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Sprite Art For both Pokemon and non-Pokemon related sprite art.

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Old 05-07-2011, 01:15 AM
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Default .:~*Sprite of the Week Hall of Fame*~:.

A bit like how Banner of the Week has one, I suppose I'll make a Hall of Fame for SotW, too, if that's okay. ^^;

Anyways, Starting with SotW 10, every entry will be posted here along with their placement. Assuming that I have finished trophies for each participant, there will also be those here, too.

SotW #10 (April 21 - March 6)

1st place
Graceful Suicune (with 15 votes)

...with her Scolipede pixel over.


2nd place
PapaLuLu27 (with 5 votes)

...with his Darumaka pixel over.


3rd place (It's a tie!!)
Disco (with 4 votes)

...with her Whimsicott pixel over.


3rd place (It's a tie!!)
BlueJello (with 4 votes)

...with his Shiny Female Bulbasaur pixel over.


No placement
-Pichu Boy- (with 0 votes)

...with his Pichu pixel over.


No placement
Tombi (with 0 votes)

...with her Shiny Manectric pixel over.


No placement
Agumonman (with 0 votes)

...with his Arbok pixel over.


No placement
Mawile Rocks (with 0 votes)

...with her Porygon2 pixel over.


No placement
Kuitaran (with 0 votes)

...with his Lucario pixel over.

SotW #11 (May 6 - May 20)
(Coming soon, of course. Just as soon as #11 is over.)

Thanks to everyone who's participated; your efforts are highly appreciated!

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