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Old 03-14-2011, 12:14 AM
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Default Pokemon wars


The town of Gurra is very small town where humans and pokemon can live together in peace, most of the towns inhabitants are very skilled pokemon trainers who committed there lives to trainer there pokemon and protecting the great town of Gurra. Once every year a giant pokemon tournament is held to bring in the new year and the winner becomes the mayor of the town until the next tournamant takes place. For generations a prophecy has been passed down saying that in the year 2012 a dark void would open up in time and space right near Gura village and an army of shadow pokemon will spill out of it lead by Giratina, all with the hopes of world taking control of the human world. most of the people living in the town have either forgotten the prophecy or thinks that its just a story told by the elders. but some thinks that its real, and they are preparing for it


just follow the standard rules and be sure to be active and try to get on daily

Character Skeleton


(have atleast 4)
Pokemon Breed:

My Character

Name: Roland
Age: 26
Gender: male
Appearance:Roland has dark brown medium lenght hair with his bangs parted in the middle, he has lightly tanned skin and light blue eyes. He wears gray under shirt, a black jacket, faded blue jeans, and worn out black work boots. and a sharpedo tooth necklace (keepsake from his father)
Backstory: Roland was raised in poverty by his mother, his father left him and his mother when he was very young so he doesnt remember much of him. as a teenager he started training pokemon and competeing in underground pokemon tournaments for money to help his mother pay the bills and put food on the table. When Roland turned 17 he became the "king of the underground" after excelling in underground pokemon tournament and for a time things were good. but then one night while his mother was walking home from work she was mugged and killed. after that Roland had no way to completely pay the bills so he lost his apartment. he then left town and became a drifter. it wasnt until a year ago he stumbled into town Gurra, after seeing how the people and pokemon lived together in peice he decided that he'd stay there and make a new life for himself

Pokemon: Blaziken
Nickname: Torch
Gender: female
Sky uppercut
Blaze kick
Brave bird
Thunder punch

Pokemon: Haxorus
Nickname: Axe
Gender: male
dragon dance

Pokemon: Electravire
Nickname: Volt
Gender: male
Cross chop
thunder punch
ice punch

Pokemon: Aggron
Nickname: Steel
Gender: male
Stone edge
iron tail

Pokemon: Dusknoir
Nickname: Dusk
Gender: male
shadow sneak
will o wisp
Fire punch

Pokemon: Samurott
Nickname: Osha
Gender: male
sword dance
aqua jet
aqua tail
mega horn

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