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Old 03-08-2011, 11:14 AM
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Default Re: Black and White Comparison to Previous Games?

Originally Posted by Jet View Post
I just started and...

Anyone notice that there seems to be a different EXP rate going on? I just started but I swear higher level pokemon get less eXP from beating the same wild pokemon than lower level ones. And at time the exp turn out is different? One time I got 24 EXP from 1 lillipup while another one around 23 or 25 EXP, from a same leveled lillipup...

Also after battling my rivals:
- wtf beating their starters give less EXP than their other pokes?
From what I have read (wondered after noticing the same) you get more XP if your poke is lower in experience than the one you are battling (not sure if it is graded on a curve, with you getting more for one 10 levels higher than one 2 levels higher).
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Old 03-08-2011, 06:22 PM
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Default Re: Black and White Comparison to Previous Games?

Definately get the game. It has a whole new feel to everything. The travel between towns/cities is more exciting and the storyline so far seems really well done.
The battles are harder and I have noticed that stat changing moves. (leer, tail whip, etc) actually do something early game unlike the others where you could get away using plain attacking moves. hopefully they have the rest of the gym leaders and Elite Four use more strategy like people do in Wifi battles.

For sure get the game! =D

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