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Old 02-16-2011, 11:17 PM
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Default Team Help

I need suggestions for my team for what pokemon I should add to my soulsilver team and where to train.
My team is the following and I am not ev training and I d
Croconaw "Jerry" Level 18 and needs a small amount of training STAYING
Stats and stuff don't matter to much cuz this is in game.
-Scary Face
-Water Gun
-Cut (I know I know but I don't us HM slaves so it stays.)
Togepi "Ted" Will remove from team later for a granbull or something. I am trying to make a unique team. Level 15 and needs training
-Sweet Kiss
As I said will remove when evolves
Ekans "Jade" Level 17 STAYING
-Rock Tomb (For scyther of bug gym whom I beat recently)
-Poison Sting
Pineco "Ray" Staying Level 10 definetly needs training fast. Just caught
-Bug Bite :D
Need quick training suggestions and more pokemon for near future.
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Old 02-17-2011, 12:14 AM
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Default Re: Team Help

*EDIT* After a little more thought I decided that though I absolutely adore Ekans it would be better to use crobat for reasons of good flying type and poison coverage all in one pokemon. For uniqueness I will replace Togepi with granbull with the slight problem of catching Snubull. Still need other pokemon ideas And croconaw leveled up 1 for a small update while I'm at it.
Kill confuse ray not golbat.
Old 02-17-2011, 12:45 AM
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Default Re: Team Help

No training help needed by getting rid of ekans and togepi as early as possible it makes it easier to train pineco and croconaw.
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Old 02-17-2011, 05:03 PM
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Default Re: Team Help

Are you gonna use Surf on your Croconaw? Otherwise, why not catch a good and fast water Pokemon who you can learn Surf later on? I'd suggest a Poliwrath, or maybe Tentacool. They are really usefull since Water Pokemons just have great typing and great stab moves. It even gets better when you get to teach fellas Ice Beam, that way you got Lance easily covered when battling the E4. I believe Ice Beam is found in the Seafoam Islands.

Your pokemon are mostly around lvl 15-18. For that matter, I wouldn't use more than three Pokemon at this time of the story. Croco is an excellent fysical sweeper and can stay, Togepi is all right as long as you evolve it into Togekiss and give it some good moves. If you don't, try to catch another flyer (Flygon for example, maybe crobat or skarmory). For your third Pokemon however, I'm not so sure about Ekans, though. How about Ampharos, or Tauros?

I am curious about your plans with Pineco, maybe it can stay. However, I would recommend catching a Flaaffy at the Lake of Rage entrance. It's really good with Thunder Wave, also Electric is nice for fighting many water pokemons you gonna encounter..

Good luck to you!


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Old 02-17-2011, 06:35 PM
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Default Re: Team Help

I don't think you should remove Togepi; if you get it to a Togekiss it will be alot better than a Granbull.
Old 02-17-2011, 09:36 PM
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Default Re: Team Help

Get a Gastly. Even as a Haunter it'll be fast and know hypnosis and dream eater. As ThE said, don't ditch Togetic. Invest in a fire/flying type. I suggest a Hoothoot evolved into Noctowl. If you don't want that get a fire type somehow. Point is, you don't have a way to counter grass/bug types effectivily. Balance always trumps brute force. (I beat leafgreen with a team in their 30's, I know what I am talking about.)
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Old 02-28-2011, 08:26 PM
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Default Re: Team Help

Thanks for the help. I had fun beating the game with the pokemon I like. i could do that but training is hard so I put Raikou and Lugia on my team. I beat the elite four now with my strongest pokemon being level 57 when I won (it was a Tyranitar.) So... I'll just show you my ending team.
Tyranitar Lv. 61 (as of now.) Name: Klam Traded from cousin so he could train faster (as a larvitar.) item amulet coin
Uber Stats
-Dark Pulse
-Stone Edge
-Screech (never got around to replacing it.)
Feraligatr Name: Jerry Level 56 (as of now.) item mystic water
-Hydro Cannon LAZAH!!!!!
-Ice Fang
-Cut *shrugs* makes it easier to catch weak pokemon
Raikou "Tiger" Lv 47 I am following the type of adventure ash had and leaving 3 of my friends in the PC including him. BTW I hate flaffy to clarify.
-Iron Tail
-Rock Smash
-Crunch Cuz non brute force never seems to work for that many of my pokemon.
Granbull "Knox as in fort knox hes meh soldier" Lv 47 item silk scarf Also leaving in PC
-Shadow Ball
-Focus Punch (this move never works)
-Bite (because Crunch has to wait a till level 49 or something.)
And now because a level 27 skarmory wouldn't do anything..............
LUGIA! "Pal" Lv 49
-Hydro Pump
And you remember him from the beggining of the thread. His type coverage is as large as I could do easily...
Forretress "Ray" Item Metal Coat cuz mirror shot is weak. Lv 48
-Explosion (My precious suicide bomber always will defeat the unholy Machamp)
-Mirror Shot
-Bug Bite (No regrets, NO, RE, GRETS!)
closing comments. Granbull did much better on gyms then the elite four. Forretress was also a burden to keep because it was hard to train and only did something against elite four Will's Exeggutor vs Ray. Ray wins. Thank you. Ray's biggest moment was defeating lance's dragonite with explosion. Raikou wasn't that great either best shining against zatu and gyarados. I had problems beating elite four when tyranitar was pupitar. now he is tyranitar. SMASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Ranking for the effectivity of the pokemon in my journey goes as this
Tyranitar if talking bout elite 4 if not the Feraligatr. Feraligatr in first or second under most topics. Lugia for being legendary. Granbull (you pwned Morty. Thank you... Thank you...) Forretress for holding me back on gyms. Raikou. None of them failed. It's just that Klam and Jerry were amazing compared to others. In elite four actually Forretress 4 Knox 6 Tiger 5 I rest my case. Now for Celadon city gym leader.
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