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Old 03-24-2011, 02:28 AM
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Default Re: [RP] The Cycle: Battle Kanto [Sign Ups Available]

Fluix Church Hyxio the Dewott
The Alliance
Saffron City Underground
Mission: N/A
Affected RPers: N/A
Spirit Form count: 8

Fluix was getting a little impatiant-the elevator seemed to be going slow-when, at last, a light shone upon the small compartment. Said light, albeit bright enough to illuminate the whole elevator and it's surroundings, was nothing in comparison to the huge amount of light shining down upon the beheamoth of a metallic platform in the center of a huge cavern...

...Wait...That wasn't any old metallic platform in the center of a huge cavern...

That was the Portal.

The portal that would open up their world to the Slayers, who would proceed to destroy it for reasons unknown, but probably gruesome ones at that. The portal that the Alliance were aiming to destroy at all costs. The portal that would spawn the very robotic beasts that the Gloss would attempt to side with.

If only an Alliance Rotom was around. That would be able to destroy the portal, or haywire it.

...Or Slayers. Come to think of it, they were made of technology, of which Rotom can control from within. One possessed slayer could make a world of difference in fighting off the others. They probably weren't programed to fire at each other.

But he kept that at the back of his mind. He examined every soldier he could.

Obviously, no Pokemon that was guarding the Portal was lower than Captain Rank, and even then the majority of the guards were either Majors or Lituenet-Colonels. However, these weren't regular Glossies, as were the Shadowvine unit's Glossies-they were masculine to extreme extents, and very few Pokemon weren't fully evolved. These Glossies also were fully armed. Not only were they all armed with RX48 Machine Guns (Which forfieted the transformation ability for extra power), but also wore Trainer's belts, substituting PokeBalls for Plasma Grenades.

Add in the fact that they totaled in the thousands in number, and they had a fighting force. And this was one side.

Fluix was lucky he was see-through. And pass-through.

Rosetta didn't head towards the Portal. Instead, she went around the huge warp gate on her right side, with the intent of going to the only other door here-the one opposite where the elavator was. Fluix decided to walk upon the portal, going for a beeline between the elavator and the door. He still kept a sharp eye on the Lilligant General, while walking upon the door that was the only barrier between the world and it's own 'makeup artists'.

'Makeup' being the lasers that would fire down upon the planet, obliverating all life.

...Another funny feeling. Like before, just as sudden and brief. He ignored it this time. It must have been his body being reconstructed...

Fluix reached the door, but he had to wait for Rosetta to open it up for him. Once she reached him, and indeed opened the door, Fluix rushed in.

This door led to a small room and another door. Once Fluix was through, however...

Click. The door immediatly closed itself, and from the sound of it, locked itself too. Rosetta took no notice of the anomaly, and instead walked towards the next door. There was a keypad on the door, with nine numbers on it.

Rosetta pushed the buttons of this door, in such a fast sequence that Fluix couldn't memorize it, but within seconds, the door opened on it's own, and the Lilligant walked in, Fluix rushing forward.

This kind of sequence continued on for three more rooms, and Fluix realized that this was to keep intruders out. Four codes to memorize just to get in here, and they probably weren't obvious ones either. The Gloss were smarter than most gave them credit for. This also meant that whatever was in here was valuable. Whatever was in here was the Glossie's secret. Or their Leader. Or both.

And, after the fourth and final password entered into the keypad, and at last, he saw what all these percautions were for.

Zion Deathbringer stood before many monitors, his back turned to Rosetta, but when the last door opened, he turned around.

The meer look he gave, albeit one that was non-threatening, was enough to give Fluix a shaky sensation. And Fluix was known to charge head-first into battle.
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Old 04-06-2011, 02:32 AM
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Default Re: [RP] The Cycle: Battle Kanto [Sign Ups Available]

The Gloss
Location: ???
Mission: ESCAPE

My head was aching.
My limbs were leaden and numb. I was suspended, my arms restrained above my head by electro-cuffs attached to the ceiling and my legs restrained by electro-cuffs attached to the ground. I cracked my eyes open and my the light seared my retinas. After the blinding light dimmed, I opened my eyes the rest of the way.
The room was dark, so I called on my life among the Zoroarks and narrowed my eyes in concentration. When I blinked again, my irises flickered blood-red and I could distinguish the room in detail, as if it was lit. It was more or less a jail cell. I couldn't determine where I was yet. But I soon would. I had to get word to the rest of the Z-Team. All I had to do was disarm the electro-cuffs, then dismantle them, and finally fashion a communication device (I'd noticed that mine had been confisticated). I grinned to myself, my trademark self-satisfied-grin-around-a-cigar-grin. Child's play. Sunstriker hadn't even emptied out the weapons and tools shed that was my prison cell!
I love it when a plan comes together.
Then I quickly wiped the grin from my face and half-closed my eyes as the door opened. A guard crossed the room in one quick stride. Thick fingers roughly pried one of my eyelids apart, peering in at my eyeball. Then I let out a sharp gasp as a fist rammed home in my stomach, forcing the air out of my lungs.

"Awake, Glossie scum," a harsh voice snarled. I glared at the mutantly-huge Timburr in front of me.

"Bite me," I snarled. I was rewarded with a jab to the kidney. The pain was intense, but I swallowed it and smiled evilly at him. Then Skandia walked in.
She was dressed for combat. She smiled viciously at me.

"Hello, Hannibal Smith. You don't look too comfortable," she said. Nothing worse than a sadistic Gardevoir. Well, I could be mean too. But as I opened my mouth to draw breath, she said suddenly, "Have you heard this poem: 'When Arceus's will is broken, the world shall end. The seas shall gloss over with obsidian and Pokemon shall suffer. The Pokemon who broke his will shall suffer eternal punishment in hell.'"

"Have you heard this poem: Hickory dickory dock. The mouse went up the clock. The clock struck one, down he runs, you smell worse than my socks!" I said cheerfully, my voice reeking of barely suppressed laughter and smugness at the last line. Even Little Miss B*tch's Zoroark bodyguard made an explosive noise as he tried unsuccessfully not to snicker. The Gardevoir looked at me coldly. Then she said icily, "Tell me why you are here, Glossie scum. And perhaps your eternal punishment shall be short."

"Lady, my eternal punishment would be having a face like yours. I mean, come on. You can't tell me your mother didn't jump off a building when she saw that face," I replied dryly. Two pink blotches of color appeared on her cheeks.

"You might want to close your mouth," she began with an obvious effort at controlling her tone,"because tomorrow you will be interrogated. And how I feel about your attitude may have an impact on whether we do it with words or with fists."

"I got it," I said dryly. "Now bugger off, First Officer."
Sunstriker's eyes tightened. Ooh, touched a nerve, I thought. Then she said curtly, "So that is the way you wish it to be."

"Trust me, Sunstriker, I will get out of here," I said in a low, menacing voice, all joking gone from my tone. Then I bared my fangs at her, much the way a Mightyena shows its teeth to its prey. "And when I do, the Z-Team is going to leave you hanging from your own electro-cuffs. And I will attend to you personally." Oh my god, I am so badass! It was all I could do to keep from chuckling.
She actually took a step back from me. Then, her voice trembling, she managed, " You have chosen your path." Then she positively fled the room, her guards filing out behind her and leaving me alone. I smiled in a self-satisfied way to myself and reclined backwards as much as I could with the restraints, content with my victory. Then I closed my eyes and sent a message to my team.

B.A., Face. I need assistance. Trace the signal in my tracer. Spring Murdoch and get a move on. Over and out, I thought. Then I laughed around my cigar.
Sunstriker had no idea what she was in for.

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