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Old 03-06-2011, 07:47 PM
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Default ~Zento Pokemon RPG~

A new land in the world of pokemon has yet to be explored. It's up to the newest generation of brave new trainers to explored and capture all that this land has to offer. An area with rules based on the game and pokemon based off the games black and white. Random events, NPC trainers, new gym leaders and elite four. Come join us as we set our trails ablaze on the path to pokemon glory.


All Available Starters!
Why settle for the starters for just one region? We have them all. Want a Squirtle? We got that P-roll. Want a Treecko? We got that P-roll! Zento is not limited to just the starters of one region. Plus, bonus starters for each individual trainer class.

Trainer Classes!
Whats that? Classes? That's right. Zento has a unique selection of classes to choose from at character creation. Only breeders can breed, groomers groom and team rocket steals so you better beware. Each class has there own bonuses and special items that give bonuses all there own. Want to breed but not a breeder? Looks like your going to have to find one. The class system is designed with RPC/RPC interaction in mind.

Free Stuff!
The site is finally opening it's doors after only a few weeks and is in its last leg of testing. Situations and rules that are found to be to hard or unfair are subject to tweaking, and to show our thanks for helping us by simply RP'ing, all beta testers get two free gifts.

x1 Shimmering Voucher
x1 Easter Egg Voucher

Your shimmering voucher can be redeemed for a 100% chance for the next shiny pokemon you obtain or encounter.
Your Easter Egg Voucher can be redeemed for a pokemon egg of your choice

Join us?
Zento is still new, but hoping to expand fairly quickly. With an active staff, and a growing list of members we hope that the site will prosper. Go on and click the register button, you know you want to. If you do join mention that Archangel introduced you. That's my name on the site.
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