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Third Generation Discuss the third generation Pokemon games: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed and LeafGreen.

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Old 03-04-2011, 09:08 AM
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Default A Fire Red/Leaf Green Nuzlocke Attempt

Here are the rules I playing by:

1. Catch the first Pokemon you encounter in each route/cave/whatever and nothing else. If you fail to catch it, too bad, continue onwards.

2. If you Pokemon faints, consider it dead and release it or box it (RIP BOX)

3. Only healing allowed in Pokemon Centers (you may use only the pots you find exploring around (Revives must be trashed or sold)

4. Everyone must be nicknamed

5. don't have to post screen shot or anything just post a small summary update


(you won't be able to catch anything on Route 1 since you dont' get pokeballs til after you goto Viridian and back)

Sampled of one of mine currently going:
Game: Sapphire

Starter: Treecko (Fenta)
Route 101-Zizagoon (Fainted)
Route 102-Ralts (Fainted, Sadly yes)
Route 103-Zizagoon (Caught)

MAIN RULE: Have fun and Be Brave :)
Current Game: Leaf Green
Starter: Bulbasaur (Mothar)
Route 1: Rattata (Fainted)

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Default Re: A Fire Red/Leaf Green Nuzlocke Attempt

I've been really interested in trying one of these nuzlock attempts, I might try it again on a second playthrough of the new games. I'm just afraid I'll become too attached to my guys and get discouraged if they faint.

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