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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Default Dark Nostalgia: Biohazard (PG-13, PMD/Anthro-Pokemon fic)

The Crusade of Dark Nostalgia
Book 2: Biohazard
__________________________________________________ ____________________________
Rating: PG-13 for some language, moderate violence, occasional adult humor and insinuation, implied death via soft/hard vore, and dark themes throughout
Genres: Dark Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror
Bases: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon-Blue Rescue Team, Explorers of Time, and Explorers of Sky; Original Characters; and the History Channel docudrama “Life After People”

Chapter List
p. Relic
1. Archangel
2. Deliverance (tentative title)
3. Lost Longings (tentative title)
4. Soothsayer (tentative title)
5. Signs of Infection (tentative title)
__________________________________________________ ____________________________

Prologue: Relic

The question is, as it always has been, what does it take to survive? During the time of Man, it was easy enough for one to simply lay back and feed off of humanity’s scraps, or furthermore take refuge within the confines of a Poké Ball. But in the world after people, will primal savagery take hold once again? …what of those never born wild? Those unsacred few for whom God was no Creator…
~Speculations of Otulp, the Judge-Sovereign

Doxisite slunk quietly through the air ducts, contracting his long snakelike body only slightly with each movement. Years of rust scraped against the leech’s skin but did little to hinder him as he focused below. To his eyes, the thermal signatures of two Pokémon ambling through the bottom corridor stuck out plain as day.

The first creature, directly underneath him, he recognized as a hearty dragon. He gauged that the bluish-white reptile stood upright at a height of nearly two meters with his strong wings spread out only to three meters, though he knew the hall was far wider. Unlike most Fire Pokémon he’d eaten in the past, this one looked unusually bottom-heavy. Even so, he knew that he would make a more filling meal than his partner.

In utter contrast, the meter-and-a-half-tall hominid several feet ahead of him looked unbelievably weak. This thing’s abnormally stout body, including its apparently foreshortened arms and stocky hoof-like legs, was clearly deprived of proper blood-flow because it gave off an unhealthy magenta hue. How the creature could even be alive defied reasoning! Only his oversized star-shaped cranium looked remotely appetizing due to the vivid yellowish hue it gave off.

An acidic froth seeped through the many daggers within the predator’s maw as he hungered. They had been on the island for days, no doubt to plunder the derelict city of whatever artifacts they could find. If only they knew just what ‘relics’ awaited here…

Several moments passed before the twosome unexpectedly stopped. Perturbed, the leech retracted his body into a thick conical form with only his stump of a head remaining out to watch. Anger quickly taking over, the notched spines in his back ejected and pierced the metal overhead.

The humanoid suddenly gazed upward, its squinty eye-sockets flaring white. Burning sensations successively spread throughout all of Doxisite’s cells. The pain ended quickly enough but he had to fight all instinct to scream. Agonized, the parasite squirmed his way forward while his prey quibbled amongst themselves. Once he came upon an open vent, the monster screamed into it at as high of frequency he could muster.

His physiology constituted itself to neutralize psychokinesis and he knew it, but he couldn’t think of anything else that would hurt him like that did. Up until this point, he’d been certain they were nothing more than the same types of creatures he fed upon in the distant past. Natural selection itself could never produce something to combat his species, no matter how long he and his kin were dormant. How in the h*ll did this abomination occur, though?

Looming over the outlet, Doxisite waited for his prey. Within seconds, they passed beneath him. Foam dripped from his maw again, more rabidly this time as the dragon went by; the venom even dripped on the floor, it was so thick.

“Yuck! What the…?” a deep voice grumbled as a faint pair of russet-colored eyes suddenly looked right at him.

Fearfully the leech pulled his head away from the hole. Of all things, this group had a third member. Whatever he was, the creature clearly wasn’t organic-based, otherwise Doxisite would have seen him beforehand. This situation just became far more complicated…

“Tyranitar!” the Pokémon’s allies called. The building quaked as the behemoth lumbered after his comrades. Once the tremors stopped, Doxisite exhaled a small sigh of relief that the structure didn’t collapse, then stretched his neck through the vent, and continued down the hall after them.

As he honed in, the leech noticed something intriguing. His targets took up a new formation right where he knew the passage diverged. The humanoid stood dominantly in the center of the passage, while the dragon stood somewhat off to the right and presumably the ‘Tyranitar’ beast did the same off to the left.

‘Mother…’ Doxisite thought to himself, knowing they were awestruck by the festering ooze that had long since settled in the fork ahead.

“What is that gunk?” Tyranitar asked disgustedly.

“Some sort of microbial colony,” the hominid commented, his voice rather mellow, “It should be easily dispatched with Psychic.”

Both dread and pleasure overtook Doxisite as he heard those words. With a bold lunge, the leech bit into what he hoped was Tyranitar’s midsection. Managing to just break the creature’s skin, he injected his neurotoxins and quickly withdrew his teeth from the Pokémon’s rock-like hide. But, after doing so, his victim bellowed in horrific pain.

“What happened?” the others shouted, whipping their bodies around.

The dragon spotted Doxisite first; before he could say so, however, the leech already had his gaping jaws around the reptile’s neck and forcefully yanked him back down the corridor. During the haul Doxisite shot several narrow tubes down the beast’s jugular vein and headed straight for the heart. Once inside the organ, he breached its chamber walls and began draining his victim’s blood with tornado-like suction.

“Charizard!” the humanoid yelled.

It took only seconds for the parasite to bring his meal back to the vent. After they arrived, Doxisite set the beast down, dropped the remainder of his body through the opening. Finally, he bound himself tightly around the creature’s neck, left arm, chest, and abdomen.

“Get…off!” Charizard hacked, shaking around wildly in a futile struggle to get free. With his free hand, the beast clawed at Doxisite’s head just to have his talons slip right off. As adrenaline released in the bloodstream, the leech drained the remaining fluid in a final powerful suction.

Bloated from his feast, the leech released his hold and flopped onto the floor around the dragon’s still-upright corpse. Now he felt sated enough to rest. That last biochemical fusion inebriated him in a way he hadn’t been in generations…it was nothing less than his liquor.

Doxisite screamed with a horrific shrill as the burning sensation overtook him again. This time, however, it possessed control over his cells entirely. It forced him back into a conical form, and then he found himself flying through the air back towards the fork.

“Just who the h*ll do you think you are?” the Tyranitar managed to bark, gasping for air.

“Conserve your strength, Tyranitar. We don’t know why he attacked,” his remaining partner ordered.

“Pretty obvious, I’d say, Alakazam!”

As he was brought in front of the remaining twosome, Doxisite felt something awry with his captor. There could be no mistaking the enhancement to this Alakazam’s genetic code; its origins were hybrid. No small surprise now that its telekinesis had been capable of harming him…

“Alright!” Alakazam finally demanded, “Who are you, and why did you kill Charizard?”

“GOW-YE!” a shrill voice wailed throughout the building, as if in response.

Tyranitar immediately felt something grab onto his tail. Suddenly, the craggy beast was forcibly pulled down one of the off-branching halls behind him.

“Tyranitar!” Alakazam screamed, turning his head and unwittingly dropping Doxisite.

Flopping on the floor, he instantly snapped at the humanoid’s chest, scraping it just lightly with two fangs. Stunned by the poison, the psychic could do nothing but stare as the monster rose viper-like to meet him eye to blood-red eye.

“I never thought I’d see the day when your kind would return…” Doxisite clicked, and then eyed over each of the Pokémon’s shoulders, “Mother is going to want a long word with you, no doubt, my friend.” And on that note, the parasite turned back down the corridor and slithered away, knowing well what was to come for this poor soul.

<End Prologue>

Author's Note: I have this posted on several different fansites, so please don't report me for plagarism as I myself have reposted this of my own will. I've had problems with people mistaking me for a plagarist before and don't this to happen again. Also, my following on this and my other fictions isn't very strong, so any new input or insight is greatly appreciated (but please don't go all out as I have a pretty fragile ego). Thank you.


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