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Default Re: Pokemorphs (Chapter 26 Posted!)

Sorry to disappoint you, Metal, but I didn't keep her dead for long. /
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Old 07-23-2009, 07:39 PM
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Default Re: Pokemorphs (Chapter 26 Posted!)

CURSES! *slinks off to plot more deaths*
<Image made by Neo>
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Default Re: Pokemorphs (Chapter 26 Posted!)

Originally Posted by metal sonic View Post
CURSES! *slinks off to plot more deaths*
MWAHAHAHA!!! *also plots more deaths* You know, I was gonna kill Rikki in that chapter, but I changed my mind. I need to spread out how quickly they all die. XD
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Default Re: Pokemorphs (Chapter 27 Posted!)

I realized this was a major spoiler for those new to the fic so I'm posting it here and only linking to it from the first page.

People with a character in the story: (blue=in story, red=dead, gray=not in story)
Guard13007 - Zach, Rikki, Sasha
Jer49 - Jeremy
jinxed eevee - Tammy, Jamie
scalec - Rai
Fluffy Mew - Selina
ElectrikeLover1996 - James, Solaria, Jakkie
Jewel_the_Eevee - Ruby
Sakura-chan - Amuto
SilverScizor - Sam
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Default Re: Pokemorphs (Chapter 27 Posted!)


Chapter 28: Mind Transfer

I gritted my teeth and shut my eyes tight, I knew I shouldn't have tried using these powers! I have almost no control! My fingernails dug into my palms as I concentrated even harder. Finally, there was one last explosion and it all stopped. I almost fainted, but stood up, “Rikki, is there a door nearby?”

“Yeah? Why?” Rikki sounded nervous, I probably sounded outright frightened.

“Open it, I think Tammy and... Jeremy are in there...” I could sense them somehow, they were just out of reach to my subconscious it seemed. How do I know this? How does this work?

Rikki opened the door, and gasped in shock. There were piles of rubble and holes in the walls everywhere. I somehow could tell that much from Rikki and... Something else, I didn't bother to question it at the moment though. I was more concerned with Tammy and Jeremy, Jeremy was laying in a pile of debris and Tammy was stretched flat out across a section of floor, she was crying.

Jeremy slowly got up, he seemed badly hurt and dizzy, I could sense that there was blood dripping from his ears, oh no! I thought with horror, did one of the explosions blow his eardrums?! “Jeremy!” I cried, “Can you hear me? Are you okay?”

“Huh? Solaria?” he paused for a second, “How'd you know it was me...?” he sounded really disoriented.

“I'm so sorry, Jeremy! I tried to control it but I couldn't stop the explosions!” I assumed the cause for his wounds, there were a bunch of pin-pricks of blood on him, like something had just barely punctured the surface. Shrapnel from a nearby explosion would account for all his injures.

“Explosions? What-oh, yeah... You kinda hurt us there.” Jeremy sounded even weirder, almost like he was lying, “I'm okay though, is Tammy?”

Rikki had gone over to Tammy by this point, “Tammy? How badly are you hurt? Can you walk? We need to get out of here!” Rikki was giving a flood of questions, not giving Tammy a chance to answer anything.

“I'm fine.” Tammy had suddenly stopped sobbing, she stood up easily, wobbled a bit, looked at Jeremy, then walked away. She seemed to be wondering about something Jeremy had done, and mad at him. Jeremy was standing fully too now, he looked back at her with a look of defiance...... And confusion...

Rikki snapped me out of my thoughts, “Come on! Let's go! They could come busting in here any second! Jeremy? You okay?”

“Yeah... I think.” he muttered, then walked to the door, he clutched his side as he did so, groaning and moaning in pain, “I think I broke a rib...” he muttered again. He leaned over suddenly, and retched blood and whatever he had eaten last...

Then we were out in the corridor, and looking for an exit. I seemed to had used up all of my energy for this new sight and power. The world around me was completely dark again, “Rikki, I'm blind again, whatever this is, it doesn't last long when I use it...” I had to start feeling my way around again, and I was tripping over different things...

“What? You can see again too?” Jeremy asked mutely.

“Yeah... But only for a bit...” I answered, he didn't even seem to be interested, he seemed really into his thoughts, whatever they were...


I had reached Solaceon Town, and I was heading slowly and warily back to the hospital. Maybe I could find answers where we ran from... I stretched my leathery Zubat wings, not caring at the moment if anyone saw a person sporting the purple, large, flimsy, bones-and-skin wings.

Then, there it was, the hospital, blue-tinted windows, boxy construction, three story building, white and gray, very dull except for the fact it currently was spewing black smoke, as I watched in awe, another area exploded in a giant fireball and charred bodies came flying out.
What the hell is happening in there?

I began to notice people who had turned their attention from the burning building to me, a freak standing there with them, watching. I wondered if a fire control team was coming and plunged into the building, I had to find Solaria, and my only idea of where she could be was in that building...
At least it's darker inside... Ever since I had become a Zubat-morph a few days ago, I hated light...


I hadn't been paying much attention to anything, except for my side hurting like hell... Solaria had asked something...

“Explosions? What-oh, yeah... You kinda hurt us there.” I lied about my injuries, and inquired as to Tammy's state, “I'm okay though, is Tammy?” I felt weird... There was a presence in my head it seemed, lingering from Tammy's painful violation of my mind... I realized I had memories that weren't mine, what the heck? I thought, how did I get this is my-?

Then it occurred to me, Tammy had been reckless and angry when she had “probed” my mind, she had opened her mind to mine when she was reading it... No wonder I felt all wrong, I had two people's memories in my head now...

Tammy stood up and looked at me oddly, why did you lie about me almost killing you? Her voice was in my head, she sent me a question in thought...? I glared back at her, defiantly, and questioningly, thinking to myself, I did it because they wouldn't understand... And why are you speaking to me in thought?

I started to walk out of the room, but stopped to throw up, ew, I thought, looking at my weirdly colored vomit. Tammy's voice entered my head again, what the hell? How did Jeremy know what I was thinking? And how did he think back to me? And, ew, he sends a thought about vomit being gross?! Argh!!!

My eyes widened, I pretended that nothing was going on-just as Tammy had-and walked on. Meanwhile, I thought to myself, so she didn't send me a psychic message? Then how did I hear her? How does she hear me? I wasn't trying to think to her about vomit...... Tammy? Do you hear this?

What the HELL?!! ARGH! The one person I absolutely HATE is stuck in my head! Yes, Jeremy, I ******* HEAR YOU!!! Her voice exploded into my head again, I could even sense her anger, a boiling rage... I doubled over in pain, and I now had a headache...

“Are you okay, Jeremy?” a real voice, Rikki's voice, asked me.

“Yeah, I'm fine. I just have a little headache.” I lied again. Then I thought, Please don't yell. And maybe whatever the hell this is, it'll stop if we're really far apart... So get away from me...

I'll YELL! All I WANT to! It's my head! As far as getting away from you, gladly, after one quick thing. Tammy started walking faster, and a rock flew up behind me and hit me in the head, I barely kept from crying out in pain. Well I hope she feels better about that then... I thought to myself.

“Tammy, wait-” Rikki started.

“No.” I interrupted, “She doesn't want to stay with us.” with me... I continued in thought unintentionally. You think I might actually stay with them even if this hadn't happened or if you weren't in my mind? Hah! But she didn't sound so sure...

Even though I knew better than too, I'd already had the thought in my head, and, unlike speech, I couldn't have just not “said” it. I know so... Some of your mind is in mine now so I know about you.

“How DARE you!” Tammy spoke up suddenly, swinging her fist at me. It hit hit me in the chest and was just enough to knock me down and hurt me in my present condition.

It's my thoughts! I can't stop them once I have the thought! I explained, while saying, “No, Rikki! No, Solaria. Leave her alone.” They had started to attack Tammy.

Rikki objected, Solaria seemed like she had guessed something was going on and just stood there. “But she just punched you! Hard!” was Rikki's objection.

“She had good reason to,” I stood up, “and she has good reason to do it again.” I knew it was an invitation to punch me again, and she knew it, but I didn't regret it. Not even as I was slammed to the ground again, I knew Tammy wasn't going to reject that offer... Why? Was Tammy's single thought. Because after all you've been through, you deserve to be able to let it out... And to show you that you don't always have to be on your guard. You can relax. Your brother told you to try to enjoy life, only minutes ago. Don't let him down.

Tammy punched me again, I stood up again... We need to get out of here, this building could collapse. Beat me up later. “Fine.” she said aloud and turned around, walking away.

“Come on,” I told Solaria and Rikki, “I'll explain later.” Well, that went well... I thought sarcastically, wishing I could have privacy for my thoughts again. Another thought hit me, a quote I'd heard somewhere, “You never know how valuable something is until you loose it.” That was very true, and I'd lost the privacy of thinking...

One last thought, directed to Tammy, sorry... It's hard to not think... I apologized for thinking so much...

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Default Re: Pokemorphs (Chapter 28 Posted!)


Chapter 29: Painful Memories

Shut up already... Tammy's exasperated command entered my head, and I briefly wondered if it was worth it, even though I knew it was worth anything to save someone. No, it wasn't. A thought of Tammy's answered mine, and I tried not to think of a response as we turned down a smoke-filled corridor, damn smoke... I mentally muttered to myself as my lungs and nose started burning.

Within twenty minutes we were all coughing madly, we'd all been burned, and we had all nearly been hit by falling debris. We had also come across Team Galactic grunts' dead bodies and several other humans who fled in horror at the sight of us. We're abominations to them... Tammy had been thinking sadly to herself ever since the first frightened person had come across us, it was saddening,

Tammy loathed what she had been made into, she just wanted to back to before she had been mutates by Team Rocket, before they had murdered her family. My eyes widened in shock as one of Tammy's many memories started playing in front of me, I didn't want to destroy what little privacy she still had by my not having gone through her memories so I tried to stop myself, but I couldn't stop from viewing it.


I was standing in a vast dirty gray building, there were robot arms and heavy machinery everywhere, surrounding conveyor belts with various indistinguishable parts of something. It was a factory, I tried to look around, but this being a memory, I couldn't. My feet were freezing, I was barefoot on a cold concrete floor, but what really got my attention was what my eyes were glued to.

Giovanni, in a black suit with a red “R” on its pocket, he was surrounded by about twenty of his grunts, all wearing all-black clothes of various sorts with a large red “R” on each. Two of the grunts were holding two people with a gun pointed at their heads, an older man, and a teenager. The older man had dark brown hair that was combed neatly to the side and green eyes, he was wearing a gray suit, he looked like a Professor of something. The teenager had light brown eyes and hazel eyes, and looked to be the man's son, he was wearing a plain gray shirt and black jeans.

Oh no! They got dad too! A worried voice was in my head, Tammy's voice, her thoughts from this memory. Giovanni spoke up, “If you make any move, your dad and brother die.” Dad! Jason! What do I do?! What can I DO!!? Tammy was screaming in her mind, horrified, and my headache worsened greatly. Why did I have to think about this?!

A door screeched open behind me and Tammy whirled around,
GET OUT OF MY MEMORIES! NOW!!! Tammy, the real Tammy, yelled at me, noticing what I was thinking about. There was an open door in front of me, a red-haired woman walked in, "NO! MOM, RUN!" Tammy yelled, her voice a shrill shriek. Tammy turned back around, I was facing Giovanni again, I can't get out of it! I answered Tammy's yell.

In the memory, there was a scream from Tammy's mother, and I was whirled around again, just in time to see the scream cut short by a bullet. Tammy watched, pain and anger rising before her mother hit the ground, and I couldn't close my eyes or look away because of it.
NO! MOM! The Tammy in the memory cried out, and I unconsciously thought, what? They killed her!? Tammy answered with another violent yell, THAT MEMORY!!? She knew exactly which memory I was trying not to watch, GET OUT OF THAT MEMORY NOW!!!

“I'll kill you!!!” I was suddenly moving forward, running at the grunt with the smoking gun, the grunt who'd killed her mother. My vision darkened and Tammy's arms shot out in front of me, just as suddenly, the grunt collapsed, pain showing in his dark brown eyes as he died.
How did I do that? The Tammy in memory asked herself, meanwhile I thought to the real Tammy, Tammy, I have no idea how I got into this memory, and I have no idea how to get out of it. If you tell me how to get out of it, I will gladly get out.

I started feeling weak, or rather, the Tammy in the memory started weakening. “Kill the brother and father now.” Giovanni stated calmly, smiling evilly. “NO!!!” Tammy shrieked, lunging at Giovanni, and using all her energy trying to kill him.

Two shots rang out.

Two bodies hit the floor.

Above it all, Tammy screamed and cried, until she was silenced by three toxic darts.


I'd never felt my eyes close, but now they opened, I was looking up at Rikki, Solaria, and Tammy-who was giving me a death glare. I was laying on the floor, sore from falling, and with a headache from Tammy's yelling and hitting my head on the floor. And I was even dizzy from what had happened to me in the memory, "Are you okay, Jeremy?" Rikki asked me, coughing a little on the smoke as she did so.

“Yeah,” I answered weakly, “it's just the smoke...” I lied again. Don't EVER do that again. There was a hint of pain in Tammy's thoughts. I'm sorry, I never meant to. I don't even know how I did that. Please tell me how to stop it from happening again... I got up and looked around, coughing again, it was even more smoky, and there was a faint red glow coming from where we had been just a few minutes ago.

Don't think about me. Tammy answered me, sounding deeply pained and angry, as we started walking again. I spotted stairs ahead through the haze, and breathed a sigh of relief for a moment before choking and coughing madly again, I'm so sorry... Is their any way you can ever forgive me? I wondered, only half asking. Only if you don't save me the next I'm about to die.

I don't believe in letting someone die when you might be able to help them. But she already knew that from when she had attacked me for saving her the first time...
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Default Re: Pokemorphs (Chapter 29 Posted!)


Chapter 30: The Burning

After ten minutes of searching, I was coughing crazily and choking on the thick black smoke that was all over the half-destroyed hospital. My eyes stung, my nose stung, my throat hurt, it was impossible to see what little I still could, my lungs burned, it was way too hot; and on top of all that, whatever they had done to me made an instinct in my mind scream out at me to get out of here, it's too bright! Way too bright! Get back to a cave where you belong! I shook the stray thoughts from my mind and turned around another corner, I was now facing the Lobby.

The front desk and all the waiting chairs were individual screaming fires, smoke was billowing out of shattered front windows and glass doors, this hospital's floorplan was confusing... All of this and I
still wasn't any closer to finding Solaria! Even if she was in here, I yelled at myself, she would've gotten out for sure! Unless she's trapped...

Out of nowhere, a wildly burning ceiling beam fell right next to me, I felt hot orange and red flames lick delicately at my skin and leave dazzling pain in their wake. I jumped out of the way before I could get too burnt and headed back the way I had come,
maybe I can at least help people get out of here if I can't find Solaria, why did Team Galactic use a hospital of all places? There was a cry for help from around the corner, and I ran around to where the cry had originated, there was a pile of burning debris blocking a doorway.

With my newly sensative bat ears, I could hear faint, rapid heartbeats and quick breathing. I didn't know anything about how to use any abilities I might've gotten from my recent transformation, and I couldn't think of anything to do to put out this small bit of fire. I would have to move the junk while it was burning if I was to help whomever was trapped. And there was no way to avoid being burned, so I braced myself and shoved against the pile of debris.

A little bit moved off, and I was rewarded with splitting pain across my arms. The voice-which I now regonized as a small child's-screamed for help again, and I clutched my ears, a spike of pain shot through my burnt hands from doing so. I kicked at the junk in frustration and pain, and to my surprise, it moved almost all out of the way. Now my foot hurt, but I had gotten in, I stepped into the room and met a scream again. This time, it was in horror at the sight of me, a person shouldn't have deformed ears, fangs, and wings...

I couldn't see well enough to tell colors, but the boy had dark hair and bright eyes, who knew with these eyes?
Blood? Yes, blood. Energy, drink. The Zubat instincts told me, my eyes scanning for a large vein automatically. I barely fought off the urge, and told the kid to get out, he was shaking in fear as he pointed at his leg, there was a cast on it. I told him I was going to take him outside and that everything was going to be okay, and he calmed down a little bit.

I picked him up-resisting the urge to bite again-and headed back outside through the front doors. The crowd outside looked angry when they saw me carrying the child out of the now steadily burning hospital, they didn't see someone saving a kid, they saw a monster carrying off a child to be eaten. Some of them threw Pokeballs, they were going to attack me, I put sown the little kid-quickly but carefully-and ran back inside before the red lights from the Pokeballs could reveal what Pokemon they held.

I turned down a different hallway than I had before, this one was still filled with smoke, but it was dark, something that the Zubat part of me liked. There was a bang on a door ahead, I started to rush forward, but I was stopped by a fit of coughing. The door was hit again and it blew open, a teenager fell out onto the floor, coughing and clutching his head. He had a large jaw, bright green skin and hair, and yellow hands. He was wearing dark-colored jeans and a bright shirt, orange?

A red-haired girl with horns stepped out, deliberately stepping on the guy-who was obviously in a lot of pain. Another red-haired girl, with large red ears looking like a Flareon's-who also looked like she would've been enjoying the fire if it weren't for the circumstances-carefully stepped out without hitting the guy. He got up and turned back into the room, which I realized was actually stairs as he stooped below floorlevel. He came back up with Solaria, she was limping-her leg burnt-and had one arm around the guy's neck.

Solaria looked very different from the last time I saw her, she now had solid blue-gray eyes and light blue diamond shaped ears, as well as a dark blue diamond at the end of a short light blue tail.
So she hadn't escaped them, I had been hoping she hadn't been made a freak too, “Solaria!” I called hoarsely.

She started to look towards me, then asked, “Who's that?”

“I don't know, I can't see through this smoke.” the Politoed-morph answered.

“It's another Pokemorph!” the Flareon-girl yelled in surprise.

“Jakkie?” Solaria asked, guessing my identity, “They got you too?”

“Yeah...” I muttered.

“Who's Ja-” the Flareon-morph was cut off when a piece of the ceiling fell on her, without getting burned, she picked up the burning chunk and threw it out of the way.

“Let's get out of here.” the guy said, starting to walk forward, Solaria limping along with him.


It must be Team Galactic, but I didn't think they were evil enough to destroy a hospital... I wondered, thinking about the recent reports of the Pokemorphs sighted in the area. I was looking at the rapidly burning and decaying building, and as I watched, people came out, Pokemorph people, five of them, one limping with the help of another. I couldn't see them well enough to identify them, but I knew I had to follow them.

Any Pokemorphs sighted must be followed and reported, I remembered part of my training that was pounded into me as I started to walk towards them and the crowd. Dammit, two years and still thinking like a grunt... And you still haven't made up for it... The Pokemorphs were now being yelled at, I only heard little bits and pieces, but it was enough, they were being called monsters, accused of setting the hospital on fire, and one person called them child-eaters.

It's time I move on anyway... I ordered my Growlithe to disable the people and their Pokemon, Lucky-the Growlithe in question-was trained to specialize in quick and discrete attacks. I watched as the dog did his work in a fiery blur, luckily, the Pokemorphs seemed too out-of-it to notice. I recalled Lucky to his Pokeball and threw a smoke-grenade into the crowd, then I pulled up my gas-mask and ran after the Pokemorphs.

Giovanni thinking I was still a grunt, obeying orders, had it's advantages...
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Default Re: Pokemorphs (Chapter 30 Posted!)


Chapter 31: Real Dreams

My head was burning with pain, and I had cold hatred for Jeremy in my heart. There was physical pain-from the flames burning me as they had everyone, and psychological pain-I had been forced to relive my whole family bring killed in front of my eyes due to Jeremy. And something else, hurting Jeremy by yelling at him seemed to reflect back at me, every time doubling back with almost as much force.

When he had started to get a headache from the memory, I got one as well, the end of the memory-when I had been knocked out-had weakened him, and it had drained me as well. It seemed that anything that hurt him, hurt me, and vice-versa. Due to this, among other things, I was now very weak, I knew I was going to pass out. I knew I couldn't pass out, even if they could be trusted, we were too near to where Team Galactic was searching for us.

I tried to stop it, but it was hopeless, the world grew dark around me and I slumped to the ground...


It wasn't a dream this time, somehow I just knew it wasn't. I was in a small, dimly lit room, on a wooden table, the same place I had died in countless dreams. Please no... Now I would die for sure here, please be another dream, please be a worse dream, anything but true...[I]

A woman with long, pitch-black hair and a slight body walked in holding a clipboard she was reading from. She set it down on the silver tray and picked up a scalpel, “Well, well, well. So we finally caught the one who got screwed up when we injected it. What do you do special?”

I didn't answer, like before.

“Not a talker, huh?” Her bright, orange eyes sparkled at the idea of torturing another Pokemorph, she lowered the blade to my body, and I could only watch with horror as the blade started cutting through the skin and muscle above my stomach. I cried out in pain, I would die here, as I had before...


I somehow had enough consciousness to know that I was asleep, but I had no dream, at least not in the conventional sense. I saw nothing, heard nothing, even any thoughts Jeremy might have been having were hidden from me. Can it really be true? Did I finally get him out of my mind? Or is he just blocked out while I'm asleep? I wondered, hoping that it was the former, then something else entered my mind. What the?

“Dead... You... Sister... Only one... Must choose...” a string of words-disjointed and incomprehensible-sounded, seeming more like thoughts than spoken words. They sounded familiar, but I couldn't place it,
where did I hear this before? Abruptly, I was falling, then I entered a worse dream.

I was in the factory, and my imagination twisted my memory into an awful nightmare where my family were shot multiple times but still alive, and Jason cursed me for allowing him to die. I knew that they wouldn't blame me, but the nightmare was so real that the thought that this wasn't truly happening never entered my mind.


Half-awake, I listened to tortured screams and cries in my mind, they were all Tammy's, she had been drained-as I had-and had passed out. Since it seemed the psychic bond affected most other things besides thoughts, I was surprised I hadn't fallen asleep also. One thing that was different though, was anything that I thought was ignored by Tammy while she was in her nightmares. It offered a kind of privacy, but I'd rather it not come at the cost of her the way it was, she was being tortured horribly...

I put it out of my mind and asked a question, “Who is Jakkie, Solaria?”

“She's my best friend, we were walking home together when we were attacked by Team Galactic...” she answered, sounding a little bit hesitant.

“And who are these... People?” Jakkie asked back, also hesitating on the mention of what we all were.

“I'm Jeremy,” I answered for her, “This is Rikki, and that is Tammy.” I pointed at each one as I said the name.

“Why is she...?” Jakkie was staring intently at Tammy.

“She's the weakest right now, so she must've passed out from all the smoke and junk...” I answered, feeling bad for stating Tammy's condition, if she was conscious, a rock would've probably appeared and hit me in the head. She had given up on mental pain on me because it hurt her too, psychical pain only affected her in the slightest...

“So what was that with you and Tammy, Jeremy?” Rikki asked the one question I'd been hoping she'd forgotten about.

“Well, something happened to the machine in there that was attached to Tammy, she uhh... She died, and I...... Well I saved her but...” I didn't want to give away a lot about Tammy, but I'd already blundered ahead too far to just stop.

“But...?” Solaria asked. “Well let's just say she wasn't happy about how I saved her,” I emphasized the word to make the lie more believable, “and she attacked me... Uhh, well she invaded my mind and somehow accidentally made a connection...” Hopefully, they'll take that lie... I mentally muttered to myself, wishing I hadn't just immediately decided to answer that.

“Then why were you-nevermind...” Rikki started to ask, but stopped.

“Because she hates me as she does everyone. And because some thoughts shouldn't be said, but no matter what, any thoughts I have will be spoken to her...” I answered the unasked question, assuming that Tammy's constant anger towards me was what Rikki was asking about. Another scream of Tammy's came into my mind, NO! JASON!

Her brother was dying again in her head...
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Default Re: Pokemorphs (Chapter 31 Posted!)

wow this story is amazing it would a shame if it was discontinued anyways love your work
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