

Could THIS be Christmas? It was a human tradition, after all…

If this was the proper way to celebrate Christmas or not

It didn’t really matter, because she was enjoying it a lot

And even though her true holiday mission was far from clear

She knew that she would get another shot at it… Next year!


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Default Re: Mew's Christmas Carol


Somewhere in a dark, damp cave
Sits old man Mewtwo, dignified and grave
“Christmas? Bah! Humbug!” he started to exclaim
And finished it, because in the end no one else came
There he’ll sit forever, known by nothing but his name
Since he prefers to be alone… What a shame…
But rest assured that if celebration WAS his aim
That party would be anything BUT lame!
Using his charms, he would get the most beautiful dame!
Even her strongest suitors he would be able to tame!
The ones that would question him would be looking for a maim…
Humans, Pokémon… They all implode the same!
But in the end, sitting alone in a cave was all that became…
And he knows that he has only himself to blame…
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Default Re: Mew's Christmas Carol

Added an image to the story.


Here it is!

Added an image to the story. ... Here it is!

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