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Old 02-07-2011, 11:50 PM
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Default Re: [SU] When worlds collide (Pokemon RP)


Gender: Female
Age: 18
Affiliation: rocket
Powers:Shadow named Anemone
Appearance: above She's been known as a cute shy girl, who dresses like a princess. When she does crazy,or her shadow tals to uch, er eyes get sharper and she lets her hair dowwn. Her shadow also likes to be a bit on the revealin sexy side.
Personality: She seems like a quirky, random girl who looks shy. Aster is extremely loud and very cheerful, opposite of a team rocket recuit. Or so you would think.Her favorite quote is "what to do?What to do?" Aster is a actress on stage. She's a sick witch who should be in a cell. She likes to make people nervous and watch them squirm. The only people shetrusts is herself and people who proven their as hard as a rock. Her shadow talks alot during her sick time, it's morphed her to her rpesent self. It always talks the most whhile shes alone, trying to take over her. The zinnie you see in a big crowd might be a act but that's as close as you'll get to real Aster. Oh. That "what to do?What to do?"? You don't wanna know what she wants to do.

Pokemon team: Sceptile-Sceper Chatot-Chatter Cradily-Dily Roserade-Rade and her babies Kirlia-Kirli and Larvitar-Vitar

Other: She caries a Sunstone and a bunch of asters in her hair barrettes that is formed to keep her shadow self contained in her. she can teleport herself and see falshes of the future with the special power her shadow gave her.

History: Aster was a n rmal girl, harnessing her powers ever since she was a baby, and her parents didn't mind her poweres. WHy? they were circus freaks. hey had her join and at 3 she got Kirli and Vitar. She was in a fire box, meant to teleport out, when I voice started talking to her. telling her ugly things. She burst out of the box,a nd her shadow took over. She killed everyone and everything except her current group of pokemon. She was rescued by a group who supposly knew what she was going through and taught her about her shadow, but sold her off to team rocket on their first chance. she join rocket at 10 and still refuses to wear their ugly uniform.

ASter means to ward off evil. Thats not working, now is it?
Anemone means anticaption. she's waiting to come out.
I didn't know that pokemon got sad, I just followed what the school told me. -Petal

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Old 02-27-2011, 11:07 AM
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Post Re: [SU] When worlds collide (Pokemon RP)

Human SU

Name: Proton
Gender: Male
Age: 20 years old
Affiliation: Team Rocket, Executive
Power: Fire Elementalist
Appearance: Slightly taller than the average 20 year old male, Proton stands at
6'1" and as such he is able to look down on most people which is the way he likes it. He has ear-length turquoise blue hair, which he has meticulously styled to shoot out at all angles and a fringe that splays across his forehead. Described by many as handsome and debonare Proton has been known to escape many a difficult situation with his quick wit and unavoidable charm, which is why he has never failed a mission yet. His eyes are a gleaming green that will have ur attention from the moment you make eye contact with him, with perfect teeth to match the rest of his perfectly sculptured face and body. His skin has a light tan from all his field work.

His choice of clothing is quite casual but gives off a slighlty evil feel. His outfit consists of a black long-sleeve v-neck shirt, a pair of black skinny leg jeans, to define his figure, black -standard issue Team Rocket boots and a knee length leather coat with the Team Rocket red R logo emblazoned on the left breast. Proton is also often seen wearing a pair of sunglasses that are a blazing shade of red. When looking into these glasses you get the feel you are being analyed by a computer. He also chooses not to wear the Team Rocket gloves as they are a hassle to remove when he is using his elemental powers.

History: From an early age Proton was often using his charm and wit to steal from and manipulate those around him, as such his parents kicked him from their family home when he was only 10. The local professor knew of Protons ways and as such denied him his chance of becoming a qualified pokemon trainer, so Proton stole some pokeballs from the local market and set out on his own journey.

At the age of 18 Proton was a well known theif in vast areas of the Kanto region which resulted in him one day receiving a message, carried to him via pidgey, asking him for his presence at the Silph. Co building in Saffron city. So Proton arrived at the Silph building and it was there that he met the boss of Team Rocket himself, Giovanni. Giovanni told Proton that he had been watching him for years and monitoring his progress as a thief. Giovanni then told Proton of the ways of Team Rocket and the many benefits that joining them possessed. Proton accepted the offer and so was made a Rocket Grunt.

Only a year later at the age of 19 Proton was promoted to an Advanced Agent and placed in charge of the Rocket hideout that was based on Chrono Island, in the Sevii Islands, just south of the Kanto region. Following his furthered success here in supplying Team Rocket with over hundreds of pokemon either captured in the wild or stolen from unsuspecting trainers Proton was promoted to a Team Rocket Executive and receives his orders directly from Rory Mandrake, the new head of TR.

Now age 20, Proton is currently in charge of creating and heading all Team Rocket operations in the newly found Unova region. Proton has also been issued with his own personal assistant, Jasmine, a task force of 10 Rocket Grunts, and one of the leading Rocket Scientists Professor Namba, who oversaw the creation of Mewto.

Personality: Through a mostly parentless and lonely childhood Proton has become fastly independant and will take orders from no one but Giovanni and Rory Mandrake. Proton is VERY judgemental, deciding his final opinions of somone at the drop of a hat. He loves being in charge and is very quick thinking which often means he is overseeing the most prestigous missions.

Pokemon Team: Protons team of pokemon is something to behold. He has a team of 5 pokemon that he has accumulated over the years and even has a pokemon he obtained from his mission in Unova so far, which often leads, to Protons great delite, his oponents being unprepared and caught off gaurd by his exotic and new pokemon. Proton sees no point in nicknaming his pokemon

Protons team are as follows:

Protons very first pokemon was a Rattata which he caught when he was kicked out of home. Through many years of theiving and training together Rattata evolved into Raticate. Raticate is Protons best friend.

Granbull is definately Protons most vicious pokemon. Granbull was a weak little Snubble when Proton found it but after seeing the way Proton acted with force and malice Snubble vowed to become as strong as possible and evolved in Granbull. Now Granbull welcomes the opportunity to go into the battle and tear its foes to peices (not literally). Proton sees that Granbulls thrist for battle is often quenched.

Proton obtained and Aron during a mission in the Hoenn region which has since evolved into Aggron. Aggron is definately a power house on Protons team.

During his short time in Johto, where Proton also caught a Snubble, he caught a Gligar. But whilst delivering a message to a TR trio in the Sinnoh region he came across a Razor Fang which he used to evolve his Gligar into Gliscor.

Krookadile (
During his first few days in the Unova region Proton caught a Sandile which in the 5 months he's been in Unova has fully evolved into a Krookadile. Proton often gets a laugh out of the surprise and bewilderment seen on his opponents faces when he is battling somone in the various other regions who are not aware of the pokemon of Unova.

Other: During battle Proton relies heavily on his pokemon but if things get tough he will whip out his supreme fire elemental skills as well. As a backup Proton also keeps a set of 5 platinum throwing stars which he received as a gift.
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Old 03-01-2011, 05:18 AM
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Default Re: [SU] When worlds collide (Pokemon RP)

reserve please, I've got only about 2 of the Unova Pokemon I wanna use so i'll get ya some links


Name: Alan Skirata
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Affiliation: Freelancer
Powers: Fire Elementalist
Appearance: (No picture: Two paras min. Picture: One para min.)
History: (We all hate histories, especially me. Im gonna let you all away with one para min, aren't I nice? :> )
Personality: ( Two paragraphs minimum. I want to be able to SEE your character)
Pokemon team:

This is Alan's newest addition to his team. THough currently small, it has potential to become a MASSIVE powerhouse on his team, he also practices his control over fire with the pokemon.

One of Alan's 2 first pokemon. Infernape is prideful and confident. He loves to play jokes and also LOVES to eat great amounts of food when able.

The other of Alan's first pokemon, Weavile is sneaky and a prankster much like its "brother" Infernape.

Other: He carries a Rapier, he can channel fire through it to create a blade of flame. Yes, I know it's cliche....

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